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  1. Centurion's and Doc's posts
  2. Black for me too. I like Addam of Hull and Nettles stepping up to claim dragons and become dragon riders, and Addam's sacrifice to prove himself was seriously noble. But Hugh Hammer and Ulf the White can **** all the way off.
  3. Both/either.
  4. Thanks for getting that Colonel. What're all y'all's thoughts on where Tamriel is on the kalpic parabola? Should I put this discussion on the OOC thread?
  5. Was my Morane post one you recently read?
  6. Yeah I saw you sent that. I've just not been able to work on any posts that his weekend.
  7. Eh, Dallas is weird. It certainly votes blue, but you get outside the city and into the suburbs and it's as read as it gets. Which most people consider the greater metroplex area still part of Dallas. I do agree, it's real snooty. Hell yeah! I nominate Endar. "An elf who cares, just not about you." This is perfect lol
  8. Do you know where that chart is? I'd like to see it if you do. Nothing, mostly. Sometimes when I'm writing an essay I'll play some instrumental music, mostly classical. Blocks our other noises without intruding on my thoughts too much. Most of the time I just wrote in silence though.
  9. I gotcha now. At the time I was confused about the Wayne Brady part but once I realized what you actually meant it made be laugh.
  10. I realize now you meant 'tells me' as in someone who actually says that to you. I thought you meant it in the 'I can tell what he's like' way. That's why I thought you were basing it off the uneducated part of his arguments rather than the snow elf apologizing. I wonder how much of people doing things like that, defending the snow elves, is based on them deciding so and so race is their favorite and then feeling forced to defend that choice by making these sorts of arguments. For Czar's friend at least, that seems more likely his origin for defending the elves than him being a Nord applogist. Or, like lots of other Imperial supporters, he has to opppose the Nords on everything.
  11. To me he just sounds uneducated about what he's talking about, which last time I checked was true of people on both sides of the aisle.
  12. Fallout games, specifically the songs on the radios, though the OST are pretty good as well. Walking After Midnight is a great song and very appropriate as you said, Celan. The Last of Us is one of my favorites. I've listened to it while writing quite a bit. It's probably my personal favorites. Red Dead was great as well. The song that plays as you ride into Mexico makes that moment so perfect and is one of my favorite game moments.
  13. I thought y'all would like this
  14. I think he strikes a good balance between being a good guy and a bad guy. He's complex and I feel like his villainous streak in the more recent books is something we are supposed to see as backlash towards how ****ty everyone treats him, especially his father and sister and nephew. And since they're some of the worst people, it makes us sympathize with Tyrion. At least, that's what I think the intention is. By best in his family I'm mostly thinking about him being better, at least more of a good guy, than Tywin, Cersei, Jaime, and Joffrey. Kevan and Lancel and some of the others are much better people but I wasn't really thinking about them when I said that. More the main Lannisters. It's mostly Areo and the kingsguard dude whose povs I didn't like. Brienne and Cersie and the Ironborn were great additions, but even though Dorne is much better in the books than the show, I still don't think those two povs for Dorne are as good as the povs we get elsewhere.
  15. SNL is so hit or miss that is really makes watching it like a show a drag. Much better to hear a skit was funny and just watch that. It's the only way I've ever consumed SNL. Tyrion is hateful and spiteful and villainous, but he's the best of his family and I think that goes a long way toward why people like him. He's the black sheep of the Lannister and him shitting on them, as well as being a more interesting person than his family members, makes him popular. But I can see why you wouldn't like him. He's a dick in the later books. As for Dance and Feast, I think the latter is really good but the former drags at times. Mostly because I couldn't be made to care about certain characters who felt like they were only there to advance the plot. Which they were, but it felt markedly different than the previous povs who had their own archs outside plot progression.
  16. Not to muscle in on the Game of Thrones talk, but I had a conversation with my friends today and I wanted to see what y'all's answers are. What's a movie, television, book, etc. opinion you have that's against the grain? As in, you like something everyone hates, hate what everyone likes, something like that. Mine would probably be that I think the tv show Elementary is a better modern day depiction of Sherlock Holmes and the surrounding characters than the show Sherlock. Elementary feels more real, and I think captures Sherlock and Holmes better than Sherlock does.
