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  1. No, it doesn't. It affects the recipes.
  2. Version


    Let's face the facts, Alduin as a boss fight was an anticlimax to the max. By the time we faced down the foul wyrm, we were not only a walking tank, but flanked by three legendary glowy heroes. All he did was shout some meteors at us, and then we punched him, and then he exploded. Alduin was, in short, disappointing. Let's fix that. World Eater Beater is a boss fight overhaul similar in style to my Morrowind mod "Versus Vivec". It takes an existing boss, and actually makes them not suck. "But trainwiz" you drool at me, "Don't ther be already mod what make the Alduin strong". Well the thing is, they usually just beef up his health and make his attacks ridiculously overpowered. That's not my goal. My goal is to completely rescript and redo Alduin into something worthy of the title of "World Eater". So, the fight is now divided into five stages, each stage different in style from the last, with a host of new attacks, locations, and general world screwing-up. Features _____________________________________________________________ -New sounds and effects for Alduin when you fight him. -A complete overhaul of Alduin's final fight, with new locations, attacks, enemies, and horrifying amounts of death. Now, Alduin is divided into five stages: -Stage 1: Similar to vanilla, except Alduin's melee attacks break holes in reality, there's a lot more meteors raining down on you, and his shouts split into smaller shouts (and so on). -Stage 2: Alduin grows enormous, blasts away the other Dragonborns, and devours you. Now in his stomach, dodge stomach worms, half-digested enemies, and acid as you trudge through the previous kalpas he's eaten. To succeed, hit the glowing red bits scattered around the map. -Stage 3: Alduin spits you out onto a now-eaten Sovngarde. Leap from broken island to broke island, as you shout incoming comets back into Alduin's face, and dodge his ice, fire, and force shouts that modify the very landscape you fight on. -Stage 4: Beaten back, jump on Alduin and ride him as he re-enters the atmosphere, whacking away sensitive glowing parts as they appear, all while watching your footing and the incoming debris. -Stage 5: Reality re-assembles itself, and Alduin is mad. With extra damage, but low health, finish off the World Eater once and for all! Installation ______________________________________________________________ Install it like any other mod, activate, and play. I recommend loading a save from BEFORE you entered Sovngarde. Post-Sovngarde saves work I've found, but aren't as stable. Please note this mod assumes you didn't cheat to reach Alduin, and many many portions of it will require the shouts you gained from the main quest! You are also unable to reset the console if you're already beaten Alduin, so tough luck there. Compatibility and notes _____________________________________________________________ This mod modifies Alduin, Sovngarde, and the scripts of such, mods that modify these portions won't be compatible, and make sure to load World Eater Beater last, or problems will occur! If you're stuck on a portion, either hit the glowy bits, or use Unrelenting Force on something! This mod favors characters with shouts, it is a dragon battle after all! Characters with higher level shouts will find themselves at an advantage. Fight Tips _____________________________________________________________ Stage 1 behaves similar to the normal fight, but is MUCH harder, Alduin does 100 damage per attack minimum. Bring potions and healing spells galore. In Stage 1 and 5, Alduin's melee attacks do no damage, instead, you have five seconds to get clear after each one, or they will cause a damaging explosion. In Stage 2, there are parts of his stomach with non-stomach bits. Here, glowing bits appear, and every sixty seconds they cycle between all four of these parts. Hit them, and they will do damage. Also in Stage 2, the enemies cannot be damaged, focus instead on hitting Alduin's parts. Navigation can be made easier by swimming in his stomach acid, but you run the risk of taking damage from it. In Stage 3, walking on bridges between areas causes Alduin to either ice them over, set them on fire, or destroy the bridges entirely. You can melt ice bridges with flames or fire breath, put out fires with ice breath, clear skies, or unrelenting force, and cross destroyed bridges with Whirlwind sprint. In Stage 3, Unrelenting Force breaks the barriers that hold the other Dragonborns, and frees comet debris. Shouting again at comet debris when it is orbiting Alduin causes it to careen back into him, doing damage. In general, during Stage 3, when in doubt, use Unrelenting Force at something! In Stage 4, damage done to Alduin's sensitive bits determines his total health during Stage 5. The more bits you hit, the less health he has later on! Credits _____________________________________________________________ To Haishao and Bagserk, for sealing up some rocks and pulling the wings off Alduin To Halofarm, for giving things a bit of lighting and making people who complain about the lore complain. To Vicn, for digesting some skeletons and giving Alduin stomach worms. To Martikainen, for alleviating the atmosphere somewhat. To TESG, for testing, and Novajam, for sucking at testing.
