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  1. Ah I see, thanks for the correction. Best to know the specifics when talking about him since he's so loved by everyone, black and white alike.
  2. Wow my answer was gonna be far less nuanced, thank you. i was just gonna say because the truth is inconvenient so they think of the resistance rather than what they were actually resisting. Actually it was gonna be even less nuanced than even that but no need for me to start dropping profanity in a polite discussion.
  3. At the civil war lol I'd be embarrassed if my ancestors fought for the South, not the North. My southern pride ends at the confederacy and I have no love or respect for them or that flag. But then, I have a personal reason not to. Not much love for the North either. The emancipation proclamation ended slavery in Southern territories, and Lincoln had slaves so. I don't get people's love affair with him either. In regards to slavery anyway.
  4. This, plus restoration. I don't even mess with enchanting anymore, just plain ol' this, and stay around the level 40 range. That to me is the best way to play, for any build. It's tempting to get super godly buff but it just makes the game dull as all hell. Plus, if you has mods, the shout progression is enough to make you appropriately godly when needed.
  5. Tumblrinas love him? I mean, I know they like him as a villain but I usually see them saying Dagoth Ur is only loved because he's a man and yadya.
  6. theres a mod I have that makes raiders more varied snd somewhat tougher and level up with me, no level cap, so this one took more ammo than I care for to kill. It's good for clearing a room though for sure and I can make ammo with another mod anyway.
  7. Extreme tree hippies that would rather eat your roasted balls than eat a pair of grapes.
  8. Valenwood, and maybe Elsweyr too, or at least a part of it is my guess, but I prefer Hammerfell.
  9. I didn't mind that, it kinda explains his character. That's a big deal to men, especially in a society like theirs. And by "please a woman" they mean he can't get a boner at all, because he's cripple. Much bigger deal than she wont go O.
  10. Agreed. I don't much like this season at all really. She can keep her carpet munching, I just wish they didn't make up such a rushed and stupid conflict out of the blue.
  11. Also, I decided to combine two posts of mine since we're wrapping up and getting to the moot, rather than drag it out any longer. Which is why I haven't posted yet. Almost done though, but I don't wanna rush it. And, I work saturday and sunday this week, 12 hours each. So I'm kinda waiting till the next week where I have two guaranteed weekends back to back so I can do it right. A lot happens so bear with me.
  12. I second that sentiment yet again btw. **** Lagertha.
  13. I gotta say, survival on fallout 4 (with mods to allow some form of fast travel and saving without beds) is really really fun. I feel like this is how the game should be played, though the Laugh Now, Cry-O-Lator, lol is incredibly op, only offset by the ammo. I downed a sentrybot in a small burst, so I feel like even with the rare ammo, it's a bit much. The minigun is also god. As it should be.
  14. Also, off this weekend, gonna work on finishing my post, should have it done.
  15. This is me exactly. I had to clean up my act a bit in my last playthrough, almost lost her as a follower. I steal a lot though, it helps on a hardcore playthrough.
  16. Civil War Aftermath: Origins WE ARE IMMORTAL! (In other words check out our tv tropes page) here Chapter 1: here Chapter 2: here Chapter 3: here (Anything Off Topic Belongs in the OOC Threads) Character Sheets: here GMs: The_Good_Doctor, BigBossBalrog, ColonelKillaBee (That's me!) Summary: Pretty much what it sounds like. Post background stories here. Things before the events of Civil War Aftermath Chapter 1. They can be short, long, big, small....I'm not picky Have fun
  17. This, minus the charisma. **** charisma in NV, I pretend it doesn't exist. I just figure he is persuasive, but that doesn't mess you're charismatic necessarily. A good actor, but a brass asshole by default. That's mine anyway.
  18. If Nordic mead is as weak as Viking mead was, then I'm sorry but we'd absolutely wipe the floor with them in drinking, honestly Even modern mead is much stronger than what they had. And tastes better too, likely. Though honestly mead is kind of an acquired taste, and I think the weaker stuff tastes better really. Strong drink isn't drunk because people love the taste.
  19. Now maybe its my own fault for using two decoctions but I'm disappointed in how easy the Leshen fight is even on deathmarch :/ Should have done this sooner I guess but the Leshen's moveset without its branches blows. Though I think the damage I was dishing out might've skipped a few fight phases or something.
  20. As for Starkiller being whiny... I can't disagree honestly, crawling in my skin, lol perfect analogy. He was best when he didnt talk
  21. I love the wolf grandmaster gear too but it kinda has too much going on in comparison to the first and last bear school armor. The first though is honestly my fav, I love flowy cloth like trench coats and such.
  22. Btw Bear school geralt armor is amazing. So fuckin epic bruh. Gonna make a quick vid to show you what I mean. Sexy.
  23. The first game was fantastic, main game and dlc combined even if the quick time events while fun, were uninspired gameplay wise. DLC was also as you said, pretty fuckin awesome at the time. The second one, you're absolutely right though. They just HAD to make a sequel. It really shouldn't have had one.