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    You would have to go in an right click each image to save as. Today I started downloading the whole of TESA to my rig, which thankfully had enough room to store the sites. It will probably run all night and into tomorrow before it's finished but I'll update here once I can verify everything is secured, its actually downloading TESA's gallery right now.
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    Version 1.21 FINAL


    Name: Insanity's Improved Armoury Compilation Version: 1.21 FINAL Date: 03/27/2012 Category: Armor Author: InsanitySorrow Source: TES Alliance ================= Requirements: ================= Oblivion 1.2.416 ================= Description: ================= InsanitySorrow has created a large number of high-resolution texture and normal map replacers for stock armor and weapons, compiled two ways for your convenience. The first package is a scripted OMOD that will allow you to install all the textures or choose only specific ones to install. This .omod can only be used or extracted by Oblivion Mod Manager (OBMM). The second package is a .7zip archive that contains the full compilation in one parent folder, so you can manually install the whole thing in the usual drag-and-drop-and-overwrite fashion. The alternate Elven and Glass textures are offered as well, in separate folders. This package is BAIN-friendly. Both packages include all of InsanitySorrow's high-rez armor and weapon retextures to date: Improved Armoury - Amelion Armor Improved Armoury - Arena Champion Improved Armoury - Ayleid Crown Improved Armoury - Blackwater Cuirass Improved Armoury - Blackwater Blade Improved Armoury - Blackwood Improved Armoury - Blades Improved Armoury - Bloodworm Helm Improved Armoury - Chainmail Armor Improved Armoury - Chillrend Improved Armoury - City Guards Improved Armoury - Daedric Armor Improved Armoury - Daedric Bracers Improved Armoury - Daedric Weapons Improved Armoury - Dark Brotherhood Improved Armoury - Debaser Improved Armoury - Dwarven Improved Armoury - Ebony Armor Improved Armoury - Elven Armor Improved Armoury - Golden Elven Improved Armoury - Fur Armor Improved Armoury - Glass Improved Armoury - Dark Green Glass Improved Armoury - Darker Green Glass Improved Armoury - Gray Fox Cowl Improved Armoury - Imperial Dragon Improved Armoury - Imperial Palace Cuirass Improved Armoury - Imperial Watch Improved Armoury - Iron Improved Armoury - Leather Improved Armoury - Legion Improved Armoury - Legion Horseman Helm Improved Armoury - Mithril Armor Improved Armoury - Mythic Dawn Improved Armoury - Orcish Armor Improved Armoury - Pit Leather Improved Armoury - Savior's Hide Improved Armoury - Shield of the Thorn Improved Armoury - Silver Weapons Improved Armoury - Spellbreaker Improved Armoury - Staff of Indarys Improved Armoury - Steel Improved Armoury - Thorn Blade Improved Armoury - Witsplinter Enhanced Normal Maps - Daedric Enhanced Normal Maps - Daedric Artifacts Enhanced Normal Maps - Dwarven Enhanced Normal Maps - Ebony Enhanced Normal Maps - Elven Enhanced Normal Maps - Glass Enhanced Normal Maps - Madness Enhanced Normal Maps - Spellbreaker ================= Installation: ================= BAIN (using the 7zip archive) 1) Move or copy the downloaded archive to your Bash Installers folder, no need to extract first. 2) From the Wyre Bash installers tab, select the archive on the left. Check the boxes on the right for Core Files and any alternate colors you wish to install. 3) Right-click on the archive on the left, and choose Install from the context menu. OMOD (using the .omod) 1) Double-click the .omod file from within Windows Explorer. This will open OBMM and automatically add the .omod to OBMM. 2) Double-click the .omod from within OBMM to begin installation. Follow the prompts to select which content you want to install. Manual (using the 7zip archive) 1) Extract the archive you downloaded to a temporary location. 2) Copy the contents of the "Core Files" folder to your ..Oblivion\Data folder. Click "Yes" to overwrite, if prompted. 3) Repeat step 2 for any of the alternate folders, if desired. Wrye Bash and OBMM both handle ArchiveInvalidation for you, which is required for texture replacers such as this to take effect in-game. If you don't have either of those applications, please consult your internet search engine of choice for other solutions. ================= Un-Installation: ================= BAIN Right-click the archive from the Installers tab and choose Uninstall from the context menu. OMOD Double-click the .omod from within OBMM to de-activate it. Manual Delete the files/folders associated with the mod. ================= Contact: ================= Please contact InsanitySorrow @ TESAlliance with any inquiries. ================= Credits: ================= Thanks to Bethesda for creating Oblivion. ================= Tools Used: ================= Insanity's ReadMe Generator Photoshop
