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    Nah. I'm a Davos fan books and show. I just like his character, his background, his actions, his beliefs. He's an all-round good guy without being a Mary Sue. Not to mention that GoT is so full of badasses and antiheroes that those have become saturated markets. I like Davos so much because he manages to be likable while moving away from those a bit. Honest, sensible, and good is a rare combination in this show. You'll have a hard time finding many others who have consistently been all three (maybe Sam). Reminds me of Ned if he'd been born as a commoner. He does the right thing no matter what, even if it means defying his beloved king or losing his own life, and he has a positive influence on literally everybody he interacts with. All the while, he's the one of the most loyal dudes in Westeros.
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    I don't know why bother unless these people have shown a willingness for reasonable debate. Otherwise arguing with random people on the internet is like beating your head against a brick wall; you're unlikely to achieve anything other than a headache.
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    Not that I am a fan of Rikke or anything, but this is just dumb. Her being a Nord is so important to her entire dynamic with Tullius, and really her character in general.
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    Just finished The Wire. It was good but the fifth and last season felt rather anticlimactic. Overall I think the third and fourth seasons were the best.
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    Eh, Dallas is weird. It certainly votes blue, but you get outside the city and into the suburbs and it's as read as it gets. Which most people consider the greater metroplex area still part of Dallas. I do agree, it's real snooty. Hell yeah! I nominate Endar. "An elf who cares, just not about you." This is perfect lol
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    I think a lot of tumblr sjw types (but I repeat myself) see Nords as the usual white oppressor so their enemies must be all innocent as the driven snow, no pun intended. Nilfgaard can keep their prissy prancer!
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    I figured the last thread was long enough, so let's start a new one. Also thinking about making a poll. Any suggestions?
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    Lol this is you trying to egg us on so you can talk about whatever this is isn't it?
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    "I'm clearly wrong and have no idea what I'm talking about so I'm gonna call him a radical Christian or Muslim and then spout some regurgitated bullshit and when he slaps me down again I'm gonna tell him to quite sucking Ulfric's ****. That'll prove I have a healthy grasp on the lore."
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    Here's the start of our suicide squad. Customization is rather limited in XCOM 1 (2 is way better in that regard. You can have warpaint and shit) Let's start! Doc you're a Russian Medic, you have to keep the boys concious while their guts are hanging out, and their limbs are shot off by plasma. Czar you're our Polish Rocketeer, you make things go boom. Centurion, you're our Heavy Gunner, so you get a big ass light machine gun. Your main job will be suppressing the enemy, and allowing our guys to maneuver. You lads fine with this? Ready for to launch our defense against the alien menace?
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    I picked out four candidates for the poll. Any more and I fear the votes would have been too diluted. Anyway, here are the options I picked: Dales - "For a new generation, full of yuri" Krojun - "Yes, we can? Yes, you WILL" Gracchus - "Don't vote for me. I just want to be with my wife." Endar - "An elf who cares, just not about you"
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    Damn straight. The Stormcloak bros wrecking shit together again. Just like old times, except we're not actually involved in any way.
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    I mean I still am not a huge fan, Jons still my main man, but know that I'm not just seething in anger afterwards. Ehh, she's not so bad. I would've executed Randal and sent Dickon back to Dragonstone in irons instead of burning both of them like a true Mad targaryen, but whatever.
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    "I didn't give you permission to leave." Translation: "Gimme the D first." Her expression when she said that said it all.
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    What the Boltons did goes way beyond anything Dany did, unless you consider crucifying men who crucified children just to make a point as being beyond the pale. Dany hasn't done anything other than every other army in the country does. Nitwit Tarly even refused to go to the Wall, probably because he'd sent his son there so he considers it beneath him. I repeat, screw him. And Sam obviously got all the common sense so screw big dumb Dickon, too. You know she was wet as the Neck in that scene. Bow chicka.
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    Let's be honest, they only had her say that "break the wheel" bullshit because every season has to have at least one trailer where Dany has a cool an "epic" line.
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    Okay let's be real here. She's not even close to being the Mad King 2.0. She could become that down the line, but right now she's far from it. If anything Cersie is the Mad Queen. She's the one who used wildfire to kill her enemies and hundreds of innocent bystanders in the process. That is exactly what Aerys would've done.
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    Wooh, just got done writing part 1 of 3 of my next background post. Time to go get wildly drunk!
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    It's called Eastwatch so I'm thinking we'll see some wildling vs. white walker action. Oh, sheeeeet. I hadn't thought about that. That's going to hit the feels.
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    When Krojun finds out you didn't vote for him
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    I have a faint memory you already did a slogan for Krojun a long time ago. It was some picture with words along the lines of "Yes, we can? Yes, you WILL"
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    Gracchus when finds out he's the popular vote
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    I don't know. Just wanted to include the vampirism and her being an author. Could be a "pen is mightier than the sword" type of deal. She definitely strikes me as someone who would lead with cleverness instead of being a commander like Gracchus or Krojun. And everyone would vote for him.
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    Lol this should be good. I nominate Gracchus. The man with the fire, to bring light to the Empire.
