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  1. part 9, well. player runs through the remaining part of the cell and exits. once back in the labyrinth, the area with the red fog is now accessable and player runs into the fog and triggers the victory movie (cheese, cheese and more cheese) and mission ends!!
  2. In part 8 player just keeps on going.
  3. Right so for part 7 the player takes on a new cell, and it's a crowded one. Lots of enemies everywhere. A fireelemental enters through the same door as the player so the only thing to do is start running.
  4. Heres how to play through the second room of the cell. play time about 2 minutes. Once the player exits the cell he is back in the labyrinth. Now he has to find the door to the second cell to advance. Had the player chosen the blue path through the labyrinth, then the cell he just finished would have been cell nr 2, and the cell he is about to enter, would have been the first cell he'd have to play through.
  5. Part 5, here the player will start in a new cell, he has to jump into the hole in the floor or risk getting killed by the fire elemental that will enter after a few seconds through the same door he did. After taking the elevator down he'll need to have a look around the room for a possible way to proceed. This is where he should remember his training from boot camp. The path forward is hidden from view at first, but will reveal it self if he explores a little. The necessary platforms will move into place if triggered correctly. Once he thinks he has figured it out, the agility potion he finds here will help him follow the path. Again timing is the key, presise jumps and subtle changes of direction to avoid the fireballs flying everywhere is key to success. Because of the difficulty and skill required, playing in first person is best. This cell has two rooms. Here's how to play through the first room. 1 minute playtime.
  6. part 4 now is the time to look down on the labyrinth and decide on which path to open. There are red doors, there are blue doors. To the player's right, there are blue levers that will open the blue doors. To the player's left, there are red levers that will open the red doors. The path that opens will take you to one of two doors. One to the left of the labyrinth, and one to the right of the labyrinth. Players can only open one path, players can not access both red and blue levers. There are two cells waiting after the labyrinth. Which door the player passes through based on his red or blue choice, will determine the order of which he will play through the two cells. First I demonstrate the red choice. It will help to drink the speed potion and the antiflame potion before running through this labyrinth. And timing is also important, as always. 1 minute playtime
  7. Part 3 here is just to show that the safe place the player just found might be traded in for several healthpotions puss a handy speed potion. This is done by luring the fireelementals that were guarding the healthpotions down into the pit that served as the player's safe place. playtime 1 minute
  8. part 2. Run Forest.. Run Let's play dodgeball Already this early it's showing how it's heavily influenced by platformers as you're doing a lot of jumping and runner games as you're being chased by bad things..... Only a few places can the player actually catch his breath for a moment or two, it's up to the player to find those spots. Adrenalin rush on stereoids, that's what I'm aiming for. If you get immersed into this sort of gameplay, it really gets your old blood pump working harder than usual. The fireelementals are two kinds, one that shoots at you, and one that chases you. Because you're running all the time, this mission is over in minutes, but it's all so fun IMO that the time issue is not an issue. playtime 2 minutes.
  9. Part 1 is just watch movie, afterwards, start running and try not to die... The intention here is to get the player to understand right away, that moving is a smart thing to do. 2 minutes tops this one.
  10. Mission 2 is a runner game. Run and live. Cheesie setting. Unforgiving gameplay. Everything is about timing, timing, timing. The player has to finish an obstacle course, he can only do so by speed and timing. Save game play game die load game play game die........ I did not make things easy for the player this time! I drew a lot of inspiration from old Doom and Quake when I made this. But I didn't want to make it a FPS shooter, so I went for a crossover between platform games and runner games. The main monsters in here are just standard Oblivion guys, I just changed their appearence a little. Below you can see the monsters from Doom and how I tried to make something similar with our trusted Oblivion cast of monsters. I did end up including a creature from the Thief series as well, I couldn't find any use for it in Mission 3, so I let it play a part in Mission 2 instead. Referring to the fire elemental. The layout is as follows: Part 1 Intro movie plays... cheesie as ever,,,, Player walks into the red mist, gets transported to the obstacle course, All hell breaks loose. Part 2 running and jumping to get to the labyrinth Part 3 backtracking to get some potions Part 4 Going through the labyrinth chosing the red path
  11. part 6 of the training mission is also quite simple. The lesson is that some windows in mission 3 can be opened and can be used as exit/entry points. Yep, that's about it, and also I'm introducing the travel potions here at the end. Drink the potion and it will teleport you to the next location. For the scenery surrounding the balcony, I went with modern looking environement. A city scape with blocks, cars, motobike and a guy taking his dog for a walk. The cars are from a Morrowind Modders ressource by Mighty Joe Young. He said on http://mw.modhistory.com/permissions " not sure if anyone is going to use the stuff,{meshes}, but i need to point this out before i get all kinds of reply`s to add stuff in oblivion lots are mine[scratchbuilt, etc"> and lots are resourses, freeware all my mods are new meshes so u can add it in oblivion when u get a exporter " So I chose to add those cars to add a modern feel to the scene. Like as if the whole training mission sort of took place inside a building in a real city somewhere. I know it's nothing fancy like DukeCity or anything, but clearly it's not meant to be. (Originally I had those cars driving around the streets down there but it came off overly pretentious and added very little, so I cut out that part.) The motobike you can vaguely spot down there is the one from the Honda NR500 mod, original mod by Regard, then modified by hoots7, and further modified by gumin, all of which can be found on the Nexus. From gumin's mod description (on where the motobike model comes from) "Regard/hoots7: Original HONDA NR500 MOD I was able to discover NR500 thanks to him. NR500 seems like free material of Blender." Then I need to mention the guy walking the streets below who is dressed up in retextured NioLiv meshes which I ported into Oblivion from Morrowind. That should about cover it. Not easy to see the streets from the balcony, so here is a pic from ground level. And here is the final part of the training mission as experienced by the player: 1 minute playingtime roughly.
