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  1. I have a problem with a custom creature. The creature is scripted to walk in a predetermined pattern, stopping briefly on specific spots throughout its patrol. In the event it sees the player, it's supposed to enter a "charge" AI package that forces it to reach the player at all costs. If the creature loses sight of the player for 3 seconds, it ceases charge and resumes its patrol. If the creature reaches the player, the player will blow up. Now, when I startup the game, everything works fine up until getting blown up for the first time. After that, very weird stuff starts happening. First off, when I use the COC console command to enter the cell, the creature is present at a different spot than intended. Second, it just doesn't behave properly. It has difficulty moving, it's stuck facing a specific direction, and seems to be able to only move forward. And sometimes, instead of moving normally, it ends up repeatedly teleporting, a few feet at a time. One weird thing I noticed is that for some reason, I receive 55 XP upon reload. I have no idea why, but I suspect it might have something to do with the problem. I've been trying to find the source of the problem for 5 hours, with no results. If I can't find a solution to this, I will have to abandon the project, because it completely nukes the idea I had. Please help?
  2. So I tried to edit some vanilla glasses model in Blender. I tried to match the values in NifScope as close as possible to the original and I included the EGM file and everything. I put the thing into the game and this happens: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/109892108/MarkiplierGlasses01.zip The model can be found here. What am I doing wrong?
  3. I was wondering, is there some way in Fallout New Vegas to simulate opening up a security camera to look at a different part of the same cell? Would most likely require NVSE, but still, is there a way?
  4. I didn't attempt to use the OnMagicEffectHit thing again, since I already figured out an easier solution... but I did a very similar thing with a OnTrigger using a trigger zone, and after making sure to follow your suggestions, it works flawlessly now. Thank you very much!
  5. I would have three questions: - Is there a way to make the player temporarily immune to fall damage? I know that Super Marioblivion did it, but I can't figure out how. - Is there a way to make the player temporarily unable to jump? As in, making it so that pressing the jump key gives no input at all. - When moving the player somewhere within the same cell using player.moveto, the player is instantly brought to the nearest standing ground directly below the XMarkerHeading. Is there a way around this, so that the player starts floating in the air and subsequently falls to the ground?
  6. Your find is very interesting and will certainly come in handy in the future, but alas, it did nothing to fix the issue. I tried moving the player.moveto part (and everything related) to a GameMode block before the OnMagicEffectHit, but the result was still the same: an endless loop of being constantly moved to the XMarkerHeading. Then I tried something crazier: getting rid of player.moveto from the activator's script entirely and moving it over to a quest script. All it accomplished was making it so that my character is moved every five seconds, rather than every millisecond. My guess is that the hit detection is glitched and the activator, when hit once, gets permanently stuck with the magic effect applied to it, which forces the OnMagicEffectHit block to run endlessly. But the truly bizarre part is that, if this really was the case, then in addition to being moved, I would also hear a neverending wave of the sound effect I included being played over and over again - but that doesn't happen. The game seems to freak out solely on the player.moveto part, while everything else goes perfectly fine. EDIT: I ultimately managed to bypass the problem entirely by simply removing any scripts from the activators and adding a scripted effect to the staff which checks whether the object hit is the ID of the activator. Why didn't I do this sooner?
  7. I just encountered a most bizarre problem. In short, I wanted to make an activator that, when hit with a specific spell, moves the player to its parent XMarkerHeading. But for some reason, the game ends up putting the player in an endless loop where he's constantly moved to the XMarkerHeading. Casting other spells at the activator does nothing, and neither does adding a DoOnce condition. Help, please? scriptname ZUDoTUsageBlockPurpleSCRIPT ref MyParent ref MySelf Begin OnMagicEffectHit WKNW set MyParent to GetParentREF set MySelf to GetSelf player.moveto MyParent playsound SPLAlterationCast player.pms ZUDoTEffectPurple MySelf.pms ZUDoTEffectPurple End
  8. There is one part that I find unclear: Where do I set THAT up? EDIT: I found it... when you are about to export something and set the file type as MP3, use the Options in the bottom right corner.
  9. I will send you a message with my audition.
  10. If you feel that my voice is what you're looking for (my archive here), then I am willing to help.
  11. So, long story short: one of the architecture sets for Vaults was lacking certain pieces, so I tried to make them myself by editing vanilla ones in Blender. It works for the most part, but I'm having a certain problem, pictured here: http://puu.sh/5axVb.gif Depending on the position of the player, certain elements suddenly become either illuminated or completely dark. Any suggestions how can this be fixed?
  12. Unfortunately you're right, it seems to be applicable only to the player. ​ I figured out a workaround in the form of first having the actor be essential, and when he's knocked over, having him go unessential and die, which works fine for what I need. It would be nice though if I could somehow prevent the "X is unconscious" message from appearing...
  13. The question is simple: is there a way to make an actor killable, but impossible to be dismembered and/or turned into ash/goo?
  14. Yes, it's exactly that. Thank you very much.
  15. I need a script that makes an object, in this case an XMarkerHeading, to turn and face another object. Can someone please explain how can I achieve that? Note that this is for FO3, but it's probably the same like in Oblivion.