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  1. 0/10 no horse pov ridiculous and sad. But I have seen those poems and they are pretty funny. Especially the dragon mocking the artist's triangle obsession.
  2. He wanted you to check out his new commission. Thise first two dragons, and the armor Balrog sent pictures of, does look pretty western. The rest isn't. Though, I would say I am partial to eastern dragons. They look really cool and feel much more magical given they don't have wings. Plus they tend to exude wisdom more than power, almost like Paarthunax. The idea of a dragon atop a mountain or in a cave exposing wisdom is pretty interesting. Though a dragon that hordes gold and burns down cities is pretty damn cool as well. But no big weapons. Nuh uh. And the less ridiculous armor the better. Looking at you, female Ancient Nordic armor. You ain't protecting shit
  3. What do we know about Cyberpunk 2077? I only know what's on the Wikipedia page but that doesn't sound like enough to make the Tumblr users you're referencing upset.
  4. I think something a little more European for the Kyne sigil and replacing the lions with a more appropriate to Roscrea animal would look better, but otherwise I think it's very well done. The style and detail of the armor is excellent, and looks how I imagined the Roscrean to look. Cool commission Czar, and good job to the artist.
  5. My idea is that a few Roscrean Druids mixed with the local Breton population early on, and their ancestors were the Druids of Galen, who are a mix of Roscrean Druidic tradition and old hedge magic. So not exactly what we talked about but still pretty similar.
  6. The Druids of Galen would be much the same. Hedge mages are those I would consider to be the leaf wearing hobos, while the Druids of Galen (owing to their Roscrean Druidic roots) are like a bridge between the hedge mages and 'modern' scholarly mages. Nature based magic but also science and hermetic traditions. But turning into animals, or polymorphing, is interesting. Originally, we only saw the Glenmoril Wyrd do it, into ravens and hagravens. The former being reversible, the latter not. Then ESO gave polymorph collectibles that allowed people to transform into draugr and skeletons and the like. Which seems to be something different, a polymorphing amulet to disguise oneself. All this to say I'm not sure polymorphing is just in the realm hedge mages. Winvale can polymorph into a large bat, for instance.
  7. I'm very interested. I think it'll be cool to jump into this new world and I'm excited to see what everyone will create. And I think Doc has crafted a really interesting main plot that I'm really looking forward to.
  8. Bit busy with school this week. I'm progressing on a few posts with Doc, Colonel, Balrog, and Czar, but not quickly because of our erratic schedules. Next week I'll probably do the next Morane post. I've also been doing a few things for the Fallout roleplay. Expanding on characters, creating a few side characters, doing some more planning, things like that.
  9. I just went and looked, and the first thread I could find was February 21, 2013. First post was on the 23. So we'll be coming up on the fourth year anniversary of the roleplay starting in a couple weeks.
  10. Sounds good. And happy birthday as well! I remember joining this roleplay at your age and now I'm 21. It makes me feel so old. Time flies when you're writing and having fun. Speaking of, anyone know what the anniversary of the roleplay might be? That'd be something cool to know.
  11. We're back again. Anyone know what caused that?
  12. I guess they wouldn't. They'd probably operate more on a barter system than accept any sort of currency. Although I've always pictured the raiders there as in a constant state of war that doesn't allow for much bartering. But you're right, they don't have any reason to accept caps.
  13. The Lone Star Republic uses gold and silver coins, not caps, so you character would probably have those and not caps. Assuming your character is the same since the last time we spoke. The lands to the south, between Texas and Missouri, are lawless as well. Caps would be accepted there but you're more likely to get murdered than you are to find someone to trade with.
  14. I've never played Total War so I wouldn't know where to start. Strengths wise the Bretons rely on their mages and heavy cavalry to do most of the lifting. And in High Rock they have plenty of fortifications to use. Their weaknesses would be their regular infantry is levies and not that skilled, and their army isn't that large.
  15. Like Doc said, people are scared of it, but that's because the potential drawbacks are bad enough that the power may not be worth it. Especially since the person who practically created the magic was destroyed by it. If he couldn't control it, there's little hope for others. Not to mention that the twisting ability is inherent in the magic, and you can do horrible things you don't intend. Which I think leads to it being feared, because of its unpredictability and the ability to corrupt the user. And it is pretty region locked, like Doc said. Also I think someone like Morane could be pretty easily countered. Especially since she can't do much with her powers right now. Winvale would be like fighting Krojun or Endar. All of them possess such high levels of power that it doesn't really matter what magic they use, it'd be damn hard to counter. Morane probably has somewhat of an advantage because she's a sneaky type, and that would probably help her battle other mages, by getting the drop on them. But even still I don't think she could beat an adept illusion mage using her shadow magic. She'd have to use her other spells primarily. And y'all are right, Theodore doesn't really know about all the capabilities of shadow magic. When Winvale tried to explain it went over his head, as it would with most people. He knows it's dangerous and forbidden but he thinks its worth the risk, because it could provide them with a very useful team of mages.