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  1. Happy Birthday Arion and Many Happy Returns! :toast:


    1. Arion


      thanks ridrer

  2. Happy Birthday!!!!! Hope you have some fun!!! :D

    1. Arion


      Thanks Hey you....

  3. From the album Races and Partners

    My main character showing 2 of the rewards from the #10millionstory contest now going on in ESO. The mastiff and the costume she is wearing.
  4. ESO Free to Play Weekend Event. come see what it's all about.

  5. Update: The Free Play Event is now live. To explore a world without limits and play ESO for free, visit our Free Play page and select your platform. Details below
  6. I have a refrigerator and washer that you can have if you want to make the trip to Tennessee Congrates on getting into the new place.
  7. Hope you get that break soon. Kind of in the same situation here with my wife working all the time too. May be rough on the kids, but I know it isn't easy on you either. Chin up my friend, better times are ahead.
  8. Morrowind is now officially released to the pubic on all platforms. Prepare to be amazed at this.
  9. I'm not able to help financially right now but I shared the gofundme page on my Facebook page. I'm sure I have friends who are in a better position to help than I am currently. Best of luck my friend.
  10. Elder Scrolls Online is having a Free Play Event coming up. Information in "Coming to ESO Soon Topic post"

  11. ESO Free Play Event. Get information here.
  12. Alright all you Morrowind Die Hards. Here it is. ESO next major release coming 6/6/2017
  13. Actually I'm glad they didn't muck it up with Skyrim stuff. But then again I use a desktop computer that has a good graphics card and things are life like for me. Considering I beta tested ESO for 9 months before it was released and I have kept my subscription active since day one, I think that says a lot about the game in my humble opinion. But to each their own. My screenshots don't really do it full justice. On shots that I want to use for desktops or such I turn off all my add-ons so I have a fulkl screen without any thing blocking the view.