  3. Version 1.01


    REQUIRES DRAGONBORN. UNDERSTAND? DRAGON. BORN. THE DLC DRAGONBORN. It REQUIRE THIS DLC. WHICH IS CALLED DRAGONBORN. Your house from Sotha Sil Expanded, now in Skyrim! Built as a home-away-from-home for the great Telvanni lord Divayth Fyr, Fyr Manor has sat for centuries in the Clockwork City, changing hands almost as often as it loses its modules! But now, with the Nerevarine off in Akavir and Lord Fyr having fun in some pocket realm, the Manor desires a new caretaker, and what better caretaker than the Dragonborn? So, without waiting to see if they even want the house, the Dovahkiin now finds himself warped to the last working part of Sotha Sil, and ruthlessly given one of the greatest houses ever constructed. FEATURES: ___________________________________ -Easy access teleport to and from Fyr Manor! -Ideal for technological and magic based characters! -Lots of storage, including auto-sorting storage! -Fully-navmeshed and lit. -Support for spouses -Dawnguard and Hearthfire Support -Fully voiced AI butler, Server, your server server, fresh from SSE and ready to answer all your questions and lose your rooms somewhere in a pocket-realm! -The player can find additional 'room modules' out in the world, and hook them up to the house mainframe, unlocking more and more rooms to complete their house! -Easy room access, simply ask Server which room you'd like, and find it attached to the house and ready for... doing whatever you do in rooms! -Secrets, treasures, custom objects, notes, and lore, left behind by your predecessors for you to discover! -New hidden equipment, including artifacts from past games. The Hammer of Garen, Sotha Sil's mask and staff, and even Coo. -New Spells -Custom architecture and textures! -Gears! ROOMS: ___________________________________ -Alchemy Lab: Grows rare plants in planters, has alchemy table. -Armory: Has all forge components, as well as mannequins and plaques -Atronach Arena: Can spawn atronachs to fight them for salts. -Bedrooms: Bed for all people, plus storage. -Enchanting Lab: Has enchanting table, as well as staff enchanter, plus heartstone and soulgem geodes. -Fabricant Lab: Features throwing-spider making thing, as well as appliances that can make soul-gems out of soul-gem fragments, and break dynamos into scrap metal and dwemer pneumas (powerful ingredients), and break down fabricant pneum- oh wait they're all dead. Whoops. -Main Hall: Features exit, and the server box for Server. -Hall of Achievements: Trophy areas and plaques, as well as achievement statues (basically shrines that appear if the player achieves certain in-game things, that grant blessings). -Library: Bookshelves and Bookshelves. Contains reading chair with lamp. -Observatory: Contains all birthsign stones -Portal Room: Contains portals that can be used to travel to a variety of places, as well as a portal to Sotha Sil's lab, provided you can find out how to turn it back on. -Power Core: Grants passive bonuses if you bathe in its light, and skin cancer. Mostly skin cancer. -Server's Room: Doubles as storage -Shrine: Contains shrines to all major deities, except Talos. -Throne Room: Contains a throne that grants you a blessing and plays music when you sit in it, because why not. -Bone Crusher: Turns dragon bones and scales into bone powder and powerful ingredients. -Sotha Sil's Lab: What? Rooms Added by Dawnguard Patch: ________________________ -Crossbow Manufactory: Allows for forging of bolts and crossbows, as well as the ability to mix things together to get new crossbows. -Soul Lab: Contains plants from the Soul Cairn, a portal to it, as well as soul gem rocks and a soul fissure. Added by Hearthfire Patch: _____________________ -Kitchen: Nuff said. -Greenhouse: Also nuff said. -Kid's Room: Room for children, has toys, Sotha Silego bricks, and his old pet netch named Arry (if you're wondering how it could survive all these thousands of years, well it's Sotha Sil, so shut up.) INSTALLATION AND PLAYING: ___________________________________ Just install it as you would any other mod. When you first start up the game, a special glowing ball will spawn in front of you. Pick it up, and equip it to be taken to the entrance of Fyr Manor, enter, then talk to Serve (the console with the two lights). To unlock new rooms, you must find 'room modules' out in