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    The new host will do a malware scan once TESA is uploaded and alert us to any potential problems. They are aware of the issue with our old host and if the issue arises on the new server, they'll investigate for free TESA is now sitting like a very large house guest on my hard drive. Images, posts, attachments and mod files are all safe and sound. This morning I started uploading the files. This could take a couple days as well. Its not likely at this point that TESA will disappear permanently, it's just a matter of upload time before she's cozy on the new server. The account here will suspend again sometime tomorrow night so Druid's forum is open for congregating in that middle area, but that's just a temporary situation. Now that I have the files in my custody, TESA's future is a lot safer. For security reasons we put each site on its own IP with its own directory/domain but that means I need to buy security certificates x4 so if you want to chip in to the cause, donations are welcome and can be sent through the donation block on the index. I will continue updating as long as TESA is up, and will update on Druid's forum if TESA goes down www.druidgameworks.com/forums
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    Update: Ok so at this point I've downloaded 200,000+ files with about 30,000 to go. I think the deadline is about 2.5 hours from now I think it's going to interrupt my download. I DID manage to talk them into more time so they will lift the suspension again but right now it's automated, its going to suspend. In the meantime I've moved the smaller sites off the server reclaimsancretor.net is up on the new server, druidgameworks.com will be up soon, and witanlore.com as well. Takes about 20GB off of TESA at any rate. I will start uploading TESA as soon as the download process completes. We're probably looking at a few days of bumps. If you see the Account Suspended page, or if the suspension notice is still on our board index we're still on the old server. If you see 500 or 404 errors you'll know she's in transit. If you see TESA with no suspension notice, we made it. I really appreciate all the patience and support folks, it's a big help in dealing with a tough situation
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    Huzzah! DarkRider you're really doing everything to save this community, That's some dedication right there.
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    And actually, @BTCollins8 gave the best and most valid point for an Imperial fan choosing the Legion over the Stormcloaks, one that is a perfectly valid reason and not something that can be "refuted", which is that the Imperials have the biggest army in Tamriel, and even against the Dominion we know this is true. It's perfectly reasonable to want all of your eggs to stay in one basket. I choose not to because I fear the failings of the leadership, and feel that if they were to collapse, having all your eggs under one basket only means more smashed eggs, but that is simply a matter of preference.
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    A betrayed tribesman rightful leader who goes to civilized lands to learn and gain weapons to take back his birthright, and who is later sidetracked by the movie industry and becomes an actor. One day perhaps his acting skills shall come in handy. Thats my first idea. A brutish tribesman turned charismatic movie star revolutionist.
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    I`ve said it before , and I`ll say it again.... the skills I learned here helped me to advance in my RL employment. Many talented and exceedingly patient teachers helped me along the way. This place must continue to provide for others as it has for me.
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    I was on YouTube for a completely different reason just now and stumbled on this by accident. Good shit. And don't worry about your voice, bud. We know you're a little bitch regardless of what you sound like.
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    What a miraculous new world we live in where I can somehow double post with someone else's post in between. Wtf
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    Talos is no mere war god. Talos is the god of man. Aye, and as man, he said, 'Let me shoooooow you the power of Talos Stormcrown, born of the North, where my breath is loooong winter! 'I breathe now, in royalty, and reshape this land which is mine. I do this for you, Red Legions, FOR I LOVE YOU!' Aye, love. Love! Even as man, great Talos cherished us. For he saw in us, in each of us, the future of Skyrim! The FUTURE OF TAMRIEL! And there it is, friends! The ugly truth! We are the children of man! TALOS is the true god of man! Ascended from flesh, to rule the realm of spirit!
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    Go ahead and laugh! Metal Gear is dead! Konami killed it. All it is, is slot machines, zombies, and memories... So much Phantom Pain... Big Boss will live on in our hearts! Him, Solid, Grey Fox, Venom Snake, Zero, Solidus, Liquid, and the Boss! No more Child Soldiers...no more espinoage...no more poop jokes...no more horrible fanservice...no more homoerotic subtext...Metal Gear is dead. *Insert Big Boss salute*
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    I imagine there is, but I haven't seen any, so I'm going off what I imagined. And it's pretty close. There are several forts that, in the role play, the Legion has renovated and occupied once again. I have a list but it's not handy right now. But between Oblivion and the current role play they have fixed up quite a few. But Battlehorn castle is a welcome addition. We might need to work out which Legion the legionnaires doing the training are under, though. A while back we figured out where each Legion was stationed so that is already established in the role play.
