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  1. Where I've been

    Good luck Mage. Wishing for the best outcome, stay strong
  2. A Special New Member for TESA!

    Congratulations!!!! edit: The link for Dollars for Diapers appear to be a little broken... it's missing the ":" after http
  3. Best Way to Buy Skyrim?

    I have the DVD version and It installed steam and Skyrim runs from Steam. I don't require the DVD afterwards. The DVD or Steam version works basically the same. Just that you have a hard copy vs a cloud version. No there is no change on how much you need to be online, from what I can tell. If you have steam open its going to try to connect. You can do an off-line mode, but I have never tried playing Skyrim without being on-line, as I find steams browser helpful at times.
  4. Hello Everyone, Nice to see you guys/gals again It's been quite sometime since I've been on TESA and even dealing with mods. I'm not here to talk about mods in general, but 3 specific mods. Ruins of Malamath, Companions Home on the Water and Fort Nocturna Suppressio. You can find them here or on TES Nexus. Sadly, I cannot find my Install disk anywhere, and I got laid off on June 26 so I am not really able to afford a new/used copy. I was wondering if someone would be awesome enough to install the 3 mods, run through them and take stunning screenshots (video is good too, but not required). I'm working on my online resume and portfolio, and would like to have some fresh screenshots to show off the mods that I have created. I already have a few screenshots of them while I was working on them, but really none with the final release. I'm trying to find a job as a level designer. I will give credit to the ones who provide me screenshots/videos of these mods. Thank You in advanced! DSoS
  5. Got laid off on June 26. Looking for a Job! Don't feel sorry, I'm happy :) Hello Everyone :wave:

    1. Notorious


      Best of luck in finding something new.