the world. Server will give you a list of where they might be if you ask him, and you can find an example module next to his box. Once you have found a server module, take it back to Fyr Manor and place it in the server box (the big barrel in the foyer). You may then hook up that room. Additional patches, that is, the Hearthfire and Dawnguard Plugins, must be loaded AFTER the Fyr_ManorBase.esp mod. COMPATIBILITY AND NOTES: ___________________________________ This mod is compatible with a vast majority of mods. All it truly adds out in the world is a platform near Dawnstar (between Ysgramor's tomb and the tower stone). Mods that add stuff at that exact location will, obviously, conflict. This also modifies the marriage dialogue. If you have any mods that modify that (such as the 'spouses can live anywhere' mod), load it AFTER Fyr Manor. Otherwise, no other mods are known to conflict, since Fyr Manor is in Another Place. Hearthfire's nursery does NOT support children from the get-go! Modifying the scripts turned out to be far too risky. Instead, use the multiple adoptions mod to make your adoptable kids able to live in the manor. If you ask Server to hook up a room if you only have the first room (the bedroom), he will exist conversation. This is because he has no rooms to hook up. So go find a room. CREDITS: ___________________________________ Crawling Chaos, for voicing Server. Haishao, for her models, testing, and general help. Shippin, for their Seht logo. InsanitySorrow, for his barrel. Just the barrel. Saga, for her illustrations. HolyAtrimony and Hisrotundity, for their books. Saint Jiub, for his fabulous Sothatextures.
  4. Version 1.01


    WARNING AND DISCLAIMER(?): This mod contains harsh language and jokes! Brhuce is not a nice dunmer, and will take every opportunity to belittle you, everything around you, and everything else. If you are the kind of person who is easily offended, or a wuss, do not download this mod, or if you do, do not complain to us if your feelings are hurt afterwards. You have been warned! DESCRIPTION __________________________________________________________ So, you've scoured the internet, you've seen all the follower mods there are to see, and gosh darnit to jeez christ gosh heck, you're sick of all the glassy-eyed waifus, the big-foreheaded floozies, and the barely-dressed barbies that look like they were designed by a middle-schooler who just discovered the opposite gender. You want a better companion, a trustworthy companion. You want a follower who exudes quality. You want a follower who stands for excellence, integrity, and lore-friendliness. Until such a follower exists, why not try out Brhuce Hammar. He throws trains at people! Brhuce Hammar: Legacy, is a fully-voiced, standalone quest and companion mod centered around the titular character Brhuce Hammar. An unhinged and disgraced Telvanni magelord, Brhuce Hammar is a snarky, old, and powerful wizard with an unhealthy obsession with machines. Recently arrived in Skyrim, Brhuce and the Dragonborn encounter one another, and forge a friendship that will stand the test of time. And by this, I mean Brhuce thinks you're a useful idiot. As the player will soon find, Brhuce's life is nothing like anything they've encountered before, and the player will often be dragged along by Brhuce on his various schemes and adventures. You, the player, will find themselves traversing planes of Oblivion, fighting off invasions of otherwordly beings, blasting off to space and exploring the secrets of the dwemer, and even piloting your own giant robot. I'm not kidding, we added a giant robot into the game, and you get to drive it and use it to fight giant monsters. Really. You'll also find yourself gaining a vast arsenal of new rewards, artifacts, spells, and weapons! Drink from the fabled Tankard of Why, shoot daedrons from your mouth, convert gems to gem ingredients, and even get your own robotic horse to ride around in! Brhuce himself of course, has various commentary, quips, and jokes, all fully voiced. In addition to passive random comments, you can sometimes ask Brhuce his opinion on something, and recieve a variety of observations. Brhuce is also able to be married, has his own mount, spells, and much much more! FEATURES __________________________________________________________ -A fully