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    Modular Beautiful People 2ch-Edition (Unofficial English Translated Version) (This mod will be un-lore-friendly compilation pack of various cosmetic mods.) Previous BP 2ch-Ed (Latest version is 1.8.0 no English translation) became too big (281MB compressed, 1.3GB uncompressed lol), so I've decided to make Modular BP 2ch-Ed. It will consist of core and modules as I mentioned below. I aim to reduce the core file size to 600~700MB uncompressed or smaller and I also plan to provide English version. Please note, however, that I can't assure you that I will finish this project because I'm very busy IRL recently. =/ ***** Edit ***** There's a similar project and it already contains large variation of hairs and eyes and is obviously well-developed than mine. So I recommend using it, though I keep working on this project at a slow pase. =) - Cobl Readme - Cobl Races *** End Edit *** Well, here's a blueprint of Modular BP 2ch-Ed. * If you have any problem with this project, please feel free to let me know. Main Feature: -Esm & Esp Plugins Structure: You can easily create your own race, companion and npcs which use resources in Modular BP 2ch-Ed with TESCS loading Beautiful People 2ch-Ed.esm. -Core & Modules File Structure: You can choose and install your favorite modules. -Omod compressed modules with scripts to provide semi-automated installation. -Massive amount of eyes, hairs and races: In previous BP 2ch-Ed 1.8.0, 328 variation of hairs, 836 variation of eyes and 21+ races are included. -Custom Race Fix: You can safely begin MQ with custom races. -English Translation Additional Notes: 1. All hairs, eyes and races splitted into modules are Non-Playable in BP 2ch-Ed.esm itself. These're kind of tricky dummy data. 2. You have to install modules which contains data files and plugins to enable hairs, eyes and races splitted. 3. I'l provide a compatible patch with Beautiful People 2.7 which's size will be approximately 70~190MB uncompressed. Core (Full): - Races: Ainmhi, Carrier, Dremora, Elves of Lineage II, Horkew(Normal?Black?White), Human, Ice Elf, Lolita, LongEars Elf, Lycanthrope Elf, Mystic Dark Elf, Mystic Elf, Mystic High Elf, Orog, Robo Elf, Skyrim Khajiit, Tabaxi, Tang Mo, Wiera, White Tabaxi, Wolf Elf - Hairs: 2ch Hair, 2ch Legend Hair, 2ch Ren? Hair, AGS Hair, APPageBoy Hair, Babe Hair, Capucine Hair, Corean Hair, CTarg Hair, Bald, HS-Hair, Pr-ttyCure Hair, Ren's Hair, Saram Hair, Soya Hair - Eyes: Flonne's Ren Eye Recolored, Nequam Eye, Ren's Eye -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Total File Size 1.35GB (301.7MB compressed) Beta Testing! Core (Lite): - Races: Ainmhi, Carrier, Dremora, Elves of Lineage II, Horkew(Normal?Black?White), Human, Ice Elf, Lolita, LongEars Elf, Lycanthrope Elf, Mystic Dark Elf, Mystic Elf, Mystic High Elf, Orog, Robo Elf, Skyrim Khajiit, Tabaxi, Tang Mo, Wiera, White Tabaxi, Wolf Elf... - Hairs: 2ch Hair, 2ch Legend Hair, 2ch RenKai Hair, APPageBoy Hair, Capucine Hair, CTarg Hair, Bald, Ren's Hair, Soya Hair - Eyes: Nequam Eye as vanilla replacer, Ren's Eye -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Total File Size 542MB (135.5MB compressed) Beta Testing! Modules: /Misc/ - Compatible Patch with BP 2.7 to solve the issues due to the different file structures Beta Testing! /Hairs/ - AGS Hair Beta Testing! - BabeHair Beta Testing! - Corean Hair Beta Testing! - HS-Hair Beta Testing! - Pr-ttyCureHair Beta Testing! - Saram Hair Beta Testing! /Eyes/ - Flonne's Ren Eye Recolored Beta Testing! - NeqEyeAi~ (Ainmhi Nequam Eye) Beta Testing! - NeqEyeAr~ (Argonian Nequam Eye) Beta Testing! - NeqEyeD~ (Dark Elf Nequam Eye) Beta