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  1. I too am late to the news, but am also very sad to hear it. He was a great modder and the modding world is a little lesser now without him.
  2. Still, the discussion was very informative. And on my defense, I'm well experienced to Bethsoft scripting, but am by no means an expert.
  3. Thanks again Wlliesea! The global variable has been working like a charm, and this has even given me some ideas to make some of my other mods more efficient.
  4. In case you missed the Shoutbox: HELLO!!!

  5. Ahhh thanks WillieSea!! I didn't realize that magic effects do not store variables so that would be the issue. I also noticed I forgot to add the "short FDForm" at the begining of the script after the "short Button" part. It's on the actual script in the CS, I just forgot to add it in the first post. Hmm, could I add a quest script to keep track of the variable? Or I guess I could just make a Global variable through the Gameplay menu? EDIT: I just tried the Global variable option via Gameplay menu and it worked. Any advice on using that? The CS Wiki suggested not using them.
  6. I'm working on a script which most of it works, but two functions of it are not. I can't figure out why. I think it has to do with the FDForm variable I have in place. The two problem areas are Button 1 (Follow) and Button 2 (Stay). They refuse to work. Any clues as to why that part won't work? Here's the script: scn 1SSCommandFrostDrakeScript ref FrostDrake ref FDHumanoid ref FDSecond short Button Begin ScriptEffectStart Set FrostDrake to FDrakeRef Set FDHumanoid to FDHumanoidRef Set FDSecond to FDrakeSecondRef MessageBox "Interact with Dragon:", "Call Dragon", "Follow", "Stay", "Rest", "Wake", "Protect", "Break Combat", "Change Form", "Form Revert", "Return Home" End Begin ScriptEffectUpdate Set Button to GetButtonPressed If Button > -1 If Button == 0 FrostDrake.RemoveScriptPackage FrostDrake.MoveTo Player 0 0 3000 Set FDForm to 1 Elseif Button == 1 If FrostDrake.IsSpellTarget 1SSMountRest Return Elseif FDForm == 1 FrostDrake.AddScriptPackage 1SSMountFollowPlayer Elseif FDForm == 2 FDHumanoid.RemoveScriptPackage FDHumanoid.AddScriptPackage 1SSFDHumanoidFollowPlayer Elseif FDForm == 3 FDSecond.Disable FDSecond.MoveTo SSMountHomeMarker FrostDrake.MoveTo Player 0 0 1500 FrostDrake.AddScriptPackage 1SSMountFollowPlayer Endif Elseif Button == 2 If FDForm == 1 Set FDForm to 3 FrostDrake.RemoveScriptPackage FrostDrake.MoveTo SSMountHomeMarker FDSecond.MoveTo Player 0 0 3000 FDSecond.Enable FDSecond.AddScriptPackage 1SSMountWander Elseif FDForm == 2 FDHumanoid.RemoveScriptPackage FDHumanoid.AddScriptPackage 1SSMountWander Endif Elseif Button == 3 FrostDrake.RemoveScriptPackage FrostDrake.AddSpell 1SSMountRest Elseif Button == 4 FrostDrake.RemoveSpell 1SSMountRest FrostDrake.AddScriptPackage 1SSMountFollowPlayer Elseif Button == 5 If FrostDrake.IsSpellTarget 1SSMountRest Return Else FrostDrake.AddScriptPackage 1SSMountFollowPlayer Endif addk1kcasterref.MoveTo FrostDrake 0 0 3 addk1kcasterref.cast addk1kgetenemy FrostDrake Elseif Button == 6 FrostDrake.Cast 1SSMountCalm FrostDrake Elseif Button == 7 Set FDForm to 2 FrostDrake.RemoveScriptPackage FrostDrake.MoveTo SSMountHomeMarker FDHumanoid.MoveTo Player 0 0 100 FDHumanoid.Enable FDHumanoid.AddScriptPackage 1SSFDHumanoidFollowPlayer Elseif Button == 8 Set FDForm to 1 FDHumanoid.Disable FDHumanoid.MoveTo SSMountHomeMarker FrostDrake.MoveTo Player 0 0 500 FrostDrake.AddScriptPackage 1SSMountFollowPlayer Elseif Button == 9 If FDForm == 1 FrostDrake.RemoveScriptPackage FrostDrake.Cast 1SSMountReturnHome FrostDrake Elseif FDForm == 2 FDHumanoid.Disable FDHumanoid.MoveTo SSMountHomeMarker Elseif FDForm == 3 FDSecond.Disable FDSecond.MoveTo SSMountHomeMarker Endif Endif Endif End Begin ScriptEffectFinish End
  7. /wave, Long time no see!