  6. 9 Key Combination Lock

    I am wondering how this looks, and wondering if someone would be nice enough to run it through the CK compiler and see if any errors are thrown and if so, post those errors. The laptop that I am currently using will not handle skyrim or even the CK due to it only having roughly 1Gb of ram. My main computer power supply blew up. I won't be able to get a new one for a couple of weeks. 1 of the large capicators blew up, nearly gave me a heartattack when it happened at about 2:30am LOL . Neighbors heard it also and thought someone had fired a shotgun!!! Luckily none of the other componenents seemed to have been messed up. I tested with a friends power supply that he brought over out of his main computer! Thank You Justin! Anyway for this script, the notes are as follows: * The 9 Global Variables are on 9 buttons. * This script is placed on a button. -[Does the script look correct?] -[is there a better way to do any of the parts in the script?] -[On the very bottom of the script is a long list, what would be the best way to check to ensure that the user has not selected more than ONE Bool for Slide Direction? I will most likely have it default to disable the MyItem if they have and give the warning message box that is already in the code.] -[The "Event OnInit()" section, the first 8 lines (excluding the comments) are a concern to me, is that the correct way to use them?] If any other info is needed please let me know! Thank You, DSoS ScriptName aaDSoSRandomComboLock extends ObjectReference {Adds a functional 9-button combo lock in game to unlock secret locations or unlock/open gates, etc. Requires 9 buttons of any type, in a T9 keypad configuration, as such: 123 456 789} Import Game Import Utility Import Debug ObjectReference Property MyItem Auto {This is the item that the Combo Lock will, unlock, disable or slide open.} ;Top Buttons ObjectReference Property Button1TopLeft Auto ObjectReference Property Button2TopCenter Auto ObjectReference Property Button3TopRight Auto ;Middle Buttons ObjectReference Property Button4MiddleLeft Auto ObjectReference Property Button5MiddleCenter Auto ObjectReference Property Button6MiddleRight Auto ;Bottom Buttons ObjectReference Property Button7BottomLeft Auto ObjectReference Property Button8BottomCenter Auto ObjectReference Property Button9BottomRight Auto ;Top Buttons GlobalVariable GlobalVariable Property Button1TopLeftGBLVAR Auto {Button GlobalVariables MUST be scripted on all buttons! OnActivate(MyButton) GlobalVariableName.SetValue(1)} GlobalVariable Property Button2TopCenterGBLVAR Auto GlobalVariable Property Button3TopRightGBLVAR Auto ;Middle Buttons GlobalVariable GlobalVariable Property Button4MiddleLeftGBLVAR Auto GlobalVariable Property Button5MiddleCenterGBLVAR Auto GlobalVariable Property Button6MiddleRightGBLVAR Auto ;Bottom Buttons GlobalVariable GlobalVariable Property Button7BottomLeftGBLVAR Auto GlobalVariable Property Button8BottomCenterGBLVAR Auto GlobalVariable Property Button9BottomRightGBLVAR Auto ObjectReference Property Light01 Auto {A light in front of each button to let the player know what button they have selected already.} ObjectReference Property Light02 Auto ObjectReference Property Light03 Auto ObjectReference Property Light04 Auto ObjectReference Property Light05 Auto ObjectReference Property Light06 Auto ObjectReference Property Light07 Auto ObjectReference Property Light08 Auto ObjectReference Property Light09 Auto ObjectReference Property HintObject01 Auto {Gives the player a hint for the button combo required. Best when placed AWAY from the Main buttons. This is NOT necessary to have, however since the button combos are randomly generated each time this is recommended!} ObjectReference Property HintObject02 Auto ObjectReference Property HintObject03 Auto ObjectReference Property HintObject04 Auto ObjectReference Property HintObject05 Auto ObjectReference Property HintObject06 Auto ObjectReference Property HintObject07 Auto ObjectReference Property HintObject08 Auto ObjectReference Property HintObject09 Auto int MyRunCheck1 int MyRunCheck2 int MyRunCheck3 Bool RandNum01 Bool RandNum02 Bool RandNum03 Bool RandNum04 Bool RandNum05 Bool RandNum06 Bool RandNum07 Bool RandNum08 Bool RandNum09 int CorrectAttempt int MyRandNum1 int MyRandNum2 int MyRandNum3 int WrongAttemptCnt ;How many times has the Player choosen the wrong button? Bool Property ItemIsLocked Auto {Is your item that you want to "unlock" a gate, door, or chest and is locked? If so choose this! Only ONE of the following should be checked: IsLocked IsEnabled ShouldSlide} Bool Property DisableMyItem Auto {If your item needs to be disabled choose this. Only ONE of the following should be checked: IsLocked IsEnabled ShouldSlide} Bool Property ItemShouldSlide Auto {If you want your item to open by sliding Up, choose this Only ONE of the following should be checked: IsLocked IsEnabled ShouldSlide} Bool SlidingFunction ;This is not a visible function Bool Property SlideUp Auto {Should MyItem Slide Up? WARNING: Only ONE slide direction should be selected!!! Ensure that there is atleast DOUBLE the