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    She wears an invisible amulet only she can see and speaks to an elven corpse.
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    Because I think the head jumping combined with the shift in style of writing between paragraphs can be rather jarring. While some of you don't like to have posts flow like a novel, I do prefer it since novels are generally written in a way to make it easier to read. I thought you knew and simply loved Dark Souls 3 so much you decided to copy their names.
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    Went to see Bladerunner 2049 this weekend. It was really, really good. I'm almost positive they were using some Easter eggs/ references of Fallout, especially New Vegas. In any case, it was a good homage to the original and an excellent story in its own right with a lot of the classic bleak atmosphere of dystopian noir.
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    Like I said, honestly, the games are very, very Western most of the time in art design. A few of my other buds really hate anime, and all of them are Souls nuts. The game has a complicated upgrade system that allows weapons you find at the start to be perfectly viable throughout the game. There's countless examples of realistically proportional weapons. You can role a halberd. Or a morning star. Or a bow.
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    As for Dales, I forgot that we talked about this. But, were I her, hypothetically speaking and if I also hypothetically knew Bman killed Ulfie, I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him. I’d work with him since you kinda gotta, but warily. Im an Imperial Empress with ties to Thalmor. Once upon a time but ties none the less. If Baldur could kill Ulfric for believing he stood in his way, how quick would Baldur put an axe to me if he thought the same?
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    That corpse was able to tell her things she shouldn't be able to know (Baldur's chronic backstabbing disorder, Brund being infested by dark magic, and that she could find a cure for her condition at throat of the world). Dunmaor, whatever it is, is almost certainly not conjured by her mind.
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    I agree with Celan that the Ulfric thing is certainly Baldur's fault. Though I doubt that made it easy. But at the end of the day I guess it depends on how his story ends. The Ashen One and Dark Souls in general he such a bleak story because even the best case scenario is basically everyone finally dying after the curse is lifted. There's no chance for things to be good like they used to be. On the flip side, Baldur's story still has a lot of hope. He's still got Rebec and Ragna and Kyne's Watch.
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    Baldur didn't have to kill Ulfric. He chose to, and other than Daric and Maori hasn't suffered any consequences and isn't especially troubled by it. That's why Veleda hates him so much. No opinion on Dark Souls, of course, since I haven't played it.
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    Souls Ashen One definitey has it worse. Baldur's got it rough, but it's no contest. The Souls universe is so bleak it makes post-Red Year Morrowind seem like a vacation resort.
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    Their heavily associated with fire too lol Don't know who has it worse though. Brund was basically an end game Souls boss.
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    It's mostly that it don't become clear which character the focus has been shifted to until the second or third sentence into the paragraph. Also going into a new paragraph without changing speaker as I've already said I take an issue with before. There also seems to be a line missing when Dales talks with Vignar.
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    Personally, I've been waiting for everyone to read it before I comment on here. Didn't want to spoil things for Witch or Czar. How about a talking point?
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    Myself included. Dark Souls isn't very anime-ish. I wouldn't like it if it was. There are a few weapons that are stupidly large and that is a turn-off for me, but the main reason for this is that the enemies who carried them are usually gigantic and their weapons are lootable. It's easy to go through the game without ever wielding one of the dumb big weapons.
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    October server fees are due! If you can afford to kick in we'd appreciate a hand keeping the lights on!
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    Just stick with the longsword. It's perfectly viable throughout the entire game! Or the claymore if you like cleaving things in two
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    The huge anime weapons always get me in that game.
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    Well at least he hasnt pulled a GoT and brought out the flaming sword.
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    I guess we can just chalk it up to a really, really odd coincidence. Maybe god is telling you to buy the game? http://www.allkeyshop.com/outgoinglink/link/132324659?merchant=9
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    I swear never played the game lol
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    Well he helped her remove her binding, so Dales will always view Baldur as a friend from now on. She's always liked him, her trip to Skyrim has further made her like him even more. When you're friends with someone, it sometimes blinds you to that persons fault. If she, hypothetically knew Baldur shanked Ulfric, she would be like "I never liked him anyway," when she should be saying, "Baldur say's he's my friend. Okay. Ulfric was one of his BEST friends, and he killed him. If i'm his friend, that won't stop him from killing me!" If you couldn't tell by the earlier posts, Dales has suspicions about the whole thing (She tells Baldur she wouldn't judge him, as she's done some messed up things as well), but their just suspicions. And the Elf just told her Baldur was a "betrayer" not that he shanked Ulfie. OH BTW, lol more accidentally plagiarism. Ashen One wears a crown of flame just like Baldur in concept art When Dales describes her as "corpse-like" she doesn't mean zombie-esque. She looks like a drowning victim. I based her appearance on Drowned Ophelia from Hamlet So whilst she's certainly quite creepy, alongside her elven grace, breath-taking amber eyes, silky hair, and general appearance, she's still beautiful in an ethereal sort of way. Dales has stated a love for the macabre before, and this is no different. In mannerism, it's entirely different. I thought I showed well, in the post, Dales was terrified of her (Especially when she spoke in a "familar" voice, and she wore "eyes that didn't belong to her") She accepted her "gifts" out of fear, and the fact she didn't want to offend her. The thing was doing things to "make Dales more at ease" if that makes sense. She refered to her at the end, as "her knight" (Dales, since childhood, has had a fantasy of being a knight who rescues damsels), and herself as Dales "lady". She speaks to her, as her lesser (Acknowledging her as Empress of Tamriel, and bowing before her.)
