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  1. Hey r4c! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :D

  2. <I just moved this from the scripting thread as WillieSea pointed out to me this is more dialogue than script I I totally forgot there was a separate Dialogue Thread > Okay, so I'm trying to change three things in how paying off your bounty via thieves' guild works; the first two easy enough and I've got them done, but I want to add a delay between the time you pay your bounty and the time it is officially removed from you. It sounded like it would be easy to just add a check to gamedays passed, but I'm realizing that I don't know how to implement this via dialogue scripts, and don't know enough about quests to know how to properly link this through one. These are the two relevant scripts; Armand Christophe's Dialogue "TGPayFines" Player.RemoveItem Gold001 TGInfo.TGPayFines Player.SetCrimeGold 0 and the Quest script "TGInfoScript" ScriptName TGInfoScript Short NocturnalFlag Short GuildJobsFlag Short InformationFlag Short DoyenFlag Short FencesFlag Float TGPayFines Anyway, my plan was to make add a variable to the TGInfoScript (a short called DayFinesPayed), and then expand the TGPayFines script like so; Player.RemoveItem Gold001 TGInfo.TGPayFines set DayFinesPayed to GetGameDay + 2 if GetGameDay <= DayFinesPayed Player.SetCrimeGold 0 endif Now, I don't plan to leave the modifier at "GetGameDay + 2", but I don't understand how dialogue quests work enough to go further without asking a few questions. Specifically; will this script keep running until the conditions are met, or will it just check once and see the conditions aren't met, and just move on? If this is the case, would I have to create a new begin OnGameMode quest to keep checking until the time is met? Also, I would like to make it remove the initial dialogue choice to pay fines (called "TGPayFineGold") once you've paid the gold. I figured the easiest way to do this would be by adding another short variable functioning as a switch to TGInfoScript and setting the dialogue to disappear when it == 1... that said, I have no idea how to make a dialogue disappear based on a variable (like I see the condition box at the bottom of the dialogue window, but I don't know how to link those conditions to a a variable in a quest script). Sorry to pester ya'll with stupid questions like this, any help would be greatly appreciated though, and thanks for your time! CC
  3. Ah, yes, I totally forgot there was a dialogue section, I apologize (I'll copy the post there). Concerning the locked door/container bit, my goal was actually to make a script that ran on every locked door and container in the game when you tried to open them with either a spell or a lockpick. I have been trying to learn the workings of Oblivion script so that I can expand a few aspects of thieving, is this case specifically I was trying to add a more complicated style of lock to them game. My goal was to do something like this; Using a pick lock (or magic) to open a chest, there will be a random chance that the object will have a better lock (chance based somewhat on the lock's difficulty), in which case it will remain locked and the player will have to use a prybar (new item) to open it. To directly copy from a thread on the BGSForums: Anyway, thank you for your reply, and I'll move my post to the Dialogue thread now CC
  4. <snippity-snippum-snippers> EDIT: Totally side question, but is there a function that does either of the following? Returns the FormID of the key to target door/container or Returns if the door/container was unlocked via key or via lockpick/spell Thanks!
