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  1. Version 8.92


    (Note - mod is 620+ megs and thus cannot upload file directly. You can get it from my paid mediafire account. No ads or annoying anything. Direct link. You are welcome.) At its core "Ultimate Deadly Encounters: Sands of Time†("Sotâ€) is an immersion mod that adds a consistent element of danger around every corner. If you have played through Skyrim and found as a whole it is somewhat lacking in an element that makes the genre stand out—random events—then you may quickly become a fan of SoT! Think of this mod as the "event card†that makes playing RPGs so unique and exciting. While playing with SoT installed, you can expect constant randomized encounters during: * Your leisurely walk through the woods to grand mother’s house. * The epic dungeon crawl that is the old-school fundamental mechanic of RPGs. * Counting sheep wherever your nomadic tendencies has lead you to lie down. * Standing around twiddling your thumbs while you wait and listen to the next good-for-nothing commoner’s sad story about whatever it is they complain about. That’s just to name a few. The mod offers so much more, and we besiege you to traverse through the Sands of Time ( CLICK HERE! ) to engage in an experience that will reap further understanding of the journey you are about to embark on. ....Abandon all hope, ye who enter here. (Clicking on link will take you to an external site.) ENTER HERE! Note: Mod has grown to the point where we felt it needed its own web page. This has allowed us to present the mod in a much clearer way and also allowed us to organize the SOT patches MUCH better. Please visit and browse the site. Membership registration will be opened soon, with posting requiring registration. Patches will not require an account. Main download stays here though a mirror will come later. However, a special "Hidden Vaults" section will only be available to the elite Spartans that have proven themselves over the past two years. 100 percent of ALL web site work was done by Ghostagent. I have been honored by his belief in the mod, and he has sacrificed MANY hours to make it possible. Please, thank him, give him kudos, give him praise. I am still amazed he did this. Final thoughts: I wanted to share this with TES Alliance. I had previously uploaded ayear ago a 3.9 version or so and this is like day and night. Though too large to host here. 24 downloads here , 66,965 and counting on Nexus. Hopefully this will do better here than 24.
  2. Acitvates when Actor Enters Combat ScriptName activateSelfOnCombatBegin extends Actor {Script that lives on an actor that simply activates itself on Combat Begin} import game import debug auto State waiting Event OnCombatStateChanged(Actor actorRef, int combatState) if combatState != 0 ; 0 = not in combat, so if the state isn't 0, they entered combat gotoState("allDone") activate(Self) endIf endEvent endState State allDone ;do nothing endState
  3. I would like to expand my mod that deals with ambushes while sleeping. Fast Travel and uisng the "T" key to mediate where highly requested additons. Players have requested that I add ambushes to them as well. But unlike the sleep procedure there are no quests associated with them, no script I could find. Fast Travel has a function command but that is all. I need to be ablle to interrupt both and add an encounter, then continue the event wether it be meditating or fast traveling. Any clues appreciated.
  4. I got the answer from "Tunaisafish" from Nexus, may help others: When you're editing a fragment you're only seeing part of a full auto-generated script. The parts you write in will reside within a function body... so use syntax appropriately for that. This means you can't declare or use properties right off the bat. It's a 3 stage process if you want to do that. 1/ Save a dummy script in the fragment. ; Save me to create the fragment file. 2/ Go to the properties editor and Add your property there. 3/ Go back to the fragment and paste in your final function body. See the last part of the wiki FAQ about the not so intuitive fragment interface when using your own properties. At:! note: I had to follow the wiki instructions and rename the feragment to get access to the properties. Weird black magic stuff.
