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    I GET HOME FRIDAYYYYYY!!! (For Holiday Block Leave then it's back to Benning for another 3 months)
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    I think my favorite recent development is Witch using anime gifs to get Balrog to look at pms Speaking of, Czar, I’ll respond later today. Finishing up my last final today so after that I’ll be free to get some writing done that isn’t essay driven.
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    Balro: "I love Rusian because it immerses you into the setting!" Doc: "I prefer English so I can understand everything better." Colonel: "I want Russian so I can listen to pixel woman cuss at me in Russian when I watch virtual sex"
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    I remember it involved editing your comment and cutting and pasting outside the old spoiler tag. I did it with my CS for the Fallour RP but don’t remember exactly how. Also, sorry I’ve been infrequently active. I have over 20 pages worth of essays due this past week and the last one is due Monday. Since it’s Thanksgiving break though, I should be able to get some stuff done. Specifically my next Morane post and the co-posts I’m working on with a few folks. After the break I shouldn’t be as busy since the bulk of my essays and such are written, it’ll just be editing and such. I didn’t expect to be as busy as I was this semester but shit happens I guess.
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    This made me want to kill some elves. And maybe some khajiit, because who can tell the difference anyway am I right? -Pelinal Whitestrake
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    Imagine intros to the Elder Scrolls Total War game, picture a Nordic intro video in the same vain as the old Rome Total War Greek faction intro. "Men could rule the world, the Atmorans did. They took a army to the far south, there was nothing left to conquer; the world was theirs. But the Atmorans are dead, their Empires are gone and so we live in evil days. The free men of Skyrim have turned against each other instead of their proper enemies, those who envy all the Nords have done. Shor must weep, if the dead weep. I would weep in his place but I would also hope." "The world turns, what was may come again. The gods still spin the web of men's lives, so now perhaps the gods wish Nords to be great again. Perhaps a new Ysmir will take up the sword, bring order where there is chaos, remake the world of men into a better plan...perhaps."
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    I would settle for Bethesda adopting Obsidian's values about RPGs so that we get a really good, deep Fallout game. But that's probably not going to happen, either.
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    I found this video on the likelyhood on why there's no new Obsidian Fallout.
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    Glad to have you back, blood thirst and all, lol. Argonian hentai, Deathclaw edition.
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    You're damn right I'm fuckin bloodthirsty, terrorists, Taliban, Koreans! I don't care! But my orders (for right now, They might change with my recycle) are for a non-deployable unit. FUCKIN GAYYYY (I speak infantry now, so please excuse anything that's a little strange, I forget what's normal around here and what's not)
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    I might give it a go then. You know, this time next year, when I've finally finished the Witcher 3
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    You'll find out soon enough. If Colonel and Doc ever finish the moot coversation that is
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    Avocados are God’s gift to man for they enable guacamole. And they’re alright on their own but GUAC.
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    I had a professor who studies Germany, especially the Weimar Republic and the Nazi Era and he was pretty adamant that he doesn’t think Hitler was a military genius at all and that much of the German military’s success was because they were more modern than the French and Polish. Since Hitler did fail to follow up at Dunkirk, foolishly fought in Hungary (I think? Maybe it was Romania) delaying the start of the Russian campaign and basically sinking it before it began. I was pretty persuaded. While he did build up the German military that wasn’t something he solely did and afterwards he didn’t deploy and use it like a military genius. And yeah, Caesar massacred the Celtic tribes in Gaul. The Hardcore History guy just had his most recent podcast about that very subject and it was titled “A Celtic Genocide” I think, because of the level of destruction by the Romans and Caesar.
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    So, I just finished Return to Crookback Bog in the Witcher 3 and...
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    I like bosses too, sometimes for that reason but usually for a different one. I'm a sucker for a good climax, where we get a settling of scores, an end to a rivalry, or all the trials we've been facing finally come to a head. That's why Badger was one of mine even though TaleTale's engine makes difficult combat practically impossible. I just loved having my hatred for that guy build and build and then finally reach a satisfying end. Similar reason Gael is my favorite Dark souls boss though admittedly he also has the best gameplay in my opinion.
