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  1. I have pc parts coming in for my first actual EVER pc build. Ryzen 7 1800x with an awesome mobo and case. Granted I'm starting with cheaper amd 4gb video card for now. I'll be upgrading to a 1080ti hopefully by year end, and then a 4k monitor next year. May even look into going SLI as well for stuff. Also will FINALLY returning to roots and doing art/learning how to and maybe even do commissions. Finally getting into the "build your own pc" crowd.

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    2. HeyYou


      Congrats! Installed any games yet? :)

    3. donnato


      Wow ... congrats.... looks like you went with liquid cooling??/    Can`t see what brand. 

    4. Vouivre


      Corsair's H115i AIO. I love it, and it's quiet. A low "hum" is all I hear. And yes! I got games. For now guild wars 2 is installed on my SSD. I'll eventually get back to Skyrim on PC. Have a list of games/programs I need to install. Just installed one of my artprograms. I just need to install the free photoshop cs2 from Adobe and I -should- be good to go.