  5. Let me try to eplain better. If you go the Ckit, and go to the quest sections, then right click on any quest and go to edit, you will see a box with many tabs. One of the tabs says "dialogue views". Go there. Then in the column that says "Dialog Views" (same name as the tab, yes) go ahead and highlight a dialog. On the right hand side you will see a flowchart with the dialogue mapped out. Now, if you double click on a dialogue box, you will get a "Topic Info" box. this box has a place to type in the prompt in the conversation as well as a place for the npc response text. On the bottom of this Topic info box is a place to enter scripts, you can enter scripts in the begin section, and in the end section as papyrus fragments. There is also a place for a regular script. Since I am using dialogue options as a menu to raise or lower the odds of an encounter while sleeping, I need to run the script I posted here. To raise the odds by 10 . But it will no tlet me. the script runs everytime the player wants to raise the likelihood of being ambuhed while sleeping.
  6. Greetings, As part of my mod Sands of Time, which provides random ambushes while sleeping, I am making an in game menu to let the players set their own odds. Tedious because so much dialogue is needed and branching, but doable. I am using a npc that is spawned when a ring is worn and with conversation the player selects the odds for encounters. That all works, what I cannot solve is how to add either a script or papyrus frgment that does not need an Event to compile. I posted my script below. It will compile fine IF I put the code inside an Event, like for example "Event OnActivate(ObjectReference akActionRef)" with "EndEvent" at the end will let the script compile just fine. But since there is no activate event it does not fire off. I just need the script to run and make changes to the global variable. , I do not need any events at all to be checked for. Seems simple but I am stuck. Any ideas? Tonycubed2 Scriptname innplus10 extends TopicInfo GlobalVariable Property DreamsInn Auto Int increase if DreamsInn.GetValue()<91 increase = DreamsInn.GetValueInt() DreamsInn.SetValue(Increase+10) Debug.MessageBox("Increased to : "+DreamsInn.GetValue()) Elseif DreamsInn.GetValue()<90 Debug.MessageBox("Cannot increase beyong 100%") endif
  7. Well, that explains why my ini file did not work. Any ideas on how to do this?
  8. The ini file is to let players set their own parameters for encounters. The higher the numbers the bigger chance of monsters. I need to be able to import the values in the ini file to my mod.
  9. Hello, Been trying for hours to pass simple integer variables from a ini file to the mod/game. The wiki by Bethesda just says to make sure the ini file has the same name as the mod and that it will then be loaded. But it gives no idea of syntax. I tied this: [General] InnChance=99 DungeonChance=40 DraugrKeepChance=45 AllOtherChance=99 but the values never get seen by the mod in the game. Ther are all zero. Is there a special way to import them in?