  5. Version


    Better Oblivion Barrels (BObB) -Mod by Running4Cover Version 0.5 Note: I made almost all of this in November, but never finished it. I realized today that I wanted this in my game still, so I finished it up to what you have here now. It doesn't have everything I wanted to implement, but I figured there's no harm in pushing it out now that it serves it's purpose. I don't really plan to spend more time making this anytime soon (especially as I'm slowly working on another mod), but I plan to implement at least most of the features in the "Future Plans" section sometime before I die. ~Description~ It always bothered me how similar all the containers in Oblivion are; there are six versions of the closed barrel type alone implemented into the game (ranging from lowerclass to upperclass), not to mention kegs, open barrels, broken barrels, and lidded barrels... and yet for some reason they all look remarkably similar. It's as if there's one barrel maker in all of Cyrodiil with one kind of wood and one type of metal, and the only varity is some rust or mold now and then. Well this is my attempt to fix that! I have spent a bit of time retexturing every barrel in Oblivion (except the "Giant Barrels"; they may be next) to look more diverse yet not absurd. I hope someone else enjoys this! ~Installaton~ This is a simple replacer mod; extract the meshes and textures folders into your Oblivion/Data folder, and you're ready to go! You could make an OMOD if you prefer, but if you already care about putting your mods into OMOD's you probably don't need me to tell you how to do it ~Future Plans~ In the future I hope to make a harvest-containers addon for this (I'll have to see about permissions), retexture the Giant Barrels, add an optional esp with a cooper and his shop, and include optional modules for some of the more extreme textures I created (barrels with golden rims, or barrels so moldy the look like the were just dredged up from a shipwreck for example). ~Compatability~ Because this is a mesh replacer, it will not conflict with any esp's. It does, however, have to overwrite the Unofficial Oblivion Patch if you use that (which has it's own replacement barrels). Any mod-added barrels that use the regular Oblivion barrles will now use these barrels. The only mod I know of that uses different meshes for barrels is Harvest Containers (which is, I believe, included in OOO or COBL). If you use Harvest Containers then you won't see my barrels as often, but again there WILL be more variety to the barrels you find, so it's not all bad. ~Credits~ Created by Running4Cover. Every texture included here is based off of textures included in The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion, which is property of Bethesda softworks. Likewise every mesh included is copied directly from Oblivion. Tools used in creation/testing: NifSkope TheGimp The Elder Scrolls Construction Set FRAPS ~Contacting Me~ Have a question or suggestion? You can contact me under the name "Running4Cover" on any of these websites; I'll be happy to respond to any personal messages, forum posts, or download comments. Please note that I check the BGSForums most often. Enjoy! Running4Cover
  6. Ah, I hadn't thought of the force equip; thank you! How is it the second loops wouldn't work though? I agree that your method is better, but in my example it checks if if you have the first item equipeed, and if so removes it, then checks if you DON'T have the second equipped and adds it. I thought this made sense in that there may be a circumstance (like a poorly built vendor) where the NPC could have a 3rd item equipped that wasn't considered? Either way, thank you for taking the time to help me out! Anyway, I just realized that that method could cause problems if the player character wound up obtaining the new armor, so I'm assuming the best method for this would be to script the items in such a way that they run an OnLoad block and use the ModModel and ModIcon functions? Does the OnLoad block effect items in the player inventory? Thanks again! CC
  7. Okay, so I'm working on a mod that will add different items to its NPC's based on which mods are currently active. My plan is to do something like this; create new armor/weapon FormID's referencing the resources from supported mods then use a script and OBSE to check if the mod is active and if so add these armor/weapons to specific NPC's. Anyway, I am paranoid that in doing this I am going to create something that will bog down the users CPU, and figured it would be best to put my questions past the experts here at the Enclave Anyway, these are the different thoughts I had for implementing a script to do what I just described, but I don't know which would be best performance-wise and wouldn't create problems: 1) I originally had hoped to make a quest script that would run every time the game loaded and would check for supported mods and add/remove armor based on its findings. I didn't see a way to make something that always ran on startup but didn't keep running in the background, but as I am new to Oblivion Scripting, I could easily have missed this information. 