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  1. Since everyone seemed to like the Fallout adventure poll idea, we've decided to do two this time. I've included info on both in the spoiler tags below. First though, there's the matter of the tie we had with the previous poll: The "machine hacking/distraction to escape", the "quietly sneak away", and the "Bed your lady and become her favorite pet". Y'all can vote in the comments between these three which one you think should be the one to be canon for the RP. Now, on to the new poll factions:
  2. Hello and welcome to the very first OOC thread for the upcoming Fallout RP, Shattered Steel! Here, you can post your Character Sheets, your questions, your comments, and everything else that relates to roleplaying and Fallout. The RP itself will be starting some time within the next week or so. In the meantime, post your CSes for approval and for others to see. Once they've been approved, you can post them in the Resources Thread, which I will create soon as well. I don't know about y'all, but after almost two years of planning for this thing, I'm pretty dang excited! Here is the current map of Wellstone and it's surrounding regions, for anyone who needs to freshen up. And here is a Character Sheet template for anyone who wants to use it:
  3. October, 2284 A train passed overhead. Its iron wheels rumbled over the tracks with a noise to rival thunder, delivering tremors that violently shook every light fixture in the warehouse below. Duane stood at the open window and watched the monstrosity pass them by. Loud as the beast was, it only moved a few miles per hour. They would be stuck listening to its racket for another twenty minutes, at least. Least it drowns out that fuckin' radio. A desperate man had to be able to count his blessings. Duane flicked his cigarette butt out the window and stuffed his hands inside the pockets of his coat to hide that they were still trembling. Even now two of the smugglers were watching him like hawks, while the third still struggled to shove the dead woman's body into a wooden crate. The big one with the shaved head said something to him, but the words were lost beneath the roaring of the train. Duane swallowed and cleared his throat. "What'd you say?" "I asked if you were ready to finish what we started." The man seemed strangely relaxed, his fingers drumming against the knife handle protruding from his belt. All his life, Duane had thought himself a hard man, a real badass from the streets of Junker Town who knew all the answers. What a damned idiot he had been. These people were killers. Real killers. The sort who could shove a blade into a woman's heart in one moment and kick back to a tune by the Ink Spots in the next. He was in over his head. Regardless, as Duane's brother liked to say, "When shit gets bad, don't stop to smell it." He was in the thick of this now, and the only way out was to see it through. "Yeah," he told the bald man, making sure to speak loudly enough to make himself heard. "I'm ready when you are." "We been ready," said the skinny girl with the red hair, "It's your slowpoke ass that ran to the fuckin' window." She glanced at her partner. "Look at this guy. He's chokin'. I reckon he ain't never seen someone killed." "I'm fine," Duane assured them. "It's like I said, I just needed a smoke." "This ain't a freakin' church. You can smoke inside." "Right." Duane nodded his head. "Well I also wanted some fresh air." "Course ya did. Come on now." The smugglers led him over to the stack of crates, each one ranging from the size of a briefcase to just large enough to contain a bent up human corpse. "Big Max had his eyes on you for four months," the girl said. "The folks you've been dealin' with these last two were his people's people. Now you get to deal with his people directly." "Not Max himself?" Duane frowned. "I was told-" "You were told that Max would sell you guns," the bald man said. He patted one of the crates. "Well here they are. What's it matter if he ain't here to hand them over?" "I guess... well, I suppose I'd just thought we'd be building somethin' of a partnership. I've got more cash. My boys and me are making it steady across the river. We want this to be an ongoing thing." "And it will be," the man promised. "Maybe someday you'll get to meet the big man, himself. Until then, you deal with us." "I doubt it, though," the woman said. "Chem peddlers ain't our usual market. And with this haul, you'n yours'll probably be running Junker Town by the end of the month. Won't have any need of us when the competition's been muscled out." "There's always competition." Those were the first words that Duane had said with genuine confidence all morning. As long as there were junkies, there would be people fighting over who got to sell them their high. "And, well..." Damnit man... You've done it now. Here goes nothing. "There's the Brotherhood of Steel." He saw it at once, the sudden change in the room's atmosphere. The smugglers shot each other a look, and for a moment the only sound in the warehouse came from the train up above. Duane didn't want them to mistake his meaning, so he quickly continued, "Word is they're bringing in an army. We may all want something to protect ourselves with before long." "You got beef with the Brotherhood?" the woman asked. Her tone of voice had changed drastically, as if every word was now a bullet being loaded. His answer to this question could very well be the difference between life or death. "Nah," Duane said, trying not to let his nervousness show. "But maybe I know some folks who do." The