  10. This is the hear of my mod Sands of Time. It modifies the game script PlayerSleepQuest (000FC1A2) to allow for sleeping to be randomly interrupted with the type of attackers beind dermined by location. the move to comand that moves the player to the exact spot he is in is crucial. It causes the sleep countdown to stop. ScriptName PlayerSleepQuestScript extends Quest import form Spell Property Rested Auto Spell Property WellRested Auto Spell Property MarriageSleepAbility Auto ReferenceAlias Property LoveInterest Auto Keyword Property LocTypeInn Auto Keyword Property LocTypePlayerHouse Auto Keyword Property LocTypeDungeon Auto Keyword Property LocTypeDraugrCrypt Auto Quest Property RelationshipMarriageFIN Auto Spell Property pDoomLoverAbility Auto CompanionsHousekeepingScript Property CHScript Auto int Property pSleeping Auto Conditional Int random Int ambushnumb Int ambushnum2 Int Property chance Auto ; all the actorbase monsters need to be deffined in properties. ActorBase Property Ambushers1 Auto ActorBase Property Ambushers2 Auto ActorBase Property Ambushers3 Auto ActorBase Property Ambushers4 Auto ActorBase Property Ambushers5 Auto ActorBase Property Ambushers6 Auto ActorBase Property Ambushers7 Auto ActorBase Property Ambushers8 Auto ActorBase Property Ambushers9 Auto ActorBase Property Ambushers10 Auto ActorBase Property Ambushers11 Auto ActorBase Property Ambushers12 Auto ActorBase Property Ambushers13 Auto ActorBase Property Ambushers14 Auto ActorBase Property Ambushers15 Auto ActorBase Property Ambushers16 Auto ActorBase Property Ambushers17 Auto ActorBase Property Ambushers18 Auto ActorBase Property Ambushers19 Auto ActorBase Property Ambushers20 Auto ActorBase Property Ambushers21 Auto ActorBase Property Ambushers22 Auto ActorBase Property Ambushers23 Auto ActorBase Property Ambushers24 Auto ActorBase Property Ambushers25 Auto ActorBase Property Ambushers26 Auto ActorBase Property Ambushers27 Auto ActorBase Property Ambushers28 Auto ActorBase Property Ambushers29 Auto ActorBase Property Ambushers30 Auto Function RemoveRested() ;remove all previous rested states Game.GetPlayer().RemoveSpell(Rested) Game.GetPlayer().RemoveSpell(WellRested) Game.GetPlayer().RemoveSpell(MarriageSleepAbility) EndFunction Event OnSleepStart(float afSleepStartTime, float afDesiredSleepEndTime) If Game.GetPlayer().GetCurrentLocation().HasKeyword(LocTypePlayerHouse) == False random = Utility.RandomInt(1, 100) ambushnumb = Utility.RandomInt(1, 10) ambushnum2 = ambushnumb chance = 20 If Game.GetPlayer().GetCurrentLocation().HasKeyword(LocTypeInn) == True chance = 3 EndIf If Game.GetPlayer().GetCurrentLocation().HasKeyword(LocTypeDungeon) == True chance = 40 ambushnumb = ambushnum2 + 10 EndIf If Game.GetPlayer().GetCurrentLocation().HasKeyword(LocTypeDraugrCrypt) == True chance = 45 ambushnumb = ambushnum2 + 20 EndIf if random <= chance pSleeping = 1 ;Utility.WaitMenuMode(Utility.RandomInt(1, 6)) float SleepStart = afSleepStartTime * 24 float SleepEnd = afDesiredSleepEndTime * 24 float SleepTime = (SleepEnd - SleepStart) - 1 Utility.WaitMenuMode(Utility.RandomFloat(0, SleepTime)) Game.DisablePlayerControls(ablooking = true, abCamSwitch = true) Game.ForceFirstPerson() ObjectReference PlayerRef = Game.GetPlayer() Game.GetPlayer().MoveTo(PlayerRef) Debug.MessageBox("Ambush!") Woozy.Apply() Game.GetPlayer().PlayIdle (WakeUp) Utility.Wait (1) if ambushnumb == 1 PlayerRef.PlaceActorAtMe (Ambushers1, 1).StartCombat(Game.GetPlayer()) ElseIf ambushnumb == 2 PlayerRef.PlaceActorAtMe (Ambushers2, 1).StartCombat(Game.GetPlayer()) ElseIf ambushnumb == 3 