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  1. Paying out of pocket is bad for business and the community health. No matter what your plans are I guess we the users like to participate in your development of the site. Even if you are the sole owner. Reorganize the "Support TESA" column on the front page to apply to 2017. As it is now it feels not to be trusted. I am saying this as a friend and because an alternative, serious site to nexusmods is needed. I wish you the best.
  2. Don't ever be sorry for asking reasonable questions Personally I am still waiting for a better donation practice; monthly donations for instance. DarkRider is the one to pull off a strategy to make us feel more like a coop also moneywise. Smaller, steady contributions is good for the group's health as a whole.
  3. I pay randomly.
  4. Done&Done
  5. Striving for the moon
  6. You ar thorough, lady. Nice shot too.
  7. From the album Tribes

    My own construction or design.
  8. I love the looks of him - like a crow. No offence.
  9. From the album Tribes

  10. From the album Tribes

    My last duplicated cells
  11. This looks very tidy and clean, WerdeSpinner, I love your NAVMesh.
  12. Same result with new container and NPC and the content and all. I get the option of rumours and rent a room. I will check around if the chests could be the reason. But don't use anymore time on this, lady, you have already done a lot and I am very grateful for that
  13. I have allready checked everything but I will try to uncheck the faction to check the dialogue. Otherwise I have created both new and duplicated NPCs.
  14. Which it is. I really don't understand why this does'nt work. I stopped using merchants in my mods years ago becuse of this issue. At least I managed to make one merchant working but she has no goods to sell. -My guess it is the wrong kind of stuff put into the chest I will not give up on this but I am very close to drop the innkeeper business at least. Thanks anyway, lady, you are nr 1.
  15. These are my factions: JobInnkeeperFaction - JobMerchantFaction - JobRentRoomFaction - LeakingTowersFaction -LeakingTowersSungardFaction - ServicesFortSungardFoodMerchant I wonder if the connection to the Innkeeper Chest is the culprit in some way?