height on MyItem above its original location. This script will move it TWO TIMES IT's HEIGHT} Bool Property SlideDown Auto {Should MyItem Slide Down? WARNING: Only ONE slide direction should be selected!!! Ensure that there is atleast DOUBLE the height on MyItem below its original location. This script will move it TWO TIMES IT's HEIGHT} Bool Property SlideLeft Auto {Should MyItem Slide Left? WARNING: Only ONE slide direction should be selected!!! Ensure that there is atleast DOUBLE the space of left on MyItem above its original location. This script will move it TWO TIMES IT's LENGTH} Bool Property SlideRight Auto {Should MyItem Slide Right? WARNING: Only ONE slide direction should be selected!!! Ensure that there is atleast DOUBLE the space of right on MyItem above its original location. This script will move it TWO TIMES IT's LENGTH} Float afX ;{Position along the X axis (Absolute world coordinates)} Float afY ;{Position along the Y axis (Absolute world coordinates)} Float afZ ;{Position along the Z axis (Absolute world coordinates)} Float afAngleX ;{Destination X Angle (Absolute world rotation).} Float afAngleY ;{Destination Y Angle (Absolute world rotation) (rarely used).} Float afAngleZ ;{Destination Z Angle (Absolute world rotation).} Float Property afSpeed Auto {Movement Speed. Units per Second, start at 50 or 100 and work up.} Float Property afMaxRotationSpeed Auto {Maximum rotation Speed (default is 0 to mean "don't clamp the rotation speed") - Negative values cause unpredictable rotation.} Spell Property WrongAttemptSpell Auto {The spell to cast at the player after the Wrong Attempts} ObjectReference Property SpellSource Auto {The Source that will cast the Spell} ObjectReference Property MyItemDustREF Auto Sound Property MyItemSlideSound Auto {What sound will be used for MyItem slide?} Float MyItemLength Float MyItemHeight Float MyItemPosX Float MyItemPosY Float MyItemPosZ Event OnInit() RegisterForSingleUpdate(5.0) EndEvent Auto State Initialize Event OnInit() ;http://www.creationkit.com/GetHeight_-_ObjectReference ;http://www.creationkit.com/GetLength_-_ObjectReference ;http://www.creationkit.com/ObjectReference_Script MyItemHeight = MyItem.GetHeight() MyItemLength = MyItem.GetLength() MyItemPosX = MyItem.GetPositionX() MyItemPosY = MyItem.GetPositionY() MyItemPosZ = MyItem.GetPositionZ() afX = MyItemPosX afY = MyItemPosY afZ = MyItemPosZ afAngleX = (MyItem.GetLength() * 2) afAngleY = (MyItem.GetLength() * 2) ;Rarely Used, kept here for reference afAngleZ = (MyItem.GetLength() * 2) ;Randomize and Select 3 numbers for the button combo if MyRunCheck1 == 0 MyRandNum1 = RandomInt(1, 9) if MyRandNum1 == 9 RandNum09 = True Elseif MyRandNum1 == 8 RandNum08 = True Elseif MyRandNum1 == 7 RandNum07 = True Elseif MyRandNum1 == 6 RandNum06 = True Elseif MyRandNum1 == 5 RandNum05 == True Elseif MyRandNum1 == 4 RandNum04 == True Elseif MyRandNum1 == 3 RandNum03 == True Elseif MyRandNum1 == 2 RandNum02 == True Elseif MyRandNum1 == 1 RandNum01 == True Endif Notification("My 1st Number Picked is: " + MyRandNum1) MyRunCheck1 + 1 Endif if MyRunCheck2 == 0 MyRandNum2 = MyRandNum1 While MyRandNum2 == MyRandNum1 MyRandNum2 = RandomInt(1, 9) EndWhile if MyRandNum2 == 9 RandNum09 = True Elseif MyRandNum2 == 8 RandNum08 = True Elseif MyRandNum2 == 7 RandNum07 = True Elseif MyRandNum2 == 6 RandNum06 = True Elseif MyRandNum2 == 5 RandNum05 == True Elseif MyRandNum2 == 4 RandNum04 == True Elseif MyRandNum2 == 3 RandNum03 == True Elseif MyRandNum2 == 2 RandNum02 == True Elseif MyRandNum2 == 1 RandNum01 == True Endif Notification("My 2nd Number Picked is: " + MyRandNum2) MyRunCheck2 + 1 Endif if MyRunCheck3 == 0 MyRandNum3 = MyRandNum2 While (MyRandNum3 == MyRandNum2) || (MyRandNum3 == MyRandNum1) MyRandNum3 = RandomInt(1, 9) EndWhile if MyRandNum3 == 9 RandNum09 = True Elseif MyRandNum3 == 8 RandNum08 = True Elseif MyRandNum3 == 7 RandNum07 = True Elseif MyRandNum3 == 6 RandNum06 = True Elseif MyRandNum3 == 5 RandNum05 == True Elseif MyRandNum3 == 4 RandNum04 == True Elseif MyRandNum3 == 3 RandNum03 == True Elseif MyRandNum3 == 2 RandNum02 == True Elseif MyRandNum3 == 1 RandNum01 == True Endif Notification("My 3rd Number Picked is: " + MyRandNum3) MyRunCheck3 + 1 Endif if RandNum01 == True HintObject01.Enable() Endif if RandNum02 == True HintObject02.Enable() Endif if RandNum03 == True HintObject03.Enable() Endif if RandNum04 == True HintObject04.Enable() Endif if RandNum05 == True HintObject05.Enable() Endif if RandNum06 == True HintObject06.Enable() Endif if RandNum07 == True HintObject07.Enable() Endif if RandNum08 == True HintObject08.Enable() Endif if RandNum09 == True HintObject09.Enable() Endif Wait(3.0) ;Give 3 seconds to ensure that all HintObjects and other stuff has been completed. GoToState("Waiting") EndEvent EndState State Waiting Event OnActivate(ObjectReference akActivator) ;OnUpdate() if akActivator = GetPlayer() ;Combo Buttons stuff here ;Button1TopLeftGBLVAR ;Button2TopCenterGBLVAR ;Button3TopRightGBLVAR ;Button4MiddleLeftGBLVAR ;Button5MiddleCenterGBLVAR ;Button6MiddleRightGBLVAR ;Button7BottomLeftGBLVAR ;Button8BottomCenterGBLVAR ;Button9BottomRightGBLVAR ;Button Locations ;123 ;456 ;789 if RandNum09 == True && Button9BottomRightGBLVAR.GetValue() == 1 Light09.Enable() CorrectAttempt + 1 Elseif RandNum09 == False && Button9BottomRightGBLVAR.GetValue() == 1 WrongAttemptCnt + 1 Endif if RandNum08 == True && Button8BottomCenterGBLVAR.GetValue() == 1 Light08.Enable() CorrectAttempt + 1 Elseif RandNum08 == False && Button8BottomCenterGBLVAR.GetValue() == 1 WrongAttemptCnt + 1 Endif if RandNum07 == True && Button7BottomLeftGBLVAR.GetValue() == 1 Light07.Enable() CorrectAttempt + 1 Elseif RandNum07 == False && Button7BottomLeftGBLVAR.GetValue() == 1 WrongAttemptCnt + 1 Endif if RandNum06 == True && Button6MiddleRightGBLVar.GetValue() == 1 Light06.Enable() CorrectAttempt + 1 Elseif RandNum06 == False && Button6MiddleRightGBLVar.GetValue() == 1 WrongAttemptCnt + 1 Endif if RandNum05 == True && Button5MiddleCenterGBLVar.GetValue() == 1 Light05.Enable() CorrectAttempt + 1 Elseif RandNum05 == False && Button5MiddleCenterGBLVar.GetValue() == 1 WrongAttemptCnt + 1 Endif if RandNum04 == True && Button4MiddleLeftGBLVar.GetValue() == 1 Light04.Enable() CorrectAttempt + 1 Elseif RandNum04 == False && Button4MiddleLeftGBLVar.GetValue() == 1 WrongAttemptCnt + 1 Endif if RandNum03 == True && Button3TopRightGBLVar.GetValue() == 1 Light03.Enable() CorrectAttempt + 1 Elseif RandNum03 == False && Button3TopRightGBLVar.GetValue() == 1 WrongAttemptCnt + 1 Endif if RandNum02 == True && Button2TopCenterGBLVar.GetValue() == 1 Light02.Enable() CorrectAttempt + 1 Elseif RandNum02 == False && Button2TopCenterGBLVar.GetValue() == 1 WrongAttemptCnt + 1 Endif if RandNum01 == True && Button1TopLeftGBLVar.GetValue() == 1 Light01.Enable() CorrectAttempt + 1 Elseif RandNum01 == False && Button1TopLeftGBLVar.GetValue() == 1 WrongAttemptCnt + 1 Endif ;Wrong Attempt Stuff if WrongAttemptCnt == 3 WrongAttemptSpell.Cast(SpellSource,GetPlayer()) WrongAttemptCnt = 0 Endif ;Correct Attempt (Successful Lock Number Choosen) if CorrectAttempt == 3 if ItemIsLocked == True MyItem.Lock(False) Elseif DisableMyItem == True MyItem.Disable() Else ItemShouldSlide == True ;Do Stuff ;Create new Event for SlideFunction GoToState("ShouldSlideFunction") Endif Endif Endif EndEvent EndState State ShouldSlideFunction Event OnBeginState() ;CWCatapultWeaponFireSCRIPT.psc for example of OnBeginState If SlideUp == True ;Try to automate the entire movement of all directions. Try not to have anything for the user to set except "afSpeed" and "afMaxRotationSpeed" MyItem.TranslateTo(afX, afY, afZ, afAngleX, afAngleY, afAngleZ, afSpeed, afMaxRotationSpeed) MyItemDustREF.Enable() MyItemSlideSound.Play(MyItem) Elseif SlideDown == True ;Do Stuff Elseif SlideLeft == True ;Do Stuff Elseif SlideRight == True ;Do Stuff Else MessageBox("Error: Something went wrong, please check to ensure that only ONE Slide Direction was choosen in aaDSoSRandomComboLock script.") Endif EndEvent EndState ;All possible slide direction combonations that could be selected, only ONE option should be selected. ;How to check for every option below? ;{SlideUp,SlideDown} ;{SlideUp,SlideLeft} ;{SlideUp,SlideRight} ;{SlideDown,SlideUp} ;{SlideDown,SlideLeft} ;{SlideDown,SlideRight} ;{SlideLeft,SlideUp} ;{SlideLeft,SlideDown} ;{SlideLeft,SlideRight} ;{SlideRight,SlideUp} ;{SlideRight,SlideDown} ;{SlideRight,SlideLeft} ;{SlideUp,SlideDown,SlideLeft} ;{SlideUp,SlideDown,SlideRight} ;{SlideUp,SlideLeft,SlideDown} ;{SlideUp,SlideLeft,SlideRight} ;{SlideUp,SlideRight,SlideDown} ;{SlideUp,SlideRight,SlideLeft} ;{SlideDown,SlideUp,SlideLeft} ;{SlideDown,SlideUp,SlideRight} ;{SlideDown,SlideLeft,SlideUp} ;{SlideDown,SlideLeft,SlideRight} ;{SlideDown,SlideRight,SlideUp} ;{SlideDown,SlideRight,SlideLeft} ;{SlideLeft,SlideUp,SlideDown} ;{SlideLeft,SlideUp,SlideRight} ;{SlideLeft,SlideDown,SlideUp} ;{SlideLeft,SlideDown,SlideRight} ;{SlideLeft,SlideRight,SlideUp} ;{SlideLeft,SlideRight,SlideDown} ;{SlideRight,SlideUp,SlideDown} ;{SlideRight,SlideUp,SlideLeft} ;{SlideRight,SlideDown,SlideUp} ;{SlideRight,SlideDown,SlideLeft} ;{SlideRight,SlideLeft,SlideUp} ;{SlideRight,SlideLeft,SlideDown} ;{SlideUp,SlideDown,SlideLeft,SlideRight} ;{SlideUp,SlideDown,SlideRight,SlideLeft} ;{SlideUp,SlideLeft,SlideDown,SlideRight} ;{SlideUp,SlideLeft,SlideRight,SlideDown} ;{SlideUp,SlideRight,SlideDown,SlideLeft} ;{SlideUp,SlideRight,SlideLeft,SlideDown} ;{SlideDown,SlideUp,SlideLeft,SlideRight} ;{SlideDown,SlideUp,SlideRight,SlideLeft} ;{SlideDown,SlideLeft,SlideUp,SlideRight} ;{SlideDown,SlideLeft,SlideRight,SlideUp} ;{SlideDown,SlideRight,SlideUp,SlideLeft} ;{SlideDown,SlideRight,SlideLeft,SlideUp} ;{SlideLeft,SlideUp,SlideDown,SlideRight} ;{SlideLeft,SlideUp,SlideRight,SlideDown} ;{SlideLeft,SlideDown,SlideUp,SlideRight} ;{SlideLeft,SlideDown,SlideRight,SlideUp} ;{SlideLeft,SlideRight,SlideUp,SlideDown} ;{SlideLeft,SlideRight,SlideDown,SlideUp} ;{SlideRight,SlideUp,SlideDown,SlideLeft} ;{SlideRight,SlideUp,SlideLeft,SlideDown} ;{SlideRight,SlideDown,SlideUp,SlideLeft} ;{SlideRight,SlideDown,SlideLeft,SlideUp} ;{SlideRight,SlideLeft,SlideUp,SlideDown} ;{SlideRight,SlideLeft,SlideDown,SlideUp}
  7. math in the CK

