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    Nah. I'm a Davos fan books and show. I just like his character, his background, his actions, his beliefs. He's an all-round good guy without being a Mary Sue. Not to mention that GoT is so full of badasses and antiheroes that those have become saturated markets. I like Davos so much because he manages to be likable while moving away from those a bit. Honest, sensible, and good is a rare combination in this show. You'll have a hard time finding many others who have consistently been all three (maybe Sam). Reminds me of Ned if he'd been born as a commoner. He does the right thing no matter what, even if it means defying his beloved king or losing his own life, and he has a positive influence on literally everybody he interacts with. All the while, he's the one of the most loyal dudes in Westeros.
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    I have already tried to turn balrog away from his heretical and wicked spelling ways. But alas it was to no avail. At least I managed to bring you redemption.
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    Just an update here, we signed a lease this morning and we are no longer homeless, officially! We are still fundraising to cover moving costs and to replace the old appliances that are in the place now, they don't work, so if you can help out or just share my fundraiser with your family/friends offline that'd be awesome. I'm really grateful for everyone's support through this For now we're cleaning and painting and trying to make a home out of this diamond in the rough! Almost to the other side of this overhaul
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    I don't know why bother unless these people have shown a willingness for reasonable debate. Otherwise arguing with random people on the internet is like beating your head against a brick wall; you're unlikely to achieve anything other than a headache.
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    Not that I am a fan of Rikke or anything, but this is just dumb. Her being a Nord is so important to her entire dynamic with Tullius, and really her character in general.
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    Just finished The Wire. It was good but the fifth and last season felt rather anticlimactic. Overall I think the third and fourth seasons were the best.
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    Eh, Dallas is weird. It certainly votes blue, but you get outside the city and into the suburbs and it's as read as it gets. Which most people consider the greater metroplex area still part of Dallas. I do agree, it's real snooty. Hell yeah! I nominate Endar. "An elf who cares, just not about you." This is perfect lol
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    I think a lot of tumblr sjw types (but I repeat myself) see Nords as the usual white oppressor so their enemies must be all innocent as the driven snow, no pun intended. Nilfgaard can keep their prissy prancer!
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    Poor sick bastard. Luckily the Good Doctor has some medicine for ya!
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    Baldur: Babe, your ass is so Merethic. Rebec: Don't talk that elven nonsense to me.
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    If what my great grandfather told me is true, you don't want to see any of that.
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    This was taken about 16 hours after I had waken up, been though MEPS, sat around at MEPS for 5 hours doing nothing and spent another 3 in a car, so happy!
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    She's got three dragons and can walk through fire, lol I'm more cocky than she is and I don't have half of her biggest advantages. She came to conquer, not to cater to the North's ego. Not that I want them to give in, necessarily. If it were a perfect world, I'd have what Doc suggested and have a bunch of independent kingdoms and groups all over the place. But really she's no different than most conquerors would be. I think she's definitely arrogant, as many strong leaders are, but part of this is I think she sees it as a necessary evil to bring good to the land. Order. Of course that very well may be a bullshit excuse to just rule, but if she does wish to bring order under her rule when there's a woman in her way that doesn't want to give up the seat, she has to be ruthless. Of course were I her, I'd play nice with the North now and take their independence later, but that could easily backfire and ruin all my efforts in the end. Civil War once again.
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    I know the feeling. My bosses there told me they liked how direct I was. Anytime someone tried rolling over me, I wouldn't let them, and word got to them about it because it was apparently rare for new temp hires. Which is why my boss defended me partially, he knew I simply was being honest rather than lying and being unsure if I could work something I'd never even touched. It's a vacuum, but a lot of these industrial machines around the plant don't work the way you'd expect. I just wanted someone to show me where the damn thing was and how to use it once, just in case. Never said I wouldn't or couldn't do it. Which is why I guess they didn't fire me outright. That and I worked a crazy amount of overtime. My first time being hired, I worked literally over a month, nearly forty days with only one day off, which was a day I had to call out for when I got sick. I thought I was actually physically sick, turns out I was just suffering from exhaustion and sleep deprivation. All of that flushed down the toilet because one dude didn't like that I didn't kiss his ass after slathering it in honey. I wasn't ghetto, I wasn't rude, just spoke with him man to man.
