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  1. Christ, I meant Andrew, or Alex, whatever his name is. Trumps wall cant come up fast enough. Stealin my man n shit.
  2. Not since you been pallin around with the ******.
  3. You know, I guess this makes me Triple B now
  4. And sweet, guess we gonna be havin drive bys in our Sunbird convertible tops.
  5. I forgot lol I don't think about you like that ******.
  6. Init, that's me irl
  7. Bitch you know it *snap*
  8. Baldur shits on that flat ass weave he calls hair.
  9. I'll make my own Brund vs Baldur lol.
  10. It's cool, Unrivaled isn't around to decimate them.
  11. My boy dont **** with that shit Real Ra Gada don't rock that.
  12. Also Redguard. Hell, we should make some boss ass Redguards for the war @Gokuonu and do our ropeadopes on these ***** ass elves like we do on multiplayer.
  13. Oops. And I could always use another Thalmor character.
  14. If I were to label @Gokuonu as anything, it'd be an Altmer for sure, lol. Definitely sassy enough. I'm pretty sure he plays Dunmer and Argonians in Skyrim mostly but the rp can take you anywhere.
  15. I bet if I used goat cheese in a dish, you wouldn't even notice Unless I told you. I'm always doing that to my family, otherwise they won't eat what I make.
  16. It's more for cooking
  17. @The_Good_Doctor you are one sick individual. That kill was naaaasty. Grysler/video/36975760
  18. They apparently don't even drink mead lol, so I'm not so sure about that.
  19. So that's how you explain Roscreans...
  20. Rofl there you go So basically, Colovian or Nibenese. It's all the same shit to me.
  21. Lol probably a milk drinker. He understands my arguments, even agrees with them but he likes his lizard wizards and twinklefingers, and isn't much of a fan of greasy Nords. He also likes to irk my nerves so I imagine milkdrinker.
  22. Yep, thas my boy Tijhan. Gonna see if he likes what we do here. Try and get his toes wet a bit.
  23. Cool apparently I can approve newcomers now. Welcome to the rp, my ******.
  24. I kept the sketch version of Celan's commission as well, I really liked this one too:
  25. Preggers Rebec by Doc lol: