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  1. Things I noticed, Yara X Sand, Davos being the only ******* sane person in Westeros (Oh how new), Lanister Army VS Unsullied, and Cersei has gotten even crazier. Cant wait.
  2. Don't spend all of it on guns and video games.
  3. At my university actually.
  4. Sorry Czar, I unfortunately took Spring/Summer courses this semester, and I volunteer quite a bit, so i'm out of the house most of the week.
  5. This is pretty cool. Yoji Shinkawa, the artist behind Metal Gear, was hired by Treyarch to do art for their COD: Zombie Chronicles pack. Really cool, would be sweet if he headed a full cod game. The game would benefit alot
  6. I've (unfortunately) seen some Galmer X Ulfric fanart, but I dont know if the Tullius and Ulfric one exists.
  7. Knowing fuckign Betheda and their utterly dumb stance on canon, they'll pull that stupid shit from Daggerfall, and say somehow Tullius took Windhelm, and Ulfric took Solitude at the same time. Being serious though, I really wish they make the canon Dragonborn a mage, and have him become Mora's champion. That would be some cool shiit.
  8. It's because the Nords are an easily manipulated race, and we're completely imperialised And if they potrayed Cyrdoilli/Imperials like how they were supposed to be, we would have this cool Edo Japan/Ming Dynasty/Roman Esque province filled with east asian, classical roman influences, rice paddies, and river dragons.
  9. Yuck. This is what I say to your Estrucans I'll just imagine them as having more primitive looking Imperial armor thank you, with alot of bull iconography.
  10. Oh man. The Occultus set makes my mouth water. The rest are pretty great too. Love the TESO influence.
  11. Lol ill probaly get shot since i'm a Canadian, but I also kinda dont understand the reverance to the confederecy in yall South. Wasnt it a traitorous breakaway nation that was soundly crushed by the North?
  12. Whenever I hear "axe and shield" i'm just like, "Ya'll that how colonel goes"
  13. LOL, i'm doing a playthrough of Brother Vs Brother, a mod for Empire Total War, about the American Civil War. Which side should I choose?
  14. Building slots are way, way better then the old system. Their was no planning or strategy involved whatsoever. You can just build whatever you want. With the limited slot system, you need to pick and choose how you want to develop you're provinces and give each province a different role. You can designated a province to be a recruiting/military province (which means barracks tree, archery tree, and temples to wargods). Or if it has high fertility, a farming province (with farms, temples to farming gods, and other food production stuff) etc. Much better, and you actually need to think.