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  1. TES4Files I used it for huge Oblivion mods and works perfectly, every time. Also can pack lose files and have error report. I'm sorry that there is no TES5Files, The CK archiver is just creepy.
  2. Lol, it works. This "float" is so obvious and I missed it for years. Thank you Tamira
  3. Does anyone know how to set the (unknown for me) value so the things don't float on the surface. The clutter otherwise acting fine, only when putting it on some place it stay on air. I tried to copy values from vanilla assets, sometimes work fine, and sometimes don't work.
  4. Is the right age
  5. Happy Birthday ladyonthemoon
  6. Can you import other nifs? Blender can be tricky when the name of the NiTriShape is too long. The nif you want to import must have only the BSFadeNode, NiTriShape and NiTriShapeData. Or you can post the file here if you want. Here is a link for Blender:
  7. I need a person who is willing to test a house mod. There is a lot of custom assets, no NPC's and no quest. Preferably if can test with "Custom Family Home", "Spousetocustomhome" and "My Home Is Your Home". Please, send a PM. Thanks
  8. A good reason to buy the PS4


    1. ladyonthemoon


      Can't you play the same game on XB1? PS4 doesn't allow archives in their mods for Skyrim making users unable to use the more elaborated mods, mods that have scripts and custom dialogues, customs meshes and so on.


    2. garnet18


      It's probably a PS exclusive

      I can't imagine playing a TES game on console, even though I started gaming on the PS1. :)


  9. So, you move it to the new world. A bunch of work and happy landscaping
  10. Wow, after all this is exciting on the new machine, Will it be the unpacking video?
  11. Is a long list. The first, you must get rid of Cortana When I saw this after upgrading to W10 , I was . Fortunately it was an laptop used in emergency.
  12. It's cool. For reliability, Asus are good, anyway the extend warranty is desirable. The only minus is Win10
  13. Making a village is very tempting and exciting. Giving the content to the place is a headache. In your case you have everything, and maybe a bit too much. IMHO, there must be something unique in this place that I want to visit often, a special rare item that vendor have more frequently than in vanilla shop or a vendor with more money (not to much), not the usual inn and tavern in farmhouse design . The good thing are voiced NPCs, I'd like to hear the good chat. The rebel Jarl ( illegitimate son of bla, bla...), a bit of background story. Just only an example. Much details in landscaping and interiors. And if you are skilled for questing and dialogs it can be a very interesting place. Good work .
  14. I think that you must assign in YourWorldSpace tab the HD LOD diffuse and HD LOD normal manually. Follow this tutorial: It's explained in first five minutes on the video. Hope it helps.