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  1. Roleplayer's Off Topic Thread #48

    They still wear plate occasionally. Like Balgruuf and such. I know the racial bonuses don’t reflect that but I don’t pay attention to it. Nords wear heavy armor all the time, always have.
  2. Civil War Aftermath OOC #72

    Oh yea lol, guess I forgot him because you play as him.
  3. Civil War Aftermath OOC #72

    Rofl yes there are, my Redguard character Jodun gods rest his soul is named after one, Frandar Hunding. Then there’s the founder of the arena, Blademaster Gaiden Shinji.
  4. Civil War Aftermath OOC #72

    Downvote me all you like! Won’t catch me frettin... still won’t make me respect Bretons eyyyy
  5. Civil War Aftermath OOC #72

    I've heard of Breton scullery maids, but Breton heroes?
  6. Roleplayer's Off Topic Thread #48

    I’ve been avoiding being a snitch this entire time.... and I finally had to snitch, and in front of the chick I’m trying to bang that is trying to super friend zone me Got in a situation where we just couldn’t badass our way out of it. Got fucked up on all sides. But luckily it was just on a blue lizard dude, so who cares. edit Tijhan’s been letting me handle dialogue since I’m focusing on persuasion a bit for my Baldur character.
  7. Roleplayer's Off Topic Thread #48

    And it’s co op up to 4 people in a campaign.
  8. Roleplayer's Off Topic Thread #48

    Still figuring that out exactly lol but it’s like D and D the video game So many options.
  9. Roleplayer's Off Topic Thread #48

    Divinity 2 original sin is sooooo good dude
  10. Civil War Aftermath OOC #72

    **** y’all
  11. Civil War Aftermath OOC #72

    Rofl maybe we should make it a rule not to downvote.
  12. Roleplayer's Off Topic Thread #48

    Honestly I was gonna until I saw how salty everyone got at the prospect Y’all got so depressed and I felt like an ass. I also nearly did it after me n Doc were joking and he accidentally made a decent argument in favor of Brund winning lol.
  13. Roleplayer's Off Topic Thread #48

    What better way then to burn a niggas throat in a death grip.
  14. Roleplayer's Off Topic Thread #48

    Cool lol but no. I wanted Baldur to seal away Brund’s gift for good the way Orochimaru, albeit temporarily, sealed Naruto’s demon, correcting something that never should’ve been.
  15. Roleplayer's Off Topic Thread #48

    Rofl I’m flattered actually I saw firelord Ozai And was like..... I want that Though that thing he does with candles and his fingertips when he burned brunds throat, inspired by Orochimaru’s five pronged seal.