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    Hail Allies, Ambassadors, and Elders, If you popped into TESA yesterday [7/13] you may have been greeted by a really terrible ACCOUNT SUSPENDED warning page. Here is the story on what's been happening. Ive mentioned hosting issues before, and that we needed to migrate to a new host. The reason for this is that our current host, has been misidentifying normal forum files and flagging them as malware. They told us, we were likely being hacked and that we needed to secure the site for several thousand dollars, OR find a new host because we only get 4 malware flags before we are suspended permanently. We raised funds and found a new host. The NEW host had a really hard time moving TESA due to its size however, after a month they were really annoyed, hadn't finished the job, kept charging us more money until we just had to cancel the migration. They refused to refund our money. So I came back to our old host and asked if they were REALLY going to suspend us for this file thing since we'd done our due diligence to keep these "hackers" out. They promised that was not their policy that they would never force anyone to use their security partner and that we were fine to stay...YAY! So, yesterday, a number of you reported some skin errors after the latest software update. I downloaded the skin update and uploaded it to TESA and BANG...Account Suspended. The good news is I figured out who the "hacker" is. It's me. Apparently every time I innocently updated something to keep our security up, they were flagging these same files over and over again. The file they flagged yesterday was a normal part of the theme confirmed both by the theme author IPSFocus, and forum software company IPS. Despite bringing this to our host's attention, they refuse to accept they are misidentifying things and the suspension stands. So what does that mean for TESA? It means we have 10 days to find ANOTHER new host, and complete the same job those techs couldn't do in a month before TESA and her sister site Druid Gameworks are binned. The site is only visible now because the old host granted a 48 hour reprieve of our suspension so I could access the files for migration. The Druid lads have kicked in more funds for another host which we secured this morning and the migration is currently underway. With luck, I'll pull this off and you folks will not experience anymore downtime as it should migrate seamlessly. The 48 hour deadline started about an hour ago. I will update as Im able. We really apologize for this disruption, we've been at the mercy of server hosts and have had no notice of changes, delays, or actions taken in this process. We will fight, I will fight, with everything I've got to keep TESA standing. It might get bumpy, so hang on. DarkRider and the TESA Team
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    Update: And we are back! Okay the mod files appear great though we're missing a couple thumbnails, the galleries look solid as well, some of the older attachments I didn't migrate in order to save time, I will begin uploading them now, but this is a good time for folks to shed the excess attachments on their accounts. Deleting a PM does not delete attachments so make sure you clean house once in awhile! I will be adjusting things over the next few days, uploading any old content still on my HD and doing general maintenance. We really appreciate all the patience and support. Hopefully we'll have a long comfortable reign here with our new host! Cheers, and welcome home
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    Update: As you can see we are still on the old server. With 11,000 files to go, our account was suspended again. For once TESA's size worked in our favor, my FTP client just kept attempting to download files tossing them in the failed list until the host lifted the suspension for another 48hrs. My rig immediately resumed downloading and I kicked the failed files from the disruption back into the queue, so 11,000 to go! Once things are downloaded I'll start uploading to the new server. In 48 hours the account will likely suspend permanently, I think they've granted all the time they're willing to now. So when TESA reappears we'll be on the new server. Our sister site Druid Gameworks is fully migrated and operational now so feel free to shelter there, use the chat box etc until TESA returns
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    She knows he's a crazy guy with PTSD that destroyed an entire hold, going failed Liam Nesson to try, and miserably fail at saving his wife and daughter, is being hunted by his former comrades, and is squatting in her precious city with a bounty on his head
