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  1. Still need help covering site fees this month! Please consider a donation to help keep TESA up and running!
  2. Great! You can head to Lesson #3
  3. Looks like you’re off to a great start Pendraia, you can head to Lesson #2!
  4. We’re close to having the server covered, if you can kick in toward our licenses that’d be awesome!
  5. What is required to get the next school project: Character Design  up and running?  The current format for Character Design/Student introduction, looks good.

    1. DarkRider


      I need to finish writing Lesson #4 which is currently just notes. Then the whole thing needs testing to make sure it all works as outlined. :idea:


  6. Thanks Doc!
  7. Time to drum up some funds for TESA! Our usual server fee is due on the 14th, we still need $150 there. We also have license fees due for the site, between the board and all the modules we run we need an additional $250. If we can raise the money I’d like to do some maintenance around the site, get some things working again, like the donations bar which needs an update and I’d like to restore our award/badge system. So, if you are able to kick in, TESA needs you! The donation bar on the index DOES work, it just won’t reflect your donation in the Progress bar!
  8. Welcome
  9. Pretty good effort, navmesh just takes a little practice. I’m not seeing a clean path up the ladder, you may need to reposition the nodes so the path is better defined. You just need two nodes and the top, two at the bottom to make a clear connection, but reposition the ones you’ve already place so that it all connects clean. The nav mesh shows NPCs where they can walk/stand. It’s not necessary to take it right up to the edge of things. That would save you some time too as it’s less to cover Tweak the path on the ladder, and you’re ready to move on, nice work!
  10. Welcome to class! You’re off to a great start you can hit Lesson #2 when ready
  11. There are jackelopes in Dreamtime, I’m a big fan! Thanks for hunting for a deal, appreciate the care.
  12. Thanks Raven The image of a crotchety old western style elf is a gift of itself. Is your reindeer a horse with antlers? Santa will be pretty good to the girls. The only thing I couldn’t score was a Nintendo 2DS XL the oldest asked Santa for. Entered every contest and giveaway I could find but no win so far, keeping fingers crossed! It only sucks because she’s so good and only asked for a couple things, hate to disappoint her.
  13. December is here already, if you can kick in now is the time! Help us get into the new year!
  14. Looking good! You can head to Lesson #3!
  15. Welcome to class! Looks like you’re off to a great start, you can head to Lesson #2 when ready!