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  1. [REQ] Mages Guild Quests, Get in here VA's

    I'm here, though its been a while since I last VA'd.
  2. Deus Ex: Human Revolution

    I picked this game up on a whim. Deus Ex: HR was amazing my first run through and it was a breath of fresh air. Most game developers don't seem to try to achieve such an incredible atmosphere/story in our day and age but settle for "safe" development choices. I'm glad to say DE:HR isn't one of those. The DLC is well done and extends the story a good amount. I'd say it is well worth the price.
  3. Beta Test Sign Up

    *squint* Fascinating. On the note of beta testing, I've done it before. I've beta tested for games like Guild Wars 2 and I understand what it entails. It's just a bonus for me that I get to try the game.
  4. Beta Test Sign Up

    I registered for this in hopes of getting to try before buying. I'm not sold on it simply because it is an MMO. I've never found MMO's to be interesting because they more often then not lacked story and the gameplay was so repetitive and uninteresting. I really want this game to change my mind simply because it is part of TES though. Here's to hoping I get to join the beta!
  5. Dragon Age Chat Thread #2

    Dragon Age 2 was a step back in the sense that they missed the mark on exploration, at least for me. It also lost the scale of the first one. Kirkwall wasn't nearly as engaging as the entirety of Fereldan. Fereldan, how I miss thee... I loved DA2's combat though.
  6. KotOR, Thread #1

    This game was good in so many ways I couldn't get my hands off it back when it was released. I liked the SW:TOR MMO but there was always something special about these games that made them better.
  7. Java coding... so much Java coding... Blergh.

  8. Dragon Age Chat Thread #2

    It looks like this thread hasn't been touched in some time, but with the upcoming Dragon Age III on the horizon I figured I'd start it up again. Any Dragon Age fans out there excited for DA3? Supposedly, it'll be taking the best of Origins and II and will have "next-gen" graphics, whatever that means. It'll run on the Frostbite 2 engine which actually excites me a little since that engine runs some gorgeous games, Battlefield 3 being one of them. I really love how the engine runs lighting and I hope the devs of DA3 take advantage of them. Thoughts?
  9. Dishonored Chat, Thread 1

    I snuck through the entire game, using a combination of knocking out the enemy up close and personal and using sleep darts. I never killed or left a person conscious. The game lasted a lot longer because of this and was immensely fun for me. I'm a sneaky guy in most games so this is my thing.
  10. Dishonored Chat, Thread 1

    Yeah, and the gameplay just made everything that much sweeter. There is such a simple concept behind blink but it was my all time favorite power.
  11. Dishonored Chat, Thread 1

    I really loved the art direction and the every character in this world fascinates me. It was a great game.
  12. Shiny new graphics card that plays everything I throw at it at highest settings? I'm in love... :drool:

  13. Nala was appalled by her current direction in life. After Balow had patched her up and a good night's sleep she figured she'd pack what little she had and left. Then the oddest thought struck her. What if she stayed here at the tavern a little longer? Nala had laughed at that idea. She had realized her flighty nature after her unceremonious removal from Riften forced her to travel. When she first left Riften, Nala travelled from place to place without an actual destination in mind and without fully realizing that she was doing so, as though she were in a trance. She could never find it in herself to settle down and start anew without having the slightest idea as to why she couldn't. She had long come into terms with this though and had decided she didn't particularly mind travelling all across Skyrim. This was why the idea of staying at this tavern for even a day longer felt so alien to her. Yet here she was, sitting crossed legged in the middle of the room Balow had graciously bestowed upon her. She had decided to stay a while longer, but what that meant was unknown to her. As Nala tugged thoughtfully at a strand of hair the door to her room crashed open and in came Balow. "Mornin' lass! It's time fer you to..." He started with a grin before he gave Nala a confused look. "Why're ye sittin' in the middle of the floor...?" Nala grinned sheepishly at Balow as she clambered off the floor and onto her feet. "It's... a habit of mine," She answered. "Right, I'll be waiting fer you so make yerself ready. We have things to discuss," Balow told her before leaving the room. Nala frowned. Despite how kind Balow had been to her since she had met him, Nala couldn't help but feel a little suspicious as to what he may have wanted. She almost felt guilty for feeling suspicious. Almost. Who knows, perhaps she was overreacting. -- When Nala came into the tavern's main room she spotted a bowl of porridge sitting at the bar. Other than her, no one else seemed to be in the room so she decided to help herself. Heck, for all she knew Balow had set it out for her. "Don't mind if I- Ow!" She cried out, cradling her hand. She glared at Balow who seemed to have appeared out of thin air. In his hand he held the offending spoon that he had smacked her hand with and had a mischievous look about him. "A few things need be said before ye eat, lass," He said with a grin. "If ye want to eat then ye will need to work for it." "Was the spoon thing even necessary?" She said as she grabbed the broom Balow offered her. Balow simply laughed and instructed her on what needed to be done around the tavern.
  14. went to L.A. for a week of vacation and crashed a car... Everything went fine afterwards though. :P

    1. lonewolf_kai


      Yikes V! Glad you're okay.

    2. Vereta
  15. My Forays Into Photoshop

    I like your Gears of War signature (I'm a big fan of the series) as well as a few others. Pretty good.