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  1. Is it ever stated that only Summerset has face sculptors?
  2. Wouldn't it maybe still be possible by simple substituting your face from a reality where you have used conventional face sculpting magic?
  3. It just hit me; can shadow magic be used as an alternative magic for flesh sculpturing?
  4. Seeing how Morane only has respect for magical power I think it could be interesting to see how she would react to meeting someone like Endar. I'd almost also say Krojun but I suspect she'd just dismiss him as a politician.
  5. If you got Steam you can buy it for next to nothing during any big sale. I would highly recommend it just to get a glimpse of some interesting game design. It got a lot of things I wished Skyrim had regarding its combat system.
  6. It was quite good. Though now that I think back on it I don't think they really made much use of that you were able to swing your sword in various ways. I think it mostly just determined which direction the enemy would stagger.
  7. Just curious, but has anyone ever played the old game Dark Messiah? It's made by Arkane, the same people behind Dishonored.
  8. More powerful?
  9. Why so interested in the dragon?
  10. I'd say he's more of a cynical pragmatic. But whatever float your boat.
  11. It's definitely the more cruel option to take towards the Khajiit. But on the other hand there's no guaranty that they'd make trustworthy allies. In the end I think both options fall on either the idealist or cynical side, and I think we all know which side Krojun would generally pick.
  12. Then it definitely seems like a good idea to drive them away from Cyrodiil and into Valenwood if they're just going mess with whichever side they happen to be closest to.
  13. Valenwood and southern Elsweyr. Preferably Valenwood because that'd be more likely to cause more agitation between the Bosmer and the Khajiit, though it'd be hard to really control where they go except steering them away from Cyrodiil. It was the war council post. And I'm pretty sure he would know the majority don't live in the cities. Given how Tamriel is still pre-industrial most of the population would still live out in the countryside and off agriculture regardless of province. And it's very unlikely the Khajiit would turn on the Dominion in any real numbers. It's actually more likely they would be urged by the Dominion to pick up the mantle of the Krin and conduct raids into Cyrodiil even if the Legion tried to be courteous about their invasion.
  14. Not genocide. If you remember his talk about the invasion he wants to drive all the Khajiit not in the major cities from the border regions deeper into Dominion territory to flood them with refugees.
  15. If the druids are serious in about all their talk of peace I'm pretty sure they'd make sure a migration would go largely unhindered from the Roscrean side. As for where they would migrate I think if Krojun's invasion of Elsweyr is successful then there'd be a lot of empty land there that could be repossessed. Though moving them to Skyrim has to unfortunate implication of moving a large Cyrodiil loyal population into important places of Skyrim. Something that would undoubtedly not sit well with Baldur.