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  1. What kind of characters are everyone making? I already know of about some but I'm still curious about everyone else's. I got a poor thief with rebel leanings, a scribe with a penchant for technology, a brothel owner and a blacksmith.
  2. I pretty much agree with that. You already know a lot about my characters though. But I'm also very curious about what everyone got cooking.
  3. What's everyone most curious/interested in about the Wellstone area?
  4. Just so people can get an idea of what I'm talking about, here's what Mount & Blade 2 will probably look like.
  5. I think Mount & Blade got something in that style. Granted it's very basic in how it works but Mount & Blade 2 looks to like it will be a much needed improvement.
  6. Something just hit me and I can't stop wondering about it; shouldn't Whiterun have a mounted guard force?
  7. But if you can't recast your vote, can you cast a vote on an expanded poll?
  8. I usually advocate that any option that's too obviously going to picked by everyone should be removed. Though if we will have that option I would remove "rule together" part because that goes against it being a strict matriarchy. Make it more like becoming a favorite pet.
  9. As long as it doesn't really disrupt things too much I could see it work as a recent historical event. Would be such a waste if the uprising just wipes them out before Queendom could appear in the RP proper.
  10. Most info we got about Wellstone is about the city at large. Those descriptions are more or less all there is right now that is special about those districts. Only thing I can add is that BoS HQ is more or less what you could expect if Prydwen was a large fort. Fort Hospitaller is the HQ of the Hospitallers, an organization of doctors that are kinda like the Followers of the Apocalypse in that they heal the sick. But they also collect corpses for dissection so they can increase their medical knowledge.
  11. If you find some time I'd just suggest you go to the link in the opening post. Click on various districts and read their short descriptions.
  12. Only idea I got is some kind of "what would you do if you happened to be in this scenario in Wellstone". Though I get the feeling most aren't that into the Fallout RP as of yet.
  13. Then I'd just wager those forum goers simply hasn't read the books for some reason. Though you could start a thread about Umbriel and see how many actually knows about it if want a more definitive answer.
  14. That's an obscure reference that means practically nothing unless you already know what Umbriel is. There's no mentioning of it as an historical event. So you can't really expect Umbriel to be discussed when the majority wont know that it even existed.