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  1. What's everyone up to?
  2. Seems like EA wants to make the most of the rights to Star Wars games while they can. Understandable as I bet those rights cost a lot of money and naturally they want a return on that investment. Still a bit sad to see how they run things.
  3. I have a hard time seeing her carrying out her family duties or becoming a nun.
  4. I think that would depend on what happens. Somehow I figure Dales would be a noble lady that secretly worships Slaanesh.
  5. One thing I'd find more interesting would be our characters in the Warhammer universe.
  6. Still wouldn't consider her sane for listening to it.
  7. She wears an invisible amulet only she can see and speaks to an elven corpse.
  8. Dales is literally going crazy. Yornar maybe, but I figure he'll be generally equally well off as either wanderer or king. So I'd say things aren't really looking up or down for him. Same with Gracchus that while he has a prominent position, it's also a very dangerous one.
  9. I think the only people things are looking up for are Maggie and the Ardrad family.
  10. It's mostly that it don't become clear which character the focus has been shifted to until the second or third sentence into the paragraph. Also going into a new paragraph without changing speaker as I've already said I take an issue with before. There also seems to be a line missing when Dales talks with Vignar.
  11. Head jumps means the switching of who's head the reader is peeking into being switched mid-scene. Add to that the distinct styles of writing people have and it feels a bit like a patchwork. I think it's easier to look past that in the pm where all the parts are disconnected and it's neatly displayed who wrote what.
  12. Because I think the head jumping combined with the shift in style of writing between paragraphs can be rather jarring. While some of you don't like to have posts flow like a novel, I do prefer it since novels are generally written in a way to make it easier to read. I thought you knew and simply loved Dark Souls 3 so much you decided to copy their names.
  13. My problem though is that head jumping can sometimes get confusing if it's not very clear who's thoughts are being expressed. And that's part of the problem with telling stories; you want to be understood.
  14. Though I tend to adapt my writing somewhat to other people when I write with them. Mainly in the form of who's POV the post is from.
  15. So Baldur actually survived? I thought it would have been a clever twist if he actually died and Veleda became queen. Not that I wanted him to die, I just wanted to see something unexpected. Overall though I found it somewhat interesting. A huge mess as is evident by how everyone's writing styles clash all over and people speak and interrupt suddenly here and there. But an interesting mess nonetheless.