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  1. From the album Khett's Clippings

  2. From the album Khett's Clippings

  3. From the album Khett's Clippings

  4. From the album Khett's Clippings

  5. From the album Khett's Clippings

  6. Update binge complete.  See y'all in six months. :lmao::hugs:

  7. Oh, donn... I'm sure they had an affinity for him, too! Who else has characters to share?
  8. donnbro, look at that brow ridge! That is one handsome dude! Does he have a story yet?
  9. Sorry to hear that! Maybe have a gander at the official forum's tech support section? There's bound to be others having the same issue, or who can give you pointers.
  10. My boyfriend says it feels just like having a big dog around in real life, because he keeps yelling, "MOVE, DOG!"
  11. I can't wait to see what people do with quests and AI, myself, in terms of adding new content. Anything added is going to be just that much more amazing for having such a great foundation to build on. Can't wait for some amazing stories to unfold!
  12. That happens in Skyrim, too, donnbro. Go to third-person mode before you do tfc, and you'll be able to take great shots of your character.
  13. Story of her life, though! Kaylee is also a vet, having been a mechanical engineer. She decided not to re-enlist when the military started using her talents towards unethical projects, which may have been leaked or contracted or sold to become Vault-Tec experiments. Kaylee traded those horrors for domestic "bliss", which was never something she'd wanted before, hoping to forget it all. She never really opened up to Nate, because why spoil his... awe. You get me. <3 What transpired in the Vault triggered it all back to life, and compounded with the grief of losing her loved ones. She's still in shock, bumbling around and helping whoever she can, but waaaayyyyyy underneath, Kaylee is very, very angry.
  14. No surprise at all. But I'm so stoked at how much love I feel like they put into this game, that I can't even be mad.
  15. Oooooh, I haven't seen that yet, I'll be on the lookout!