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  1. Actually I'll stop being a lazy GM and start it myself this time Continue. And happy fourth of july weekend, US rules! You all make me proud to be an American. I love having a group that agrees we da best. You're ALL true Americans, each and every last one of you. Congrats on being born in the greatest country in the world.
  2. That's what me and Balrog were talking about earlier. That storm was too timely and would explain the ambush.
  4. ****** apparently brings everything back in style.
  5. This review is really good and I agree on Danny. At this point I'm only rooting for her because she's Jason Momoa's hot piece, and dragons. I'm betting on her turning out to be just like her father, fill the role of combatting the white walkers, then eventually having to be killed, after disappointing all of her close followers. After all, this is Game of Thrones. Disappointment and sadness are key ingredients.
  6. Also on Jon
  7. If you don't know what to do with a character, as far as I'm concerned it's best to just kill them off, or let them retire.
  8. @bigbossbalrog Lol I wouldn't say anime, she's far too sexy to be an anime chick. But what in the ****, how in the hell do they justify pulling that out of their ass.... Seriously, it's worse than fanfiction. Which is all it is, but still.
  9. Where's the problem in that?
  10. Besides, no man looks forward to a handy, lol. Well, he might if it's Brienne actually, lol. Me, it's like being offered pizza and getting the measly crust. Where's the rest of the pie, hmm?
  11. Also on the Milf of Dragons: edited for ******* siri.
  12. My sentiments exactly. And, that whole battle made me hard. Makes me excited for the naval war in the RP.