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  1. My bad, should've quoted Witch, just figured it being under his post was good enough. Anyway, that's why I had doubts of such a thing existing without the influence of a daedra or some divine artifact, which is the only way I could see such a thing existing in TES. Perhaps working like I'd originally thought the Darkspawn taint did, the manifestation of a (maybe dead) god's will spreading like a virus.
  2. Never hear about someone having a tricky ringworm they can’t get rid of or something, lol.
  3. That’s what I mean though. Every time we’ve gotten something that wasn’t easily cured it seems to stem either from daedra, or in Morrowind Lorkhan. edit: or the sload
  4. Thought so, though I hadn’t read the novels yet. So all I had to go by was fan word.
  5. I didn’t mention corprus or the ash vampires specifically because they derive from Lotkhan’s Heart, but yea it’s a good example.
  6. I’m fuzzy on lore about diseases but don’t such things typically derive from daedra aside from ones made by the Sload? As for parasites, I suppose but I’m sure there’s mages in abundance that specialize in restoration enough to kill parasites, and if not then alchemists for sure.
  7. It’s possible though. They don’t often get involved with outside provinces on their own.
  8. That’s as close as we’re likely gonna get to such a thing in TES though. Which personally, I’m ok with. Doesnt much fit in a world where you can kill disease with spells and blessings. Send in a team of mages that can do so, wipe out the infected with fire. Presto. No outbreak. Unless it was daedric in nature or sentient and couldn’t just be cleansed with spells.
  9. Well we already kinda have mind control plants don’t we? The Hist. I bet when the Argonians attacked Oblivion and Morrowind they probably seemed zombie like with their relentless attacks.
  10. It’s definitely scarier but it’s also kinda redundant lol. That said, every province kinda has their own thing. Thatd be cool for BM
  11. No idea, but who needs it when you have actual Undead already.
  12. The last of us is closer to the real thing than you think. edit: Glad I’m not the only one that thought this:
  13. My GOD DUDE Science wasn’t actually certain how fungi like cordyceps “hijacked” their host’s behavior, and we always kind of assumed it was causing some relatively simplistic damage to the brain, but now it seems the truth is much more like all the dramatized versions of it in sci-fi horror. These fungi integrate themselves on the cellular level with the host’s tissues all throughout their body, actually seem to send signals to the host’s muscles and even alter the host’s genes with their own. And all the while, it turns out THE BRAIN ISN’T TAKEN OVER AT ALL. These fungi, all along, have been converting their hosts into animal-fungal hybrids they control while the host’s brain and consciousness remain helplessly alive and largely unaltered.
  14. Yea you showed me lol, Alistair’s such a wimp
  15. Had to get a secondary software to enable my controller with origins on pc Buuut, it works well, aaaand lets me use it as a mouse on windows so worth it.
  16. Well said. And I suppose it does also make Triss’s ending less meh, somewhat. If you roleplay that she wants to take you away from the bad memories there and not just make you follow behind her.
  17. Unrelated, there’s no struggle greater than loving eggnog and being mildly lactose intolerant. That is all.
  18. It was nice to have such a good ending for Geralts Last Contract (tm) though. I consider it them simply adding even more replayability to an infinitely playable game, as far as I’m personally concerned. It definitely made me happy I replayed the dlc again. I also left most of the side quests alone the first time for the same reason.
  19. And personally it was kind of jarring to go from this epic war between monster and man to suddenly seeing Rapunzel hang herself with her own hair and buying a scarf from a 9 year old crack dealer in Neverland. It just throws off the pacing and the atmosphere in my opinion, as fun as it all was.
  20. Eyy this is actually pretty raw right here, hated the grey warden's lack of epic gear in one:
  21. Lol no, that's why I failed that mission with the plague maiden first time When in doubt, kill the monster. More or less a safe rule and what I did with blood and wine. Course, that didn't give me the fairytale ending or the phenomenal puntang either, but... hindsight.
  22. Also, think I'm gonna do a DA:O run again, talking about it made me wanna stomach the tediousness of some of it again lol. And banging Morrigan, that's always a plus Saw some of the mods... think this'll be the first game ever that I download a sex scene mod for lol, those were ******* atrocious in the base game. Especially the dwarf ones Just one of the many reasons I'll never be able to play one. edit: If I can get over how clunky the controls are. Jesus might have to settle for playing with mouse and keyboard after all. Ugh.
  23. Cool, thank you for persuading me to do what I wanted lol, I agree with you. **** them ugly ass peasant kids, go drunkard wife beating Baron! seriously, I guess the best thing to do is just judge in the moment and not with hindsight. That said originally I did side with the tree, but only because I felt for sure that the Witches were up to no good and didn't like taking orders for them. Knew they were using me. But Geralt's on an important mission and Ciri's at the heart of something much bigger than witches messing with peasants. It is what it is. No right answer really but that's the one I feel most comfortable with as Geralt. I think. Besides, freeing an ancient evil tree spirit certainly doesn't sound like a good idea. I basically did it just because it sounded like the most interesting option first time around.
  24. Ok then. *points gun at loaderbot* Choose. As for the second stage bah, I care nothing for clipping, if Geralt's collars can't handle the manliness, then the collars are simply unfit to sit upon his.... collar. I did that simply because I wanted his full beardliness back and then some asap. Didn't even think that I wasn't at the full stage, just thought maybe my graphics card was showing too much detail or something so it just looked like that, lol.