  12. Part 5 is relevant for playing mission 3. The ability to knock someone out from a distance without them going into combat mode or alarm mode is a useful thing to have, in a stealth game. In this case the player picks up a scroll on the table, use it against one instructor who has a key in his inventory (a key which the player needs btw to open a locked door). There is only one scroll available to the player in this training fascility, so hopefully the player will do as intended. Should the player fail to use the scroll to get to the key, then the player can kill the instructor by punching him a couple of times. The instructor's health is set real low. The scroll does 400 points fatigue drainage over 40 seconds. That should give the player enough time to acuire the key. The scroll does 400 points chameleon to player over 5 seconds. That is the part which ensures that the NPC has no idea he was attacked by the player and does not go into combat/alarm mode, even as the player goes through the NPC's inventory. That's about it for this segment. playtime 1 minute here's from the player's perspective
  13. Part 4 is an interesting one. When I was designing Mission 3 back in the day... I wanted a way for the player to reach places above him. Oblivion can't do this besides jumping, so it was a problem. Around at the time there was a mod called Thieves Arsenal which had ropearrows. It also povided blackjack, waterarrows and holy waterarrows. So basicly that was "taken", so I had to do things differently. Hence I ended up with mantling instead of ropearrows, made a pretend to be blackjack kinda, but I did do waterarrows and I threw firearrows into the mix as well. I really had to twist my head around to come up with something that remotely worked like mantling. Well here is what I decided to go with: So I chose some spots where I want the player to reach higher ground, and rigg that spot with this (the .nif in that picture above) which elevates the player real quick. It's a crude mimicking of mantling, I know. Drawback - no animation. But it was the best I could do. The last ten seconds of this very old video shows how the player will experience this socalled "mantling" effect. Now back to the training mission, here the player will learn that some places enables mantling, and those spots are marked by a yellow star. Perhaps at first the player will try to jump up the legde, but after some failed attempts and experimentation the player will hopefully realise that simply walking or running into the spot marked by a star, is all that is needed. This is what it might look like for a player: Playtime 2 minutes.
  14. Part 3 is just a quick introduction to how secret passages are handled in Mission 3. A simple system. Some banners have no physics, you can just walk right through them. These banners are usually placed lower than other banners. That's about it. prolly just 1 minute playtime.
  15. part 2, well, this part is meant to prepare the player for Mission 2. Mission 2 has some very basic challenges that the player should learn to face up to. Like being fired upon with fireballs all the time, if you stand still, you will die. Another thing, when you look around a room in mission 2, you might not see a path forward. The path is there but it might be hidden from the player, and only come into view if the player triggers it. The training example is pretty easy, walking forward to the edge in the middle, will cause the drawbridge on the left to go down. (And a madman throwing fireballs on you to appear.) -try to cross the drawbridge on the left and the ledge up ahead disappears and the drawbridge on the right goes down. -try to cross the drawbridge on the right and the ledge up ahead disappears and the ledge up ahead from the drawbridge on the left reappears, and the player can finally cross over to the other side of the room. And all of this must be completed under a rain of fireballs. Here is what this might look like for the player. 2 minutes playtime. If the player falls off the ledge I save him the first two times. Third time he falls, I let him die. (hm. I noticed when making this video that the word "training" was mispelled "traing" in the message I give the player third time he falls off... well it's been fixed in the mod now.)