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    EA's stock lost 3 billion in value or 8% in November. It's still up 39% over last year, but man, that's the power of reddit and YouTubers. http://www.pcgamer.com/electronic-arts-stock-sheds-3-billion-in-value-after-battlefront-2/?utm_content=buffer627e4&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=buffer-pcgamertw
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    @BTCollins8 and why you didn’t get into Witcher 3 the first time, I don’t know about you but me personally I admittedly felt a bit overwhelmed by how much there was to do and wondering in which order I should do things. Though once you get over that my main concern was not wanting to finish everything too quickly. Then that turned into “Jesus how long is this game? Lol guess there’s no reason to save the main quests for last”, which then turns into “Oh shit it’s almost over!” Then rinse and repeat when you play Blood and Wine lol, almost the exact same reactions. Though blood and wine almost felt like a theme park for side quests, rather than feeling overwhelming, mainly because you’re thankful to have so much more to do after beating or nearly beating the game. Need to make a compilation of all the awesome shit Witcher 3 did for fans. 1. free dlc that could’ve easily been micro transactions 2. Loyalty discount to anyone that has Witcher 1 and 2. 3. Free soundtrack to the game, which I actually found out recently.
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    My experience of car dealerships the past week reminds me of EA and their kind. Those MFers always playing head games trying to winkle out your last dime, and if you don't play they act like it's your fault and you're being unreasonable. How about putting out a good product at a fair price and using that to sell itself. I went to Carmax finally and did end up with some new wheels, anyway.
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    Welp. I'm on my way home from a hunting trip up in the Ozarks. Biggest thing I killed was a spider I found in my towel.
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    The only idea I've had for freaky plantlife in Black Marsh is a flesh eating fungus in which spores can attach themselves to skin and grow from there.
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    My university arranged for a study visit at a number of tech companies. I picked Fatshark, though there was also Paradox. Fatshark is a game developer.
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    More like they ******* pissed off the Mouse with all the bad PR Star Wars was getting,
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    EA has removed loot boxes from Battlefront. Hell has frozen over. Though you know they'll be back in different form.
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    I don't play multiplayer, period. How are they not related? You have to grind in order to be able to compete with the Asian kid who spends 20 hours a day gaming. Or else buy their microtransaction bullshit. And even if you don't access the MP element, the presence of it affects the design parameters of the base game. How much you want to bet that we're not getting this game until 2019 because they have to build and test a multiplayer system? Every one of those zots is wasted. There are enough MP games out there, they should leave the good single player franchises alone. On the other hand, if it's a completely separate card game or arena, I won't care, just as I ignored the Witcher arena and the separate Gwent game.
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    Because over 70,000 people cancelled their pre order. Ea has ******* removed the cancel preorder button on the store, and requires you to talk to custom services. https://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/7cv8hc/ea_removed_the_refund_button_on_their_webpage_and/?utm_content=title&utm_medium=hot&utm_source=reddit&utm_name=gaming Really, really scummy. Way worse then the transactions themselves to be honest.
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    I want something Fallout related. But I can't come up with anything other than "Do you like the Fallout rp?" with two variations of yes as the options.
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    No I'm active duty, but 3/353rd Fort Polk is an OPFOR unit. Airborne, non deployable, training unit. *** as ****
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    Oh it’s about to get hot alright
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    You’re right about that. https://www.snopes.com/portugal-net-neutrality/ I think the general idea is the same, though, and while it’s not a totally accurate example, the idea that an ISP could cut up and package the internet is scary and something I’d like to avoid. As far as protecting small businesses go, I’m more worried about this stuff than up and coming ISPs.
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    Imagine if Theodore riding with the finest Breton retinue was instantly cut down by Wimperial peasants in rags.