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    Lol this is you trying to egg us on so you can talk about whatever this is isn't it?
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    Here's the start of our suicide squad. Customization is rather limited in XCOM 1 (2 is way better in that regard. You can have warpaint and shit) Let's start! Doc you're a Russian Medic, you have to keep the boys concious while their guts are hanging out, and their limbs are shot off by plasma. Czar you're our Polish Rocketeer, you make things go boom. Centurion, you're our Heavy Gunner, so you get a big ass light machine gun. Your main job will be suppressing the enemy, and allowing our guys to maneuver. You lads fine with this? Ready for to launch our defense against the alien menace?
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    It's bloody fantasy it dosen't need to be super realistic christ.
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    Let's be honest, they only had her say that "break the wheel" bullshit because every season has to have at least one trailer where Dany has a cool an "epic" line.
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    Wooh, just got done writing part 1 of 3 of my next background post. Time to go get wildly drunk!
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    If you want to make such a reference I think it would fit more with something like "For a new generation, full of tumblr".
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    Lol this should be good. I nominate Gracchus. The man with the fire, to bring light to the Empire.
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    You may become a Stormcloak yet. I'm liking this tune. I could totally hack away at a Norse god to that.
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    Nothing. I prefer the silence as I can better focus on my own thoughts. If there is any sound I do my best to ignore it.
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    To me there just comes a point where you start to wonder why the hell the world hasn't ended yet, considering there seems to be a plot to make that happen every couple of years. It also kinda removes the stakes in a meta way, since the fans know that the world isn't really going to end because that would mean the end of TES. But if the threat could viably succeed without unmaking the world, then there is always that fear that they might just pull it off. Witcher's Blood and Wine DLC is a good example of this, where even if you beat the MQ, the villain can still achieve what they wanted without you losing.
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    What's funny is that Legends doesn't even have the winged daedra carry him away. They literally based an entire game around that one rumor and they didn't even include it.
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    Ah chapter 1, giant cats challenging Stormcloak Dunmer equipped in full bone mold, characters getting lethal hits, but then not actually getting hit as per the next post, giant Ice werewolves ******* everything, and pervert books. Good times. Also, Remember the Nethers
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    I don't think they'll say Stormcloaks won but I do think the Empires fate will make it easily implied or make the outcome irrelevant. Either Skyrim leaving the Empire, willingly or not, or the Empire simply collapsing.
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    Lol even in the civil war quest. Stormcloaks- Prove your worth and kill an ice wraith like all true sons and daughters have in their coming of age in Skyrim. Imperials- I dunno, go kill an entire bandit fort or some shit and **** off, we're busy.
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    I agree, Titus Mede II was a huge pansy who threw Hammerfell under the bus just so he could sell his people's favored god. Titus Mede I, on the other hand, was a complete badass. He'd have kicked II's ass for signing the WGC.
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    I never got how people play games like Skyrim while playing other music though. Only time I played music during elderscrolls is when I'm grinding levels, especially on Oblivion.
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    Oh ****. I just experience probably the most horrifying level (So far anyway.) Being stalked in a dark forest, by Valravn the Dark Raven God. One of the coolest aspects is how they went back to the roots of Norse Mythology. No these aren't marvel depecitions, their ******* inhuman abominations. Look at this shit,
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    I'm so sorry for sharing this. Colonel insisted. https://m.imgur.com/wTzzorp The trucking might be your best bet. I'm three hours from the nearest airport.
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    Buddy you ain't American. Hell even Canadians love bacon!
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    ****** don't play me, you know damn well you can't eat much bacon in your current regimen
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    Did the best I could with a phone photoshop app lol
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    I bet he did, regret for his cowardly actions prior with enough time to mull it over.