voiced, in-depth companion, who comes with the following features +Over 200 lines, voiced by a professional voicing team, a not-so-professional voicing team, and a goose. +His own unique combat AI, watch as Brhuce dashes around the map, switching spells and combat styles, ramming people and even exploding. Because he explodes. +The ability to change Brhuce's strength. Just ask him to be less overpowered, and watch as he changes to a more balanced playstyle, or tell him not to, and watch him go nuts. +Custom armor, weapons, and even spells! Watch as Brhuce chucks trains at people, vomits steam, or rams them with the full force of his railroady might. +Able to be married by any gender, if a nerdy 300 year old technomancer interests you like that. +Over a hundred lines of commentary for all cities, most towns, dwemer ruins, draugr ruins, caves, necromancer lairs, and much much more! +His own very special mount, which he will ride on whenever you yourself mount a horse! No other mods required! +The ability to, once you have completed the relevant quest, teleport you to your own giant robot hangar +The ability to convert items into other items! He can also give you other items! Yaaaaay items! -Five huge quests offered by Brhuce, that will take you through the planes of Oblivion (including Quagmire!), let you explore a dwemer space station in zero-g, raid the ruins of a daedric prince, fend off an alien invasion, and even pilot your own giant robot! -Tons of new locations, new Oblivion realms, the Lost Dwemer Station of Khagrenzell, to the ancient Zhatterdome, and even Sanguine's secret lair of... things. -The ability to pilot your own giant robot! That's right, you and Brhuce may climb aboard your own mech, and pilot it against kaiju, defending Skyrim from various foes, and claim rewards for doing so! -New enemies, from the deadly Brhucebot, the fit Swole Troll, to the mysterious Salmon of Doubt. -New armors, weapons, and spells all available through the quests. New artifacts, spells that can be used underwater, and I think we already mentioned the robot horse, but you get one. INSTALLATION AND PLAYING __________________________________________________________ Extract the rar wherever you want, then copy the files into your Skyrim/Data folder. It will merge some folders, let it. Then activate the esp, and you're good to go. Or just download it with NMM. Brhuce may be found in Derelict Pumphouse in Blackreach. This is near the Great Lift at Ralbthar. As you may have guessed, you will have to have access to Blackreach to reach him. Brhuce requires nothing else to be your companion however, and will follow you freely. After a certain number of fights, Brhuce will offer you one of his quests. The number of fights is, by default, 30. However, you can set the number down by opening the console and typing 'set 1__tw_fightNumber to <whatever value you want>' without quotes. After you have completed three of these offered quests, Brhuce will then offer you Pacific Skyrim, which is the quest where you may pilot your giant robot. If you have completed Sanguine's quest, Brhuce will offer you the Tankard of Why quest. CONFLICTS AND TIPS __________________________________________________________ Load this AFTER any follower tweaks like UFO or ATF or VVMSZTBTYEDZVER2. If you don't do this, the issues aren't too bad, Brhuce simply will not ride his horse. Or maybe he will. This mod adds things to the Derelict Pumphouse in Blackreach, namely Brhuce. Issues will arise with things that change that area. To enter and exit your Shatterdome hangar, simply talk to Brhuce after Pacific Skyrim is complete. The Bigoted Blade and the Axe of Acceptance do not work for custom races. Sorry. CREDITS __________________________________________________________ To Haishao, for their help in testing, and mesh conversion To Guardly, for uploading the mod to Nexus and making the mod trailer. To Dem Waifus and TESG, for testing. To InsanitySorrow, for his dwemer meshes To Mr. Siika, for his dwemer meshes To Ronnie Magnum, for his meshes To JCSPencer, for his meshes To crysthala, for their texures To Mr. Casual, for his waifus To jackGa, for his meshes To )))), for his meshes To Vicn, for his meshes To Darthhister, for his textures To Razorpony, for his meshes To Hannigan, for his music To Ramin Djawadi, for his music
