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  1. This should be in the TES topic thread. As for the answer: I would guess the Psijic either wanted to seize an artefact housed on Roscrea or they simply wanted to get rid of internal strife on the continent and Roscrea got unlucky.
  2. I don't know why bother unless these people have shown a willingness for reasonable debate. Otherwise arguing with random people on the internet is like beating your head against a brick wall; you're unlikely to achieve anything other than a headache.
  3. Why?
  4. You said that. I mean the name you were two letters from. Which I guess now that I think about it is Mila. Which I don't think is close enough to warrant a change.
  5. I doubt it's spoiler but now I'm curious to what that name was.
  6. Endar remains Endar. Nothing I can say that I feel I haven't already.
  7. I know about what the Skaven are. I know they do horrible stuff like deliberately keeps the majority of their population just above starvation by design and wastes slaves like they're nothing.
  8. I think these fellas are a bit more civilized about it though.
  9. But the Skaven are so fluffy and adorable. What's so scary about ratmen living in huge underground cities that all love backstabbing and eating each other?
  10. While I agree Gracchus is a reasonable and moral man. I don't think he'd be able to handle politics. Given his background, who knows if he would start favoring pouring money over the military instead of infrastructure.
  11. I picked out four candidates for the poll. Any more and I fear the votes would have been too diluted. Anyway, here are the options I picked: Dales - "For a new generation, full of yuri" Krojun - "Yes, we can? Yes, you WILL" Gracchus - "Don't vote for me. I just want to be with my wife." Endar - "An elf who cares, just not about you"
  12. I was. Clicked edit on the opening post and for some reason I can't add a poll now.
  13. What the hell were you playing?
  14. I think we actually went with Draconus in the beginning. Though Balrog kept misspelling it as Draconius, so I just gave up and changed it to Draconius as that name still worked.
  15. Just finished The Wire. It was good but the fifth and last season felt rather anticlimactic. Overall I think the third and fourth seasons were the best.