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    Modular Beautiful People 2ch-Edition (Unofficial English Translated Version) (This mod will be un-lore-friendly compilation pack of various cosmetic mods.) Previous BP 2ch-Ed (Latest version is 1.8.0 no English translation) became too big (281MB compressed, 1.3GB uncompressed lol), so I've decided to make Modular BP 2ch-Ed. It will consist of core and modules as I mentioned below. I aim to reduce the core file size to 600~700MB uncompressed or smaller and I also plan to provide English version. Please note, however, that I can't assure you that I will finish this project because I'm very busy IRL recently. =/ ***** Edit ***** There's a similar project and it already contains large variation of hairs and eyes and is obviously well-developed than mine. So I recommend using it, though I keep working on this project at a slow pase. =) - Cobl Readme - Cobl Races *** End Edit *** Well, here's a blueprint of Modular BP 2ch-Ed. * If you have any problem with this project, please feel free to let me know. Main Feature: -Esm & Esp Plugins Structure: You can easily create your own race, companion and npcs which use resources in Modular BP 2ch-Ed with TESCS loading Beautiful People 2ch-Ed.esm. -Core & Modules File Structure: You can choose and install your favorite modules. -Omod compressed modules with scripts to provide semi-automated installation. -Massive amount of eyes, hairs and races: In previous BP 2ch-Ed 1.8.0, 328 variation of hairs, 836 variation of eyes and 21+ races are included. -Custom Race Fix: You can safely begin MQ with custom races. -English Translation Additional Notes: 1. All hairs, eyes and races splitted into modules are Non-Playable in BP 2ch-Ed.esm itself. These're kind of tricky dummy data. 2. You have to install modules which contains data files and plugins to enable hairs, eyes and races splitted. 3. I'l provide a compatible patch with Beautiful People 2.7 which's size will be approximately 70~190MB uncompressed. Core (Full): - Races: Ainmhi, Carrier, Dremora, Elves of Lineage II, Horkew(Normal?Black?White), Human, Ice Elf, Lolita, LongEars Elf, Lycanthrope Elf, Mystic Dark Elf, Mystic Elf, Mystic High Elf, Orog, Robo Elf, Skyrim Khajiit, Tabaxi, Tang Mo, Wiera, White Tabaxi, Wolf Elf - Hairs: 2ch Hair, 2ch Legend Hair, 2ch Ren? Hair, AGS Hair, APPageBoy Hair, Babe Hair, Capucine Hair, Corean Hair, CTarg Hair, Bald, HS-Hair, Pr-ttyCure Hair, Ren's Hair, Saram Hair, Soya Hair - Eyes: Flonne's Ren Eye Recolored, Nequam Eye, Ren's Eye -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Total File Size 1.35GB (301.7MB compressed) Beta Testing! Core (Lite): - Races: Ainmhi, Carrier, Dremora, Elves of Lineage II, Horkew(Normal?Black?White), Human, Ice Elf, Lolita, LongEars Elf, Lycanthrope Elf, Mystic Dark Elf, Mystic Elf, Mystic High Elf, Orog, Robo Elf, Skyrim Khajiit, Tabaxi, Tang Mo, Wiera, White Tabaxi, Wolf Elf... - Hairs: 2ch Hair, 2ch Legend Hair, 2ch RenKai Hair, APPageBoy Hair, Capucine Hair, CTarg Hair, Bald, Ren's Hair, Soya Hair - Eyes: Nequam Eye as vanilla replacer, Ren's Eye -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Total File Size 542MB (135.5MB compressed) Beta Testing! Modules: /Misc/ - Compatible Patch with BP 2.7 to solve the issues due to the different file structures Beta Testing! /Hairs/ - AGS Hair Beta Testing! - BabeHair Beta Testing! - Corean Hair Beta Testing! - HS-Hair Beta Testing! - Pr-ttyCureHair Beta Testing! - Saram Hair Beta Testing! /Eyes/ - Flonne's Ren Eye Recolored Beta Testing! - NeqEyeAi~ (Ainmhi Nequam Eye) Beta Testing! - NeqEyeAr~ (Argonian Nequam Eye) Beta Testing! - NeqEyeD~ (Dark Elf Nequam Eye) Beta Testing! - NeqEyeH~ (Humanoid Nequam Eye) Beta Testing! - NeqEyeK~ (Khajiit Nequam Eye) Beta Testing! - NeqEyeO~ (Orc Nequam Eye) Beta Testing! /Races/ - Nec High Elf Remake Beta Testing! - Chocolate Elf Beta Testing! - Chingari and Ismelda Demon Race (due credit will be included before release.) WIP! - Cute Elves Beta Testing! - Asharas Sirens and Tritons (due credit will be included before release.) WIP! Module Type: - Hair Module Type1: Includes all files Beta Testing! - Hair Module Type2: Includes only mesh, no Egm files (This feature is still under consideration.) - Eye Type1: Includes all files Beta Testing! - Eye Type2: No glow-eye Beta Testing! - Eye Type3: No one-eyed (=single blind) Beta Testing! - Eye Type4: No glow-eye and one-eyed Beta Testing! English Translation: - 0% Completed WIP! Credits: **This list isn't completed yet and will be updated before release. If, by any chance, you're not listed and you should be listed, please PM me. I gave my full attention to this. But if you don't want your mod used in this compilation pack, I'm sorry to trouble you but please PM me. Special thanks to: * Bethesda Softworks * Acidoangel for