  5. That's exactly the opposite of what this mod does.
  6. Bash patch, sorry. Too many Wrye related things these days.
  7. -Updated models for the Fists of Randagulf, the Vampiric Ring, Scourge, and Eledion's Ward -Fixed models and issues for the Vampiric Ring, Fists of Randagulf, Orgnum's Coffer and Skullcrusher -Rebalanced several artifacts -Fixed some leveled loot issues, works with 1.9 now -Kodlak can be looted now -More loot in more dungeons, still hidden as hell -Three new artifacts to find, the Legs of Seht, Goldbrand, and the Ice Blade of the Monarch -All artifacts can be improved. First one you'll need to batch patch, last two are fine. You're not getting crafting.
  8. Version 1.01


    REQUIRES DRAGONBORN. In the docks of the northern oceans, sailors whisper tales of an ancient ruin, one unlike any other. A strange dwemer machine, that sits far out in the ocean, overlooking the far shores of Skyrim. And while the sailors tell these tales, history tells another. Deep within that ruin lies the last endeavors of the great lord of Blackreach.It says that Mzark, ruler of everything under Skyrim's mountains, left behind wonders untouched for thousands of years, watched over by a group of strange sentient machines, who even now seek a worthy adventure to help them fulfill their purpose, and claim the lost wonders of Mzark! Lost Wonders of Mzark is a quest/dungeon mod for those who prefer a more puzzle-oriented game. The enemies you encounter within must be disposed of in careful ways, and you'll find more than just fights awaiting you in the depths of Mzarnumez. You might think of it like Dead Money, but for Skyrim. Features: -4 new quests that span several hours of gameplay, all fully voiced and scripted, and based around puzzles and hidden items. -An enormous new non-linear dungeon, Mzarnumez, filled with wonderous dwemer contraptions. Huge foundries and robots, mineshafts, submarine bays, and vaults await within Mzark's greatest creation. -New enemies to fight, from the invincible holograms, dwemer bots, and more! As well as mini-bosses and puzzle-bosses galore. -New weapons and spells, explode your enemies with holostaves, project holograms to fight for you, or cause a massive amount of leeks to appear in front of you, if you're into that. -A special artifact, not seen since Arena, which will let you unlock the secrets of the dwemer. -3 new armored robe sets, all geared towards magically oriented characters To start the quests, head to the far ocean, to Mzarnumez (which is marked on your map) and press the button inside. Conflicts and Tips: -The mod will only conflict with anything that changes the far northern ocean (north of the Wreck of the Brinehammer), most other things should be fine. -The hologram characters will automatically greet you the first time you meet. Don't exit their conversations prematurely, or they might not work. -This mod WILL be difficult. The enemies within have special ways of being defeated, but are often difficult to defeat regardless. It is recommended you be above level 25 before trying the mod, and also pay attention to the notes and your surroundings. -Some areas (such as the Foundry) might slow down older systems at parts, due to their graphic intensity. -The two knowledge cube recipes are not a bug, each recipe takes a different type of ruined book. Special Thanks: To Gilboron, for the voice of Mz. To Mojirio, for the voice of Ka. To deodorhan, for the textures. To lautasantenni and MrMino,for inspiration and resources for parts of the armors To InsanitySorrow and Haishao, for the dwemer coins.
