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  1. Re-introduction

    Nice to see you again
  2. A misadventure

    This is creepy. I hope you did not spill hot chocolate.
  3. [SKY] How to Make LOD For Custom Buildings

    Unfortunately this resource don't contain lod models, try in CK, tick on the model "is full lod" and see if you get them in the world map.
  4. The ground object must be "grounded" so you can pick it easily. For the wearable, I'm not skilled in armors, but the parts of the baby must be rigged. I got CTD with this settings. Lol, you have three midwives for one baby.
  5. This baby is so cute. Can you push him deeper into the bag, it seems to be falling every moment. I found that the n_maps of the baby are strange, should they be blue? aklightskinbaby1_n brown_eye_n tongue01_diffuse_n The baby have a tons of poly. The eyes and the tongue are semi visible, if is a static mesh you can cut all parts that are hidden. Also you can cut the parts under the blanket and the part hidden in the bag. Don't feel bad about.
  6. [OBL] Packaging Mods?

    TES4Files I used it for huge Oblivion mods and works perfectly, every time. Also can pack lose files and have error report. I'm sorry that there is no TES5Files, The CK archiver is just creepy.
  7. [SKY] Custom clutter collision

    Lol, it works. This "float" is so obvious and I missed it for years. Thank you Tamira
  8. [SKY] Custom clutter collision

    Does anyone know how to set the (unknown for me) value so the things don't float on the surface. The clutter otherwise acting fine, only when putting it on some place it stay on air. I tried to copy values from vanilla assets, sometimes work fine, and sometimes don't work.
  9. The Happy Birthday Thread, #9

    Is the right age
  10. The Happy Birthday Thread, #9

    Happy Birthday ladyonthemoon
  11. Can you import other nifs? Blender can be tricky when the name of the NiTriShape is too long. The nif you want to import must have only the BSFadeNode, NiTriShape and NiTriShapeData. Or you can post the file here if you want. Here is a link for Blender: http://niftools.sourceforge.net/wiki/Blender
  12. I need a person who is willing to test a house mod. There is a lot of custom assets, no NPC's and no quest. Preferably if can test with "Custom Family Home", "Spousetocustomhome" and "My Home Is Your Home". Please, send a PM. Thanks
  13. A good reason to buy the PS4



    1. ladyonthemoon


      Can't you play the same game on XB1? PS4 doesn't allow archives in their mods for Skyrim making users unable to use the more elaborated mods, mods that have scripts and custom dialogues, customs meshes and so on.


    2. garnet18


      It's probably a PS exclusive

      I can't imagine playing a TES game on console, even though I started gaming on the PS1. :)


  14. Buying a new computer...

    Wow, after all this is exciting on the new machine, Will it be the unpacking video?