Testing! - NeqEyeH~ (Humanoid Nequam Eye) Beta Testing! - NeqEyeK~ (Khajiit Nequam Eye) Beta Testing! - NeqEyeO~ (Orc Nequam Eye) Beta Testing! /Races/ - Nec High Elf Remake Beta Testing! - Chocolate Elf Beta Testing! - Chingari and Ismelda Demon Race (due credit will be included before release.) WIP! - Cute Elves Beta Testing! - Asharas Sirens and Tritons (due credit will be included before release.) WIP! Module Type: - Hair Module Type1: Includes all files Beta Testing! - Hair Module Type2: Includes only mesh, no Egm files (This feature is still under consideration.) - Eye Type1: Includes all files Beta Testing! - Eye Type2: No glow-eye Beta Testing! - Eye Type3: No one-eyed (=single blind) Beta Testing! - Eye Type4: No glow-eye and one-eyed Beta Testing! English Translation: - 0% Completed WIP! Credits: **This list isn't completed yet and will be updated before release. If, by any chance, you're not listed and you should be listed, please PM me. I gave my full attention to this. But if you don't want your mod used in this compilation pack, I'm sorry to trouble you but please PM me. Special thanks to: * Bethesda Softworks * Acidoangel for Cute Elves * AGS for AGS Hairs * Ahiru for AhiruMouth (????) * APmod for APPageboy Hairs * Babe for Babe Hairs * BlueBack5150 for Horkew(Black)'s tail texture * Capucine for Capucine Hairs for Argonians and Khajiits * Comit for CTarg Hairs for Argonians * David Moyer for Orog * Flonne for Flonne's Ren Eye Recolours * Grimdeath & Syko Fox for Tang Mo * Gunman for 2ch Gunman Hairs * HISSSSA for HS-Hairs * idkrrr for Corean Hairs & Saram Hairs * Kikaimegami & Slig for Improved Playable Dremora * Kozaburo for original meshes and textures of Babe Hairs * KyneTarse for the Vampire Hunter's Sight and Khajiit Night Eye toggles script & Custom Race Fix * kz for various 2ch Hairs * Lejardo & Treetop Smoker for Human Races and Face Texture * Luchaire for Tabaxi Cat Races & White Tabaxi * Nec for Nec Elves * Nequam for Nequam Eyes & Ainmhi * MidnightVoyager for the inspiration of Beautiful People 2ch-Ed * Miss Onatopp for Elves of Lineage II * Ozmo for Ren's Eyes for BP-2ch * Ren, Daeger & Ranma-chan for Ren's Hairs and Eyes & Mystic Elves * SM for Sm Cassandra & HighKingHair & Pr-ttyCure Hairs and more * Soya for Soya 4 Hairs Pack * tad for Wiera Race * Theodic Marthil for Skyrim Khajiit * Trigger190 for Bald hairstyle * XiNAVRO for Chocolate Elves * BP 2ch-Ed Developers (Hakaishin, Henkyo, RR?vI4I8.Yi2I) * 2ch Modders & People BP 2ch-Ed's just a compilation pack of great mods. Thanks to all original mod authors. Special respect.
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    New pc coming tomorrow, it cost me my soul, plus 1,400 dollars but it was worth it. It's ******* sweeeeet. I also might be free both days this weekend, and will start catching up on reading if so. I'll put our posts together and post Wednesday too unless y'all wanna do that for me, just in case a tornado hits the delivery truck or some shit considering last weeks track record... Anyway, I'm almost back. Thanks for the patience.
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    Just so y'all know, my computer got fried and I gotta get a new one but in the meantime I'll get a laptop Sunday so I can post two posts we've finished.
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    Yea she was... we've been through a lot, me n the ol gal. But life goes on... *sniff* look at my new gal tho: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01N2RLS05/ref=sxts1?ie=UTF8&qid=1490662586&sr=1&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65 Only 8gb ram tho but I have 16 gb in my old one I can swipe out.
