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  1. Thank you <3 I'mma share him very soon minus the hair
  2. From the album max things

    definetly so grounded you don't even know it exists.

    © m. kaufman

  3. From the album max things

    one of my real life perfume bottles was recreated by Dustin in Oblywaen <3333 and oh, Eden got slapped around, yea right

    © m. kaufman

  4. From the album max things

    idk why i shove this picture in everyone's face since so far i am not going to release that particular hair with Gill. but there's gonna be another one (on my previous pics) with a custom texture

    © m. kaufman

  5. yay, i'm happy to see how many people like my work :]
  6. thanks, as I'm quite a nice person, I can share mostly anything in private by request. you can contact me via my blog or facebook page.
  7. then please stop trolling me. it's not the first time when you try to show me how my work is not appreciated here in your opinion. as everyone else who post their mods on modding sites i expect constructive feedback on my work, and what you have provided can not be defined as one. do i deserve such a negative attitude just because my mods don't fit your taste? i am sure i do not.
  8. let your fantasy unwind
  9. From the album max things

    someone standing behind

    © m. kaufman

  10. From the album max things

    companion in the bathroom

    © m. kaufman

  11. From the album max things

    GGC companion Gill is really appreciated by my character.

    © m. kaufman

  12. Thank you. They're gonna be released soon.
  13. From the album max things

    isn't he adorable? Lovely ears and nose.

    © m. kaufman

  14. From the album max things

    A bedroom in Flan's art gallery. The Art gallery itself can be seen in my blog. This is a private mod, a present I made for Dustin in winter 2013/14. His digital artworks are exposed in the gallery. Go and take a look.

    © m. kaufman