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    I think there's some confusion between you two. Doc thought you were talking about traveling from Roscrea to the eastern land of Akavir, while you actually meant how long it would take to travel from the western point of Roscrea to the eastern point. So that's the reason for the discrepancy in your respective answers.
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    The knife tugging scene at the beginning made me wince more than anything from a cartoon has before. That was brutal. Especially the sounds he was making, not something we've heard from Jack before. And the entire fight in the snow was awesome.
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    So I was watching the recap video for the SW:R finale and this was the final thing on that episode. I NEED TO KNOW.....****.....SIX MONTHS So the first to helmets on the left side are Sabine's and Fen Rau's and they are beat up pretty bad. The helmets on the right and the helmets in the background are they helmets worn by Clan Wren and the jet pack that the other helmet in sat upon is the same style jet pack that Boba/Jango and Pre Vizla use.
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