Cute Elves * AGS for AGS Hairs * Ahiru for AhiruMouth (????) * APmod for APPageboy Hairs * Babe for Babe Hairs * BlueBack5150 for Horkew(Black)'s tail texture * Capucine for Capucine Hairs for Argonians and Khajiits * Comit for CTarg Hairs for Argonians * David Moyer for Orog * Flonne for Flonne's Ren Eye Recolours * Grimdeath & Syko Fox for Tang Mo * Gunman for 2ch Gunman Hairs * HISSSSA for HS-Hairs * idkrrr for Corean Hairs & Saram Hairs * Kikaimegami & Slig for Improved Playable Dremora * Kozaburo for original meshes and textures of Babe Hairs * KyneTarse for the Vampire Hunter's Sight and Khajiit Night Eye toggles script & Custom Race Fix * kz for various 2ch Hairs * Lejardo & Treetop Smoker for Human Races and Face Texture * Luchaire for Tabaxi Cat Races & White Tabaxi * Nec for Nec Elves * Nequam for Nequam Eyes & Ainmhi * MidnightVoyager for the inspiration of Beautiful People 2ch-Ed * Miss Onatopp for Elves of Lineage II * Ozmo for Ren's Eyes for BP-2ch * Ren, Daeger & Ranma-chan for Ren's Hairs and Eyes & Mystic Elves * SM for Sm Cassandra & HighKingHair & Pr-ttyCure Hairs and more * Soya for Soya 4 Hairs Pack * tad for Wiera Race * Theodic Marthil for Skyrim Khajiit * Trigger190 for Bald hairstyle * XiNAVRO for Chocolate Elves * BP 2ch-Ed Developers (Hakaishin, Henkyo, RR?vI4I8.Yi2I) * 2ch Modders & People BP 2ch-Ed's just a compilation pack of great mods. Thanks to all original mod authors. Special respect.
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    you guys should probably ignore this but I'm super drunk and here's a picture of my shirt tonight at 4 o'clock in the morning, Knowing me i'll regret it, but you guys are the first group that I've really felt comfortable with to be myself and I really appreciate it. I'll talk to y'all tomorrow.
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    @BTCollins8 got home late tonight but I'll have a response when I wake up tomorrow. Me and BT are almost done, and then I gotta wrap up my post with Doc. That should leave us open for moot.
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    I'm gonna sound like a no-fun asshole, but I hate how human and pretty ESO made the elves. It's one of the few aesthetic choices of theirs that I really disagree with (daedric armor is another). They don't look alien enough, imo.
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    I pretty much agree with that. You already know a lot about my characters though. But I'm also very curious about what everyone got cooking.
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    Hi to everyone, visited these sites a couple of months before. After I'm working nearly two years on a companion mod I think it's time to take more part in the comunity. I've learned a lot and have far more to learn, until my mod will satisfy my needs. I'm looking forward to exchange some experiences and who knows - perhaps there will come out new ideas for creative work. Have a nice day. Tasheni
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    You feel disconnected because you're canadian and Fallout is filled with wonderful US propaganda And your country got Annexed
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    I can and do, because she lied to influence those that fought for the Empire. "He murdered the king." She even said this to you and was a blatant lie. Emotions be damned, she was complacent. Her husband died, yes I get it, but he was killed in a duel, not murdered. She can get stuffed, **** her gullibility.
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    Nope. Just strongly believed by most people. But arguments can be made for anything when it comes to the cosmos of TES. And there's very little that we can know for certain One of MK's writings (which actually made it into TES IV in a big way) even postulates that Mundus is an Oblivion Realm and that Lorkhan is its lord. This is contradicted by almost every major belief, and is highly unlikely to be true, but it is not technically disproven. Man, this is why I want the next game to be Hammerfell. Don't get me wrong, Valenwood would be sweet, but the Redguards are just so damn cool and their religion and culture would be a lot harder to tone down than the Nords' was, due to the lack of Imperial presence. It'd be the first time since Morrowind where the freaking Nine aren't getting shoved down our throats the whole time. And even though I'm a Lorkhan fanboy, I think it'd be refreshing to follow a people who are somewhat antagonistic towards him.
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    For the record, I can't stand liberals either, generally speaking. Hence, why I'm independent.
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    I no longer put any validity on that claim.
