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  1. Happy Birthday Comrad!

  2. grats to Bethesda and skyrim for best RPG best game studio and VGA 's Game of the year. rock on
  3. i already had it runnin and up before i even noticed my status update reply i have the notify turned off, but for this type of vid i think general is more of its place sence its not for a holiday a mod or any type of lore just good old fashion game play, it is indeed avenged sevenfold danger line, so its not that you didnt get the story cuz.. there is no story and in skyrim i have learned kill it first if it was good then ~resurrect (enter key) lol, thank you for your reply
  4. Dasha Voo : After a sharp hit in the head and the event of almost having her head chopped off she suffers from a case of permanent amniesia and a bad case of post traumatic stress disorder thanks to being bound and attacked by a dragon. so who she was is unknown but who she will be is a HERO....... that was nice and vague huh?
  5. From the album Project DeathPact

  6. From the album Project DeathPact

  7. From the album Project DeathPact

  8. From the album Project DeathPact

  9. i hope you enjoy it, every thing is lagit except for my potions lol and it was on novice settings for fast play fast kill for the video
  10. making a movie of my Flamboyant Ninja lol hope yall enjoy it when its done and happy thanks giving

    1. UltimeciaKnight


      Where will you post? ON YouTube? =) Let me know when it is done! And please kome by to celebrate 11 Day anniversary with me too on my video / movie ^^

    2. comrad1980


      yes it on youtube sorry i posted before i got the message i posted it in skyrim gaming, i didnt even think to look in modding section for the video, but its up now

    3. comrad1980


      correction general chat

  11. From the album Project DeathPact

  12. From the album Project DeathPact

  13. i thought this was cool they got talent i think the bboxer was in the bards collage lol the first half is ok but the devil went down to georgia was my seller
  14. lol i was runnin along happy happy kill kill and low and behold theres 2 daggers at my chest but but where is the npc? so i take the daggers from thin air and run more only to find 3 more times weapon sets posted up in the air lol how cool is that and i though my mods needed cleaning O.o. other than that i love the new enchanting system learning enchants from disenchanting items makes for alot of fun hunting