PlayerRef.PlaceActorAtMe (Ambushers3, 1).StartCombat(Game.GetPlayer()) ElseIf ambushnumb == 4 PlayerRef.PlaceActorAtMe (Ambushers4, 1).StartCombat(Game.GetPlayer()) PlayerRef.PlaceActorAtMe (Ambushers7, 1).StartCombat(Game.GetPlayer()) ElseIf ambushnumb == 5 PlayerRef.PlaceActorAtMe(Ambushers5, 1).StartCombat(Game.GetPlayer()) PlayerRef.PlaceActorAtMe (Ambushers8, 1).StartCombat(Game.GetPlayer()) ElseIf ambushnumb == 6 PlayerRef.PlaceActorAtMe (Ambushers6, 1).StartCombat(Game.GetPlayer()) ElseIf ambushnumb == 7 PlayerRef.PlaceActorAtMe (Ambushers7, 1).StartCombat(Game.GetPlayer()) ElseIf ambushnumb == 8 PlayerRef.PlaceActorAtMe (Ambushers8, 1).StartCombat(Game.GetPlayer()) ElseIf ambushnumb == 9 PlayerRef.PlaceActorAtMe(Ambushers9, 1).StartCombat(Game.GetPlayer()) ElseIf ambushnumb == 10 PlayerRef.PlaceActorAtMe(Ambushers10, 1).StartCombat(Game.GetPlayer()) ElseIf ambushnumb == 10 PlayerRef.PlaceActorAtMe(Ambushers10, 1).StartCombat(Game.GetPlayer()) ElseIf ambushnumb == 11 PlayerRef.PlaceActorAtMe(Ambushers11, 1).StartCombat(Game.GetPlayer()) ElseIf ambushnumb == 12 PlayerRef.PlaceActorAtMe(Ambushers12, 1).StartCombat(Game.GetPlayer()) ElseIf ambushnumb == 13 PlayerRef.PlaceActorAtMe(Ambushers13, 1).StartCombat(Game.GetPlayer()) ElseIf ambushnumb == 14 PlayerRef.PlaceActorAtMe(Ambushers14, 1).StartCombat(Game.GetPlayer()) ElseIf ambushnumb == 15 PlayerRef.PlaceActorAtMe(Ambushers15, 1).StartCombat(Game.GetPlayer()) PlayerRef.PlaceActorAtMe(Ambushers13, 1).StartCombat(Game.GetPlayer()) ElseIf ambushnumb == 16 PlayerRef.PlaceActorAtMe(Ambushers16, 1).StartCombat(Game.GetPlayer()) ElseIf ambushnumb == 17 PlayerRef.PlaceActorAtMe(Ambushers17, 1).StartCombat(Game.GetPlayer()) ElseIf ambushnumb == 18 PlayerRef.PlaceActorAtMe(Ambushers18, 1).StartCombat(Game.GetPlayer()) ElseIf ambushnumb == 19 PlayerRef.PlaceActorAtMe(Ambushers17, 1).StartCombat(Game.GetPlayer()) PlayerRef.PlaceActorAtMe(Ambushers19, 1).StartCombat(Game.GetPlayer()) ElseIf ambushnumb == 20 PlayerRef.PlaceActorAtMe(Ambushers20, 1).StartCombat(Game.GetPlayer()) ElseIf ambushnumb == 21 PlayerRef.PlaceActorAtMe(Ambushers21, 1).StartCombat(Game.GetPlayer()) ElseIf ambushnumb == 22 PlayerRef.PlaceActorAtMe(Ambushers22, 1).StartCombat(Game.GetPlayer()) PlayerRef.PlaceActorAtMe(Ambushers21, 1).StartCombat(Game.GetPlayer()) ElseIf ambushnumb == 23 PlayerRef.PlaceActorAtMe(Ambushers23, 1).StartCombat(Game.GetPlayer()) ElseIf ambushnumb == 24 PlayerRef.PlaceActorAtMe(Ambushers24, 1).StartCombat(Game.GetPlayer()) PlayerRef.PlaceActorAtMe(Ambushers25, 1).StartCombat(Game.GetPlayer()) ElseIf ambushnumb == 25 PlayerRef.PlaceActorAtMe(Ambushers25, 1).StartCombat(Game.GetPlayer()) ElseIf ambushnumb == 26 PlayerRef.PlaceActorAtMe(Ambushers26, 1).StartCombat(Game.GetPlayer()) PlayerRef.PlaceActorAtMe(Ambushers27, 1).StartCombat(Game.GetPlayer()) ElseIf ambushnumb == 27 PlayerRef.PlaceActorAtMe(Ambushers27, 1).StartCombat(Game.GetPlayer()) ElseIf ambushnumb == 28 PlayerRef.PlaceActorAtMe(Ambushers28, 1).StartCombat(Game.GetPlayer()) PlayerRef.PlaceActorAtMe(Ambushers29, 1).StartCombat(Game.GetPlayer()) ElseIf ambushnumb == 29 PlayerRef.PlaceActorAtMe(Ambushers29, 1).StartCombat(Game.GetPlayer()) ElseIf ambushnumb == 30 PlayerRef.PlaceActorAtMe(Ambushers30, 1).StartCombat(Game.GetPlayer()) PlayerRef.PlaceActorAtMe(Ambushers21, 