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  1. Looks great Mr Ranga! You're welcome to join Narinha, just post screens of you work as you go, I'll offer feedback for each lesson
  2. I think the tutorials module needs an update, I'll see if the author has updated it yet
  3. We have monthly subscriptions and as I mentioned above, if anyone is looking for a monthly package I'm happy to set one up manually, just need to PM me with the amount you'd like to pay monthly and a contact email. @Witty- I pay it as soon as I raise the funds, the due date is actually the 14th though. With our old host if we missed the due date they would take us offline after 5 days. With the current host, if it's not paid by the 14th they will delete TESA. So I start raising funds ahead of the due date and on the 14th whatever I haven't raised, I pay out of pocket.
  4. It's that time again! If you can help cover the server fees we need to raise about $100 for this month. If you can kick in please use the donation bar. If you'd like a VIP membership please PM me with the amount you'd like to spend and I'll set up your membership manually!
  5. Witanlore: Dreamtime on Steam Early Access
  6. Update: We finally made it through all the Steamworks hurdles and our latest build has been approved for release on Early Access 01/24!
  7. Was. Is. And always will be. Welcome to the Alliance Jumarbye
  8. Thanks mate, we appreciate it!
  9. Thanks Donno! Just $110 to go!
  10. Hey Folks, Server fees are coming due ($150), we need to raise our license renewal fee too ($110)! Since fixing the recent hack cost me about $350 out of pocket I'm not able to cover this month on my own so if you can kick in, please use the donate bar on the forum index and help us keep the lights on here at TESA! We appreciate your assistance!
  11. The hack was actually targeted at TESA, not the host. It was a spam hacker looking to steal our traffic and use our server to ship their spammy emails, jerks. At any rate, the site's all cleaned up now.
  12. We are just minutes up from a really severe hacking that almost killed TESA for good. We are all cleaned up now and secured behind new firewalls, but I still need to update the theme and check for misc errors. I made the board live because the activity should help smooth out the caches and fill in the logs and such that were cleared. So, resume your usual TESAing, I'll keep you posted on any updates for this situation
  13. Great start QQuontinuum, you can carry on!
  14. I am tracking these issues, some of them are caused by an outdated skin the author hasn't updated yet. We'll get them sorted
  15. Wolven Hoodies! https://tspr.ng/c/wolvenhoodie Limited run so grab one while you can!