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  1. Thanks for all of the support folks, the TES community really does know how to move mountains. Just want to make sure it's clear, I will do everything I can to keep TESA up and running, so no one panic yet!
  2. Thank you Don.
  3. Hail Elders, VIPs, and Allies, Ten years ago I joined the Elder Scrolls community and in the interest of sharing the knowledge I'd gathered I started TES Alliance to be a safe place of creativity, study, and free collaboration. I have never made money here, and I didn't start this to make money, modding and teaching are my passions, I have lead and maintained this site all these years for the sheer love of the craft and our community. Those who have been here from the beginning know me well enough to know I don't often discuss my personal life at length on this forum, but today, the future of TES Alliance is tied to my own and it looks a bit grim at the moment. We received word a few days ago that the man who owns the house we've been renting for years has spontaneously decided to sell, it goes on the market tomorrow. With no notice, we have to scramble to pack up our life here and move. Problem is, my wife's job is the primary source of our rent and we recently started a bankruptcy program to rehabilitate her student loan debt. We did this before the news that we were losing our home so now, we're losing our home, and no one will rent to us. We don't qualify for any home loans or assistance programs because of the bankruptcy; the owner's timing is really the worst it could be. June 1st, we will be homeless, with our two little girls. We are currently running a GoFundMe to raise the money to discharge the bankruptcy and put a down payment on a new home so that the credit issues are no longer a hurdle. If you would like to help you can make a donation or share the link to tell our story, we'd really appreciate it. https://www.gofundme.com/1-new-home-for-2-little-girls I'm sharing the story here because I'm not sure how long we will be in transit or how long I can maintain TESA and her server while trying to keep a roof over our heads any way I can. I will give as much notice as possible before closing the site down if that happens. In the meantime, the TESA team is here to keep things running and as long as our members keep kicking into the servers the site may weather this just fine. I just don't want there to be any surprises. TES Alliance is still my passion, you all have been like family for years. I'm grateful for this time we've had together and if the Nine are willing we will carry on here for many years and many Scrolls to come. Cheers, and Happy Modding!
  4. Working on that one, it's not supposed to hang like that.
  5. Sure is but we've got it covered thanks to everyone who kicked in, we're good till next month now
  6. can you help me


    1. HeyYou


      Help you what?

  7. I like it too but it changed all pill bars so not sure it's staying unless I can figure out how to color it separately. We're still about $70 shy on the server and it's late. If TESA goes down I'll bring it back as soon as I can here. Hit a bit of a rough patch here or I'd cover it myself, landlord decided to sell the house we rent and gave us no notice to clear out. If you can kick in to support TESA the donation bar on the index works now! I fixed it along with a few other things
  8. This tutorial might help as well
  9. Just a note, folks may need to clear their browser cache to use the donation bar again! @HeyYou Yeah it flashed up at me too in the admin panel and I had a little panic attack
  10. I think that was just a hiccup as I was fixing some other things, the license is fine
  11. Server fees are due again! If you can make a donation to the cause we're about $70 shy of our goal and it's due, now. Please consider kicking in even a few dollars, every bit helps! Tutorials and the Donations modules should be fixed now, please let me know if you are still unable to donate using the bar below the chatbox
  12. The site was hacked back in January and the issues Google cites were fixed months ago, Google is just out of date. I've requested a review. The Tutorials module needs an update but it costs money to renew ad we're barely keeping the lights on at the moment. Soon as I can afford it, Ill update the module.
  13. I found it Don and TESA's been paid, thanks so much, load off my mind. Let me buy you a digital pint at the Tavern
  14. We haven't raised the server fees for the month so the site may go down. I can't cover the whole thing myself this month as I did the whole enchilada last month and I'm in the middle of a medical emergency with my kiddo at the moment. Hopefully a saintly benefactor will chip in before the server host nukes our site/files and save TESA If you would like to purchase a VIP membership or a monthly Subscription please PM me and I can assist you.