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  2. Your just jealous you'll never have that fablous hair!
  3. We need a Thalmor Prince pretty boy like Thranduil (Best character in the trilogy)
  4. When I was younger I had some goat cheese. Threw up because the taste was so bad. I have a gag reflex for goat stuff because of that lol
  5. Goat products suck. Goat milk tastes like piss. Goat meat tastes like shit. Goat cheese is the worst tasting crap in existence. Hate goat products....
  6. Seriously, is there any monster design more ******* awesome as a Balrog? Mother ******* Demon of Shadow and Flame. Equal parts horrifying and utterly badass,
  7. I thought it would be prudent to make myself a literal Big Boss Balrog.
  8. Who knows what Bethesda plans. I bet they rewrote the game lore/plot a dozen times, like any other devs.
  9. Honestly, lol....Artbooks are a double edged sword to me. While looking at the art is ******* awesome (Video game art is so cool), you get alot of stuff you'll never see in the game... Bought the MGSV deluxe artbook. And I regretted it since it had about fifty pages of stuff Konami forced Hideo to cut.
  10. Eh, I don't mind Bethesda reusing ideas and concepts that didn't make it in previous games. That guns one of my favorite in 4. Too bad there's barely any ******* ammo for it....
  11. Awww hell yeah, a Super Mutant voiced by Liam Nesson, why the hell did they cut this?
  12. Only...four...more...days... Then Tyrannosaurus ripping the throats out of greater daemons of Khorne, and Spinosauruas fighting off Dragons... To get in the mood for the purge of the warmbloods, i'll listen to this all week...
  13. And LOL, I think I understand why Dales used to act like a child(in reference to Celan's comment) . She had no real parental guidance while growing up (Her mother died when she was really young), and her ony real mother figure she was screwing with, which surely stunted her development. She moody, angry, and goes into bursts of deep depression, even if she is well-intentioned. The only positive father-figure/role model, she has is Gracchus. She's made many improvements, but still has a long way to go. It's still in her personality to be a little childish (Dales is Dales after all), the way she was acting around Baldur, and the fact she yells out "Holy Tomatoes!" when running away from Ruination.
  14. Unfortunately, yes. Her skill with blade and spear, however, is from Lorgar, Krogun, and Gaius's lessons. It was taught. Though her magical prowess, is also because she was a prodigy at the Synod. She's really good in the Alteration school, naturally. Her skill in the other schools, will be heavily reduced though, as will her stronger then average speed and strength. She can somewhat compensate with Alteration magic.
  15. Everyone looks stupid in that movie. Except the Nazgul. They were horrfying