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    I get that, don't want the North to be ruled from KL, but she's no more mad than Stannis. She already promised Yara independence so the show is playing it up for drama's sake, it's not like she's a tyrant.
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    I disagree on this only because High Rock probably has the highest percentage of mages per person and I think that would go a long way to combatting a dragon. Whereas the Redguards don't have hardly any mages, and the Nords don't have too many either. Of course the Bretons are probably the kingdom most susceptible to the military the Empire actually has and not this theoretical dragon but if it were the dragon I think they'd be better off than most.
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    Good luck to you both. The Man always trying to beat you down! That reminds me of my sucky dining hall job in college. Early on I got on the boss' bad side because he expected me to drop what I was doing and help him with something- he didn't ask me to help him, mind you, just was pissed that I didn't read his mind. So I always got passed over for promotions to student manager. Whatever, in my senior year I went in to quit because I was writing a thesis and couldn't make the minimum hours. The same dick boss looked at my record and saw that I'd never been late once in three years, for breakfast shifts no less, and I never skipped and was rarely sick. He said "how have I never promoted you?" Feh. Story of my life, really.
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    Hell yeah! Sorry about that dude being a dick and firing you, but if it leads to what you wanted all along that sounds awesome. Best of luck man!
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    The truth. He asked me why I was running just one machine, I told him that one of them set off the fire alarm, which the mechanics were currently fixing, the other has been down since before I was hired, and the third was faulting continuously and my setups were currently working on it. He asked me to run the vacuum to clean the oil from under the machines. I didn't know what vacuum he was talking about so I asked after telling him I didn't know where it was. The setups are the ones that do that normally so I never even touched it before. Which I tried to explain. He was trying to be a smart ass, I just kept a straight face and said the truth. Hell even after when I asked my setup to give it to me, dude couldn't even find it :/ lol We rotate throughout the day so it's not like I'd be on that one machine all day.
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    Authors who focus too much on world building tend to lose me, but also authors who don't bother to make the world coherent. That's how I felt about Harry Potter and the Hunger Games books, besides finding the author's writing style dull. The sad fact for a writer is that I think you have to spend a lot of time world building and then never expound on it to your readers, except subtly and in the background. It has to feel fully fleshed out, but you can't overtire your readers with detail. Writers who are enamored with their own cleverness want to make sure all their babies get on the page. And to me the real meat of the story is always the human element- the primal things that grab people because of their own experience. I can't really talk, because as much as I've thought about writing historical fantasy of my own, haven't managed it yet. As for war stories, I've forever had All Quiet on the Western Front on my reading list, but haven't managed it yet. Bah, so many books and so little attention span. This weekend I'm dealing with the cleanup from an epic battle with a very large mouse I was starting to think was Brown Jenkin because he evaded all my traps and poison. I'd spend more money, put more stuff out, then still hear him rattling around at night. BUT he got hoisted on his own petard when he **chewed through the rat poison box** to get at an opened package, and ate enough of it to kill a dog. Suddenly it's very quiet.
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    This conversation about Lovecraft and Celan bringing ASOIAF up got me thinking about authors. And I've come to the realization that I'm not sure I have a favorite author. So I thought I'd ask if y'all have a favorite author or if your favorites are less authors and more books. Or if you have favorite authors but they're more genre specific.
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    English, do you speak it Deep One motherfucker?
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    On Berahthram and Boldir and Mila
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    Yes he had some good ones. Now he's all srs bsns. Another Hound moment I like: "What's a Lommy? ... Of course you named your sword. " "Everyone names their swords." "C***s do."
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    I'm good, lol. And before y'all start judging, no I wasn't out here just taking pics of Lydia and Bodolf like a loser I was hunting. Need leather straps for all the iron daggers I'm spamming. And hunting on a horse with the convenient horses mod is quite fun, just tackle something and shoot an arrow up its ass while its ragdolling.