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    Also, Stormcloak Zealot's axes are Nordic Carved, and she's dual wielding them. Am proud. Though seeing how ****ty it looks, gotta say, their art is terrible.
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    Not that I am a fan of Rikke or anything, but this is just dumb. Her being a Nord is so important to her entire dynamic with Tullius, and really her character in general.
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    Lay down arms. Roast indeed, they called the Imperials the french basically. And, they didn't even let Rikke be a proper Nord. They reaaally don't seem to like the Empire.
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    So I was looking through the crad art for the Skyrim expansion of Legends and heres what I found. Starting with the Milk Drinkers
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    Nope, this is spam. Unfortunately the forum rules do not permit me to allow this behavior, so y'all will have to post... whatever that is elsewhere. -Queen Bee Killabee
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    My god Also the theme song was a joke song, in case anyone doubted my music tastes, lol
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    I listened to that for 30 seconds and couldn't do it anymore. Fuuccckkk that
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    Centurion and you are wrecking balls (Sergeants as well) but since we need to keep Doc out of combat more often then not as the medic, I thought it prudent to make him an officer as well.
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    So today wasn't nearly eventful as yesterday. A lot of light skirmishes in Australia, thin men have started appearing as infiltrators that go ahead from the main group. However, Long War is scripted to have a country automatically end its funding of the XCOM country, and it was Doctors people, the Russians to betray us. Traitors! On more happen news, we finally got the Officer Quarters done, and since Doctor was a master sergeant, we we're able to train him as an officer. Welcome to the war Lieutenant Good Doctor! We got some new recruits as well
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    I laughed my fuckin ass of at that lol. It was so good. Its almost like they just forgot to finish that one.
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    Talos forced Barenziah to have an abortion because she was an elf. But I'm pretty sure that's because he didn't want to ruin his reputation as, well, Wulfharth basically since its his legend he used as his own, minus the undying stuff.
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    I have a TES lore question somewhat. How are bastards treated in Elder Scrolls? I can't really find anything on it, other than the Imbel family genealogy and, of course, Martin, but he was a special case, but nothing else.
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    Gotta have some class in this thread
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    thas how we do. We cut up. Hee, this is more gentle. When you get a girl and want to put her in the mood, this never fails. Well, women in my generation and up anyway.
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    What's Colonel's nickname going to be? "BadBitch" is my vote.
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    I do. I can put up with any amount of bs so long as I get my weekends off. Right now my biggest problem is all this sitting hurts my back and ass.
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    I think Doc was the perfect choice as the team leader.
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    What a plot twist! Salute to you master sergeant Doc!