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  1. Thank you for completing the course. Dolphin, Lady, I've had a quick look at your pictures and they look amazing. I'll have a closer look at them soon and advise if I see any issues/concerns. Sorry, but with the forum upgrade there are no more medals. The reward is knowledge!
  2. News travels fast on the internet. Reposting here for posterity. See original report and obituary here. Many of us here know Ysne58 as probably one of the best and most dedicated beta testers this site has ever had. Most of us have had our mods tested by her and she will live on through those memories. RIP Ysne.
  3. This tutorial will help you now that you've managed to export.
  4. No, absolutely not. The mesh will turn blank until you add a new Skyrim BSLightingShaderProperty, but it won't be deleted.
  5. There's no possible reason for it to be blank. Reinstall Blender and everything associated with it. Install in the order the programs are listed on that page.
  6. Just clicking on the link? It's just an attached file, shouldn't be any issues downloading it, unless the site is still having problems from the last upgrade. I'll PM you another zipped version.
  7. Never give up. Use this modified head nif. If this doesn't work then uninstall your Blender, NifScripts, and Pyffi and make sure to download from the links on the Blender page garnet linked above. skymalehead.nif
  8. Ok, that's definitely a corrupted mesh. I suggest you start again, change the User Versions first, then delete the BSLightingShaderProperty block, save under a new name. Then try to import to Blender. Are you sure you have the latest version of NifSkope?
  9. Ok, I don't see anything wrong in the pictures, but that doesn't mean there isn't. I can import malehead.nif just fine in my setup. Possibly there's some kind of extraneous info in your nif hiding somewhere. Attach it here for me please?
  10. Changing the User Versions and deleting the BSLightingShaderProperty block (entire block, not just that branch) is all you need to do. Post a picture of the exact error message you see in Blender, and post a picture of your "import ready" mesh that you're using. Issues like this require more details than just 'it doesn't work'.
  11. Those are various "Markers". In this case, they were a setup for the Civil War but the seige on Markarth was cut from content before publishing. It's basically left over garbage now. Do not try to delete them (you'll just cause issues). You can safely ignore them and build your personal house though. The best way to 'ignore' them is to either 1) turn of Markers from view or 2) click on the boxes and hit the #1 key twice to make it temp disappear so you can see what you're doing.
  12. Minor issue from the last upgrade (?). I went into My Profile, to look at my list of Files. I can view Page 1 just fine but clicking on Page 2, or the Next Page button gives me an error.
  13. Doubtful, as you cannot add a talking activator to a faction needed for merchants. So it would have to be a custom race thing. The draugr glowing eyes is part of the mesh. It also includes a magic effect (abFXDraugrEyes) and scripting which I presume turns the effect on and off.
  14. From what I remember (and I could be wrong), lip files generation is broken in the CS v1.2. You could try using the Construction Set Extender though I'm not exactly sure he's fixed it, or downgrade the CS to v1.0.
  15. Thank you for the information, however, I feel I must clarify an important point; Not all meshes require conversion. Most meshes made for original Skyrim will work just fine in SSE, especially statics as they already have tangents. I know I've been told my mods work just fine and I've done nothing to them. If there is a problem mesh, or any meshes with skinning (clothes, armor, hair) running it through the SSE Nif Optimizer tool (linked in the second post) is the best option.