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  1. I am trying to add chair markers to custom chairs. First, I added a common chair with the appropriate marker. Then, I change the model to one of my custom chairs, created a new id form, and the sit markers disappears. I can add it to the game but can't sit in it. Also, I converted The Sexy Lingerie Shop to a home in Solitude. I can not get my followers to enter the shop. I have navmeshed it but not sure how to join the exterior navmesh to the interior. I tested the paths with several game NPC players and they appear to be able to enter the store and the shop owner can exit the shop. I made the shop owner a follower but she won't leave the store so I am missing something. Are there tutorials on these? I can't get into the CK Basics page, error screen says there's something wrong
  2. Manually
  3. I navmeshed my mansion and computed all the bounds (I think). Now, each time I try to save my changes, the CK repeatedly keeps computing the navmesh bounds and precomputing road paths so it takes a while to save each change. How do I turn these off/deactivate?
  4. It's only happening while in the CS. No problems anywhere else. It comes and goes. Now its working, now its not. It seems as if the CS isnt reading a setting like it should. Changing the movement setting is ineffective.
  5. I am having trouble moving around the render window. Moving the mouse barely does anything. It jerks and lags or makes no movement at all. It did this last night then it started working again. Was working fine most of the day, now it started lagging or not moving again. I have no other programs running, only the CS. I have no idea how to fix this or where to look. Any suggestions? Changing the movements setting, closing and opening the CS, changing interior cells, rebooting the computer, nothing changes. I am running CSE
  6. Wow! Ok back to GIMP. Thanks for the great tips Greenwarden. Two wood textures I am trying to get working are Teak and African Mahogany which has the Mahohogany grain in a darkish-red tan tone. Beautiful wood.
  7. Sheesh, tell me about it..
  8. The problem is getting them to match exactly. If not, on a large object they appear as tiles rather than one piece.
  9. Simply beautiful. Now I have to redo some of my planters. Thanks for sharing your lovely work.
  10. The textures look to big. By tiling, you mean putting 4 squares together to make a larger square? The problem with that is on a large object, like a floor, you can see the 4 different pieces since the texture doesn't match one next to it. I don't know what UV mapping is.
  11. I need help with retexturing wood grains, stone and fabric patterns so that they appear in the proper scale for the game. I have collected a large library of wood, stone, fabric, etc. textures that I want to add to the game. But the texture in game is not to scale. How do I scale them for game size? I am using GIMP with the DDS plugins.
  12. For Lesson#2. Hope you like it! My Pathgrids: Front door: Custom Containers: Food and settings: Apparatus: Books and Clutter:
  13. Here is my house so far Hope you like it