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  1. Done&Done
  2. Striving for the moon
  3. You ar thorough, lady. Nice shot too.
  4. TropicalQueenofSolitude216.jpg

    From the album Tribes

    My own construction or design.
  5. I love the looks of him - like a crow. No offence.
  6. LostProspectDuplicate10.jpg

    From the album Tribes

  7. LostProspectDuplicate09.jpg

    From the album Tribes

    My last duplicated cells
  8. This looks very tidy and clean, WerdeSpinner, I love your NAVMesh.
  9. Same result with new container and NPC and the content and all. I get the option of rumours and rent a room. I will check around if the chests could be the reason. But don't use anymore time on this, lady, you have already done a lot and I am very grateful for that
  10. I have allready checked everything but I will try to uncheck the faction to check the dialogue. Otherwise I have created both new and duplicated NPCs.
  11. Which it is. I really don't understand why this does'nt work. I stopped using merchants in my mods years ago becuse of this issue. At least I managed to make one merchant working but she has no goods to sell. -My guess it is the wrong kind of stuff put into the chest I will not give up on this but I am very close to drop the innkeeper business at least. Thanks anyway, lady, you are nr 1.
  12. These are my factions: JobInnkeeperFaction - JobMerchantFaction - JobRentRoomFaction - LeakingTowersFaction -LeakingTowersSungardFaction - ServicesFortSungardFoodMerchant I wonder if the connection to the Innkeeper Chest is the culprit in some way?
  13. Have you tried to create an innkeeper? I managed to get the merchant to work but the innkeeper only give me rumour- and rentaroom-options. No food. I created the inn outdoors.
  14. I have the same issue with my new vendor. Following eagerly for any solution. Edit: I found the reason - I had duplicate names on the faction and the vendor. Now I have a vendor with 25000 gold limit.
  15. Vanilla is awesome when you find your own perspective/point of view.