2) After this, I thought perhaps a one time script would be okay, then I would just create an activator somewhere that would run pretty much the same script upon activation. I believe this would work, but with both this idea and the first I feel that if the mod expands much I could wind up with a single huge script that will try to compile all at one time and I don't know for sure, but would assume that could cause issues? 3) So from here I thought maybe just giving all the NPC's who would be changing gear their own scripts to determine if what armor they should have, something like this; scn ACGGuardScript1 ref self short onetime Begin GameMode if( onetime != 1 ) set self to GetSelf set onetime to 1 endif if( isModLoaded "ExampleArmorMod.esp" ) if( self.GetEquipped DefaultCuirass ) self.RemoveItemNS DefaultCuirass endif if( self.Equipped DefaultLongsword ) self.RemoveItemNS DefaultLongsword endif if( !self.GetEquipped NewCuirass ) self.AddItemNS NewCuirass 1 endif if( !self.GetEquipped NewLongsword ) self.AddItemNS NewLongsword 1 endif else if( self.GetEquipped NewCuirass ) self.RemoveItemNS NewCuirass endif if( self.Equipped NewLongsword ) self.RemoveItemNS NewLongsword endif if( !self.GetEquipped DefaultCuirass ) self.AddItemNS DefaultCuirass 1 endif if( !self.GetEquipped DefaultLongsword ) self.AddItemNS DefaultLongsword 1 endif endif End (forgive me if I made any syntax errors or anything; as I said this is a new language for me) Anyway, I like the idea of this, but it seems like there could be a lot of scripts running all at the same time around the areas my mod added, and that that could cause problems. Again though, this is why I'm posting here rather than trying to build it into my game 4) It has occured to me that it may be possible to build a script into the items in such a way that on load if DefaultCuirass exists it will check for the examplearmor.esp, and if it returns true then it will swap with NewCuirass, and any NewCuirasses in the game world will check for the esp and if it returns false will replace themselves with DefaultCuirass. Also, seperately, would it be beneficial in any/all of these cases to use the ModModelPath function as opposed to Add&RemoveItem functions? I assume it is personal preference on my part whether, as to whether I want to force both suits to have the same stats and if so then maintain item damage between transitions. So anyway, any advice someone would be willing to impart to me would be much appreciated, and I thank you for your time! CC
  8. just had an idea! (shocking, I know) ...and now I need to learn to script <_<

  9. Nice thread! I'm going to divide this into two parts; Must-Haves and quasi-Must-Haves (way too many mods to not mention a bunch of them ) Must Haves: FCOM COBL Armamentarium Complete Crowded Roads Advanced (yes, that's right, I seriously can't stand Oblivion without the wandering NPC's ) Better Cities LAME Stealth Overhaul quasi-Must-Haves: Alternative Start - Arrive By Ship CNRP (all) Companion SHare & Recruit ImpeREAL City Midas Magic - Spells of Aurum TIE4MODS Unique Landscapes (all) UOP/USIP/UOMP So many mods that aren't on this list, I feel I must mention them all somehow in honor of how greatly they've impacted my game! Must... resist... hyuunnnng... ... ... CC
  10. I'm glad you like them I too tend to play darker characters, and am planning to use the Red&Black suit as well Anyways, no worries about not testing or anything, I already have two people who asked to test, and a screenie-taker on the BGS forums, so I'm not in desperate need anymore Ayhoo, I hope you like it when it comes out! CC
  11. I just updated the original post and added some new pics (shameless bump, what? ) CC
  12. Quote Those are looking fantastic r4c! About time someone did this! The green is looking really nice! How about a deep, dark crimson? LOL Not that I'm partial or anything. Haha, thanks for the kind words I too had had my heart set on a Crimson suit, but none of mine seemed to fit well with the Demented/Dark Seducer feel (too much pop [??If you can't stop, and the music's all you got, this must be... POP?? {I just quoted 'N Sync lyrics, will someone shoot me now? }]). Anyhoo, I couldn't pass up on red for them altogether, so I made a mostly black version with a bit of red where I thought it's look good. In all honesty, it doesn;t fit the feel as much as I wish it did, but I love it now (especially with the worn appearence! ). Anyhoo, I don't think I'll be making a true Crimson suit here, but If I should come up with a version that I think will look good on seducer guards throughout the Isles, I will certainly polish up and release it CC
