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  1. Thnks for the reply, I actually managed to get it going by doing just that last night...the ini file has to be in the same directory as the I have to figure out how to acutally save when the timer prompts me to!
  2. I'm having difficulty installing this mod:Duke Patricks - Safe Save The author failed to include detailed instructions on where to extract the files to, and I end up getting an erro msg despite my best attempts, any direction would be appreciated!
  3. Does the ini file go in the Game directory or OBSE plugins folder pls?
  4. Hi all, I recently downloaded this mod, its pretty awesome, loved the views esp, it would have been perfect, except...both interior cells behind the East/West wing doors are half filled with water! At first I thought this may have been deliberate, perhaps there is a 'mini quest' to drain both rooms of water (a 'pump' somewhere?) but now I know that isn't the case... Would appreciate some assistance, its no longer funny to see all the food floating on the surface, though it is pretty surreal to see the candles burning underwater though... I've also installed the latest patch integrating the UL Brena river/ Lost coast, followed the correct load order , rebuilt my bashed patch, everything looks great in the 'outsideworld' so have no idea why only those two cells are filled with water???
  5. Hi there, I currently cannot find the lost scroll that comes with the study set that I purchased from there supposed to be a window within which one has to search through the crate? I assumed that I would get a journal notification that my study was ready, so went off wandering through the rest of Cyrodil for a while before returning to the manor..and all I got was a book and two spell scrolls.
  6. Hi Darkrider, yes I did, I entered the normal way...when I entered via the 'other' entrance, the dark agents were merely standing around the bodies of those Blades they had slain...
  7. Hi all, Ok I've entered the dragon's gate, spoken with Martin, and THREE monks materialize...I'm only able to engage two of them in conversation, and hand over any two random elemental stones, the third I can see over the shoulder of one, but unable to use the cursor to engage there supposed to be a fourth monk for the fourth stone? I'm unable to move, am literally STUCK by the burden of the remaining two stones...have tried to reenter the dragon gate again and place myself differently, but the script just places the same number of monks in the same position by default?
  8. Ok, what I ended up doing, was fast travel to the aqueduct, climb my way up, till I reached the stairs, and thankfully, the other town entrance wasn't locked...
  9. Hi there, has any one else encountered this glitch, for the 'Into the Dragon's Gate' quest, where after receiving the Oracle's instructions, and leaving Cloud Temple, the main gate to Sancre Tor is locked? I reach there looking forward to cooling my heels and meeting my fellow blades, only to find out they have all gone out for Chinese takeout?! Grrr
  10. Cheers, I hope it gets resolved soon... I want to get to blademaster and get my stuff back !
  11. Hi there, has anyone faced this same glitch before, where after completing the isle of half light quest, they return to the Oracle, opt to resupply, and upon returning to her she asks whether you have resupplied yet, and there is only one option to click, which is 'I need to resupply'? I was hoping version 1.0.4 would fix this bug, but its still there...