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  1. I know this thread is a bit old, but I've been busy with other games. Anyway, just wanted to thank you for listing my tutorial among the others and for providing this because making custom followers isn't exactly easy in Skyrim. Deck16's tutorials really helped me when I was creating the follower who I used as an example for my tutorial, which was based off of another's (Mofakin I think).
  2. It should be a CSS setting I think. Maybe the one here got changed somehow?
  3. Run it outside of MO.
  4. Copy your mod's assets to your main Data folder, run the CK, then move everything back to where MO expects your mod to be. I have to do this whenever I modify or add scripts to Morte and it seems to work okay. I did a shortcut by renaming the scripts to Morte scripts and making a new folder called scripts with just the vanilla scripts in it. When I want to mess with Morte, I rename both folders, do my ck work, then change 'em back. It seems to work okay so far.
  5. You're welcome. Single update uses less resources than regular update because it only happens once and then it's done. So unless you really need RegisterForUpdate, use the single instead.
  6. Sorry for the late reply, but I've been busy with other things. How are you calling the OnUpdate? Are you using RegisterForSingleUpdate or RegisterForUpdate? If it's the later, switch to the former. I would also wait a few seconds between updates just in case (RegisterForSingleUpdate(2.0). With single update, it'll only update once unless you call the function again, whereas the later will register until you tell it to stop. I hope this answers your question.
  7. If you need to generate an SEQ file, you should pack it because anybody who plays your mod will need it. And, LotM, TES5Edit makes making one extremely easy, I wouldn't do it any other way.
  8. There are limits on what a modder can ask permission for and changes only made in the CS aren't one of them. So Tiger could see how those mods made their changes and not have to worry about contacting the original authors. They could mention them in the credits, but even that's more of a courtesy than a requirement. Now if they were going to use custom models and/or textures, that would be a different story and permission would need to be gained first.
  9. Aye. I guess Beth thought having your followers wander around while following you would be annoying. They changed their mind with Serana though. Pfft. If you don't ask, we can't answer.
  10. They can with AFT, which is why IBG's issues are perplexing. AFT adds the idle ability to followers, much like what Serana has, but you can toggle that if you want.
  11. Yes. Right click on the patch and select rebuild patch from the menu that pops up.
  12. I generally stay away from chat rooms because I'm too busy browsing or looking up answers to questions. I think having the shoutbox back would be a good idea because there are times when I have a quick question and wouldn't mind seeing if I could get a quick answer.
  13. Hmm. You might need to create a new NPC, give them a sandbox package, and plop them down into your cell to test it. Can you use everything there, like chairs, cooking pots, etc?
  14. I don't believe the default follower packages allow the use of idle markers. Follower overhaul mods, like AFT, use modified packages which allow the use of said markers. The best way to test yours is to plop an NPC which uses idle markers into your cell and see what they do.
  15. 1. It's different for saves and mods. For saves, you want a purple checkbox because that means all of its plugins are loaded and the load order hasn't changed. Green means everything's loaded, but some plugins have been moved around. Red means you're missing some plugins. For mods, green means either the plugin's masters are loaded before it or it doesn't have any aside from the official ones. Red means some are missing. 2. Just right click and select "rebuild patch". The wizard will tell you what mods it can merge and will deactivate them if you choose to merge them. Most mods that can be merged are levelled list mods or mods like no guard helmets. I use Mod Organizer, but I use the bashed patch to cut down on my load list and merge level lists. It works pretty well from what I can tell.