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  1. Civil War Aftermath OOC #72

  2. Civil War Aftermath OOC #72

    I took some time to read it.
  3. Civil War Aftermath OOC #72

  4. Civil War Aftermath OOC #72

    Well I guess I now got a measuring stick for how much people dislike my criticism.
  5. Civil War Aftermath OOC #72

    Still function relatively the same in that you can run away for as long as the enemy isn't faster than you. Which is true for both naval and land forces. Armies also use scouts so as to have enough time and distance to maneuver in relation to the enemy.
  6. Civil War Aftermath OOC #72

    Looked back at a few chapter 2 posts. While the spacing between paragraphs is still rather messed up, it seems to have actually fixed the quotation mark symbol errors that had appeared with the previous major update.
  7. Civil War Aftermath OOC #72

    I also want to point out that unless it's very important to land at a very specific spot, there wouldn't be any D-Day Normandy like landing for any side. Mainly because it's generally better to land unopposed and ships travel faster than any infantry, so if you see resistance on the beach you could just sail a bit further up the coast and land.
  8. Civil War Aftermath OOC #72

    Same could be said about land battles. Armies would generally historically not engage each other unless one side couldn't run away or both felt comfortable about their chances of victory.
  9. Shattered Steel OOC #2

  10. Roleplayer's Off Topic Thread #48

    @BigBossBalrog If you got time don't forget our pms.
  11. Roleplayer's Off Topic Thread #48

    I'm not really into new games. Mostly playing Overwatch and waiting for Dark Souls 3 DLC to get a decent discount.
  12. Roleplayer's Off Topic Thread #48

    Still looks ridiculous.
  13. Civil War Aftermath OOC #72

  14. Civil War Aftermath OOC #72

  15. Roleplayer's Off Topic Thread #48

    If it’s any background story post I’d also appreciate a comment in the ooc thread.