  8. Yikes, I probably should be cleaning my pc every month or so. What do you do to clean yours?
  9. Thx for the response guys. I'll check it out for dust too. It's about time for a good inside cleaning anyways.
  10. Jac, thx for the input. I'll probably remove it to just to be sure I didn't accidently remove any when changing it. Don, Sounds good, and you're right the price is hard to beat, plus the fan is up to 2000 rpms. It's $25 at Bestbuy atm (on sale). Is the old thermal paste easy to clean off?
  11. Out of curiosity, why did the messed up powerline cause a steady failure to the motherboard?
  12. Wow, 90C!? That is high! But, here's what I don't understand on my computer: most of the time it stays low temps already. When Idle and just sitting at the desktop, it runs 23-25C. If I open something up, say like my internet browser, the temp MAY go up to like 30C. If I run Oblivion or The WItcher2, it'll go up to between 40 - 50C. This game, GW2, makes the system go up to 55-60C, and even higher in certain parts of the game world. I have my heat threshold set at default, which is 72C I think. It had to go near that point when the computer started its overheating alarm when I was playing in that intense area of teh game. Vouire suggested the area I'm having this issue specifically is already graphics intense and the processor is trying to keep up with all of the players in the area, thus higher temps. I don't see how changing the CPU fan will help this, especially if my temps are already low with everything else, but I may try it. I just don't want to install it and then find out that it didn't help at all and waste my money. EDIT: After looking through the fans, I can see where that huge radiator that comes with them would make a difference. Now I'm just not sure about which fan/heatsink combo to get. I looked at the one you suggested, but what Arion said in your Buy/Build thread concerned me, that being the fan is a sleeve. If I do install a different CPU fan, do I have to remove the silver stuff that came on the fan off the top of the processor before I put the new stuff on it? Does the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus come with a tube of that silver stuff or do I need to buy some separately?
  13. I'm having a problem with the computer now, which I've never had before. I've been playing Guild Wars 2, with all the graphics turned up and have had no issues at all. However, there is one area in the game that's fairly graphic intense and player clogged and my CPU's temperature skyrockets so far up that it starts beeping a overheating warning to me until I shut it down. After that incident, I started monitoring the temperatures and noticed the computer stays between 50 to 60 degrees C, with the exception of that one area, while playing the game. There have been a few times where the temp has gone over 60C. Keep a few things in mind: 1. I do not overclock the comptuer or graphics card. I keep the default settings. 2. I have not had a temperature problem before, even with graphic intense games such as The WItcher2. 3. My tower case has a 200 mm fan up top, a 230 mm fan in front (below the Dvd players/HDD), a 120 mm fan in the inside middle (for graphics card and some of the CPU area), a 200 mm fan on the side panel, and a rear 140 mm fan. I also have an external fan to direct the exhausted heated air away from the area. 4. I am using the stock fan that came with the CPU. Here's a link to the specific case I have: http://www.coolermas...product_id=6653. You can see a chart of air flow about the middle of the page. (Keep in mind I only have one fan up top, not two, though I think I'm going to add that second one in. Also, I have the VGA fan moved up a little to catch some of the extra incoming air for the CPU.) So, my question is, what can I do to improve this? The tower is pretty windy already, and I'd rather not use a liquid cooling solution. Should I change the stock fan on the CPU?
  14. Is thinking 3am is really early to get up, but is gonna do it anyways.

    1. lilith


      3am? Why go to bed? Just stay up. LOL

    2. lonewolf_kai


      I would, but I'd want to stay up after 3am for a looong time.

    3. Vouivre


      I'm staying up for a good while... then after work I'm leaving asap just to come home and play. Of course I'm debating about that infamous midnight release