  13. Nearly There! Testing just down the road, and release in sight! Running4Cover's Shivering Armor Variety (SAV) Reason: In the time I've spent in the Oblivion Modding community, I've seen countless beautiful armor retextures and replacers, ranging from new suits a new texturer has poured their heart and soul into, to massive, game changing additions, such as Armamentarium Complete. Since Oblivion Modding fist began, there have been hundreds of retextures of every Oblivion suit of armor, be they Glass, Steel, Daedric, Dark Brotherhood, or Ebony. That said, I have long wondered why there have been so few forrays into armor overhauls in the Shivering Isles. I can count on one hand the number of Amber, Madness, Golden Saint, or Dark Seducer retextures I've seen, which I find to be strange. Well, this is my first step towards trying to change that! Concept: Shivering Armor Variety is an attempt to add a little visual diversity to Sheogorath's lands. My plans are as yet rather small; create two new suits of Dark Seducer Armor, and two new suits of Golden Saint Armor (consisting of one shield, a male and female body piece, and two [Golden Saint] or three [Dark Serducer] male and female helmets each), then disperse these suits through the Shivering Isles leveled-lists, so that you may find any Dark Seducer or Golden Saint in the game wearing my armors. If all goes according to plan, I will proceed to create the matching weapons. Also, I plan to release both a playable and non-playable armor version, so we'll see how that goes. I am attempting to stylize the armor in a manner that matches their respecive aspect of insanity, for example, Dark Seducer armors are primarily dark, have mostly low saturation, and look grittier and worn (you can tell, for example, on the Black&Red pieces that the Red parts aren't completely symmetrical and seem to be worn away at places, or on the Green suit you can see some grey through the green at places). The Golden Saint armors, on the other hand, are meant to be bright and smooth, in an almost pastel way. This mod is meant to be more complete than my usual releases (usually consisting of new armor stuck in a barrel or on a merchant somewhere), and as such will include new Icons, leveled versions of the armors, and will NOT be released as a modder's resource. Pictures Work has begun (thus the term Work In Progress ), and I have a few pictures to show for it, and hope to hear a few opinions ... (I would like to apologize in advance for the picture quality; I am using a freeware screen capture device on a PC that was never meant for Oblivion) Dark Seducer - Green - Male Armor Golden Saint - Orange - Male Armor Golden Saint - Orange - Shield Golden Saint - Orange - Female Armor Golden Saint - Orange - Icon Mashup Dark Seducer - Black&Red - Male Armor Dark Seducer - Black&Red - Female Armor Golden Saint - Blue - Male Armor Dark Seducer - Green - Male Helmet I LOVE feedback and constructive criticism; when I hear people like my stuff, I enjoy making it more (and as such tend to create more of it). Progress: Golden Saint Suit 1 (Orange) -- %100 GSS 1 (Orange) Icons -- %100 Golden Saint Suit 2 (Blue) -- %30 GSS 2 (Blue) Icons -- %0 Dark Seducer Suit 1 (Green) -- %100 DSS 1 (Green) Icons -- %100 Dark Seducer Suit 2 (Black&Red) -- %100 DSS 2 (Black&Red) Icons -- %100 ESP('s) Adding the Armors -- %50 Total Percentage Complete -- %80 This is nearing completion; Testing should begin within a few days (this being written June 29th) with the help of FearNoMan777 and PacificMorrowind. Assuming all goes well, this will be up on TESNexus and Planet Elder Scrolls very soon! Thank you all for your support! Cheers! CC
  14. Quote Seems exaggerated as usual by the media, but thank goodness I don't see it on CNN, which is utterly stupid, "BREAKING NEWS" is there almost non-stop. Also, that Lou Dobbs is a nitwit, as I said before to Guru...I feel sorry for the families that are losing people, which is why I hate most News-companies. Feeding off the misfortunes of others. You pretty much summed up my feelings on this exactly. [Moderator Action Taken by WhoGuru] Content Edit Reason: No one is trying to be insensitive nor imply that anyone else is being insensitive; let's leave that misunderstanding in peace.
  15. Quote I feel sad for the families of those that have lost loved ones to this flu.This especially effects the very poor, such as many people in Mexico, as they cannot afford the medicines or treatment that us Americans (and other wealthy countries) take for granted.Let us not forget this when we leave our remarks to Red's wonderful post. Sorry.... it's just the concept that amuses me, not the death... I too long for a day when there are no mor Bacterial Birdy's, Sickened Swine, and Coughing Kangaroos... I hope that didnt just defeat the point of the apology, because it wasn't meant to