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  1. This might sound stupid but I cant find the executable file,just a url to steam for the path.I'll keep looking I'm sure I'm not doing this right.
  2. I don't get the option "run as admin" when I right click. I only have one account and its the admin is maybe why it doesn't show that? Thanks though, that could've been a solution and I didn't think of that.
  3. Pardon if I'm not posting in the right spot but the CK category was for a wiki link that i figure is not the place for questions. My CK just flashes that its launching then quits.I've tried through the steam tools page as well. After doing the research about this problem I added the 2 files to the skyrimeditor.ini, I think its called,and they were the bAllowMultipleMaster=1,something like that and another bSomething=1.This was yesterday is why I dont recall the exact file names. I also added the bsa files in the proper section further down the page for the dlc stuff and made sure the spelling and spacing was correct. It still just flashes the launcher every way I try to open it but wont open. I have steam running and I did a reinstall of the CK but no go. Does anyone have any suggestions? The game is fine and has many mods running, I'm also using the newest NMM and havent had any issues with it after uninstallling and reinstalling everything,skse,every mod,all the dlc. Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. Hello Alliance, I go by Elias64 and its been a few years since I've been here but I knew someday I would have the time to devote to the modding class and I finally have the time and am thrilled you guys still offer the training class. I remember the professionalism as well as close knit group here and I had hoped to return someday because you guys ran the site with class and it was fun. I still use some of the modders mods here and I know some of the best were here. I'm looking forward to learning in the school,starting at the beginning, I remember the class was top notch if you're a beginner and want to learn.Its been so long for me,that the question about which city being farthest north in oblivion had me thinking "well I guess I can try to sign in or sign up tomorrow" then wham-o,Bruma popped into my 51 year old brain instantly lol.I'm glad it wasn't the southernmost it wanted because after Anvil and cheydinhall I'm tapped lol. Anyway hello again and glad you guys are still going strong.Willie Sea(I know there's a few spellings)I still think the leveler's tower is the best mod ever and Insanity Sorrow has some of the best looking weapons for the game.I dont remember all the names but I remember there being a helluva lot of talent here and if allowed,I'm looking forward to getting back into the learning process.
  5. In Oblivion one of the best utilities for immersion was an expanded hotkey mod. Theres no replacing how using hotkeys rather than stopping and opening up a menu,helps with staying immersed in the game. This mod added two more 1 through 9 hotkeys that were accessed by assigning shift,ctrl or alt then the number and also had a total of 4 presets that you could set to remember what your wearing for armor and weapons. Has anyone seen anything like this for Skyrim? It was such a useful thing to have.
  6. I have to recommend the Leveler's Tower also.If I had only one place to live it would be there.It has to be seen to appreciate and the functions and amount of things it does are just amazing. Try It.After patching my game it would be my first download. Did I mention I like the Leveler's Tower?
  7. darn it I knew that but forgot.And to think I jumped out of game to get codes for 3 different holds I tried.Well I'm done with delphine with the exception of the truce meeting and I'd still love to lop her head off with the dual sword kill move.Right after aerengir says something about her being there would be awesome. If only I could move after taking my seat in the meeting.When Ulfric says he wont sit at the table with that thalmor b!#*#,her head goes rolling onto the table! You're absolutely right Tullius , you bring whoever you want to the meeting.Now wheres that helgen captain that enjoys executions?
  8. i tried both of those and for the number used 2 for friend then 3 for ally(i think)but she still went haywire.I figured I'd have some fun while thinking of my next move so I killed the bartender who was attacking me and put delphine down about 7 times,using shout to fling her and a levelers tower sword to stop her.The whole time ol sven is yelling somebody do something. Finally a guard came in so I sheathed the sword and only owed 40 gold.Delphine was immediately ok with my surrender.Something was weird before with the guards not doing anything while she was attacking me right? I mean either I have a bounty or delphine was attacking an innocent citizen.The guards were running from her before lol I was about ready to make her mortal and kill her and accept the MQ is broken unless advancing it with the console would've worked but....yikes! I'm off to solitude to continue working with her ,lmao!
