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  1. Man gamers are so entitled. I hate it when people complain about free shit. I'm sure Bethesda's group is bad, but the Total War fandom and Paradox are the worst about it. Just because they didnt get their stupid Middeinheim, their angry at CA for giving us mother ******* Krell, Lord of Undeath. I love Nordic Skeletons. Draugr's are the coolest shit.
  2. The real Nords are finally here, Been waiting for the faction for ages.
  3. He's a complete waste of time. He's a bubbling moron. And that shit scene lasted wayyyyyyyyy too long.
  4. Oh god just saw the episode. Araya and Sandor are the best.
  5. In terms of MILF's, Mortathi is pretty fine, despite being ten thousand years old a cultist of Slannesh, and a son-fucker.
  6. She's has a much bigger role, in 2. You found out she's Russian and she gets a chaingun. Legends also had Cal, whose pretty awesome, and can 1 v 1 a Brute Chieftain. You can't tell a female Spartan 2 between a male Spartan 2. It really sucks how Bungie (Kat's ass) changed it in Reach, and 343 went with it.
  7. One of the Spartans in Halo Wars is a female, Alice. The one in the cutscene.
  8. The Flood in general is pretty awesome. I cant believe there's people who hate them (way better then the Promtheans) While the level itself sucked, the genre shift from FPS, to FPS survival horror was pretty crazy.
  9. Halo 3 had alot of really badass moments (My favorite as a kid was flood appearing as yellow on you're mini map. My young mind couldn't handle that shit). But I still think Reach had the best. That shit with Kat still traumatizes me.
  10. Hey Elites are awesome! Their my favorite enemy to fight. Half-Jaws is my favorite character in Halo general, "Shipermaster, we're outnumbered 3 to 1!" "Then it is an even fight." "I AM TRUTH!" "And so you must be silenced..."
  11. Interesting fact, Jorge is (well...was) considered the most politcally minded Spartan in the entire program. Unlike the rest (who are crazy patriots), Jorge ferciously believes the colonies should be given self-government, self-taxation and the right to make their own decisions, all the while being just as opposed to outright separatism. He also cares for the little guys, and is known to be very kind to civilians. Jorge is a bro He's really pathetic compared to the two other arbiters in the series. Thel whose one of the only characters 343 haven't butchered in the Reclaimer trilogy and Fav, who in Legends, slaughters an entire army of Coveant soldiers
  12. LOL despite me being cold towards COD these days, I really miss the days when I would use cancerous, OP weapon buils, and hear Russian kids screaming at me on Xbox live about banging my mom
  13. His death scene was glorious. Unlike Ghost who got barbecued. It's kinda funny though, Emile exists to show all the worst traits a Spartan can have (Only cares about killing, hates non-spartans, sociopath, brutal to human enemies.) yet he's the most popular character in the game.
  14. It's just the resident glorious edge lord in the game
  15. The gameplay was certainly top tier, but it also had the best art design in the series. Spartans looked coolest here.