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  1. It’s not really relevant though. Would rather see more on fleshing out the Thalmor. Valenwood/Elsweyr game, both provinces at once since they’re so small and no one but the weirdest of fans wants to see an all khajiit game anyway. Plus I can get to stompin some puss, Pelinal style.
  2. I’m sure they won’t, they were adamant on TES being the story of Tamriel specifically, though who knows when they get a hankering for money. I For one would love to see an Akaviri invasion though. Attack of the snake weaboos
  3. My new jam
  4. Other than that it’s not too bad really. Did most of it with the motherboard instructions and Youtube.
  5. They can be your first time. But it depends on how much space your tower has mainly. And motherboards are a bit particular on how things are plugged up. My old one for instance told me to plug my fan plug in the wrong port so the thing wouldn’t turn on at all because a lot of them won’t without at least one fan running, not counting the cpu one. And those fancy cpu fans can be a bitch too. Especially if you have big hands like me.
  6. Hey once you’re done with all the BS those jokers will pay for your college anyway.
  7. Glad to have you back, blood thirst and all, lol. Argonian hentai, Deathclaw edition.
  8. I just realized how to do a major function of the combat Like, it was only after this other god fight made me because literally nothing else was working and if I knew about this ******* feature a day ago it'd have saved me a looot of heartache. Lol. Anyway I got past the asshole. Gunna put a pic in anyway. THAT'S the last pic
  9. Last ones I promise I almost died attempting to get this epic shot but one of these will be my new desktop and cellphone backgrounds so it's totally worth it. First the rune doors:
  10. Meanwhile, somewhere in California.
  11. Good, I can take pics all day lol. I got that as well, but I'll save it for around christmas. In the meantime lol taking pics of her gawking at strange shits my favorite thing. They had some Y shaped crucifixes, basically Nordic runes that they used like roman crosses I'll take a pic of later, as well as some psychadelic trippy rune shit I'll show later if it aint too spoilery. Theres a lot of fantastic visual effects that I'm obligated to show off.
  12. This game looks amazing. This is before I optimized and maxed settings for the game btw, always forget to do that with new games. Last pic I took in "photo mode" which for now on every friggin game needs to have, it's sooo useful. No need for console commands n shit.
  13. Assume nothing.
  14. Oh it’s about to get hot alright