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  1. With the extensive crafting system the mod possibilities are endless. And texture packs, followers (and AI tweaks), new settlements, weapons, quests, worlds.... If it takes off like Skyrim did, we will have enough mods to last several lifetimes!
  2. I think Fallout 4 is amazingly polished right out of the box. I really didnt expect it to be this good, this early on. There are a few minor bugs, but nothing that cripples gameplay. Think of where it will be in a couple years with mod support! And yes..... the radiation storms are awesome! Its pure hopelessness, wrapped in a freak storm! LOVE IT!
  3. So, Ive started on the ultimate house mod. But, I actually have to pay for the house, and I get to live in it FOR REAL!

    Me and Mrs. OFish are now homeowners..... Oh the Joys!

    1. Tamira
    2. Hanaisse


      Woo! Exciting time in your life! Enjoy it.

    3. OFish


      Thank You! It is very exciting! and expensive! and a LOT of work! But, we are enjoying it!

  4. Looking forward to DarkRider's character design course!!!!

    1. donnato


      It does look cool.

  5. Welcome to TESA! Lots to learn here... You have come to the right place!
  6. Thanks Donnato!
  7. Thank you Tamira!
  8. This is AMAZING! I got it to work perfectly!   One hang up on the container script: The property to set max number of potions is marked hidden in the script. It would not let me set the max number of potions. I just erased the word "Hidden" in the script, recompiled, and it worked wonderfully!   Thank You!!!!
  9. Just finished the main quest in Oblivion! Time to play Reclaiming Sancre Tor for the first time!!!! Man, am I excited!

    1. donnato


      Oblivions ending was awesomely fun. RST is a blast too.

    2. Shadowtango


      That's actually how I found TESA. I saw RST on a list of quest mods and followed the link here.

  10. The one on the right is a supershiney cubmap from a killer modders resource. The left one is the vanilla map.... Whats your flavor of choice?
  11. From the album Misc.

    Ugly Fish Mead is rolling out by the crate!
  12. Welcome! Im gonna be different.... heres a !!!!