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  1. Enjoy the sleep!
  2. I'll be watching Star Wars Saturday morning. Heading back to Nashville this evening to watch it with my friends there. Congrats on making it, buddy!
  3. This is what I'd like to see. If they did involve an out of Tamriel race, my choice would be the Maomer since they'd be politically relevant to the Dominion threat, which is what I'd like to see at the forefront for another game or maybe two. And I'll take anything over the return of the Dwemer. Kinda like I'd have taken anything over a Fallout focused on synths or aliens.
  4. I'd want a Fallout one even more, but it would still be really cool. Realistically though, I don't think enough Bethesda employees know what Roscrea is for them to include them as a faction. I'd be happy with one that just has an army from each of the main provinces/kingdoms+Orsinium, and then maybe a few noteworthy fringe factions like the Reachmen, Telvanni, Alik'r, and the like.
  5. This made me want to kill some elves. And maybe some khajiit, because who can tell the difference anyway am I right? -Pelinal Whitestrake
  6. He got a headache.
  7. Well good luck to ya. I'm sure with their help you'll be able to figure it out.
  8. Do you know much about building it? I think it was Colonel who told me that custom PCs can be tricky as hell to put together.
  9. Nice! I wish I understood half of what I'm looking at here, but it looks legit. HeyYou and the other big modders here know their stuff, so you're probably gonna have a sweet setup.
  10. I wouldn't be so sure. Just went through it and Mila got a 39. The page says it's a relative score so we'd need a few other characters to determine if it's that bad, but still, it seems pretty high to me.
  11. Rebec would stomp. She may not be a on Brund's level, but she fights with some of the best and more importantly has the thu'um. Underpowered is selling her way short.
  12. Not bad. But I'm thinking three variations of yes, to make sure there's an option for everyone.
  13. Time for a new thread. Anyone wanna throw me some poll ideas?
  14. That'd be up to Alan.
  15. Yeah, I assumed that's still happening unless you changed your mind.