  9. Most likely you have a) A custom body mod or b) Something that modifies robes.
  10. Version 4.0


    To those who follow my various escapades, they know I'm going away from modding. Forever. Mostly to make real videogames. So, as a final parting gift, I give you my character as a companion. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Brhuce Hammar. Snarky Telvanni trainlord extraordinaire Features: -Unique combat AI (teleports around, summons armies, switches combat styles, etc) -Unique voice -Able to be married, though if you do you are officially on my "Creepy" list. -Comments on nearly everything in the game, from Riften to Dwemer Ruins -Has a train hat You can find him in the derelict pumphouse in Blackreach, where he’s just chillin y’know.
  11. Version


    As a man who prefers the *far* superior Morrowind, I was often disappointed that in later games one couldn't wear robes over armor. Perhaps they would rip, but I think my character is smart enough to drape a piece of cloth over his platemail. Or maybe he isn't, the Dragonborn seems to have brain problems... At any rate, this mod will allow you to wear your robes, over your armor. You might consider it unbalanced, but I'm not listening to you. This mod only applies to VANILLA robes. I'll make a Dragonborn patch... eventually, but for now understand any non-vanilla robes can't be worn over armor. Mods that modify robes themselves will also conflict, though texture robe mods will not. Finally, yes the robes will clip with armor, more or less depending on the robe, the armor, and your skeletal frame. However, it's not that outright horrible to look at, so really, just suck it up and live with it, or don't download it, you baby.
  12. Version


    DESCRIPTION _____________________________________________________________________ You ever find it strange that despite all these boats and trains sitting in harbors and stuff around Skyrim, that you never see any of them actually out and about? I mean, I understand that nords aren't the smartest or most civilized people, but there should still be *some* semblance of trade going on. This mod attempts to rectify that, and add a level of immersion in Skyrim not seen since the days of ole. As you travel along the coast, occasionally you will see ships sailing along from port to port, trading their wares and waring their trades. In the high mountains, you will see the occasional glimpse and the fornlorn whistle of a dwemer train, its masters long dead but its cargo still fresh and ready to be shipped. Special trains and boats will also be found Further more, if the player activates certain boats or trains, they will be able to board these, raid them, and take their cargo. However, you cannot physically ride either the boats or trains, this is not the goal of this mod. STARTING AND INSTALLING THE MOD _____________________________________________________________________ After activating the mod, wait six hours in game for the scripts to start up, from there, the player can encounter ships every six hours in game-time along the following routes: Dawnstar to Solitude (and Solitude to Dawnstar) Solitude to the west border (and the west border to Solitude) Windhelm to Solstheim (and Solstheim to Windhelm) Windhelm to the North Border Winterhold to the Wreck of the Pride of Tel Vos (ghost ship, only encountered from midnight to 2AM) Trains can be found near the following places, while the DOOM TRAIN appears between 12AM to 3AM on the tracks near Southfringe and Lost Tongue: Dead Crone Rock Dunkash Ya'll Twilight Specolscrewiticantspellthis Bloodlet Throne South of Southfringe Sanctum, near the border gate. (It is possible to get on the tracks here.) Arcwind Point East of Lost Tongue Overlook, on the hill overlooking the burned-down cottage. (Also possible to get on the tracks here.) Kagrenzel CONFLICTS and ISSUES _____________________________________________________________________ As for CONFLICTS: The mod is compatible with Dawnstar Expanded and Solitude Docks District. In fact, it is technically compatible with almost all mods. *However* some mods may place objects in the paths of the ships. No errors will occur, but you might find it weird when a ship passes through a solid objects. As previously stated, you're not meant ride the ships in real time. Hopping on top of them will have you encounter some rather unusual collision issues, these are expected, and not considered an error, more like you ignoring what I just told you. On the subject of raiding ships: Be aware that the sailors and cargo on board respawn normally, so it's best to raid a ship every 73 hours, to avoid wandering into a ship full of dead people. On the subject being hit by a train: It won't kill you. Sorry. CREDITS _____________________________________________________________________ To DeepSpaceBass, for routing things. To Haishao and Bagserk, for help with the models. To Guardly, Fuma, and Arunrun, for help with testing. To Fyuri, for lending his voice to the doom train. To Prometheus, for the unfolded ship sails.