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    Oh i know, but bman said she wouldnt care even if it did
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    It’s different for people, sadness made me more productive than I’d ever been before in my life recently. Anger beforehand made me not give a shit and dick around, get in fights, etc.
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    Now that you mention it, shouldn’t she be wary of Baldur a tad if she’s listening to this thing calling him the great betrayer?
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    I’m not sure about that sadness you’re a danger to yourself mostly. Anger, to yourself and others. Sometimes people that go through a lot of trauma hear voices and see things to cope. Like seeing a loved one’s favorite animal watching you after they died. A lot of people claim that, think it’s a sign or it’s them. Not necessarily a mental disorder but Dales definitely is close to the deep end. But it seems to be a good coping mechanism for her.
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    Still wouldn't consider her sane for listening to it.
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    I wouldnt say she's going crazy. She has mental health issues to be sure, but in my opinion she's alot more stable then before. Anger is a better emotion to feed off of then saddness.
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    Dales is literally going crazy. Yornar maybe, but I figure he'll be generally equally well off as either wanderer or king. So I'd say things aren't really looking up or down for him. Same with Gracchus that while he has a prominent position, it's also a very dangerous one.
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    As far as oath breaking goes well, he learned from the best
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    Dales and Yornar have suffered in the past, but they are both in pretty good places right now. And Gracchus certainly has the potential for a happy ending assuming he doesn't suffer from the fatal "last case before I retire" curse.
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    I agree with bman up until Ulfric. Baldur saw it as necessary to keep his family together which for boldir is certainly true but he’s incredibly arrogant to think he can defeat the Thalmor but Ulfric can’t. He might even be right. But, he is not psychic, he is not of God, he can’t know that for sure, no matter how good his Intel is. To kill his king and friend, who love him so much, based on that, and even the life of his brother, is incredibly fucked up, and is entirely his fault. No matter how it ends. He’s a very extreme individual, when it comes to his family. A hard ass, as Collins once said. Veledas right to fear what he’ll do if he gets it in his mind that it’s for his family
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    I think the only people things are looking up for are Maggie and the Ardrad family.
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    I guess I agree with that. Baldur still has his daughter and wife to go back too. The only thing waiting the Unkindled One is ashes and cinder...
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    All you need to know is life sucks. Was just stating that Baldur's life was really high, then it dropped to being really really low. In contrast the Ashen Ones life was already really really low.
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    Ah. Lol if you intersted in 3 you should just grab it. You can get it for pretty cheap and you don't need to play the other 4 games (Standalone-esque). Best Souls game imo, and its art design is inspiring. You see...kinda mixed on that. The world of Souls is bleak as all ****...but Baldur had a pretty amazing thing going. He had his best friend. The love and adoration of his king. He put his country in an amazing position gathering all the human nations under the same cause. Has a wife, daughter, and adopted son whom he loves dearly... And everything is taken away. That friend becomes a traitor whom he'll have to hunt down. He loses his adoptive son (Whom he thinks is dead) He is forced to betray and murder his king/friend whom he still loves, his wife has hugely mixed feelings about him now, he's broken GOD KNOWS how many oaths. Guy is rotting in self loathing by now. Yeah Souls Ashen One is stuck in a perptual hell...but he's always been there. Life's ALWAYS sucked in Lordran. The world is literally dying but its been dying for a long time. There used to the suffering. Baldur was getting an amazing life...that was yanked out of his hands.
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    See, if you said any of that I might’ve taken an interest in the game sooner that looks sick too. Ash-King is a title given to Wulfharth tho, but Paar Paar does call Baldur “Ashen One.”
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    That’s hilarious, reminds me of when me and doc used to say Vikings was copying us.
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    If something is unclear, that should be fixed so it'd be more helpful if you pointed out exactly what you mean. As for different styles, that's just the nature of group RP. It's not going to flow as well as a single narrative would.
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    Head jumps means the switching of who's head the reader is peeking into being switched mid-scene. Add to that the distinct styles of writing people have and it feels a bit like a patchwork. I think it's easier to look past that in the pm where all the parts are disconnected and it's neatly displayed who wrote what.
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    As for the head jumps and the like I don’t know what you mean specifically though. This in reference to my writing specifically or the switching of characters? edit: switch of style I see you said but head jumps can be me or us. And like I said, I really can’t be bothered with matching styles. Certainly not with four other people. POV is a different story.
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    That explains the messages in overwatch though
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    Rofl really? I haven’t touched a single one of those games. Besides, Baldur was called Unkindled since the beginning of the RP.
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    Apparently the "Ashen One" and "Unkindled One" are characters in Dark Souls. Go figure, lol.
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    Will just have to wait for witch to elaborate on what he meant by that. But anyway, thanks Doc. I almost chickened out of that entire ending, thought y’all would think it too much.
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    I think you're seriously overblowing what Witch meant by that. There's nothing radical about trying to make your writing synch well with the person you're RPing with. Certainly doesn't take mind reading. Hell, like Celan said, it can even happen naturally. Their posts with Baldur and Rebec sometimes meld so well that I don't know who writes one part unless it directly focuses on one of their characters. But when they do solo posts, their styles are pretty distinctive from one another.
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    Though I didn't really feel like the head jumping was confusing in this particular post. Thought for the most part that it seemed pretty clearly expressed. Edit: I'll be the first to admit that I like the long solo posts. But yeah it was nice to do something more traditional again.