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  1. I can't find the Shout room we used to have on this website?
  2. As always SysCrusher, thanks a million for your expertise. Your post is no where I could find. More than a year ago when I begin my last Mod, I was using the basic CS but today I use the CSE.
  3. Good Day, I want to create a new Mod but I don't remember how to make a quest script. Under CSE for instance when I create new script it automatically becomes an object script. I tried to change that object script to a quest script under TES4Edit but after saving that change to my Mod, it was still an object script. Cheers, KWITS Developer of "Word and Void" Series
  4. From the album Word and the Void

    Once every other thousand years, the realm of Qerach will interface with the realm of Tamriel in which a dimensional gateway will join the two worlds. The race known as, "the White Walkers", are like a parasitic disease in respect to human life, not unlike vampirism but they infect the dead to perpetuate their legions. They can only be temporarily appeased by the sacrifice of a human boy child. This child when infused with the White Walker magic will begin to transform it into a new White Walker. Since the White Walkers have lived thousands of years and sleep through the summers and warmer periods of their world, they sense new domains and magic continually to consume humanoid life. All of which has been all but extinguished in their home world. The gateway seen within this picture usually leads from Cyrodiil to Skyrim across the Jerall Mountain range but today it will lead our adventures through a dimensional portal to Qerach, openning the horrors from there into the realm of Cyrodiil! The name of this mod is, "The Long Winter" or TLW but continues my WaV series. Please blog about your ideas and suggestions about one of the most exciting epic adventures under the TESIV:Oblivion series, "Word and Void". This module extension will challenge your imagination and wits at each turn with a new mystery upon every horizon.

    © KWITS, LLC.

  5. From the album Word and the Void

    The Knight of the Word comes to their journey's end, the hidden hellish chamber of Mormo, Lord Dread of the Void. A final conflict between Good and Evil will soon determine the fate of Cyrodiil! Please blog and discuss your ideas about the most exciting and stunning opic adventure in the TESIV:Oblivion series!

    © KWITS, LLC.

  6. From the album Word and the Void

    The Player comes to the very end of their epic journey with the legendary Staff of the Word raised approaching a throne room as a fearless Knight of the Word. Traveling through dimension after dimension unto the depths of the Void, even the very bowels of Hell, Mormo the arch nemesis of the Knight of the Word awaits for the Player's next step. Please blog and discuss your ideas and feedback about one of the most exciting and thrilling adventures for the TESIV:Oblivion game world, the Word and Void!

    © KWITS, LLC.

  7. Good Day, I finally resolved my, disabled Marker Reference issue under my Oblivion Module extension. I am not sure of which of the below steps was the deciding factor but here they are: 1) Clean up syntax with my main Mod script using CSE -> This was simply a best practice in coding a script! 2) Re-install OBSE v0021 -> This probably caused OBSE to load during each saved game! 3) Recompile all Mod scripts under CSE -> This was probably the final resolution! Cheers, KWITS
  8. I think my problem is even though I saved a previous game file under OBSE v00021, it no longer loads when I play that saved file. I get an error when I load any game now. Within my main game script, I have a check to discover the OBSE version before performing any other action.
  9. Good Day, I have a strange technical glitch in Oblivion that I encounter once every 6 months or so while modding. The problem is this observed during game play. All marker references are disabled throughout the game world. The only fix for this was to acquire an earlier version of my main mod script and then copy / paste it into the problematic script. Has anyone ever observed this technical issue? I would like what call I am making in my script that CSE is not catching that ultimately leads to this failure. Cheers, KWITS Developer of "Word and Void" Mod for TESIV:Oblivion
  10. Notice the rocky skydome that adds to the realism of being within a massive cavern.
  11. I am also using the Oblivion cloud effect over the textured land that comprise the volcano. I am using waterfall foam with a change to its ambiance settings.
  12. Thank you for your recommendations but as of yet, I am not a good modeler in Blender. Every animated mesh I try to import into Blender breaks when I export it back out to NIF.
  13. Completing Word and Void mod for TESIV

    1. donnato


      Yaayy, I bet you`ll be glad to finally release.

  14. From the album Word and the Void

    "Word and Void" An early image of a White Walker rider on his undead horse. Please share your thoughts and ideas on the most epic and innovative adventures in TESIV:Oblivion since its making (stay tuned for White Walker movie):

    © KWITS, LLC.