1).StartCombat(Game.GetPlayer()) EndIf Game.EnablePlayerControls() EndIf EndIf EndEvent Event OnSleepStop(bool abInterrupted) if pSleeping == 0 ; debug.trace(self + "Player is sleeping") If CHScript.PlayerHasBeastBlood == 1 && Utility.RandomInt(1, 100)>50 ; Debug.Trace(Self + "Player is werewolf; no restedness on sleep.") ;RemoveRested() ;BeastBloodMessage.Show() ElseIf Game.GetPlayer().HasSpell(pDoomLoverAbility) == 0 ;don't run this if player has the Lover sign If RelationshipMarriageFIN.IsRunning() == True && RelationshipMarriageFIN.GetStage() > 10 && Game.GetPlayer().GetCurrentLocation() == LoveInterest.GetActorRef().GetCurrentLocation() ; debug.trace(Self + "Giving player the Lover's Comfort spell on Sleep End") MarriageRestedMessage.Show() RemoveRested() Game.GetPlayer().AddSpell(MarriageSleepAbility, abVerbose = false) ElseIf Game.GetPlayer().GetCurrentLocation().HasKeyword(LocTypeInn) == True ; debug.trace(Self + "Giving player the Well Rested spell for sleeping in an Inn") WellRestedMessage.Show() RemoveRested() Game.GetPlayer().AddSpell(WellRested, abVerbose = false) ElseIf Game.GetPlayer().GetCurrentLocation().HasKeyword(LocTypePlayerHouse) == True ; debug.trace(Self + "Giving player the Well Rested spell for sleeping in Player House") Game.GetPlayer().AddSpell(WellRested, abVerbose = false) Else ; debug.trace(Self + "Giving player the Rested spell for sleeping") RestedMessage.Show() RemoveRested() Game.GetPlayer().AddSpell(Rested, abVerbose = false) EndIf EndIf ElseIf pSleeping == 1 pSleeping = 0 EndIf EndEvent Message Property RestedMessage Auto Message Property WellRestedMessage Auto Message Property MarriageRestedMessage Auto Message Property BeastBloodMessage Auto ImageSpaceModifier Property Woozy Auto Idle Property WakeUp Auto
  11. This forum is for quest scripts. Remember that not all quest scripts deal with an actual quest. Some, like the PlayerSleepQuest, deal with events in Skyrim.
  12. I found out that sleeping is a quest, and I found the relateted scripts attached to the quest, as well as a sleep package. But I am missing the one thing that calls the event. That counts down time. That is what I need to find. Don't want to use skse, trying to keep this simple for users. The Dark Brotherhood quest "with friends like this..." was a possible clue, as SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER once you receive a courier note and sleep in any bed you wake up some place else. So they are able to redirect the normal course of sleeping. Spent a couple of hours there, missing the part that checks wether a player is sleeping and transports him. Can't find it. END OF SPOILER
  13. I found the ck commands for sleep start and sleep finish, even a function for seeing how long a player has slept. But nowhere can I find a way to wake him up bofore the time is up. In m mod Danger Danger I want to cause random encounters when a player is sleeping in the wilds. We had this for Oblivion. Say, a 20 percent chance of bandits attacking, something like that. A work around I though of is using the endsleep event to insert my script there, then resetting time a few hours to make it look like the sleep was interrupted. But could not find any way to set the time to a past time.
  14. This section is for Timer Scripts
  15. This section is for Trigger Scripts