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  1. Doubtful, as you cannot add a talking activator to a faction needed for merchants. So it would have to be a custom race thing. The draugr glowing eyes is part of the mesh. It also includes a magic effect (abFXDraugrEyes) and scripting which I presume turns the effect on and off.
  2. From what I remember (and I could be wrong), lip files generation is broken in the CS v1.2. You could try using the Construction Set Extender though I'm not exactly sure he's fixed it, or downgrade the CS to v1.0.
  3. Thank you for the information, however, I feel I must clarify an important point; Not all meshes require conversion. Most meshes made for original Skyrim will work just fine in SSE, especially statics as they already have tangents. I know I've been told my mods work just fine and I've done nothing to them. If there is a problem mesh, or any meshes with skinning (clothes, armor, hair) running it through the SSE Nif Optimizer tool (linked in the second post) is the best option.
  4. What's in his container inventory? Couple of things I noticed, which may or may not have any importance... your vendor doesn't appear to have a persistent ref ID and have you tried changing the Location in the vendor tab to In Cell?
  5. There's only certain voice types that have Innkeeper dialogue. Might want to double check that.
  6. What does the vendor tab of his services package look like? Does the NPC have a voice type that allows merchant dialogue? Are you testing on a clean save?
  7. Have you tried Actor Delphine and not DelphineRef?
  8. That link leads to the Fallout4 wiki, you probably want this page.
  9. Quite an honour

    From the album Hana's Gallery

    Thank you (danke), SureAI, for using the TESA Clutter Kit extensively throughout Enderal's development. Most especially for the honour of using my mage robe retextures. :)
  10. Just chillin' in Enderal

    From the album Hana's Gallery

  11. Understone Keep Restored

    Version 1.0.0


    Understone Keep Restored =========================== by Hanaisse/Hana 07/25/2016 v1.0 This is a simple cosmetic mod that removes all of the stone, dirt and rubble in the Jarl's home, cleaning it up into a wide open space befitting a palace. The Jarl of Markarth and the Silver-Blood family finally opened their purses to finish excavating Understone Keep, opening it up to it's full dwemer glory. As an old and wealthy city built on silver and blood it's a shame this building has been in disarray for so long. Changes include; * 99% of rock, dirt, rubble removed * 6 new NPC's hired as staff to continue working and keeping the palace clean with their own room and full AI * New rug meshes added with the existing unused Markarth texture (thanks Bethesda) * Some light objects switched from "off" versions to "on" versions * Additional lights added to main entranceway (so its less gloomy) * The looming fog throughout the entire Keep lifted up out of the way (why was it so foggy?) * Minimal new objects added, I wanted a sparse environment to let the architecture shine * Re-navmeshed What is not changed; * Existing NPC's that live in the Keep * Inside Nchuand-Zel * Inside the Dwemer Museum * Any area at the top of the stairs at the back of the Keep This mod has been cleaned with TES5Edit. This mod will not be compatible with any other mod that makes changes to the cell markarthunderstonekeep. This mod may not be compatible with ENB or other lighting mods. Sorry. This has been thoroughly tested on existing games plus new games to ensure the opening scene between Brother Verelus and Thongvor Silver-Blood is not impacted or that existing day to day running of the Keep is not impacted (thank you Beta testers). With no scripting, this mod should be safe to uninstall at any time.
  12. Good work, Rider. I knew you could do it. Do we have any kind of assurances from the new host that this situation (false malware indicators) won't keep cropping up?
  13. Tri files are a collection of .obj's, not nifs, and obj export does not have this vertex count issue that .nifs do. There is a Tri Editor tool you could try, comes with instructions. It's my understanding that the nif exporter for Blender 2.49 converts to triangles as it exports, so if you have quads you should be fine with vert count, but if you have triangles, it tends to duplicate them. So a few suggestions; 1. remove doubles first, 2. convert tris to quads, 3. export. I'm not sure I understand what your concern with vert count is though.
  14. Are we still in growing pains? Just noticed my PM inbox is messed up and inaccessible. Could only read the PM that I got notified of. The error is hard to read even full size but I believe it says [[Template_core/front/messaging/messageListRows is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]].
  15. I was fairly sure it listed newly created threads only before. Wouldn't general updated threads fall under the "Unread Content" link? Is there any way you could change the Emoticons list so that it either scrolls vertical or scrolls horizontal but not both? Makes it difficult to find what you're looking for. Edit: Oh, you already have changed it to Latest Topics. I should have looked first, lol. Thanks!