    How would I accomplish the following? I have an ObjectReference "MyItem" and part of the script will allow this to slide in 1 of 4 directions, Up, Down, Left, Right. I am wanting to use: For Up/Down = GetHeight() For Left/Right = GetLength() For this slide effect, I am using TranslateTo, but to move MyItem, I need to populate afAngleX (or Z) Float MyItemHeight MyItem.MyItemHeight * 2 = afAngleX Is the code above correct? OR is there some other way to do this? I want MyItem ObjectReference to move 2 times the height or length of MyItem
  8. WTF Is this...

    Its the space plane to reach the Immortal Planet!!
  9. Combination Lock Hint Objects Oddities

    I thought of using an array but reading the wiki on them confused the crap out of me. I haven't found any good examples on them either.
  10. Combination Lock Hint Objects Oddities

    Now its show ALL 3 MyRandNums as False http://steamcommunity.com/id/DSoS/screenshots/?appid=72850&sort=newestfirst&browsefilter=myfiles&view=grid All 3 numbers fell into the 1-5 area so its something with that area there, which we already knew
  11. Combination Lock Hint Objects Oddities

    okay, I'm all confused with the different messages now There are 6 images that I took while it was doing its thing: http://steamcommunity.com/id/DSoS/screenshots/?appid=72850&sort=newestfirst&browsefilter=myfiles&view=grid
  12. Combination Lock Hint Objects Oddities

    is there a way to capture the notification to an actual log text file? I'm getting multiple lines and I can't keep up with it. LOL
  13. Combination Lock Hint Objects Oddities

    ok I see. Give me some time to do this