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  1. I do something similar, take a look. I have a log fire the player can spawn at their location, after some time the log fire disappears (deletes). ;Called from an activation, can use in a script I guess... Actor PlayerRef = Game.GetPlayer(); Make an actor variable for the player so we don't have to keep calling it ObjectReference MyLitLogs = PlayerRef.PlaceAtMe(LitLogs, 1, false, true); places the lit logs, disabled MyLitLogs.MoveTo(PlayerRef, 0.0, 0.0, PlayerRef.GetHeight() - 137.5, True); translates the lit logs to my prefered location in relation to the player MyLitLogs.SetAngle(0.0, 0.0, 0.0);Set the angle of the rotation as well... MyLitLogs.Enable();Enable the logs ;Attached to the LitLogs Reference Event OnLoad() Int BurnTime = Utility.RandomInt(10,180);Set a random extinguish time Utility.Wait(BurnTime);wait... Self.PlaceAtMe(RS_Item_Ashes, 1);place down ashes Self.Delete();remove log fire EndEvent Should be able to use something similar to this to get it working.
  2. Turns out the issue was an old version of the script cached in the game save. Trying again with a clean save solved my issue.
  3. I am going to try to get every type of form with this function, and find out which forms return NONE. Is there a WillieSea in shining armor that is lurking about?
  4. Please provide compilation errors.
  5. Preface: I am going to simplify my scripts to ease troubleshooting. I have script "A", which is used to declare properties that global functions in script "B" can use. Script "A": ScriptName rsAPI_Properties Extends Quest {Contains all the properties for rsAPI scripts} MiscObject Property myMiscObjectProperty Auto Script "B": ScriptName rsAPI_Functions Extends Quest Hidden {Contains all the functions for the rsAPI scripts} ;This function gets the forms from Script "A" rsAPI_Properties Function GetFrameworkProperties() Global return (Game.GetFormFromFile(0x294A97, "MyPlugin.esp") as Quest) as rsAPI_Properties EndFunction ;This function gets a specific form from Script "A" with the help of the above function. MiscObject Function GetMiscObject() Global return GetFrameworkProperties().myMiscObjectProperty EndFunction ;This function is an example of how I would like to handle the miscobject passed from Script "A" Function GivePlayerMiscObject(int howMany) Global Game.GetPlayer().AddItem((GetMiscObject()), howMany); I have tried declaring a MiscObject outside this command as well, but neither worked. EndFunction The second function in Script "B" is used to return a miscobject, but it only returns NONE. This way of obtaining a property from another script seems to only work for certain types of forms. The properties have been defined in the CK in Script "A". Any pointers papyrus wizards? p.s. The reason I am approaching it this way is because Script "A" and Script "B" are an API of sorts. I want to use a function in Script "B" that references properties in Script "A" after passing parameters directly from Script "C", which would utilize the third function in Script "B" like this: Script "C": ScriptName GivePlayerItem Extends Activator {Utilizes the rsAPI framework to give the player 2 MiscObjects} Event OnActivate(Actor akActionRef) rsAPI_Functions.GivePlayerMiscObject(2) EndEvent
  6. I really like your style. You have a lot of command in your voice. If you're interested in doing some more work, I would love to have you voice a character or two in my Diablo mod. Tristram In Skyrim You'd voice either the player character as a Or Gillian the barmaid Or Wirt the Peg-Leg Let me know! :3
  7. Mod Link This mod is an attempt to fully recreate Diablo (The game) in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This mod recreates the abilities, quests, and the overall feel of Diablo, as a first person experience using the creation engine. I need voice actors for everything in the game. - Adria the Witch - Cain the Elder - Farnham the Drunk - Garda the Tavern Owner - Gillian the Barmaid - Griswold the Blacksmith - Kael Rills (Wounded Townsman) - Ogden the Tavern Owner - Pepin the Healer - Wirt the Peg-Legged Boy - The Butcher - Gharbad the Weak - Snotspill - King Leoric - Zhar the Mad - Lachdanan - Archbishop Lazarus It doesn't need to be 100% accurate or perfect, just believable. If you read this in multiple dialects, that would be a good demo of your potential. Male Mid: Male Low: Female Mid: Reply with some samples or a link to some of your previous works, and if I like it, ill send you the script. Bonus brownie points if you find the script and record some lines yourself.
  8. Hana, you beautiful goddess. Hallelujah!!!!! Praise be to WillieSea /close thread
  9. Not a noob to scripting for Skyrim, but this issue is making me feel like one. No matter what script I write, it won't compile because it can't find the scripts it is extending or referencing. Here is an example: Script: Compiler: This is coming from a modder that was compiling scripts no problem a few months ago before I took a break, was there some sort of update? I had to reinstall skyrim on this workstation (and the Creation kit, both programs from Steam, same as before). Also worth noting, there are no scripts in the scripts folder aside from the one I just made, the others are packed up with the other .bsas. I am going to extract those and try again, and let you guys know if I have any luck... Any ideas? I will be happy to provide any information :/
  10. Does your second message "Menu2" has its properties set? The code looks fine, but I think that may be the issue.
  11. The very fact that it is a 'property' means it needs to be taken to the CK level. It isn't like a variable where it can be referenced in the scope of a script. The CK uses these properties as it's objects. EDIT: You could use the MCM to make a tab that allows them to choose a new key to assign the key press to.
  12. I'd delete the run command, and restart it. Try using the simple compile command first. Then do the advanced script compile afterwards. I honestly think that the advanced script compile is not needed.
  13. Do you need any monster VA work done?
  14. Yes, one side of a texture must measure up to adjacent one seamlessly. You may want to look into scaling up the texture's size too.
  15. My current mod I am working on is really big, and heavy. What I mean by that is there are lots of scripts, meshes, textures, music tracks, sounds effects, etc. This isn't my first time encountering this issue, and I have succeeded over it a few times by sheer determination. When I am happy with the latest version of a mod I am working on, I will save, and then 'Create Archive'. As the mod grows in size, it starts to kick out an error message "Failed to archive". I'm sure alot of you are familiar with this problem. The issue is that with big mods is that they may not be able to easily be put together in the tesArchive.exe program that is meant to be a alternative method to achieving the archive goal. In the past, I just deleted the new files created in the Skyrim folder from the failed archive, and just attempt to archive from the CK again. Sometimes, it works after a while. I am on attempt 24 now, and grow distraught. It has never taken more than 5-10 times to get it done. Has anyone figured out any way of getting this done successfully? I do not wish to upload to steam at this time as I am not ready to release it at this very second (Have to have some internal testing first). I also wanted to reemphasize that I wish to not use the actual tesArchive.exe program to achieve this since I am dealing with about 1000 asset files. EDIT: Does a failed archive signify that said archive will not work for use? It seems to initialize at the same file size everytime. EDIT:EDIT: The progress bar for the archive goes all the way to 100% then says it failed.