  9. I'm at diplomatic immunity in the MQ.Supposed to meet delphine at riverwood.As soon as i step into the inn all hell breaks loose with her and the bartender attacking me.I dont have a bounty and I can speak to any guard.I've visited 2 other places and talked to guards just in case she's mad about something there.Nothing. Seeing as how shes essential for the MQ to continue is there a console command to fix her more than temporarily? Submitting to her doesn't stop her.She's relentless and the funny thing is she can be wacking me with a sword or arrows and the guards wont help,they run lol. Hmmmm,I wonder what would happen after the season unending meeting is over,and she was made non-essential,and she makes the paarthunax must die statement,I cut off her head in front of the greybeards? If I remember right aerngir isnt all that happy she and esbern show up anyway lol.There's no guards in high hrothger... Thats what I'd like to do but in reality I need to fix that crazy witch and I dont know why she's upset.
  10. HAPPY EASTER to all at TESA!
  11. Hackers suck.Why they would mess with this site just shows what they are,malicious,and for no good reason. Thanks DarkRider and anyone else involved in getting the site back up.Sorry for those inconvenienced by this. I can understand why a thief steals,he gets something.I can't understand why a hacker would mess with us.Malice.
  12. "more replayable".Thats a perfect way to describe it.After using the teleport system I feel ok to start adding some mods again.If the big city doors start acting up again I'll just go to the library then teleport past them.I havent used the game fast travel yet since I reinstalled and I just dropped another 10 hour plus session with no load screen problems!
  13. The Levelers Tower from Williesea is awesome.Everybody here probably already knows about this mod but I've only been at skyrim a few weeks.I just spent over 10 hours in the tower and haven't made a potion,enchanted or smithed anything yet. The arena couldve stood on its own as great mod.Most of the time with places to live that are this big,they usually lose their functionality and end up something to look at and then be done with.The Levelers Tower is something to see and there is a lot to do. It's main function was perfect for me because I just started over and theres some things I dont want to take the long way around to get to.I was having major problems with load screen freezes so its been frustrating to play lately.I only have the unoficial patch and levelers tower for mods,I ditched everything and haven't had a problem since. Back to the tower.The wood grains are textured really cool.If you remember ravenloft from morrowind,theyre deep and rich like that.Also it has teleportation within the tower to get any area quickly.How many houses have a battle arena inside? I could go on and on about how cool this place is.There truly is too much to list.The detail is great too,my favorite is the books next to the bathroom so you have something to read! This place really does have everything and its the only thing you need if you have a charater you want to adjust. Willie the Tower is awesome my friend.I'm just scratching the surface but this is definitely my batcave for this time around. I still dont know what caused all the load screen freezes.I bought a gtx 560 ti and competely started over so I would have an unadultered data,scripts and ini files,loaded the patch and the tower only and its been smooth sailing since!
  14. I have to laugh at the irony of not being able to play skyrim atm because everytime I start Steam it extracts and installs an update then gives me a message of "Steam needs to be restarted to apply update" then "steam needs to be online to finish update,check your internet connection"! Beautiful,its already installed this update 3 times earlier in the morning and I played afterward so who knows whats going on with that.My internet connection has been fine all day,but I guess not to them lol. So now I cant play a game that i bought the disc for that doesn't need to be online to play in the first place! Thats my rant and I'm sticking to it.I would've ranted on the Steam site but according to them I can't get online!
  15. Thanks,I think I might start over and start with the levelers tower shortly after the escape from Helgen.I'm not as far along in the game as I thought because I forgot to consider the DLC that I haven't used yet. I'm not disappointed in your list at all I'd be doing the same thing and will when I learn how.Smelting down weapons and armor is a great change and I agree that mining ore is ridiculous when you get one or two ores.