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  1. This is a fun little YouTube channel I accidentally stumbled upon. It's about excellent writing advice.
  2. Look like very impractical weapons though.
  3. I'm pretty sure those aren't swords. Look more like decorative hooks used to hold a kettle or the like.
  4. All this ESO stuff makes me wonder if we're ever going to get a single player TES game.
  5. On another topic: Does the Dominion mint their own gold coins?
  6. Her family would certainly object when they only see their wealth vanishing for a war so far north that Skyrim would seem tropical.
  7. Which may end up being very expensive. At that point I wonder if the EEC would want to continue that war. The only reason then would be pride and not profit.
  8. I think any side sending more than an occasional cargo vessel across the Sea of Ghosts is unlikely and quite honestly very silly. We've seen how hard and dangerous it is to get across the sea in your posts. I'm pretty sure there'd be a lot of captains on both sides raising their hands and asking if the other side is worth it.
  9. I got to agree with this. Even though they could make up a magical reason for why the player character could speak Jel and traverse the otherwise inaccessible parts, but I doubt they could do Black Marsh justice with all the various forms of Argonians. Nor do I think they could make the Argonains feel both alien and human enough for player interaction. Such as lots social cues for Argonains aren't visible to non-Argonians (or Argonians cut off from the Hist).
  10. Interesting post Doc.