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  1. So, this isn't so much Hardware/Software as much as an issue with my account (This is my first time browsing, I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place). I had forgot the credentials for the account I am using, and had made another account using my current email. However, now that I remembered my original information, I wish to switch out this accounts out-dated email with my current one. Is there a way to do this without having to create a fake email account to link the second account to so that I may change my email? Thanks for all the help, Tanis
  2. "Gather Round Children, Gather Round! I am the Story Teller, my name is not important, as you would forget it later anyway. I am, however, a Bard, and THAT is what you will remember." Said the Bard The Inn they were in (OOC: not a meant pun lol) Was a small, modest establishment, with a fireplace where the bard and the kids were gathered. "Mr. Bard, What Story are you gonna tell us?" Asked a Little boy "Why, I'm going to tell you the story of the Great Tanis True-Shot, the one who with ONE arrow took down Mehrunes Dagon!" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As most good stories start, this one starts in a bar. Tanis was actually at this point, known as Tanis the Shadow, because he was seen as being THE best thief, next to the Gray Fox that is (Whom he was believed to be himself). Will finish the story later
  3. Yes, Tanis is named after my real name and I like the last name Ogramaruu, sounds Orcish to me . Anywho, he is a Breton Born under my custom sign, Tanisian (What a coincidink) He is an all-around fighter, but he prefers Marksman. Tanis also likes long walks on the beach and Martini's on the Rocks
  4. Quote i need a mod that make my evil character feel at home like a nice even arsenal and a home There is the Vile Lair DLC mod by Bethsoft, and then there is this one Adense Evil Lair. If you don't like it, go to TESNexus and go to search, where the dropdown that says Oblivion Files is, go to Buildings and just put in Evil. Hope that is helpful!, Tanis
  5. Quote Welcome, and best-of-luck to you, Tanis! If you figure out the key to becoming well-known, let me know ;-) (i.e. "You know that Running4Cover?" "umm, no, who's he?" "He made all those mods whose names start with 'Running4Cover"" "Such as..?" "Never mind...")Anyway, you're at the right place if you want to learn to mod, and I hope you enjoy your time here ;-)CC LOL! thanks for the warm welcomes everyone. I just got home from school, so I am gonna start perusing the forums to see if there is anything I can dig up. Does anyone have any idea as to where I should start looking? Meaning not what part of the forum, but what part of the modding process. Plus, beside the CS, are there any other tools you think I may need?
  6. Hi everyone, my Name is Tanis Annicchiarico, known (not very well btw) on the bethsoft forums as Tanis41493 and on the tesnexus forums as Breton_Tanis. I have literally NO experience modding, so I figure I will probably be a regular in all of the beginner classes . I am 15 years old, I love TES and I hope to learn enough about modding so that one day people will be like "Oh, do you know Tanis41493" and they'll be like "Ya, he made all those wonderful* mods!" lol Thank you for any help you can all give me, Tanis Annicchiarico *Action taken by Moderator: editing of post...read the Forum Rules, please.