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  1. Cheers for people being interested in the Fallout rp. With the lack of talk about it I was beginning to think people weren't that into it.
  2. If you're interested you can pm me and I'll share some of what I've got.
  3. I've had nothing going for the rp for a while. So I decided to make a few prominent tribes for Black Marsh. Problem is they're piling up for every idea I get.
  4. What's everyone up to?
  5. I think ammo would be the closest you get to a currency in those lands. Depending on the type I'm sure you'll always find someone willing to trade for more ammo.
  6. Why would they accept caps?
  7. If you come from Mojave then you will have travelled through Legion lands and the large stretch of BoS lands between there and Wellstone. From the East Coast you'd have to travel through the Lost Lands and places about as lawless and disorganized where no real currency would be recognized. So whichever way you've come from you would most likely know caps are just scrap metal by the time you reach Wellstone.
  8. So there wont be much point in bringing caps into the Belt. Though I think the character doing so must either be from New Vegas or the East Coast as I don't see any other places having caps as currency. You'd be better off bringing bullets or precious metals.
  9. By Attila we mean the game called "Total War : Attila", set in the time period of when Attila and his Huns were invading Europe.
  10. I would put Cyrodiil at something between the Empire from Warhammer and Rome from Rome 2. Give and take a few aspects and unique units.
  11. Even though Argonians change slowly I'm pretty sure some things would be different in appearance between 2nd and 4th era. I just used that picture as a base for their armor's general appearance. After that I'd just say use your imagination for how they'd look like.
  12. I'm thinking the general design would be for all Argonians. With mostly medium and heavy armored units wearing some form of that armor. Think of it as being a few general versions of it, for both medium and heavy as well as mid and late tier.
  13. I'd like to retract my statement about scales as I went to look what ESO had done. Their armor would be more akin to this:
  14. I'm thinking something akin to the scales of a snake. Closest thing I could find on pictures to what I had in mind was:
  15. I think they would have really good arms and armor. I'm thinking extremely sharp ebony (or some other exceptional material native to Black Marsh) weapons and a certain form of scaled armor strengthened with Hist sap. Argonians though seem to value mobility over pure protection. Might make the simple general wear a form of heavy armor instead.