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    K so, this isn't that much of a spoiler really so I'm just gonna say it, they made Lagertha bisexual. Cant women be badass without being *** already? Jesus.
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    I inspired the internet to make memes
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    Hey Celan! It's great to get an update from ya! Thanksgiving was great on my end. Second best one I've had after last year. Because it was basically the same thing repeated. I did a lot of cooking for the family and we all ate at the place where lots of us grew up but hadn't been able to go to for years because we'd lost ownership and only recently got it back. Nostalgia makes any celebration great! Also, on the topic of cooking, I've recently gotten my biggest catering job yet. 400 people at a wedding. There will be some serious mulah in this one!
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    Hey guys! Just popping in to say hello. I'm hopelessly behind in reading. Actually I can't believe y'all are still going strong, lol. Amazing. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving! I cooked way too much food to begin with, then got stiffed by my brother and his gf, so it was just my bf and a couple friends who were vegetarian (lol).
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    Longtime fan of Tesalliance; I have learned a lot from these forums. Time to give back. First Step: Download https://github.com/jonwd7/nifskope/releases/tag/v2.0.dev6 In the upper left hand corner you have to File - Open and find the nif you need to convert. Go to Spells - Batch - Add Tangent Spaces and Update Make sure texture paths are correct. Some files have NiAlpha properties for when the DDS file has an alpha that needs to be read. Usually you will see it under the main texture path and most modders here are familiar with this. Chunkmerge still works for updating SSE models, it is better to update your tangents before adding collision I noticed. The new Nifskope tools makes our meshes look super bright for some reason but in game they are slightly less saturated. I had to go and manually change a lot of my normal maps and redo the specular lighting in Nifkope. More information found here: http://afkmods.iguanadons.net/index.php?/topic/4633-skyrim-se-things-to-know-when-converting-standard-mods-to-sse/ If any modder wants help in conversion please let me know. I can help convert and send a file, no credit needed I just want to help
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    Speaking of Skywind, they just released this in-game model. I'm so ******* excited. Dagoth's Ur's Legions of Corupus monsters are my favorite enemies. Ash Vampires for the win,
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    The Breton-Orc conflicts are hard to pin because of how deep-rooted they are, and because we don't really know enough history behind it pre-Daggerfall to start pointing fingers. I would throw the Nord vs Dunmer rivalry as well. They spent over 3 eras hating each other more than any other race, and prior to the Red Year, when the Nords finally extended an olive branch, the only real reason they had for their hatred was "They're our enemies." Even if you go back to their oldest recorded conflict (but doubtless not their first) at the Battle of Red Mountain, there was no obvious good guy. Both the Nords and the Chimer (who'd soon become the Dunmer) were fighting over a power source that would make them the dominant single people in the world. They both had good heroes and bad ones. At the end of the day, I still lean towards the Nords, despite them being the losing side. I mean, that power source was Shor's heart so I feel like if anyone had claim to it, it was him.
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    One of Heimskr’s Sermons The Word of Heimskr by ColonelKillaBee I alone have been anointed to spread his holy word, By the Nine to speak for Talos, Legion haven’t you heard? He’s Talos the unerring, Talos the Unassailable, How dare you step to me and tell me my god is unprayable? He’s the one who started your Empire’s whole construction, But the Thalmor got you writhing in the filth of your corruption! With Numidium, he caused millions of mer fatalities, Don’t hate because a man rose from the dung of his mortality! He was once man, aye! And as man he said, “I won’t stop until you bow or ‘til all of you are dead!” “The name is Talos, let me show you the power” That’s why I preach his mighty word every minute and hour, Just like their tower he’s gonna knock ‘em down and cause mer to splinter, Cuz I’m born of the North where my breath is long winter! I breathe now and reshape this land which is mine, Cuz he is Talos, not the man, but Talos the Divine! I still love you Red Legions, Aye love, love! Even as you all betray me while I watch from above, Each one of you held….the future of Tamriel, But now you serve the elves because you’re under their spell, And there it is friends, the whole ugly truth! If you think that I’m lying, the treaty is the proof! The true god of man, raised to the realm of spirit, That’s why those elves are hatin and they don’t want to hear it, The idea is inconceivable to our elf overlords, Not only is a man a god, but that man is a Nord! Nords were blessed with greatness from the day of our birth, That’s why the elves can’t tolerate our presence on earth, Will you let them take your businesses? Your children? Your lives? The Stormcloaks surely will not! Not while Jarl Ulfric’s alive! And the Empire does nothing to settle the score, The Imperial machine makes you bend to the will of the Thalmor! So Riiiise up, and join Stormcloaks, who are better, So we, not the elves, will rule Skryrim…FOREVER!!!!!!!