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    I think there's some confusion between you two. Doc thought you were talking about traveling from Roscrea to the eastern land of Akavir, while you actually meant how long it would take to travel from the western point of Roscrea to the eastern point. So that's the reason for the discrepancy in your respective answers.
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    It differs based on if we're talking about Western Roscreans or Eastern Roscreans and among themselves it differs still, The Milhinngaets (Western Roscreans) who are poor bury the dead in graves with valuables and goods that the man or woman had in life with them. Think of these as examples. Even for the wealthy it's commonplace to be buried especially with a lavish chariot. For Great Chieftains and the like however are laid to rest in either a tomb or mausoleum filled with a hoard of riches they had in life, While just examples most of the lavish tombs would be built up in the far north where there isn't much in the way of settlements. Such tombs are certainly guarded by cleaver traps and powerful curses sealed within for those that try and loot them. For the Casurgians however it's a bit different for some and quite similar for others. The Royal Casurgians normally are laid to rest in Kurgans, Some are more basic as the one depicted below. While for the wealthy great Kurgans are built in ancient fashion with stonework thought to be impossible. (That is a modern painting depicting an archaeological dig in a Kurgan but you get the idea) Such Kurgans are normally near impossible to breach, The dead within are undisturbed while their soul lies in Sovngarde. For Royal Casurgian King of Kings however are laid to rest in tombs built within a man-made 'mountain' which the closest example would be that of Sassanian King of Kings. Ever since their migration to Roscrea there has only ever been a single entrance to the tomb as the Casurgathradan dynasty had not yet been destroyed, After the Imperials invaded the bloodline was broken. After the Imperials a lesser entrance much less detailed and grand as for the Casurgathradan dynasty was built for the Silver-Shield Dynasty. Now as for the Bosponin Casurgains they're varied in of themselves, Mostly though it's a combination of Western and Eastern practices.
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    There is some seriously cool stuff from the concept art involving ancient Nordic/Atoran construction that I've kept.
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    I thought you had established they did some land altering as well. I must be mistaken about that. So, ignore my comment about the tunnels. Though that is a cool concept. And we have seen mages involved in construction before, from the Skyrim concept art. I imagine Bretons probably use mages in their castle construction. But construction and tunneling through mountains are different things so that wouldn't directly apply.
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    That's what they did, As I said I thought about having them reshape the landscape before but never did it because I felt it too much.
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    I thought that the Druids preserved the island and stopped it from becoming an ice cube, rather than altering the land itself.
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    The Druids could have made tunnels through the mountains in the past. Since we know they used some cool land altering magic back in the day. Don't know if that level of landscape altering is possible though. Seems like it might be
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    Oh that makes a lot more sense with Doc's comment!
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    The knife tugging scene at the beginning made me wince more than anything from a cartoon has before. That was brutal. Especially the sounds he was making, not something we've heard from Jack before. And the entire fight in the snow was awesome.
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    So I was watching the recap video for the SW:R finale and this was the final thing on that episode. I NEED TO KNOW.....****.....SIX MONTHS So the first to helmets on the left side are Sabine's and Fen Rau's and they are beat up pretty bad. The helmets on the right and the helmets in the background are they helmets worn by Clan Wren and the jet pack that the other helmet in sat upon is the same style jet pack that Boba/Jango and Pre Vizla use.
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    Little bit. Lots of fun but I didn't stay with it long.
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    There may very well not be more than a very small handful of face sculpters outside of Alinor (where humans aren't even let in). And infinite possibilities doesn't mean that everything that potentially could happen will. There may be a lot of people this trick wouldn't work on simply because there's not a reality in which they ever encounter a face sculpter.
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    Wouldn't it maybe still be possible by simple substituting your face from a reality where you have used conventional face sculpting magic?
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    Hey all, you might know me as the author of APN, or the guy that never finishes anything. I'm working on creating something akin to decomposition, by writing a script that tells the dead npc's in cell (if dead for more than 1 week game time) to switch to its corresponding "DEAD" race, which i'll use the age slider for more extreme decomp. Problem is, i cant script for my life, but i can sculpt or model anything anyone could ever ask anyone to model, so i need help figuring this out...or help learning to code. Thanks!, Nek