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  1. Yikes, well, life sure did command my attention somethin' fierce! My semester is, however, nearing a close, and I'm actually over the greatest hurdle as far as workload is concerned. I definitely have breathing room to do things now.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7nzml-zZ9M. At the moment only barely, but it's alive! That being said, I am interested in returning! I have two characters I might want to bring onboard at some point, one being Lain Goldmoth (DarkRider may recognize this name, but in the two years since the name was first spoken the character has made great leaps and bounds into a creature who is defined by his gentle and agreeable nature. Always trying to bring people together and be there for who or whatever it may be), and the other being a more recent character of mine known as Jonquil (as far as talents go, a natural acrobat mixed with a musician with a knack for wind instruments. Her personality meanwhile is casual and friendly, hard pressed to call anyone a monster having seen what those are, though she has a somewhat skeptical and cynical edge to her.) I don't dare try and introduce both at once though! Wont be making that mistake twice, my experience has been that it results in both characters fighting for narrative attention. As far as who would actually see introduction in the Tavern first, Lain Goldmoth is my pick because of his whole "Heart is an awesome power!" schtick, I think that would bring an immediately unique dynamic that's still compatible with the Tavern. Can't churn out a character sheet today unfortunately as life's burdens command my attention, but I'd like to get something in within the week.
  3. TESIV: Oblivion calls for my soul once more.

  4. TESIV: Oblivion calls for my soul once more.

  5. I AM IN... COLORADOOOOOO. They have everything there! Including maple donuts!

    1. donnato


      Heheh .. I like maple buttermilk bars. :)

    2. DarkRider


      Some of the best scenery in the country!

  6. Reinstalling Skyrim, interested in playing it again & possibly even modding again after an overly long hiatus.

  7. I have partaken in my first D&D campaign (2.0 Edition) for the past few weeks. It's been enormously fun! Roleplay is emphasized in this group, with potential writing challenges & such.

    1. the-manta


      Really like D&D. My friends and I were just getting into it when university scattered us to the four winds.

  8. Seeing as I've been referred to as both a gecko and a blob of jello, I've come to the conclusion that I'm a gecko who is a jellomancer. Instead of summoning the elements to do my bidding, I summon blobs of edible goo.

    1. Hanaisse


      I wanna be a jellomancer too! :o

    2. Walrus


      Where can a buy one?

  9. I should pass this around to the other moderators I cooperate with on the Primal Carnage forums, and if you guys had talked to me yesterday I probably would've sounded like a as I raged while using windows movie maker in an act of desperation. That being said, today's been an exciting day for me as I finally made my debut on Project Crynosaurs as the sound designer! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vc_eOyPegJ0
  10. I'll definitely be adding Druid Gameworks to my list of regular places to visit!
  11. Today, I saw 8 kemp's ridley and a loggerhead seaturtle be released back into the ocean after being cared for by IMMS for some period of time, two of the kemp's ridley were satellite tagged. Some of the turtles who were released I fed and/or handled last thursday.

  12. Got to pet an alligator a second time today where I volunteer at... also got my mother to pet the sharks, cownosed rays, and atlantic stingrays in the touch pool. The alligator's scales are a little softer than I remember them being (still tougher than, say, a bearded dragon's scales), but the scutes over the tail and back were as hard as I remember them - hard as fingernails.

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    2. BigBossBalrog


      I thought you said, a "got a alligator" LOL was about to say "HELL MAN I WANT ONE"

    3. Jheuloh


      HAH! Yeah, a lot of people seem to misinterpret me saying "got to pet an alligator" to "got a pet alligator." If I get to do the former a 3rd time, I'll choose my words more carefully, lol.

    4. donnato


      O_o ... really?

  13. So I went to the beach today after feeding sharks, cowheaded rays, and stingrays to go collect various small things by the coast. In my net I got a minnow, a blue crab, and a ctenophore (looks like a jellyfish without the tentacles.)

    1. donnato


      J...how much fun is that..? It`s what I loved about diving the most. Visiting groovey new friends in their natural habitat.

    2. Jheuloh


      It was great fun! Tiring, but great fun going out on the beach and seeing not only what I caught but also pelicans and herons.

  14. It's been waaay too long since I last stopped into the Lurker's Lair to say something... ahmaghad, something's eating me! I got two ugly looking big mosquito bites on my arm. >_< In more substantial news, in the past few months I've been getting into the world of sound design, mostly playing with creature effects for now, but soon , I shall have all the colors of the rainbow to play with. Also been getting into Dota 2, finally starting to pick up on Guild Wars 2 after preording it 250 years ago (done being grumpy about the changes from 1st to 2nd game, in other words... ok, maybe still a smidge.) Also been playing Diablo 2 of all things as of late. O_o Today I got to hold a kingsnake while volunteering at the Institute of Marine Mammal Research, in addition to my usual adventures in handfeeding sharks, cownose rays, and stingrays. Also, I entered the lair of the dragon. I came out with this. It's Daku, she says hi.
  15. I entered the dragon's lair today... of the 20 inch dragon that I feed crickets, not the ones with 20 ft wingspans. :P

    1. donnato


      ...aaand a fine looking dragon he/she is .

    2. Jheuloh


      My dragon's a she. :D