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    Sorry, wiping out whole people groups does not constitute a greatest people in my book.
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    * won by Germanic cavalry Also work, and a little too exciting. Memo to all, don't work in manufacturing. America might have been great once, but then the 24/7 work cycle took over and now it f'ing sucks. I haven't been playing anything lately. Started the PoE expansions which I will go back to eventually.
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    I feel like it's such a ******* waste. All this Occult/Cthulhu Mythos Imagery, and the writer's like, "Nope I just did that because it looks cool." It actually reminds me of the Neon Genesis Evengelion writer (A very popular anime), and when asked about the symbolism with Adam, Eve, the crosses, he was like "Nope they have no real meaning. Christian Symbolism just looks cool." There was so much stuff. And it all ended up being faux symbolism. Maybe i'm just salty because I was actually really exciting, when I began to notice all this stuff, and then it was like "NOPE."
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    I don't think you have to accept it. They way I remember the season, it always felt equally plausible that the events were natural or supernatural. Regardless of the dude's intent. I never really took issue with the lack of confirmation, in the show, one way or another. Though I'm not as infatuated with the show having to be one way or another. I think it works well with both interpretations. My issues was the lack of resolution with the pastor dude and the politicians involved in the cult, and the fact that that plotline wasn't wrapped up in a satisfying way.
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    The big C was inspired by a horrible nght terror (so much apparently Lovecraft wanted to die because of the fright and pain) So thats prevelent even with him. He dree a sketch which becomr the High Priest of the Old Ones himself.
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    Well from my point of view the Jedi are evil!
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    Speaking of design, one of the best redesigns 343 did was the Gravemind. Went from that planet from Little Shop of Horrors, to whatever the **** this is
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    If you're playing above Normal, don't neglect alchemy. It can be pretty overwhelming early on, but take some time to go through the potion and decoction lists, see which ones sound most useful, and hunt down the ingredients for them. They really add an entire extra layer to how you can approach and deal with various situations, and will save you from chugging water and scarfing down chicken legs for health in the middle of combat. When it comes to armor, I suggest just wearing what you think looks cool until you get further along and are able to craft stuff that actually makes a big difference. Quen and dodging are effective enough that armor ain't that important. Weapons are another matter. Don't get too attatched to any unless they're upgradable Witcher gear, because odds are you'll find something that outclasses them every level or two.
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    You don't like Spooky Skeletons?
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    Oh **** apparently they scale in dex. I'm in a bit of a dilema, don't want to be a ******.
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    If I'd have any plant or animal use mind control it would be some kind of carnivore that uses the spore to control the victim into its maw. But that wouldn't really work on Argonians, nor can I see it work on any animal bigger than a skeever. Personally if I'd have anything mind altering wildlife in Black Marsh it would be something that uses some kind of hallucinogenic substance as a defense mechanism.
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    My method requires an edit for each new spoiler tag beyond the first. Though Celan managed multiple spoiler tags in one post without editing. Don't know how as [/spoiler] doesn't work when I try to use it.
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    Not to brag, but I was just at Fatshark’s office. It was really nice and got to try out a demo for Vermintide 2 and their VR game.
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    Oh man, I would hate this. I liked it it Dark Souls but I go into those games with that feature in mind and the intent to play it. If Cyberpunk is a story-based single player game then something like this would be very annoying. To be fair, that's basically capitalizing on a ****ty aspect of their games instead of fixing the aspect. Like, I would much rather see Bethesda hire better writers and make the dialogue options actually matter than keep it ****ty so that multiplayer is possible.
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    After getting into the Command and Conquer games I've always been bitter with EA, not only did they ruin the series but the original company Westwood who really advanced the genre with Dune 2 was dissolved by said EA. Without Westwood even Total War wouldn't be as good, before being fucked over by EA they still screwed with Westwood by forcing them to rush Tiberian Sun before it was finished.