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  1. Whoops, yeah I did. Fixed.
  2. On Berahthram and Boldir and Mila
  3. Also, Balrog, I started playing Darkest Dungeon tonight and that game kicked my ass. I probably put a good 3 hours into my first play through but I had to delete that save because I ran out of money, so I couldn't buy supplies or heal my people. But now I think I've got it down. It's tough but I'm really enjoying it. The art style and the classes are cool, though I do with there was a little more explanation of how the attacks worked. It's a good game and I can really easily run it on my laptop so that's nice.
  4. The Bretons are the good guys. It is known
  5. Also, wasn't this section called Short Roleplay when we first moved in? And for a while after that too I think. My bookmark still says Short Roleplay. When did that change get made?
  6. Our roleplay has been Civil War Aftermath forever but I don't think our section of the forums should be the same name as one of our roleplays when there are two now. And if we ever add more then Civil War Aftermath won't fit, even though it does still fit the Fallout roleplay. Edit: we're not changing the roleplay's name, just this forum's name. I think they should be different anyway to signify that this forum section includes more than just our TES roleplay.
  7. I associate Civil War Aftermsth with TES enough that it feels like it doesn't fit Fallout. Plus, if we ever decide to do another roleplay, the Civil War Aftermath title might not fit
  8. PS4 The general assumption is the next Red Dead game is going to have a GTA Online like multiplayer so that people will continue to play it even after beating the single player campaign. And because GTA Online helped GTA V sell a shit ton of copies
  9. Hey Celan I finished A Canticle for Leibowitz and loved it. Definitely lives up to the classic billing. I would highly recommend it to y'all, since it covers some similar thematic ground as Fallout. Next up I'm reading She Rides Shotgun. Somewhat related to that book (about a criminal and his young daughter escaping an Aryan Gang in California) I was thinking about GTA Online and how it gives some hints about what Red Dead Online will be like. After seeing Baby Driver I've been on a car chase/criminal binge, which led to watching both The Driver and Drive. And playing GTA Online. In GTA Online I don't really get into the big money stuff that requires lots of time and effort, but mostly just like doing small things like hunting bounties or racing, getting enough money to customize my character and his cars. Which, if y'all remember that gamer profile thing a while back that I shared, I like to customize and outfit my characters. So I think I'll probably play the hell out of Red Dead Online, since I can see it incorporating even more of the bounty hunting and bank robbing stuff that GTA has. Not to mention customizing my outlaw dude. But I was wondering if y'all think that aspect of it will appeal to y'all, and how much y'all have played GTA Online. Also, anyone played Pillars of Eternity? I saw it's coming to PS4 in August and I was thinking about checking it out. I've always wanted to try some of those CRPGs but don't have a gaming PC to check out the classic ones like Fallout or the Infinity Engine Games. Plus, PoE is Obsidian made, which is a big bonus.
  10. I don't recall him being dumb either. As you said, he makes mistakes, but he's no idiot. Not to mention book Sansa seems, at least in the more recent books, to be clever enough on her own without the other characters being rendered stupid. Her time in the Vale is shaping up to be her turn at really playing the game and not bumbling along like she did in King's Landing.
  11. I can totally see her calling him lardass though. I just don't think she'll scream EEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHH after she says it
  12. Rose post
  13. I won't get my hopes up, I won't get my hopes up, I won't get my hopes up But man I really hope if he's not finished with both as this article theorizes (with not so much evidence) that we're almost at the end of this wait.
  14. He's not even a writer. He's a game developer who basically wrote an op-ed. So he felt so strongly about it he sought out an outlet to publish his thoughts.
  15. I found this one from Polygon That seems to be the one that I remember reading about it.