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  1. I’m gonna make Doc and Balrog eat shit when I casually walk through Dark Souls 3 like it’s nothing like: coincidentally that’s also what’ll be playing when Baldur and Boldir are in the same area code. RP wise, still in the pre moot.
  2. Kim Jung Ugh aka Rocket Man can pull off police mech forces with boosters and rocket barrages but can barely launch one nuke, lol.
  3. Germans mowing over some russian lgbt dude and an old man.
  4. Proof to Balrog police brutality doesn't just happen in the states. Officer kills some weaboo cosplayer, and then some midget guy.
  5. Would also like to point out how crazy playing with pc gamers is as someone using a controller. Their accuracy is gross lol so I have to stick to characters where that doesn't matter, like Reinhardt, mercy, symetra and Torb (aka the no aiming kit) or people where mobility is high and where the controller has somewhat of an advantage., Junkrat. Or reaper lol since shotguns don't need accuracy and strafing side to side actually makes it easier to shoot people down, and that I think is far easier with a controller. Don't do bad with Tracer either, that's someone else I've been playing as. Basically the same shit as Reaper. Come from behind, shoot, run away, rinse repeat. Except her guns are effective far away as well so you can pepper people down from behind a reinhardt or Orisa shield pretty easily too and build up that ultimate quicker than reaper.
  6. That's true, I don't die much with him for that very reason. His wraith mode is your bread and butter. I barely mess with his teleport., aside from being tanky and flying, defense matrix is just so awesome, even with the nerf she got reducing it by half the time. That plus missiles which you can shoot while flying towards your target, AND defense matrix their shots? too much fun. And when she gets ejected she deals some pretty crazy damage. Gotten better surviving outside of it, just hang back and shoot. Range doesn't effect damage or accuracy. Basically I play like a bitch Run in aggressive, retreat, run in aggressive, retreat. Rinse and repeat. Sorry for the noise in the back occasionally, I was eating my meat chowder, lol
  7. You calling me A reaper or referring to Reaper? I admit I can't pull that off with him with 0 deaths, but man me as gross. Gonna have to upload that whole game lol. I've just started seriously playing as Reaper and ^ lol I'm enjoying it. Mains now would be Reinhardt, Junkrat, Mercy, and Reaper. Those are the characters I switch between the most now and consistently do well as.
  8. For the record, two of those medals were silver, lol just took the pic too soon before it uploaded. Not that it matters or that anyone cares... just sayin for the record Anyway getting games like that with no deaths has been coming pretty consistently.
  9. I've gotten so much better at this game and all I did was stop leaning back when I play Go figure. Still the God as
  10. Guess that was a bad comparison, lol, Avatar universe is pretty crazy.
  11. How about Brund vs Firelord Ozai, lol. That’d be sweet, the guy can fly and shoot lightning straight in his chest. I mention that because I obviously took some inspiration from Avatar for that duel. And of course for those that didn’t see: One of three Brund inspirations I used a few highlander references too. The other two are Vegeta from DBZ and Kenpachi from Bleach. Didn’t care for the majority of that show but he was the shit.
  12. My brother was playing some Freddy vs Jason game lol. Actually looked kinda fun. I’m a big dead space fan, and yea **** EA so much.
  13. If the game isnt big on story then im fine with starting with three really.
  14. He have any powers to help him out? The thu’um is a pretty big advantage.
  15. And yea i know this alls off topic technically lol. Something something, Nords.