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  1. Thanks again for your kind words. Hope to see your around the site. Love and light
  2. Emmanuelle Caplette not sure if people have heard of her or not, but she has some skills.
  3. cool thanks. i will work on what i messed up on. basement addition? there is one not sure what you mean. Should really tell you where it is. There is a secret room behind the wardrobe, in the study with the wolf heads in it. You should have seen Nocturnal if not, you have not seen the whole place.. but thank you. have a great day
  4. Hello, I hope this finds you well and you have sorted the problems with the changing over the site. No rush dude I know you are busy. Any idea when you will have the result? The wait has been killing me lol.
  5. It's seems to been quiet here since the release of Dragon-born so I guess most people are playing it on pc. It would seem over at the steam network that a lot of people are having problems and bugs with it. How are people finding it running? Did anyone clean the esm before they starting playing it?
  6. dude loving the Duke nukem. what is dare?
  7. Version V.1


    Tafiir Hofkah Read-me V.1 ================= Description: ================= “Tafiir Hofkah†dragon tongue for Thief House, is a player home set in the Rift hold on the banks of Lake Honrich. With amazing views of Goldenglow Estate Snow-Shod Farm and Riften. There is a path that leads through the grounds to Nightingale Hall. All custom shelves and chests are safe to store player equipment. There is no real clutter on the floors of this house, which is personal preference. The house offers all what the player needs: A chopping block, a tanning rack and a smithy with a smelter in the basement.. Inside there are cooking station, enchanter, alchemy station, weapon racks, book shelf, mannequins. This is a WIP and more will be added as I understand the Creation kit. Installation: ============= Use the NMM to install/uninstall Version 1.0 ============= Nothing was deleted from the cell just moved. RockCliff08FallForestGrass01 (0008BF22) has been moved underground to make way for the house. Made in Creation kit Compatibilities ============= Is not Compatible with any mod that changes the cell 41, -26. But Lanterns on the Roads works fine with it. To do list ============= this house is meant to be given to the player at the end of the mean thief guild missions, and will be adding a quest to get the house. Nocturnal spell. I would like this house to appear out of the mist after Nocturnal gives it back to Karliah. So that the cell would look like it does in the normal game until that time. To add back story to this. This mod was done for the TESA finale exam. Recommend mods. ============= Vanilla Mannequin Script Fix by SluckyD http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/10652 Lanterns on the Roads by Svabbarjack http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/10143 ================= Contact: ================= lonewolfe10@ SteamCommunity ================= Credits: ================= Thanks to Bethesda for creating Elderscrolls. And to Rob for testing it.
  8. Tafiir Hofkah Final Exam Notes There is a NavMesh bounds missing in cell 41 -26 which is the cell I used. I spent 7 hours on Bethesda and other forums looking into the reason for this, and tried their fixs but to no avail. Got to the point where it was not fun anymore so if someone can tell me what i have done worng i would be greatful. Header for srceens <a class=bbc_url" href="http://www.flickr.co...03/8441810643/" rel="nofollow external" title="External link"> 01Tafiir Hofkah header by Pagansmudge, on Flickr House Tafiir Hofkah 01 by Pagansmudge, on Flickr Outside NavMesh outsidenavmesh withB by Pagansmudge, on Flickr House NavMesh navmeshhouse by Pagansmudge, on Flickr Basement Navmesh basement navmesh by Pagansmudge, on Flickr House in CK view house by Pagansmudge, on Flickr Basement in CK view basement by Pagansmudge, on Flickr Outside in CK view houseq by Pagansmudge, on Flickr In Game Tafiir Hofkah 07 by Pagansmudge, on Flickr In Game Tafiir Hofkah 13 by Pagansmudge, on Flickr had a lot of stress uploading this file, added to the stress the NavMesh has given me over the last day, i am not a happy bunny.
  9. and when it does load i only have Change Album button
  10. all i get when i go to the page is. Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 8208 bytes) in /home/darkrder/public_html/forums/admin/applications_addon/ips/gallery/sources/classes/gallery/image.php on line 2822
  11. had real problems with the gallery, wouldn't let me make a new album and i am not sure where the 16 pics i upload went to. no "new album button, if your the admin delete them, i need ti in a album marked "Tafiir Hofkah" if anyone can help with this would be grateful