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  1. Sweet!
  2. Wondering if I should get back to modding soon...

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    2. grond


      StarbuddyX :pints:

      Listen to your heart. Then start modding. :D

    3. StarX


      Haha! You guys rock! This month will be very busy, but I'll try to get something done to get rid of the rust!

    4. StarX


      Well, I finally updated my mods on Nexus, as NMM caused some trouble. Will start something new soon!

  3. Happy birthday, Hana! :fun:
  4. A texturing contest? Too bad I'm away on vacation than.....
  5. You have my eternal gratitude. The TESA Dark theme looks great, but I just can't get used to it. I find the IP Board Dark theme much more easier on the eyes! Thanks! EDIT: You deserved a cookie for that!
  6. Happy Birthday Star :pints:

  7. Happy Birthday Star! :D

  8. Happy Birthday, friend! You did it !!

  9. Aargh! Where's the TESA classic skin? @@

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    2. StarX


      Yeah, I noticed. Will have to get used to the new layout than.

    3. Porscha


      Click the paintbucket icon next to View New Content at the top. Changing the wallpaper might make a better appeal. It did for me.

    4. Meo


      Chainmail baby! Woohoo!

  10. Great interview with a great person!
  11. Welcome! Welcome! They allways want to stuff people up with them cookies! That's why I offer cold pints to flush them away: :OJ:
  12. From the album StarX Album

    New texture made for Skyrim Monster Mod.

    © © StarX 2012

  13. Nice! Off couse this is all practice for making that certain ultimate katana....
  14. Version 1.0


    Name: StarX Detailed Monsters Version: 1.0 Date: 22-04-2012 Category: Textures/creatures Author: StarX Source: TES Alliance/Skyrim Nexus ================= Requirements: ================= Skyrim ================= Description: ================= This is a texturepack that replaces the textures for the following creatures: Draugrs, Draugr Females, Falmers, Giants, Cave Trolls, Frost Trolls and Hagravens. I created the textures the way I envisioned them, by either adding more muscletone, veins, skincolor, dirty teeth, hair, eye colors and so on: Falmers now look much more like foul creatures from the dark depths instead of wrinkled gnomes Draugr look more zombielike and gory Trolls look much more foul and menacing Hagravens look scarier now Giants are less aged and look much more muscular Most of these textures were originally created for Automatic Variants, which is still in Alpha but allows you for example to use all my 15 draugr retextures in your game with the push of a button. ================= Installation ================= 1. Extract this archive to any folder and then copy the Data folder to your Skyrim folder. ================= Un-Installation: ================= Delete the files/folders associated with the mod. ================= Contact: ================= StarX @ TES Alliance ================= Credits: ================= Thanks to Bethesda for creating Skyrim All retextures done by StarX ================= Tools Used: ================= Insanity's ReadMe Generator Photoshop ================= Licensing/Legal: ================= Contact me for permission if you want to use these textures for your own project. Do not upload this file to another host without my explicit permission. ================= Changelog: ================= 1.0 Initial release