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    The real saviors are the imperial soldiers and citizens, who so generously offered themselves as snacks in place of the dragonborn who they were just about to kill.
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    Yeah, but that logic Alduin is the hero of Skyrim because he stopped the Dragonborn from getting beheaded and therefore allowed us to save the world a few times over.
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    After Margaery, she's my favorite gal on the show in terms of hotness. Dany is right there too, but she aggravates me more than the other two.
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    You know if Lokir of Rorikstead hadn't made a break for it, the execution would've have been stalled by ten seconds and the Dragonborn would be dead. Thanks Lokir. You're the unsung hero of Skyrim.
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    You my good sir have earned all the 1+s.
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    One thing I really hate was how they made...the creepy ass non lethal solution to the Lady Boyle mission canon. Like...really, Corvo gave Boyle to the creepy stalker. Pretty messed up, and in my opinion, since its canon, his most evil act. Its far more mericful to run her through with his sword.