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    Oh, and primaries are party elections that take place before the national one. All the candidates from a party run against each other and the one who wins gets to run for that party in the actual election.
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    What do you people think about doing a rerun of "who would you vote for president" poll but with our TES characters instead? You're not allowed to nominate your own characters and any nomination must be accompanied by a self aware slogan for the voting option.
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    You may become a Stormcloak yet. I'm liking this tune. I could totally hack away at a Norse god to that.
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    Nothing. I prefer the silence as I can better focus on my own thoughts. If there is any sound I do my best to ignore it.
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    To me there just comes a point where you start to wonder why the hell the world hasn't ended yet, considering there seems to be a plot to make that happen every couple of years. It also kinda removes the stakes in a meta way, since the fans know that the world isn't really going to end because that would mean the end of TES. But if the threat could viably succeed without unmaking the world, then there is always that fear that they might just pull it off. Witcher's Blood and Wine DLC is a good example of this, where even if you beat the MQ, the villain can still achieve what they wanted without you losing.
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    I understand that. I liked the novels quite a bit, myself. But it's like you said, the card game didn't really make an effort to adhere to the lore, whereas the novels jumped through hoops to explain exactly why the Umbiel plot could occur despite Martin's sacrifice. The books work with the main games, while the card game ignores them and just does its own thing.
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    What's funny is that Legends doesn't even have the winged daedra carry him away. They literally based an entire game around that one rumor and they didn't even include it.
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    Believe me there's nothing they've done in chapter 1 that's worse then my old stuff, NOTHING.
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    I had Baldur kill a dremora lord with a wooden sword on my first post. It can't be worse than that XD.
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    I don't think they'll say Stormcloaks won but I do think the Empires fate will make it easily implied or make the outcome irrelevant. Either Skyrim leaving the Empire, willingly or not, or the Empire simply collapsing.
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    Lol I love how all the Imps used to love the Dunmer because of House Hlaalu, and then Beth made them the bad guys.
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    Lol even in the civil war quest. Stormcloaks- Prove your worth and kill an ice wraith like all true sons and daughters have in their coming of age in Skyrim. Imperials- I dunno, go kill an entire bandit fort or some shit and **** off, we're busy.
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    I have a theory that the writers at Beth are Stormcloak fans or at least anti-Empire. Dragonborn made me think this.
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    It is indeed faulty to pick and choose what you accept from such a shoddy game.
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    Well, now you can see who's pettily liking you lol. Not sure I like this new power you've been given
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    Don't turn into a scheming Caesar now!
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    For most folks the biggest perks are the color change and the fancy tag, the VIP memberships are for set time period like $19.95 for 3mo and the color is royal blue. We also do a subscription where you can pledge to pay an amount every month automatically and your color/tags would be gold. In addition to colors you get unthrottled downloads, more galleries, more privileges like deleting posts/shouts etc.
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    LMFAO, so that lightning strike last night didn't hit my house, it hit my cunty neighbors air condidtioning unit Heres the run down with my neighbors, the husband is the local big time lawyer, and he knows it, so they do want they want when they want and nobody says shit because they can literally ruin your life, and also they just let their dogs run around the neighborhood and shit in your yard.
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    lol I called Saarthal Solstheim last night so I ain't judgin Anyway, you'll have to excuse me and my stupid jokes. Considering Czar said he's nothing like that, it's pretty clear dude is an Imperial fan and is just using one of the popular arguments against Nords.
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    I realize now you meant 'tells me' as in someone who actually says that to you. I thought you meant it in the 'I can tell what he's like' way. That's why I thought you were basing it off the uneducated part of his arguments rather than the snow elf apologizing. I wonder how much of people doing things like that, defending the snow elves, is based on them deciding so and so race is their favorite and then feeling forced to defend that choice by making these sorts of arguments. For Czar's friend at least, that seems more likely his origin for defending the elves than him being a Nord applogist. Or, like lots of other Imperial supporters, he has to opppose the Nords on everything.
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    So I went digging through every iPhone box that's in my house and well...
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    Ugh there's no point in discussing lore with someone that doesn't even know the basics. I'm saying. This kid is a grade a moron. Forget the morality of it, nobody stops and says "Ok, I think we killed enough, that's about the same amount of death you dealt us." That's not how the world works, that's not how their world works, that's not how any of this works.
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    Fallout games, specifically the songs on the radios, though the OST are pretty good as well. Walking After Midnight is a great song and very appropriate as you said, Celan. The Last of Us is one of my favorites. I've listened to it while writing quite a bit. It's probably my personal favorites. Red Dead was great as well. The song that plays as you ride into Mexico makes that moment so perfect and is one of my favorite game moments.
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    I'm not gonna hiss, or pretend like I wasn't into **** of Duty Modern *** **** Stupid, lol but musics not something I found it memorable for personally. Halo, Doom, those are the only FPS games with memorable music to me off the top of my head.
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    Oh ****. I just experience probably the most horrifying level (So far anyway.) Being stalked in a dark forest, by Valravn the Dark Raven God. One of the coolest aspects is how they went back to the roots of Norse Mythology. No these aren't marvel depecitions, their ******* inhuman abominations. Look at this shit,