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Status Updates posted by DarkRider

  1. Happy Birthday Arion and Many Happy Returns! :toast:


    1. Arion


      thanks ridrer

  2. Happy Birthday Mate, hope all is well in Stoneyland :toast:


    1. donnato


      Happy birthday Stoney  .... :pints:

  3. Always nice to see new faces around TESA. :)


    1. ladyonthemoon


      Indeed! I find it encouraging that this doesn't go unnoticed. ;)

    2. ladyonthemoon


      Impossible to edit our comments? :o

      I meant "I find it encouraging that this place doesn't go unnoticed". ;)

  4. Working on TESA, gonna be bumpy! :construction:


  5. SNOW!


    1. donnato


      Woohoo... what a nice  surprise. Looks really fun. Thanks.

    2. Hanaisse


      Snow!!!!!! :dance:

    3. OFish


      The digital snow is nice!


      But Ive had enough of the real stuff! 2 feet in the last 2 weeks!!!!!

  6. TESA's 2015 Halloween Challenge Now Open to Entries!


    1. donnato


      Yaayyy... I`m hoping for a great turn out for this. Past ones were  so much fun.

  7. Plenty of room, come join us in chat! Click the Chat button on the main nav :up:

  8. Hope everyone enjoys exploring the new TESA, welcome! :D

    1. donnato


      Wowwee .. this is awsome. Very different and a bit unsettling but, not bad. Can`t wait to see what`s next.

    2. JayCrane


      Looks great! :D

    3. ladyonthemoon


      A bit too much grey for me and the "light" version is too much bright for my eyes... If you could put some colours here and there... Don't misunderstand me, I appreciate the effort! :D

  9. Don't drink the Koolaid.

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    2. Vouivre


      Especially the grape Koolaid. It's really bad m'kay?

    3. HeyYou


      But, I LIKE grape koolaid...... you know, the kind withOUT the cyanide in it. :)

    4. grond


      OH YEAH!

  10. Cursed HD Failure!!! Painstakingly copying my life and TESA's over to a new HD

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    2. vometia


      Good luck recovering everything! I've been blighted by hd failures over the years and insist on using RAID now. Typically, since then, I haven't had any drive failures, but I'm

      not complaining!

    3. grond


      At least you're keeping busy


    4. lonewolfe10


      Hope your day gets better and it goes well for you.

  11. Happy Christmas Eve to All! Enjoy Your Holidays!

  12. Gah, Ghorbash, how do those big yeti feet find EVERY trap trigger!?

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    2. InsanitySorrow


      Followers need a good kick XD

    3. Vouivre


      You know.. those toes might work well in Alchemy. Just sayin!

    4. Tamira


      This. And when I want to flee - eh retire, they always block the door.

  13. Back at last from a 10 day road trip to the east coast! Great holiday despite the hurricane XD

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    2. Beana


      IS is great to take on trips. He knows directions and stuff. Yup yup...

    3. Si-Shen


      ... apparently only if he likes you Beana, I hear he directed some people into a lake. Something about "your car floats!" XD

    4. DarkRider


      That sounds like his sort of shenanigans, but he might've made the 22 hours in teh car less droll LOL

  14. I R Modeler!

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    2. DarkRider


      Yes! Model complete, UV Map done, kickass texture whipped up, now to figure out exactly what Skyrim doesn't like about it LOL

    3. DarkRider


      Posted an simple render of my first mesh in the Alduin's Fallen Gallery for the curious to eyeball until I can get it in game XD

    4. jakeb89


      Well, I am Weasel! lol

  15. Coolest thing about toddlers? Spontaneous hugs XD

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    2. lonewolf_kai


      I dunno, I always thought the spontaneous spews were kinda fun.

    3. Carah


      They do tug on the heart strings.

    4. grond


      Get her on video for the prodigals. Hope she's doing well, the little cupcake. <3

  16. Skyrim questbuilding is giving me migraines

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    2. ThomasKaira


      Why I'm sticking to scripting right now. At least here the only migranes you deal with are from learning the language. XD

    3. DarkRider


      Now my questbuild is giving Arthmoor migraines XD

    4. Vouivre


      Don't feel bad, I'll be having plenty of migraines when I start getting my projects through the pipeline.

  17. Congratulates Artisanix on winning Member of the Month for May 2012!

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    2. Khettienna


      Yay Trollfy! <3

    3. Meo


      forget cookies, today its cake, congrats!

    4. donnato


      Yup...congratz Artisanix ...

  18. is working to prepare TESA for upgrade. Lotta great changes ahead. :)

    1. lonewolf_kai
    2. Khettienna


      Sending an Endless Pot o' Chili your way!

    3. syscrusher


      Upgrades on a popular site: fun, interesting challenge, but also sometimes a pain. Vermicula and I run a living history site that gets circa 750K page views per month, probably less than what you see here but still significant, so I "feel your pain". :)

  19. I heard a rumor...Many Happy Returns Mate *pints*

  20. Many Happy Returns Witty old Mate, can't believe after all these years we're still paling around! Hope we have many more, cheers and pints on me lad! *pints*

  21. Congratulates CrisG9 on Winning TESA's Member of the Month for April 2012

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    2. lonewolf_kai


      Congo rats Criz!!

    3. ThomasKaira


      Welcome to the club, Cris! :D

    4. Khettienna


      Congratulations, Cris! :D

  22. Happy B-Day Old Grizz *pints*

  23. The big 2 1 congrats! Happy Birthday Lady N! *pints*

  24. Many Happy Returns, A.B.! *pints*

  25. Hap Happy Birthday! And Many Happy Returns! *pints*