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    When we gonna see thou's first RP here ol' Soontobe StormbladeAquilarius? Tumblr man, I wouldn't expect anything less. I'm probably offending and being racist to this black keyboard by typing on it right now.
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    He's both. The guy is one of two known people to enter Big MT without getting caught and experimented on by the Think Tank (the other being Ulysses). He lived there for months, moving from facility to facility while evading or destroying everything they sent at him (usually using their own technology that he modified or reverse engineered into his own powerful weapons). Eventually, a top-tier BoS assassin was sent after him, who he very casually outmaneuvered and trapped in one of the facilities to be tortured by the robots there. When he decided he was ready to move on, he did so by kicking Dr. 8's ass so badly that he could no longer speak, and then hijacked a ******* train and rammed it straight out of the crater. The dude made a ******* mess of Big MT and got away cleanly with loads of tech and secrets. But does he stop there? Nope. Next the crazy bastard decides to break into the most secure place in the world and use its technology to A) Destroy all of his enemies, and B) build a freakin' nation. He quickly learns that this impossible to do alone, so he basically memorizes the entire Sierra Madre (fighting the ghost people as he does) and then leaves again to capture wastelanders and force them to cooperate. Among his captures are the same assassin from before (once again, very casually), a violently unstable super mutant, and fuckin' Courier 6 himself! He has all these people, these extremely dangerous and badass people who hate him basically eating from the palm of his hand, completely at his mercy. And with cooperation, his plan was damn near foolproof. Hell, it actually would have worked if things outside of his control or possible knowledge hadn't gone down between Vera and Sinclair back before and the Great War. That, and he got impatient before the end. A flaw, for sure, but it hardly detracts from the insane levels of badassery he displayed up until this point. Elijah was a mad genius. The Brotherhood was terrified of him for a reason.
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    You mean they've been around longer.
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    Is it too much to hope Bethesda (the main corporation) buys Obsidian and turns them into the Fallout producing wing while keeping the Bethesda game studios solely on The Elder Scrolls? Because even if you liked Fallout 3 better than New Vegas, there's no denying Fallout 4 isn't nearly as good as those two, and the series can't continue in that direction.
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    Yes. I couldn't even bother to finish the first one man, this is ******* stupid. Those turrets suck balls, I'm skipping it.
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    So, Skyrim special edition's out, got it free. But, I really don't feel like remodding my game, I already have everything the way I like it, lol. Hope someone comes up with a seamless way to transfer over everything, otherwise it'll be a while before I give it a look. Honestly it just looks like what the texture and weather mods already did for Skyrim anyway. At most, it'll be less taxing on my system I guess. Meh, went back to Fallout, the mods for that are nice. Especially craftable ammo, what a ******* godsend. Same for armor extender so you can wear armor over outfits like mccready's duster, and a mod for a ******* SCAR-H?? Yea, it'll be a bit before I play Skyrim, that's my favorite rifle to date. Modern rifle anyway. What y'all been up to? I've just been working as usual, have a six day ******* shift this week.
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    So let’s see, my calendar says it's been about a month, so it's time for an update. I'm back at university at the moment, so game dev always comes second to assignments. For my second assignment this semester I want to use my game as an example of trying different ways to play games with one handed controls. But in order to do this, I needed to polish up some things and add some 'game' to my game. First off, I needed a user interface, things like health bars and menus. Now I could have gone and found a c++ library to do this....but where is the fun in that. I have worked with many different drawing APIs over the years, so I know the basics of how you should structure and encapsulate different elements. So I've programmed a couple of UI elements that can be put into different menus that display on screen, but I'm not going to go into depth about how I structured everything to work together, cause that would be boring software engineering stuff. Important part is that now I have an escape and options menu, along with some other controls like reloading the game and exiting. The options menu is pretty sparse and just contains a page for remapping controls, which is sort of required for this assignment about control schemes. Now for the game part. Last I left off I could move around the level and have animations play, but you couldn't really 'do' anything. So first I added some UI items for health bars that appear for you in the top left, and for enemies, over their heads. Then added a system so that when an attack animation plays, it will trigger a hit at the right moment of the animation (and do all the checks to make sure it does hit). Blocking an attack also causes the attacking creature to stagger, allowing for some very simple block-attack strategies. Now there was some combat, but the AI was bone stupid, it would just run up and spam attack. To fix this, I booted up Morrowind to see how it’s AI in that game acts....since it is the most similar game in style that I could think of. In that, an enemy will run up and attack, then either pause in place, or move around to attack from a different angle. That isn't too hard to do, so I added that to my wolves. The combat feels bad, but it does work enough for now. Definitely something I'll come back to later. The last thing I wanted to add was some sort of points system to make up for the lack of any looting at the moment. My level generation has a section marked 'treasure' so I made it so that chests were placed into levels at these places. When a chest is 'activated', or a wolf is killed the player receives points, in order to have 'completed' the level for my assignment, a playthrough will need to kill all the wolves and find all the chests. The points are shown in the top right of the screen. That’s it for now, hopefully I'll get another post up sooner than a month next time...but probably not. As an aside, I've just finished organising what I'm going to be doing for the next few years now that I'm graduating. I've put in application to start a PHD with a living expenses scholarship, where I'll be working with VR technologies in one of the university labs. With any luck I'll get it and be able to continue this game dev while I'm doing research.