  17. I disagree on this only because High Rock probably has the highest percentage of mages per person and I think that would go a long way to combatting a dragon. Whereas the Redguards don't have hardly any mages, and the Nords don't have too many either. Of course the Bretons are probably the kingdom most susceptible to the military the Empire actually has and not this theoretical dragon but if it were the dragon I think they'd be better off than most.
  18. Working on a Lawrence post. Been going pretty slowly on it since I'm not in too big a hurry and I don't want to post too much of my stuff.
  19. Hell yeah! Sorry about that dude being a dick and firing you, but if it leads to what you wanted all along that sounds awesome. Best of luck man!
  20. One of my favorite classes because of how new the information was to me and because how unique the cultures were was the class I took on African history. The professor was super scatterbrained but what we learned was very interesting because it wasn't European focused. And Celan about the Catholic view of the Reformation, my professor for my Early Modern Europe class, which covered the Reformation, was an Italian guy who was Catholic, and it was definitely enlightening to get that perspective considering how the Protestant perspective is basically all we get in America.
  21. Three other books that aren't so much history books, but they were written by people who lived trough historical events or something similar. Christ Stopped at Eboli is by Carlo Levi during his exile by the Italian fascist government to southern Italy, and shares real insight into that culture and people in a time when they were impoverished and neglected. Gomorrah is Roberto Saviano's report of his time working for the Camorra criminal organization in Naples as an undercover reporter. And Still Alive by Ruth Kluger is her very personal tale of surviving the Holocaust and living as a Jew in Austria.
  22. I really like this and feel it's something I need to keep in mind for my own writing. I definitely have a tendency to want to show everything I've created. In retrospect some things feel forced and I would've been better off not having them until the moment when they fit. I'm a history major so I'm gonna go through some of the books I've read and liked in my classes. The Nazi Seizure of Power tells how the Nazis rose through the viewpoint of one pretty regular town in Germany. It gives an interesting perspective on the different methods the Nazis used, who they targeted, and why it was they were able to come to power in a basically legal manner. A Misplaced Massacre tells the story of the Sand Creek Massacre of Native Americans by Union soldiers in 1864, and goes into how we commemorate the past, what our views of the Civil War and Indian Wars are shaped by, and the politics of commemoration of the past. Sleuthing the Alamo is short and great and goes into how historical events become myths, and why we latch on to certain interpretations of history and events. It's gor great examples of how the different cultural views of people influence how they write about and interpret history and how that colors our present views on historical figures and events. I have more but most of those are three of the best. A read a few chapters in a Shadowed Grounds: America's Landscape of Violence and Tragedy but didn't read the whole thing since it was for an essay and those two chapters were the most relevant. They were about how the Texas Revolution and the Civil War are remembered and commemorated. And then Race and Reunion: The Civilian War in American Memory delves a lot deeper into the commemoration and memorialization of the Civil War.
  23. I haven't read any of GRRM's works besides the main ASOIAF series. Not even Dunk and Egg, which I probably should read. The Count of Monte Cristo is one of my favorite books, though I haven't read anything else by Dumas. I definitely enjoyed Monte Cristo though. Conan Doyle is probably the closest to being my favorite. In high school we had a project were we had to learn an author's style and then use that to rewrite a classic tale. I chose Doyle and the tale we had to rewrite was Pinnochio. So I turned Pinnochio into a real boy (lol) and had him be kidnapped by a circus ringleader who used his monkey to lure children away, and kidnap them. He was a kidsman, meaning he used them as criminals. That was really fun, and led me to reading the four Sherlock Holmes novels and The Lost World. And then I picked up the complete Sherlock Holmes stories. I haven't heard of Unset or Holland. I'll have to check them out. One of my favorites authors is Larry McMurtry. Lonesome Dove is a top 5 favorite book of mine, maybe even number one. I also really liked The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. LeGuin but I haven't read any more of her works. And Cormac McCarthy is really good, though it's hard to view such depressing books as favorites.
  24. This conversation about Lovecraft and Celan bringing ASOIAF up got me thinking about authors. And I've come to the realization that I'm not sure I have a favorite author. So I thought I'd ask if y'all have a favorite author or if your favorites are less authors and more books. Or if you have favorite authors but they're more genre specific.