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  1. Yea she was... we've been through a lot, me n the ol gal. But life goes on... *sniff* look at my new gal tho: Only 8gb ram tho but I have 16 gb in my old one I can swipe out.
  2. New pc coming tomorrow, it cost me my soul, plus 1,400 dollars but it was worth it. It's ******* sweeeeet. I also might be free both days this weekend, and will start catching up on reading if so. I'll put our posts together and post Wednesday too unless y'all wanna do that for me, just in case a tornado hits the delivery truck or some shit considering last weeks track record... Anyway, I'm almost back. Thanks for the patience.
  3. Just so y'all know, my computer got fried and I gotta get a new one but in the meantime I'll get a laptop Sunday so I can post two posts we've finished.
  4. Lord, MK is such a weaboo
  5. There's a weekend shift opening up, and if I get it, I'll only have to work five days every two weeks, which is the weekends and one weekday. If not, I'll get two weekends off and have only the third weekend for mandatory overtime. So, EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION *******! I's gone be free!
  6. Oh and I second **** Lagertha. nothing she's done makes sense, from banging a chick because she's lonely to suddenly caring about the home she lost to Aslaug, and caring about Ragnar. If this happened a season or two ago, I'd understand. Now? Seems like they're running out of ideas or they're rushing things because the show's ratings may have dropped or something. HATED what they did with Rollo, but about his water scene, it did seem like a reverse baptism, but it reminded me more of GoT.
  7. What it do, sorry I was gone, pinched a nerve and my back was hurting like a bitch for the past four days so I just went straight to bed after I got home this week. Good now tho, still about to finish post with Collins. It's basically done now really.
  8. @BTCollins8 got home late tonight but I'll have a response when I wake up tomorrow. Me and BT are almost done, and then I gotta wrap up my post with Doc. That should leave us open for moot.
  9. I'm vain as shit, I'd let it swing, and make millions of women horny accross the world, while making millions for it.
  10. Good orcs are dead orcs.
  11. It's technically a comedy, you'll probably laugh more than anything.
  12. And yea, we were all laughing, lol. But I had the heeby jeebies afterwards. Insidious shit with a lot of real world connotations.
  13. She played that role to ******* perfection. The actor that plays Chris was fantastic too, I know him from an episode of black mirror. He's good at showing with his facial expressions. British actors are really really good.
  14. And centurion, you definitely look like a future jar head You look like a boss dude.