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    OMG I got tickets for the Last Jedi (pre ordered them two weeks ago) premier at my local movie theatre at 945 tonight! SO EXCITED!
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    Mesh and texture replacer for the Saviors Hide, a reward armour from the Daedric prince Hircine.
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    I bet it tasted like virgin after having to resort to drinking syrup for flavor.
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    The defac at 1/50 Sand Hill somehow manages to get eggs, mashed potatoes, and green beans to all taste the same. I've become a peanut butter fiend. I also started drinking syrup packets. Anything for some flavor. One exception to that was on Thanksgiving. They made cornbread stuffing and I nutted. It was great
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    My cafeteria at work has surprisingly ballin cooks. Sweet potato casserole (I like it after all Celan ) stuffing, ham, macaroni... not sure how I’m gonna work the rest of the night
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    I can't ******* wait. Saturday is going to be absolutely lit. I'm gonna watch The Last Jedi and get to my actual home, because I'm staying the night at my sisters tomorrow, and I'll get to see my dogs! I want to know about Snoke and who ever Benico Del Toro is playing (I think it's older Ezra Bridger). I want some Kylo Development. I want some more gray area scenes! **** I can't wait.