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  1. Do you guys need a separate forum for this series?
  2. Just an update here, we signed a lease this morning and we are no longer homeless, officially! We are still fundraising to cover moving costs and to replace the old appliances that are in the place now, they don't work, so if you can help out or just share my fundraiser with your family/friends offline that'd be awesome. I'm really grateful for everyone's support through this For now we're cleaning and painting and trying to make a home out of this diamond in the rough! Almost to the other side of this overhaul
  3. I've moved your question here where someone might be able to help you. Welcome
  4. It came through, you're good, thanks for chipping in
  5. It won't go down right away, there's like a 5 day window after the due date. If we pay within the window the site won't go down.
  6. Off to a good start!
  7. Looks pretty good. Your Navmesh is too close to objects and walls, it actually looks like it clips through the walls in some places. Pull the edges a bit further away from assets and walls and you're good to go ahead
  8. Welcome! The moderator approval is only for your first post. All other post normally.
  9. Hey Folks, just wanted to update on our situation. Firstly, we've had quite a few folks offer to help with TESA's dues as they come up, so it's looking like the site is safe for the foreseeable future, all hail the Alliance! In other news, the Rider Family has a new prospective rental home, a peaceful house in the country held by a very kind and compassionate landlady who is willing to disregard the student loan debt issue and credit scores in return for a few months rent in advance. We still need to raise about $2500 for the security, movers, and to replace some things we lost in the hasty move like our washing machine. If you would like to pledge our link is here: https://www.gofundme.com/1-new-home-for-2-little-girls We're now offering some cute rewards by my oldest daughter! If you already pledged, GoFundMe doesn't seem to award anything backward, but rest assured we will still honor your pledge with a gift manually! Thanks for all the support, it means so much coming from the TESA family.
  10. House fell through, guy ended up renting to someone else even though we had an appt to sign the lease tomorrow. Bad day for the Rider clan
  11. Thanks mate Sometimes it's a little unreal that it's been a decade already
  12. Thanks Arion For anyone wanting to help us recover from the upheaval, our fundraiser link is here: https://www.gofundme.com/1-new-home-for-2-little-girls If you can't afford to donate (Talos knows we all are juggling these days) please just share the link with your family and friends!
  13. On the TESA front she's safe for now thanks to the Civil War RolePlay team on TESA's RP boards. They've pledged to continue helping so the site should be fine now until I'm able to pick up the slack again. For my personal situation, we have a good prospect on a new rental home but we're a couple grand shy of covering the expenses, hopefully we can fundraise a bit more and resume some level of normal soon. We only see my wife once a week on her day off now; which has been particularly rough on the kids
  14. Just $30 to go! Due today so if you can kick in please use the donation bar on the index!
  15. Server fees are due tomorrow! If you can chip in to help keep the lights on, please use the donation bar on the forum index! Thanks in advance!