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  1. Even if we disregard the fact that this was a motherfucking dragon (THE motherfucking dragon), the first one anyone has seen in thousands of years, it's worth noting that Ulfric had absolutely no reason to get himself killed trying to save the people who were moments ago cheering on his unlawful execution when he had absolutely no business in Helgen to begin with! Titus Mede II, on the other hand, is directly responsible for the wellbeing of all his people, not just Cyrodiil. When that proved too much for him, he threw Hammerfell under the bus for Cyrodiil's sake, and then licked the Thalmor's collective muatra by giving them Talos and allowing them to walk freely in his lands and persecute his people with impunity. Ulfric escaping from an overtly hostile burning village is not even remotely comparable to this.
  2. Oh no, it wasn't a bad example at all! I was joking. The Empire making the Dunmer rely on them for protection and then pulling out when needed most was ******* awful! It's funny that that is what you two are talking about right now, of all things. Because Tdroid and I have been chatting it up in the PMs these past few days and one of our major talking points was exactly that same thing. As Ulfric said, things hinge on Whiterun. Whichever side manages to control the center is inevitably going to be the one to win the war. Why? Because from a strategic standpoint, it is an insanely useful offensive position. Once Whiterun is held, Falkreath is cut off from reinforcements or aid from Haafingar (who would have to send any assistance through the warzone that is the Reach). After Falkreath is taken, Markarth gets easily won using guile, though the Reach never provided many soldiers for the war anyway. At that point, the Empire is left with Haafingar and a ******* swamp. Granted, Solitude counts for a lot, but at that point, the Imperials are down to their last legs. So yeah, Whiterun was absolutely the most important position in the war. It is what allowed every move afterwards to be made. And you know what's really hilarious? Disregarding the Dovahkiin, Tullius would have lost it if not for Legate Rikke. At the beginning, he was convinced that Ulfric did not have the men to take Whiterun from Balgruuf, which was laughably naive. He was insanely cocky going into this fight, and severely underestimated the strength of his opponents -something that his second basically had to hammer into his thick skull.
  3. Come on man. For hundreds of years, most Dunmer desired nothing more than for the Empire to leave them alone. Those benevolent Imperials were just giving them what they wanted.
  4. That would've been so ******* cool.
  5. I hope so. I'd prefer real people to more clones. Though kidnapping children for breeding is pretty messed up even by your typical dark side standards. I doubt many fans could have any sympathy for them at all if they're going about like that.
  6. Both the Empire and the FO use both. Stormtoopers started as clones, but as you said, they slowly got replaced by normal humans due to their rapid aging, but there were some who remained, but they were very uncommon. As for the FO, we don't know much about their strength yet, but there's a part of TFA where Kylo points out to Hux that his normal humans are prone to betrayal, and tells him that he should switch to clones. To me that implies that other Generals might already be using them. Probably not Boba bubbas, but I can dream.
  7. That random bounty hunter became so damned popular that Lucas decided to hijack one of Vader's prequel movies and give it to him! Aaaaaaand now the Stormtroopers are Boba Fetts! It's too bad that the First Order's clones were elsewhere, because it'd be really funny if TR-8R was one of Boba's millions of test tube brothers. Oh well. They're probably using someone else as a baseline these days anyway.
  8. I thought it was funny Brienne of Tarth was supposed to be the badass new Stormtrooper that everyone would love with because she looked cool, but instead she didn't do anything interesting and some random dude with a baton and 40 seconds screen time became the most popular character in the new trilogy.
  9. Their refusal to actually, definitively kill her. They intentionally made it ambiguous when that was the perfect way and place for her to go. And since then they've even teased about the possibility of her surviving.
  10. Actually, scratch that. I could live with Ezra living if it's because he went bad and found a way to hide himself like Maul did. Because that could be kinda cool. Plus, it would make sense with the whole 'Last Jedi' thing since he is kind of a remnant of the Republic times with the guy who trained him being from the temple and all. The Ahsoka thing was still stupid. And I even like her character.
  11. I'd be disappointed. Because that means that blue-haired pansy never got his ass served up by Vader. Just like I was disappointed with how they bitched out on doing in Ahsoka.
  12. 4 would be awesome if he appears to Kylo all burned up and shit. Or if he appears to Luke all Hayden Christenseny and shit. We'll definitely get 5. If not in this episode, then the next. Though I'd put my money on it being this one since Kylo is going to him for training. 6 goes hand-in-hand with 3. Actually, the more Luke the better, really. He's gonna be a drug kingpin who uses his contacts to get Rey hooked on deathsticks, thus abandoning her training with Luke and falling to the dark side.
  13. Me too. There are exactly three things that I really want from this next movie. I want to see Kylo Ren become the badass he's been set up to be. I want another meme that's as funny as "traitor!" And I want to see Luke motherfucking Skywalker perform ungodly awesome force feats.
  14. Plot twist: Rey dies. Luke motherfucking Skywalker gets to be both the best and the last Jedi.
  15. Definitely. I agree with you about it being from dev imagination more than a strict adherence to specific real world inspirations. Just noting that the Halls of Stories in particular stand out as being a little more than just whimsical ideas. And yeah, MK used to be a dev. Now Bethesda just hires him to write specific pieces and plot lines, and they sometimes take his out of game work and use it, like with Heimskr. He certainly does have a wild imagination.