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  1. We're covered now, thanks guys!
  2. Finding another RP group who wants their own home would be nice, might be a tall order. I'm hoping my financial situation improves soon so I can bear the load myself most months again. TESA's sure grown beyond the $15 a month it cost me in the beginning that's for sure!
  3. The rent itself is covered now, but we're about $50 short on some extra fees for stuff that renews once a year, a privacy protection thing, and a domain renewal thing.
  4. Thanks Donno!
  5. We're pretty far from the goal so far
  6. 2 Days until server fees are due again! If you can kick in please use the donation bar on the board index. If you'd like to upgrade your account to a VIP Membership or Subscription please PM me and I can help you.
  7. 2 Days until Rent is due Folks, just a heads up!
  8. Looks terrific you can move ahead when ready!
  9. Would anyone be interested in reviving this role play? Been almost two years since I tried so hoping maybe there's some new players interested. Post here if you're interested, new players/members welcome, say HELLO!
  10. Yep, we're good for this month, bill's all paid up now. Thanks to everyone who kicked in!
  11. Nicely done! You can head to Lesson #4
  12. Thanks Raven!
  13. We're still short for the month so if you can kick in please don't wait too long or TESA will go down! I'm not able to bail her out at the moment so counting on you folks to show TESA some love Cheers!
  14. Probably don't need that many connections You can post Lesson #3
  15. Looks pretty good, pathing could use some additional nodes to give actors some options, and it looks a little tight behind the bar. Otherwise you're making good progress