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    Nature: Especially forests and the natural beauty of 'cold countries' e.g. Scandinavia, Canada, Russia, Alaska.

    My Study: Integrated Coastal Zone Management, with a special interest for geology, ecology and history.

    Music: Listening to music, especially folk music, metal, and folk metal.
    Playing music: Electric and Accoustic Guitar, Drums, Tin Whistle, Flute.

    Gaming: The Elder Scrolls series, the Anno series, the Age of Empires series, Empire Total War.

    Being creative: Woodcarving, drawing, painting, ship modelling, LEGO, writing.
  1. Behold! Dragonsreach!
  2. Skyrim, killing dragons and imperials

  3. Thank you guys for your replies, and apologies for my absence! I have installed the CS extender, and no more problems indeed! So thank you for that! The file has also been discovered, hence it's a .tes file now. I have found the file in the place you've described, yet it is transformed into a .tes file. And indeed, windows is indeed that dumb, as my previous lost files are there as well, all in .tes format.
  4. Good day ladies and gentlemen! I know how forums work, but if this topic isn't in the correct place, please correct me. As I've encountered the same problem for the third time in a row I started to search help. I'm fairly experienced at modding, just adding new content. Not at making new objects and such. But I have a major, major problem! I've designed a huge castle, incredibly detailed, and when saving the mod, which was called 'The Stronghold of Marghareth', the Construction workshop ran aground. That isn't that bad, I had many crashes. But the last three times I've lost the .ESP file where I was working on. Now I'm working for nearly a half year on the same mod. I just had to start all over again, completely! And today it crashed again, and the 'The Stronghold of Marghareth.esp file was gone. Of course I have backups, but somehow they became corrupt files, and the Construction workshop can't open them. Even the deepest search on my computer came up with zero results, not even a trace has been found. The question is, are these .esp files really gone? And what can I do about this? I know the Construction workshop is a fragile program which crashes from time to time, but is it able to remove 120MB files from your system completely? Modding is the greatest thing I've ever done concerning gaming, but losing months of work three times really discourages me. Already thanks!