woman smiled. "Maybe we know some folks who do too." Holy shit! Duane could hardly believe this was happening. Is she for real?! The look on her face certainly said so. What in the fuckin'- SHIT! Every criminal in Wellstone knew the name 'Big Max', and every man, woman, and child knew that the Brotherhood's imminent arrival was a response to rebel cells cropping up in the city. But Duane might've been one of the only people stupid enough to theorize that they were one and the same. And now the woman's grin said all that needed to be said. "I-" he stammered, and then quickly composed himself. "I'd like to meet Big Max." "What's that?" The third smuggler, the one with the dead woman, had to holler over the train. It was a wonder he could even tell they were talking. "You say somethin' about Big Max?" "Shut up, Walter," the bald man barked. "And keep an eye on the doors. Shit just got serious. Anyone else comes in, do 'em like the last one." "Aye-aye, Boss." "Want me to tell him," the bald man said, turning his head to the girl, "or you?" "Tell me what?" Duane's heart was pounding. This had already gotten far beyond the simple operation he'd hoped for. He was on new ground now. He was dealing with rebels. The redhead shrugged and sat back in her chair. "Alright, Mr. William, here's the truth. This man next to me with the stupid grin, is Big Max." "He-" Duane lifted a finger, and then immediately dropped it again. "You-" "That's right," the bald man said, his 'stupid grin' spreading from ear to ear. "In the flesh. Now don't let it change things between us. Alright? Talk to me like you've been. I want to know about these 'folks' who 'may' have beef with the Brotherhood of Steel." Don't stop to smell the shit, Duane. Duane took a deep breath, opened his mouth, and proceeded to feed the rebels lie after bullshit lie, just as he had been doing all morning. Just as Wellstone Security had told him to. The plan had always been for him to gain the smugglers' trust until he could meet their leader, and then get a reward for his ID. Now though, Duane's little leap of faith based on a stupid-ass theory was going to make him a fuckin' hero! He just needed to play it cool. This was the last day he would have to be 'William'. "That's it," Duane finally said after a solid five minutes of spewing garbage. "That's what the Brotherhood's cost my 'friends'. And that's why I want a partnership. Guns will be needed. And not for rival chem dealers." "Huh," Big Max had listened attentively the entire time, never saying a word except to ask Duane to clarify on little details as he spoke. "You know, you're a terrible fuckin' liar." All at once, Duane felt his chest close around his heart like a clenching fist. "What? No, I ain't lying!" " 'Course you are. You've got like five tells. And you contradicted yourself twice in all that shit you just tried to sling at us. It obviously wasn't as well rehearsed as the crap about you dealing chems." "Hell, the chem stuff might even be true," said the redhead. And she was right, of course. He had only started working with the city less than a year ago. "We got a rat, Gil?" the one called Walter called from across the room, still having to shout to be heard. "Looks that way," she answered. "Either way, can't take chances with him now." "Damn." "I swear you've got it wrong!" Duane pleaded. "What contradictions are you even talking about?! I can-" "Look, you blew it, okay? He's all yours 'Max'." Gil said, stepping back. Big Max drew his knife. "Fuckin' wait!" Duane shouted, wishing that the train wasn't passing. No one outside would be able to hear him scream for help. "I swear, whatever you think, it's not-" The bald man took a step in his direction. "Oh screw this!" Duane drew his pistol then, and saw the alarm in each of the rebels' eyes right before he pulled the trigger. "Shit!" Gil's own hidden gun flashed out next, and before Duane fully understood what had happened, he was on the ground, staring up at the trembling light fixtures with a hole in his chest and the sound of a train in his ears. That sound eventually passed, and was replaced by swearing rebels and a faint tune by the Ink Spots. By the time the song ended, the man who'd called himself 'Big Max' was dead, and Duane Freeman would soon be joining him. Walter and Gil were gone, and the only voice left in the room belonged to Wellstone's most popular radio host, Ronald Layder. "How ya doing, Wellstone? It's twelve-o-clock and you know that means it's time for me to share some old world wisdom with the bunch of you -and trust me- this one's good. But first, some news: ... I'm sure by now all of you listeners know that in light of recent attacks in the Industrial and Market districts, the Brotherhood of Steel is sending troops to occupy our fair city. Well it turns out that these guys work even faster than we thought 'cause they're gonna be here tomorrow. Yep, you heard me right. The BoS is about to be in town. Is this good? Bad? Only time will tell.... Me personally, I just hope that the killing comes to an end... and that brings me back to that old world wisdom I promised you folks. It's an old quote I managed to dig up that I think everyone should perk their ears for. So Wellstone, Brotherhood, Rebels at large, y'all listen up 'cause it's a doozy. Before you go to war, you should know that war, well, war never changes.
  4. I suppose we could.
  5. If they don't, I'm going with "Intimidate the Mashas" for RP canon.
  6. I love caravan, and I think it's great that they created it for the sake of New Vegas. Just wish the AI was a little better at it.
