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  1. I don't think the post needs to be deleted, possibly just edited. I took some of the description to be because of his pained state and he was delirious. Though water likely wouldn't be a problem imo.
  2. Lubbock right now, but growing up I lived all over West Texas
  3. Cabrito my dude. Probably my favorite thing about living in Texas is the BBQ, Tex-Mex, Mexican food we have. And cabrito combines BBQ and Mexican food, so it's a win win!
  4. It was always Boldir in my heart
  5. Ahhhhh you changed you profile picture. Goodbye Boldir, hello new doctor.
  6. I think what we have here are two silence spells. One cuts of magicka and thus prevents casting, which as Witch said, wouldn't work on a thu'um. Then there's the silence spell that literally prevents talking, which seems like it would work on the thu'um. While that spell would likely be pretty easily cast, I think to be able to silence the thu'um in that way would be a very difficult task akin to using the silence spell that cuts of magicka. I think we can probably have variations as far as strength of the 'muffle silence' spell Witch mentioned. In High Rock the Thalmor used a similar silence curse that prevented someone from talking about a subject. But to just stop someone from talking for a few minutes seems like it would be pretty easy. So I'm thinking the 'muffle silence' spell has different variations of strength, only the strongest of which can silence a thu'um. While the silence spell that prevents magic casting is more like a cancel magic spell and not really a silence one. I think gradations of the spells works better, since that's basically what destruction magic is. Varying strengths of elemental manipulation. It would make sense that other types of magic would have different gradations of strength to their spells as well.
  7. I like some stuff from Daggerfall since it's our only look at High Rock in the games, besides ESO. But I know there are several books in the game that don't reappear. One about Faeries and another about Nymphs I know for sure aren't in other games. So while I sometimes use stuff that only appeared in Daggerfall, I do think in general it's a good idea to take its lore with a grain of salt.
  8. On all the new posts (Czar, Celan, and Doc)
  9. Gotcha. Still, Yornar did get stabbed and that seems to cover the potential to die. Not to mention he's vulnerable to those who are close to him. As Witch has said already
  10. Is this what you meant Celan said, Colonel? Because I don't think weakness is the same as potentially dying, which as Doc mentioned, potential death isn't necessary. Though weakness I think we all cover pretty well
  11. Not to mention the mechanics of the spell, requiring large amounts of magicka and, while working at a distance, still having a range would mean it's not all powerful. Just very powerful, but no more so than any of the other powerful mages and their spells, or shouts. I think we shouldn't hew too close to the games for magic considering how limiting that would be, and how boring. And this spell in particular could easily be something Krojun created, a combination telekinesis and transmutation (or similar metal alteration spell). Since spell crafting is a thing
  12. My shadow magic stuff has the benefit of having one super powerful but pretty disinterested in fighting dude, and then some people just now learning it. Morane is able to use it but she's sort of naturally inclined and so picked it up faster, and as has been shown it's not without its limitations and dangers. While the others learning haven't shown much besides that one dude taking the most cursory step, and Morane took care of him lol. So it'll be a while yet before the shadow mages become anywhere close to the level of Brund or Krojun or whoever. Although they all were at least decent knights, mages, spellswords, nightblades, etc. before they started shadow mage training. So it's just their shadow magic that isn't a threat right now.
  13. Could y'all try and keep all talk about this in spoilers? I'd rather not know anything going into it.
  14. I think it did, just not when placed next to her saying actual curse words. I think just that line would've worked better without the curses. If Dales is gonna conquer Tamriel, she's gonna need to pull some fresh legions out her ass after the war. And convince Cyrodiil even more people need to die. Though maybe she could, down the line, unite Tamriel without conquering it. That'd take some work too and she doesn't seem to be on a very diplomatic track.