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  1. Badass imo. And happy Bday Czar! Belated lol.
  2. What, the box isn't enough for ya? That's the American serving size.
  3. I hope the morrowind armor is better in ESO than what I've seen. It reminds me of Dragon Age Origins.
  4. I know nothing about Total War, I played it once and barely. I know who Attila the Hun is but not how to relate Skyrim to him. As for Blackmarsh, I'd consider Witchie the head of it, he's done more to it than anyone, so he's who I'd consult on matters concerning the province.
  5. I haven't started with Dishonored 2 yet either. As for Witcher, yea you're gonna need some time to play it lol, it's huge. I only just finished the game in December, though I wasn't constantly playing, I just didn't want it to end. Had to make myself, it's sad knowing this is Geralt's last adventure. When you do play, I highly recommend at least playing on the second hardest difficulty, or Death March. Game's just too easy otherwise, and it's much more satisfying killing your enemies using at least some if not all of your prep stuff to do it. Oils, potions, the right signs, bombs. Whatever you need. Or, being boss enough to kill it without being prepared despite the difficulty. Not being able to heal automatically or by waiting is only a pain at first. Just loot everything in sight, you'll have food and plenty of ingredients to make some stuff for that. The right builds get around that too. Quen heals when you take damage on the secondary version of it, and lol, potion builds... Basically all I need to heal is use stamina, so I just spam signs or hit something with my sword when I need healing lol. Gotta love decoctions.
  6. I'd still say the Hist, they can genetically change the argonians to whatever form they want to counteract the insane possibilities of the wild hunt. Their changes would be more precise vs a mad mob of shifting creature spirits.
  7. Very possible, I was reading the translations from the CD projekt Red site.
  8. .... Okay I don't know how I missed that? Gotta go back and reread I guess.
  9. You're forgiven. And I read some of the books, but managed to miss that. Don't have your eyes for lesbian stuff I guess
  10. No no no, you're not just gonna slide in that shit and just keep talking and change the subject and NOT expect me to rip on you. Out of EVERYTHING in the game, you managed to weed out the one little moment confirming Ciri as Bi, and zero in on it. You have a problem, my ******.
  11. He got his memory back and ran out of excuses lol. This is what happens when ya side chick become da main chick and ya main chick find out she da side chick now.
  12. Well, tingles. Vibrates, tingles, kinda the same. You get the idea.
  13. Oh they know about it. If anything, they're upset that Geralt was tamed down a bit in Witcher 3 because they can't harp on about the patriarchy with it anymore. Though if you ask me considering the most powerful people in the lore are female, they never really could, just because Geralt was a horndog sex machine. His skin ******* vibrates, what chick wouldn't want the D? Lol. And even so, he doesn't get to bang everyone, Witcher 3 especially made it clear that most people were put off by his grey and mutated appearance. Except the hottest of women lol which luckily for him have a freaky desire for mutated badasses. But you get the point. They made it more realistic.
  14. Oh and they also hate it because it kicked dragon age in the dick. Not just inquisition, the entire series.