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  1. Yes backers can get the full version through us if not on GOG without purchasing again. You can totally put the game in your sigs, we appreciate the support!
  2. Witanlore now has a Discord server! Stop by to chat, discuss the game, the news, make suggestions or just make friends! https://discord.gg/B7fUU5s
  3. Happy Birthday Mate, hope all is well in Stoneyland :toast:


    1. donnato


      Happy birthday Stoney  .... :pints:

  4. Come to class, be sure to start with the introduction! Learn the basics and you’ll b able to mod your dream house with ease http://tesalliance.org/forums/index.php?/forum/114-creation-kit-basics/
  5. Welcome to the Alliance!
  6. Hi!

    Welcome welcome
  7. It’s IS!
  8. Good to see you back, hope you’ll share some screens of your practicing
  9. We’re good now thanks for chipping in folks
  10. Thanks guys, halfway there!
  11. We’re getting close to cut off and no new donations so if you can help, now would be a good time As always if you want to upgrade your account to a VIP or Subscription package, PM me, I’m happy to help you.
  12. $100 still
  13. October server fees are due! If you can afford to kick in we'd appreciate a hand keeping the lights on!
  14. Rent is due guys, if you can kick in now would be the time!
  15. We're live on IndieGOGO to resurrect our project budget so we can continue developing Witanlore: Dreamtime! CLICK HERE TO BACK Please share our link to help us build some hype and check out our latest cinematic trailer from Early Access!