  13. Version


    Requires Dragonborn, because DUH. This mod adds a rideable netch near the bulwark of Raven Rock named "Mister Jellacles" Mr. Jellacles is not aggressive, but not loyal, however he has deemed you worthy of riding him, seeing as you are without a mount otherwise. He is invulnerable to damage, but will not follow you if you stop riding him, so be careful. Mr. Jellacles has the same stats as normal netches, which is quite high and decent. He is also qualified to perform Cathoic baptisms, and has a master's degree in civil engineering. Please note that despite this, Mr. Jellacles is not a member of the Netch Architecture Union (NAU) and any views or advice he gives does represent that of the union, and the contractor is using him at their own risk. Please also note that a "Mr. Jellacles" who was brought up on charges of harassment against a group of betty netch calves last year is not related to the person mentioned within, as Jellacles is a common last name of southern born Solstheim Netches.
  14. Version 1.0


    So you've trekked through miles of dwemer hall, fought your way pass their soul-powered automatons (they're not soul powered you're just dumb and think that), and finally, finally received your reward. The amazing and beautiful helm, the Visage of Mzuoh wait this thing just has the vanilla model because Bethesda was too GOD DAMNED busy to even so much as give it a different color and are leaving it to Pastaspace to fix. Well you know what, that's just fine. As the name suggests, this here masterpiece will replace the Visage of Mzund's model with something more appropriate and centurion oriented given that it has stats above that of an artifact. As you might imagine, this mod that changes something added by Dragonborn actually requires Dragonborn. Astounding. So don't complain about how you're missing Dragonborn or I will find you and there will be Words between us. Painful Words. Will conflict with anything that changes the Visage of Mzund, because HELLO OF COURSE IT MODIFIES THAT HELMET.
  15. Version 1.0


    Throughout Morrowind, they walked, the shades of a once great race. These dwemer spectres haunted ruins all across Vvardenfell forever guarding their puzzles and treasures. Yet, curiously, their presence was absent from Skyrim. But no more. Once again, these spirits walk through their halls, annihilating any traveler foolish enough to cross their paths. Dwemer Spectres, as the name suggests, adds Dwemer spectres from Morrowind back into Skyrim. Unlike the previous game however, they have a bit more going on with them, with multiple types and stronger versions appearing at higher levels. Not only this, but scattered throughout remote ruins are unique spectre bosses. These haunts are far more powerful than their generic counterparts, but in return drop gears (and fabulous treasure, but mostly gears). Features _____________________________________________________________ -Four new types of Dwemer spectre, guards, engineers, mages, and Tonal Architects. -New spells and attacks for these spectres. Watch as they pelt you with gears, summon centurions to aid them, and employ fabulous contraptions to tear holes in spacetime and chop you into bits. -Five unique spectre bosses, dispersed throughout Dwarven ruins, waiting to kill you. -Five unique rewards dropped from these bosses, with unique enchantments and abilities. -Stupid-looking hats -Over 315 gears Installation ____________________________________________________________ Extract the files contained within wherever you wish, then copy them over to your Skyrim/Data folder. The mesh sections will overwrite or merge with the relevant files. After this, activate the Dwemer Spectres.esp plugin, and play. Dwemer spectres will first start appearing around level 8, while the highest level ones, the Tonal Architects, will begin to appear around level 35. Bosses however can be found at any time, though be aware they are quite strong (about the same strength as a Dragon Priest) Compatibility and Troubleshooting ___________________________________________________________ This mod modifies the levelled lists for dwemer spiders and sphere automatons. Any mod that modifies those can conflict, though mods such as Skyrim Monster Mod have been reported not to. In addition, this mod modifies several dwemer ruins, though no conflicts have been observed so far, and it works with most mods that do modify such places. Wyre Bash can be used to merge levelled lists in mods that do conflict. Special Thanks __________________________________________________________ To volvaga0,for the use of his Dwemer goggles. To rahman530, for the use of his dwemer mage robes.