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  1. How do the Roscreans take care of their dead? Nords of Skyrim have shown to burry in burrows/Halls of the Dead, marked graves, and even cremation. Do the Roscreans have any interesting rites?
  2. I thought that the Druids preserved the island and stopped it from becoming an ice cube, rather than altering the land itself.
  3. But since I don't know the island's terrain, for the sake of an east-west journey is it pretty much a straight shot, or does it run through any mountains along the way? Travelers wouldn't make it across the island as quickly if the roads have to detour around mountains and the like.
  4. Yep. That's what happened. I took "ass end of the east" for meaning Akavir. That's why I brought up the map being fanmade, because a correct one would probably have more distance at sea between the eastern continents if it takes such a long time to sail between them. Roscrea ain't a huge island, but it is long. How long it would take for each of those forces would be largely dependent on terrain. The Royal Road runs all the way east to west, right? And does it run in a mostly straight line or does it have to wind through mountains in areas?
  5. The knife tugging scene at the beginning made me wince more than anything from a cartoon has before. That was brutal. Especially the sounds he was making, not something we've heard from Jack before. And the entire fight in the snow was awesome.
  6. That map is fanmade. We don't actually know how large or far away any of the eastern islands are in the lore. The best piece of canon info that we do have though is from the book "Report: Disaster at Ionith." It tells us that the voyage from Ersoneit to Akavir took the Empire's expeditionary force about five weeks. It's unknown how long it would take to reach Ersoneit from Tamriel though. I think details about the east are kept from us intentionally. Bethesda wants it to be mysterious. So the best answer I can give you is that it would definitely take many months.
  7. Little bit. Lots of fun but I didn't stay with it long.
  8. Not explicitly, but the only known place where people can learn the art is in Cloudrest. And considering the fact that the only face sculptor we meet across six games traveled across the Empire to sell her services to the wealthiest nobles, it seems to be a very exclusive field. And honestly, it is pretty fitting for the High Elves, who are known for both their vanity and for using weird types of magic to fix virtually all of their problems.
  9. There may very well not be more than a very small handful of face sculpters outside of Alinor (where humans aren't even let in). And infinite possibilities doesn't mean that everything that potentially could happen will. There may be a lot of people this trick wouldn't work on simply because there's not a reality in which they ever encounter a face sculpter.
  10. That's for BT to say as he's done the most research on the stuff, but I wold imagine that this would be really damned dangerous. Doubt many sane people would let a shadow mage change them this way.
  11. I suppose she already sort of has by meeting Winvale. It's not really possible yet to determine if Endar or Krojun are more powerful than him yet, or by how much if they are, but that shouldn't really matter as Morane wouldn't be able to tell anyway. Heck, she believes that Winvale is weaker than the wyrd except when it comes to shadow magic, which I personally doubt is the case.
  12. Gotcha. I vaguely remember that game because I thought the fighting was really good. I never owned or beat it though.
  13. Wasn't that the one with the really good sword fighting mechanics?
  14. Great post as always BT.