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  1. Doc, that was by far one of my favorite posts in the roleplay. The fight scenes were fantastic, the stakes real, and the ending excellent. I'll save more spoilery talk until everyone has had a chance to read it. Awesome job!
  2. Ah that makes sense. I was thinking like musical score for some reason and was very confused. I think making him a character could be very interesting, since the hunter and the hunted is a cool dynamic to explore. I have to say, seeing the descriptions for almost everyone's characters has me really excited. They all seem really interesting and pretty unique. I look forward to getting to read them in action
  3. I've got a former sheriff and ranger who's lost everything and has severe survivor's guilt. He's part of an exploratory expedition from Texas. That expedition includes a brilliant young scientist, a righteous doctor, a charismatic singing old mercenary, a sneaky and sarcastic explosive expert, a famed explorer and unarmed fighter, plus a drug addicted guide, an arrogant sniper, a greedy merc, chain smoking ex soldier, and the two leaders, a cruel former tribesman, and a one-eyed stubborn-like-a-mule merc who leads the thing. Plus their eyebot, Ojo (Spanish for eye) and brahmhorn, Pancho and Lefty. Two names for two heads. And then my other character is a Brotherhood Paladin Lord who is commanding the Brotherhood forces arriving in Wellstone to root out the rebels. He's the child of an inquisitor mother and scribe father, so is both ruthless and smart. He reveres Barnaky and believe in the idea of technology bettering human life. Real human life, of course. Finally, though she is like most of my caravan group characters and won't be a pov character, I have a wealthy hotel and cabaret owner who secretly support the rebels. I'm confused. What do you mean "make his score a main character or plot device?"
  4. Seeing what part, if any, everyone's characters play in the rebels vs. Brotherhood conflict is something I'm looking forward too as well. And just seeing who these characters are and reading everyone's stories.
  5. I want to see how the rebels go about rebelling. And how they manage to operate given the Brotherhood's resources and manpower. I'm pretty excited about the main plot and how it might resolve. In the greater Wellstone area, I'm curious about how these settlements interact and what life is like under the Brotherhood.
  6. You talked about shadow magic in this roleplay? Or in some other set of stories? Either way I'm not sure I'm interested enough to go digging through your smut What I was thinking of was the fact that they have temples to begin with. The MK thing makes it sound like they don't actually have temples but the houses of important people serve as the places of worship. A wife's house for Dibella, a witch's house for Mara. Though I could be reading that wrong.
  7. I like the obscure and weirder aspects of TES. It makes it much more interesting than the typical fantasy fare. Though I can't say I read much of that stuff simply because I don't have enough time to try and decipher it. Since we can choose our own canon, in my canon everyone is actually a time traveling robot. Especially Mila.
  8. It's true that the true Imperial gods don't have much presence. But while the worship of the Hearth Gods isn't Imperial worship, it still doesn't seem to be quite what the old ways of worship were. I'm thinking those would be the like MK piece about Nordic worship says. It's more modern Nordic worship, which isn't how I imagine the Roscreans or Druids worship. That being said, I think that you're right about how the majority of Skyrim isn't really worshipping the Nine. We see them worshipping the Nordic gods, and even Herma Mora has a really prominent role in Skyrim the game, which I would take to suggest he's more active in Skyrim owing to the fact he's a testing god there. So while they aren't really worshipping in the old ways, they're still worshipping the same gods more or less, as you said. If the Druids manage it right, and maybe play the role of traveling preachers or teachers and not inquisitors, they could see pretty widely acceptance of the old ways of worship. It's a small step for the current Nords, not a big leap. Based on my understanding and your points about how they don't worship the Nine like Imperials.
  9. I'm not sure what full Wulfharth entails but that would likely be a bad idea. Though, I guess it depends on how much of the population stays with the Imperial pantheon, or how Theudofrid goes about converting people. It could be that most convert if it's presented in a certain way. Don't know what that way would be.
  10. I imagine there will be a sizable portion of the population that won't convert. Depending on how long the Imperial pantheon has been around and prevalent in Skyrim. Oh, and here's the post I was looking for. On Shadow: A great metaphor for understanding shadow magic 'written' by a student of Azra Nightwielder. Helps make shadow magic understandable and gives it more depth than most of the in game writings.
  11. Those three things really are great. I like the comic, which does a good job of laying out the differences between Crown and Forebear in a tragic family story. Though I didn't play Shivering Isles, the interview was still really interesting, and I like the dynamic between the two chamberlains. The last one is probably my favorite, though. I actually read it earlier today. But it's my favorite because that pantheon feels much more Nordic than what's in Skyrim. Here's hoping Baldur and Theodufrid can bring back or institute a worship system similar to that one. I'll post a couple of my favorite things when I can find them.
  12. What's y'all's favorite piece of lore writing from outside the games? Can be MK, something from the old BSF forums, from Tumblr, Reddit, whatever.
  13. One cool thing Daggerfall did was creating military wings of temples. The Knights Mentor and the School of Julianos, the Order of the Hour and the Chantry, etc. All the 8 have temples and military orders charged with protecting them.
  14. That looks really good. The artist did a great job. I like the little touches on the shield and the belt worn quiver, and the really detailed scale armor.
  15. I was saying Bretons as a race are great mages, but among the ranks of the famous and powerful mages, few if any are Bretons.