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  1. Good question. Is it a modded cell? It is not just the light, the sky also disappeared...I suppose.
  2. Version 1.9


    At last, it has begun. I managed to sneak through this dark mine and steal one of their robes, now I am dressed as a demonist. Their cult is full of initiates, as long as I don´t act in a suspicious waythere´s no risk of being discovered.I´ve been monitoring their activities for some time and I know exactly what I have to do to infiltrate in their lair and uncover their secrets.I will leave my notes in these demonic altars, I know they don´t mess with anything which is put on it without the permission of the high priest that I stabbed in the back and buried his corpse near the mine´s entrance, now I have a safe place to leave them while I explore this dark place. As I dedicated my life to the welfare of mankind and studied all ways to ease the pains of our earthly existence,what I´ve learned about demons is that their aim is not to destroy life, but to bring pain and suffering to the point that makes it unbearable. The origin of this mystic beings is a mistery, as Their own existence is a paradox which makes us question the faith we have in our gods. If our deities are truly almighty, why can`t they get rid of their own opposition? And if they are really wise and benevolent,then why do they allow the existenece of these beings, whose only purpose in their existence is to bring scourge to all living things? In fact,all I can assure is that demons are real and they are immortal, what means that they cannot be utterly destroyed. They, however, can be banished, what means that they can be put out of the scene for certain times, depending on the faith and diligence of the one who casts them away. Now, after years tracking traces of the existence of an unique cult of evil, I finally discovered their hideout in the wilds of the Reach. Their faith is based on an ancient legend about the origins of demons. It tells that in the beggining of times, at the dawn of all aeons and all worlds which ever existed, the gods created a divine being to act as an intermediate between they and men. An angel of pure light, destined to share the gods`wisdom with the mortals. In order to perform his duty, this being should be able to experience all the nature of human in its purest essence, from the ecstasy to the agony, from the deepest passions to the heights of wisdom. Of course when I think about this tale I wonder that the gods were either naive or wreckless to allow such a powerful entity to experience all features from the human nature. Of course at a certain time it got in touch with hatred, fear, resentment and all that garbage that drags us towards our inner abyss, as his light became simply the purest darkness.First, he rebelled himself against the other deities, but as he found himself unable to destroy his on creators, his anger turned to their creation: the mortals, who were doomed to be tormented throughout their their existence as he unfolded his revenge against the gods.So, the very first demon was born. The cultists that I´ve been tracking seem to take this legend seriously, and I am to investigate them as I feel I´m close to the ansers to questions that bugged me in all these years of research about the origins of evil and the powers of darkness, as I follow the trail of the legendary demonic realm.If I manage to find it, I believe I will be able to gather knowledge that no other mortal got even close to it. I am not afraid in my journey, despite all the risk I am taking. I know I will cry for the gods, but only the silence of solitude will reply. I know I will reach for the light, but there will be only darkness, but I am committed, and I will carry on with my struggle to the very last breath. Yours sincerely, Marius the elder alchemist. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYzgvyDy_Kw ********************************************************************** -Dawnguard DLC required -This is a horror mod. It may be disturbing to some. -It is not lore-friendly. This will SURELY be disturbing to MANY. ********************************************************************** FEATURES ********************************************************************** Demonika- Better to be played in a dark night, alone at home.A spooky and nightmarish dungeon-crawling divided in ten acts: I- Meus Oblitus II- Locus horribilis III- Castrum de Tenebris IV- Quod mallum V- Tenebrosi Cuniculum VI- Profundum Diabolicum VII- Ignis Pretorium VIII- Regnum Mali IX- Via Tremenda X- Daemonium Sanctum Every time you find a demonic altar, loot the small strongbox on it to get a message from Marius, the elder alchemist. Follow his steps from the mine at the reach to the demonic abyss, where he finds his doom. IT IS DARK- I put a barrel with 20 torches at the entrance, loot them all. In some areas you will experience realistic darkness, with scarce and distant light spots. This is not a bug or misconception: this mod was meant to provide the experience of exploring a dark dungeon keeping one hand busy with a torch, making no idea of what lies ahead (can be a treasure or a monster). ********************************************************************** THE CASTLE ********************************************************************** Like the old school of RPGs, there will be some locked doors and you will have to search for the keys in a puzzling castle. There are 3 keys to be found, one in a certain container and two with a certain boss creature. I added a SPOILER .txt in case you are having problems to find, but it is not difficult. ********************************************************************** THE DEMONIC ABYSS (a.k.a. Profundum Diabolicum) ********************************************************************** Once you reach the demonic abyss, you will have to jump onto ledges and descend into a pit (not reccommended to bring followers there). Watch your step and save often. If you fall in the void of the abyss, you will return to this level´s start point. Follow the skull torches, and don´t get astray from your path, or else it will be hard to find it again. A boss creature guards the key to the last level. ********************************************************************** KNOWN BUGS/ISSUES ********************************************************************** -Some issues when magic creatures perform electric attacks YOU SHOULD REPORT ANY BUG/GLITCH/ISSUE YOU MAY FIND.REMEMBER THAT THIS IS THE BETA SO I REALLY NEED SOME FEEDBACK. ********************************************************************** INSTALLATION ********************************************************************** -Extract the "Data" folder in this mod to your "The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim" folder. -Add a check to Demonika.esp in your Skyrim Launcher screen to activate the mod... and play!!! ********************************************************************** LOCATION ********************************************************************** "A long forgotten mine" is located at the Reach, to the east of Dushnith Yal and to the south of Reachcliff Cave. ********************************************************************** Credits ********************************************************************** BAD GREMLIN- clutter meshes CRAZYJOE2K- The mystic fountain ICECREAMASSASSIN- Clutter meshes IRONMAN5000- The altar JOKERINE- His skeletons JSNIDER193- Critter variants OARYSTIS- Several of his meshes, including some borrowed from CDprojekt with permission PHITT- The new rocks REFURBMADNESS- His alchemy and enchanting tables RUNSPECT- Clutter meshes STOVERJM- The open books STROTI apud. TAMIRA- Clutter meshes TAMIRA- Voodoo doll TENTAIN- Skull torches VICN- New creatures And some stuff of mine of course. A very special thanks for Tamira for helping with my mods, as always. I AM VERY FOND OF CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM, BUT IRONIC/SARCASTIC/OFFENSIVE COMMENTS WILL BE RESPONDED IN KIND
  3. Yes, there is: just open the folder with your meshes files in a window, highlight them all (ctrl+a) and drag them to the object window in the CK. NOTE: If they are static, drag to the "static" section; movable static, to the "movable static" section... and so it goes.
  4. Nice meshes, thanks for this!
  5. From the album My creations

