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  1. Also lol, I think most of us here can relate some on taking forever to finish a writing project, let alone the tomes that dude dishes out.
  2. I think GRRM is gonna croak before he finishes. And lol that meme's gotta be fake. Four years of that, and he just grew suspicious now? Come on.
  3. I actually got it from Ragnar, though I'm pretty sure both come from that.
  4. And lol I basically am a hillbilly.
  5. I hate all of you XD. It was just a thought, not like I was banking on it... Much. Turns out, Ragna was my backup plan.
  6. Reminds me of the time Celan and I were talking about possible baby names, and I said Rebba. Her reaction made me lie and say I was kidding, lol.
  7. Heheh, eyyy. You had me at reb. And thank you for not lying to me, people tend to swear by the book version of characters instead of just admitting some characters are supposed to be annoying. There were people on Tumblr claiming people were annoyed by strong female characters when talking about them, especially because they're not white. Ugh.
  8. I would hope there wouldn't be much talking involved. But yea they were annoying. Super careless, and from what I've heard they weren't like that in the books. Shocker.
  9. Lol you and doc are correct, the sand snakes are definitely up there. My preferred death, getting with all three of them and afterwards being black widowed by the really mean one with the spear.
  10. Her death was really fucked up...
  11. In Danny's case, aroused. So so aroused. You know who I'd like to take on in the bedroom more than anyone in the entire show? Not Daenarys, not Jason Momoa who I quite literally am *** for, not any red priestess... But Brienne.... I'd love to go toe to toe with that mountain of woman, and let her tackle me to the ground, in full plate, brow all sweaty n everything, then wrestle it all off and... *eherm* well anyway. I'm kidding. My list would be Jason Momoa, then Stannis's priestess, THEN Brienne. Then the hot wildling chick they killed off stupidly, which is the real reason to hate Ramsey.
  12. Ain't Ramsay's fault his plot device was stronger. Honestly GoT is swimming in it, hence his hot priestess. You'd have to go waaaay back to avoid them.
  13. Poorly written, yes but I mean, there's no way Jon would've been that stupid either just for Sansa to watch men die and swoop in st the last second. With the later seasons, I've learned to just accept shit for what it is and move on. Fact is poorly written or not, that poopstain accomplished quite a bit on his own. Kids a prodigy.
  14. The kid reminds me of Radovid. Both are so deserving of painful death... but....Unhindered by plot devices, both could've brought their enemies to their knees. And both are rather badass.
  15. Lol convenient for the plot