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  1. I might have to work this weekend... if if I do, I'll make sure and answer every morning and at night when I get home.
  2. No they definitely do, unless you have your damage augmented like me, I have 158 percent damage increase and sign intensity increase due to running around with three decoctions on at all times. There's a mutagen from blood and wine that increases those stats for how much toxicity you have, which makes combat and potion builds op as shit lol. The damage is great but when skulls are red in death march, those enemies one hit you instead of two or three hitting you on the second to last difficulty, so I gotta get the legendary wolf swords next, then eventually legendary grandmaster around level 80.
  3. Yes indeed I sure can't complain I just gotta focus these first few weeks until I get my shit in order, can't even enjoy games right now. That said I finally beat the witcher last week, and it's a ******* masterpiece. I still can't believe how sick this game is and CDPR in general, I'm gonna be playing my New Game Plus this weekend while I'm posting with you and Collins, they really did an excellent job giving the game good replayability with how they added that in and scaled all the equipment up as well. Current character is a level 53 on deathmarch, sword and potion heavy build. Wrecks friggin face dude, but it feels almost necessary on death march a lot of the times, lol. Think I'll go bear for the witcher gear this time around but I'm keeping my wolf swords. I'll change the armor color to red with dyes to match the blades, or vice versa.
  4. Hey guys, I got the job and will be making some primo cash but my hours are 3pm to 11pm mon thru Friday. Won't stop me from posting in the mornings but I'm short as hell on cash till next friday so besides weekends my mind won't be there for posting, but I'll be up to it Saturday and Sunday so we can get the ball rolling.
  5. A betrayed tribesman rightful leader who goes to civilized lands to learn and gain weapons to take back his birthright, and who is later sidetracked by the movie industry and becomes an actor. One day perhaps his acting skills shall come in handy. Thats my first idea. A brutish tribesman turned charismatic movie star revolutionist.
  6. Come on, it'll put some hair on your chest! It started as a roleplay and I left said roleplay and wrote on my own when shit hit the fan. And I'd be too embarrassed to let you guys read anyway, only person who I did let read was Celan. It involves Mannimarco, the mages guild and the dark brotherhood for a headcanon explanation as to why he was such a ***** in the game even though we already have one.
  7. It was funnier that way.
  8. You know that when they say cyborg they don't literally mean with wires and such coming out of him right? Some of the art depictions of him are far more tame and yet incredibly badass all the same, with magic enchantments inside him and such. He basically is a sorcerer king, just artificially constructed to have magic lasers and advanced snazzy armor.
  9. I basically roleplayed Pelinal.
  10. My canon character went through the entire game wearing his armor, lol. Most fun I ever had in that game. Especially since I could hide that ugly face with some sweet ass armor.
  11. For you, Centurion.
  12. [whose] facets could [un-sector and form] into a man whose every angle could cut her jailers and a name: PELIN-EL [which is] "The Star-Made Knight" Come on, they basically just stated the dude's a Cyborg Transformer, lol. Star made is a direct reference to divines, namely Kyne and that she created an artificial knight of the divines.
  13. I wrote a lot on how shadow magic works in one of my stories, but unfortunately you'd have to dig through all the smutty Nord on Dunmer action in the beginning to get to it XD.
  14. Lol I just kinda assumed it was clear they'd only act as missionaries and convince people willingly where they could. That is my bad.
  15. Oh and if the druids start lynching Nords for saying Kynareth instead of Kyne, Baldur will put them down himself Baldur is far more subtle than that, he needs his base to believe first, both in the original nordic pantheon, which they mostly already do, and in the story of the Ash King and his significance to Wulfharth as a bringer of Nordic ways. The druids don't believe in him but they're gonna have to compromise and talk about Wulfharth as a sort of saint anyway, and Baldur's tale. Give them hope against the elves and then the people will take their preaching to heart. After that, the people will do the rest, spread the word. The more successful Baldur is and Skyrim is, the more the words will gain merit. There won't be need for violence, and the nine will never be wiped out entirely from Skyrim anyway, Talos mantling Shor kinda pins them there in relevance. Even Baldur can't and wouldn't rid them of him obviously. Lol Baldur is Wulfharine. Get it? Get it?? Lol.