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  1. How long since anyone's tested links or verified permissions? I finally decided to finish a mod that's been on the back burner and I have been looking at resources for several days. i am sooo tired of finding a promising file "hidden" or the permission field on Nexus says "do not use at all or do not use without permission. Since the BSG thread appears to be abandoned, I figured this might be the place to say something. I admit it. I got frustrated and started to test each and every link, however I gave up after an hour. It was simply too tedious for me. And probably for you too. I think you might need to put a disclaimer about this. But, that is your call. This is what i got through before giving up. Critterman's Set and Command Pet script Resource: Hidden File. Pluggy by Elys: Points to dead thread @ BSG forums. Tibixie's String Function Collection by Tibixie, updated by Speedo: No File Exists for this ID. Genzels Mostly finished armor and weapon resource: No File Exists for this ID. JazzJR's Teutonic Knight Armor: No File Exists for this ID. All of the jojijo's listingst: Permission statement says "You are not allowed to use assets from this file under any circumstances ", read me just says contact before reupload. A 3 of Hel Bourne's architecture resources are Hidden. SaidenStorms Custom Creatures: No File Exists for this ID. Wow.... Just realized it's been more than six months since anyone's posted in this thread. Oh well. I'm more or less a lurker here anyway.
  2. I'm finally branching outside of the BGS forums. Wow! A whole new interface to learn and figure out.
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    When adding new quest mods, I prefer to load 'em, forget 'em, and discover 'em. However, I feel it is annoying to immediately click a message box informing me of the new quest. Or, when starting a new game or character, clicking through gazillion message boxes. So, for my peace of mind I modify the mod's esp. Since I know there are like minded players and I don't want to infringe on someone else's work, I make patches with the modifications available on Nexus. Demon Bane is one such mod. With this patch, the quest will not start until you are the recommended level 12. If you use Wrye Bash, you can merge the patch and it will not be active (saving a mod slot). Once the quest has started, and you have a few saves, you can remove the patch or leave it if you wish. This mod requires OBSE v18b2 to work.