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  1. Spoiler tags for Colonel since he might read it.
  2. Season 4 takes place during book 3, so you'd be fine unless you plan on reading them some day and don't want to be spoiled on the books.
  3. No. In Astapor she basically just killed all the Masters who tried to stop her from taking the Unsullied. In Yunkai, she only killed those who tried to stop her from freeing the slaves. I won't spoil Mereen for you. She's smug for sure. Though I agree with her stance on the slaves and killing the Masters. But she's not just slaughtering everyone in these cities. It's not as hardcore as you think.
  4. No. I mean that season 1 is very accurate to book 1. There ain't a lot of discrepancies. Book 2 is where the two start to diverge more noticeably, so there will be a lot of stuff that you haven't seen yet because it didn't make it into the show. Particularly with Jon's storyline. Book 3 is done more closely, but that's because they spent two seasons on it instead of one. But it's also the book with the most intense content. Books 4 and 5 are almost completely different from the show apart from some broad strokes.
  5. They're a long read, but very entertaining. The first book is great, but I bet they'll really start to do it for you in book 2, when the show starts to diverge and you see new things.
  6. Five released. This chapter is a sample from the sixth that GRRM read to a crowd at Worldcon.
  7. I'm referring to Robb. He was supposed to be protected by guest right. But in the end that didn't matter.
  8. Guest right? More like guessed wrong!
  9. Just read Witch's last post.
  10. Continue and with a new poll! The details of the scenario for it can be found in the final section under the spoiler tags below. Scenario 4: The Hospitallers
  11. What's up?
  12. Page 42. I'm gonna start a new thread.
  13. Which one was that?
  14. Not gonna lie, this is why I've never really liked her all that much.