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    Today I went to a Poole function and improved my IST (initial strength test) overall which is extremely motivating. I added 2 pull-ups to my normal making it 5 (shut up I'm out of shape), I dropped 20 seconds of my 1 1/2 mile run making it in 12:11, and I added 30 to my crunches making my total 73. I need 10 pull-ups, 60 crunches, and an 11:30 before I can put in for Infantry in October and I'm definitely gonna make it which is super motivating.
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    Just my character sheet to get approved
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    Willful ignorance. Especially when I could just say the same and call the legion Roman rip offs. And that would be an insult to Romans because they were actually badass and not pushovers. Unlike the current legion.
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    Okay, time to talk about what I've been up to. I've got a bunch done on the editor, object lists, and modifying the level. I need more game done though before i continue as some objects have not had all their attributes listed yet, so it's no worth creating editing forms for them. Here is what it looks like now. So it's back to the game, and I feel like doing some graphics stuff again....so it's time to write a water shader. In my levels all these pits are supposed to be filled with water (or not, I can set a water level in the editor). These pits: So shaders are used to colour in all the pixels on the screen once all the complex graphics stuff has happened....but a water shader is different again. Water reflects light, so if you view it at an angle you'll ofetn see a distorted reflection of the other side. Water also distorts your view underneath it, warping the shapes of things below the surface. Lastly it often has a colour to it (if not perfectly clean), so that also has to be added. So first I need to make a reflection, this is actually a common thing in complex graphics, so OpenGL has a thing specially built for this called a framebuffer. It allows me to render an image, then use that image as a texture on a future render. So we move the camera to the reflected position relative to the water, take a picture, then when we draw the scene, use that picture to draw the reflection. There is a tons of maths involved in that, but that's the simple version. Here is how it looks: That's a bit boring though, and unrealistic. Water tends to move (and in games it looks bad if it's not moving), so I need to find a way to move the water. The water itself is a single huge flat plane, so what we need to do is 'fake' some waves on it. The technique I eventually decided on, was to use pseudo-random points (not random, so they look random, but will always generate the same) and build a heatmap with them. The closer a pixel is to a point, the more it distorts the image. Without the texture, this is how the heatmap looks: Would you believe that those points are actually in a simple square grid, just a bit of cool maths to 'randomise' them, without it being random. Then when it is applied to the reflection picture: Each of the points move around in an ellipse and can overlap to give an interesting visual. However there is a big problem, water doesn't act like a perfect mirror, we need to see the bottom. Water refracts light however, so we also need to distort what we see. Another frame buffer to get a picture of everything under the water, and then we apply the same heatmap to distort that and tada! We have something that looks decent: I'm not happy though, I've done a good job at faking the water movement, but my technique is just distorting texture sampling and not doing proper transformations. For that I need to calculate normals, and if I'm going to do that, I might as well make the water plane itself move. Instead of a single huge plane, now the water is made up of many small squares, I can then apply that same heatmap to those points to physically move the vertices. That's where I'm up to, I'm going to go do that and see how it goes.
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    I was actually kind of surprised it didn't choke at any point it's just been running, downloading files for about 24 hours now. It was custom built by me with help from the tech heads here, and built for game development so it's pretty hardy
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    ACCOUNT SUSPENDED AGAIN I guess the next shift didnt get the note that we were un-suspended for 48 hours. They've removed it again, but it interrupted the migration at 50% we'll have to start over. Keep you posted....if the site is online.
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