    Demonika- upcoming horror mod for Skyrim.
  6. From the album My creations

    Demonika- upcoming horror mod for Skyrim.
  7. From the album My creations

    Demonika- upcoming horror mod for Skyrim.
  8. From the album My creations

    Demonika- upcoming horror mod for Skyrim.
  9. From the album My creations

    Demonika- upcoming horror mod for Skyrim.
  10. From the album My creations

    Demonika- upcoming horror mod for Skyrim.
  11. Thank you once again, Hanaisse, for always helping the ones in need. But about the SECOND question, I had already done exactly what you told. The "swirls" are a block called emitter01:0[28]. I even managed to remove it as a test. But it has no "vertex color" (all the other stuff had it, I changed them and it worked). Am I missing something there? Can the color of this block be controlled elsewhere (I mean: maybe it "borrows" some information from other block, is that the case?
  12. Greetings. I am looking for advice from Nifskope users about two things. The first is very simple: how do I remove collision property from a mesh? The second: I am messing with that Dawnguard´s Soul Cairn magic beam (FXsoulcairnbeam.nif). It is a purple magic flame, the mesh is assigned to no texture and lacks UVmapping for texture. It is PURPLE, I want to turn it RED. I managed to change MOST of it with the collor controllers.... but after changing All of them, from ALL the mesh´s blocks to red, the swirls are still purple: http://tesalliance.org/forums/index.php?/gallery/image/30575-a-demonic-realm/ Any ideas about how to change them to red?
  13. From the album My creations

  14. Started working in a horror mod for Skyrim

  15. This is what Sungarde 2.2 looks like. Too bad the quest script refused to work... but even without quest it is quite funny!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqk-Gn2q2y0