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  1. Still recovering, entering a more grueling phase I think. Exhaustion's here, but so too is recovery. The mental part is exhausting.

    1. ladyonthemoon


      Glad to see that you are recovering! Courage, the light is ahead! :)

  2. So digital art may become a thing for me. If all works out right and well? I could enter he field there, atop of streaming.

  3. The joys of trying to create a channel name for streaming, and a official name for a world your building... and do art when the brain is not cooperating.

  4. So... I got ESO finally for my ps4, given laptop is 'okay' desktop is dead. So this, and potentially streaming is going to be a thing.

  5. I'm still alive. Despite the year grinding me down and denying me to work on artwork and my other skills. Course if certain rumors are true, I may return to modding. Without a desktop I cannot do certain aspects of what I want to do.

  6. Disappearing(more than I do already) for awhile, dunno if I'll go back to modding or not. Have a lot of re-evaluating to do in my life right now and not sure what's next for me.

    1. DarkRider


      Good Luck, whatever you decide to do :lucky:

  7. Back to basics, teaching myself how to draw and do artwork. Manga style first then work more realistic. Since clearly other aspects in live aren't working out.

    1. grond
    2. Vouivre


      I've been there or a site similar, they're great for gesture drawing. If I had the money I'd be neck deep in anime/manga doing research and practicing the styles. Well that and art stuff. Stuff isn't cheap.

  8. All this suffering with the allergies/post nasal drip was made worthwhile when I saw the Final Fantasy 7 remake trailer.

  9. I am not doing so hot, apparently having a reaction with my chloresterol medicine. Dr trip tomorrow and hopefully I'll be fine.

    1. Hanaisse


      :( Get better soon.
    2. Vouivre


      Well throat's red, not strep throat, but the office doesn't think it's an allergic reaction to the meds, just a nasty case of allergies that irritated the throat or post nasal drip.. that just conveniently kicked in at the time I started new meds.

  10. So apparently to make my new tablet work on the desktop, I need to disable part of security that checks for the liscenses. Thus making the computer at risk. But i need to do this so I can work on learning digital art.

    1. HeyYou


      Huh? That seems rather odd.... what tablet? (this may merit its own thread.....)

    2. Vouivre


      It's a regular intuos. My problem is aside from meaning laptop is when I upgraded the hard drive I was tired of having the windows alert flag thing. So I deleted some stuff I forgot now, lost the repair disk and now I had to go into disabling the driver sign check. Can't change settings or access anything on the laptop like recalibrating the sensitivity but it still works.

  11. The rollercoaster continues, what this comes down to is, we still must remain vigilent. But the damage has been done and we now know who wants the money and who's doing this out of love for the community and wish to share great things. Didn't last a week, but good to know that the voice was made very clear.
  12. Interview over... here's hoping for good news

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Vouivre


      It's fine, I'm just officially done doing retail jobs. Let the Highschool kids have it.

    3. HeyYou


      Or the retirees..... :)

    4. Vouivre


      Them too, what I DO plan on doing in working on my art skills and go into drawing, concept art/illustration and such. As well as learning better texturing techniques including mudbox/zbrush

  13. Emma I love your work and dedication to all of this. We do this out of the love for the games and want to contribute to the community.
  14. I think I could get behind that... and I might need some to get the stuff I want to get done.. done.
  15. I saw that too! I was like.. wait... what? What's going on?! I'm confused!