  7. Great post BT and Witch.
  8. By the way, I don't know if any of y'all knew this (I didn't until my latest playthrough), but the encounter where Cass calls you out for being a dick with negative karma gives you an opportunity to dish out some of the most straight up cold-hearted, savage dialogue in the entire franchise. Basically, if you continue to be a dick to her, she'll say she's had enough and that she's going back to California. At which point, you can say something along the lines of "Yeah, that's right. Go back home to your family... Oh wait, they're all dead!" ******* brutal. She draws on you if you say it. Maybe if they made them weak, like the early game Powder Ganger encounters or something. I agree that it would've been really cool. If you really need to drop your karma, you can always just run back to the NCRCF after the Powder Gangers are dead and steal all of their shit. No one will witness it or care, and you'll get buttloads of -karma. Or, you could just find a restricted terminal and open/close it over and over for a minute. Agreed. Killing House is fucked. Easily the most morally questionable thing I do in my Wild Card playthroughs, and that often includes blowing up the BoS. I mean, if it wasn't for this guy, Vegas and Hoover Dam wouldn't even exist. He walks the walk. I don't think House cares about money OR the Mojave. He cares about his city and his vision, and everyone he meets is either a tool or an ant. Fortunately, his vision is likely for the betterment of mankind in the long run. I can't see the Mojave getting annexed. The Wild Card ending sets Vegas up in such a way that the NCR cannot conquer it with force and that's pretty much the only way it would ever go. Independence is what keeps the Strip wealthy. I like the idea proposed during Lonesome Road, of the Courier being a nation builder, and the Mojave can grow into its own independent and unique entity. Makes it feel more special to me.
  9. I just want it on record that I love the NCR. They're either my favorite group in Fallout, or a very close second to New Vegas. I just think that an Indy/House ending is better for them than one in which they are victorious, even if they don't all realize it.
  10. Weirdly enough, the massacre at the Fort is only scripted to occur if you side with House. If you go Wild Card, there are no explosions or sounds of battle up there. I don't know if this is a glitch or if it's meant to show that Yes Man brings them straight to the Dam instead of killing Caesar, whereas House does the opposite.
  11. I must be a real bastard, because I'm almost always in the neutral range. Cass even got onto me recently because I "can be a real asshole sometimes" so I must've been closer to evil than to good, which is funny because other than stealing shit and being a tiny bit of a dick in dialogue (which rarely hurts karma), I'm not all that bad. The only time I've been in the good range was when I hunted the Fiends. Maybe it's because I let the NCR wipe out the Powder Gangers for me and I tend to let my companions kill ghouls, or, in the case of Repcon, I try to sneak past them.
  12. I agree. I do side quests in Goodsprings, Primm, Novac, Boulder City, and some in Freeside because they all tie into the MQ (Freeside because I spend all my caps on implants and need to do some wet work to make enough money to enter the Strip), but otherwise, I pretty much bee-line for Benny. Hunting him down reminds me of Clint Eastwood from Unforgiven. As an extra RP incentive, the Courier's contract to deliver the Platinum Chip states that failure to deliver may result in mercenaries being sent to hunt us down. Obviously, this doesn't happen (wish it did), but the Courier doesn't know that, so for me it adds a bit of urgency in the quest to finish the delivery as soon as possible.
  13. I don't blame you. Caesar's dialogue is pretty hilarious if you do everything you can to hurt him before the initial meeting. Though I usually don't kill him on my playthroughs anymore (unless I'm going NCR). I like to work for him, the NCR, and House for as long as possible before I start betraying. Caesar gets to live because I enjoy the prospect of him knowing that he lost before his brain tumor does him in anyway.
  14. The thing about the casino is that you get to exchange chips for pre war money instead of caps. That makes the exchange rate something like 6 times higher than it normally would be. Plus, if you break the bank, you get a ton of chips back at the Abandoned BoS bunker on a regular basis. I'm the opposite. I like to do the side quests as I progress the MQ. I treat Benny like a mini boss, and the initial driving force that leads my Courier into bigger and better things. To me it feels strange to abandon my revenge quest in order to go on a caravan run into Utah, but I justify it later on by saying that he was trying to escape the ticking time bomb that is the Mojave. I tend to do most side quests during Wild Card: Side Bets, since that quest naturally leads you into most side quests anyway. I always do Lonesome Road last, though. I feel that its ending leads into the Second Battle for Hoover Dam nicely.
  15. I'm really close to getting to Dead Money myself. I like to do it, then Honest Hearts about halfway into the MQ, before I kill House or blow up the Brotherhood. I'm excited because it's my all-time favorite DLC for any game. Love the characters, the atmosphere, the story, the and the unforgivingly brutal gameplay. The Villa is one of the only places in the game where Hardcore Mode truly feels hardcore. I also love that they make us leave the gold (unless we cheat). It fits perfectly with the DLC's theme of letting go. And besides, that's chump change compared to what the casino will net you.
  16. This episode made Jack feel like the protagonist of an RPG.
  17. That's actually a good point. I also tend to go with the more snarky or dickish dialogue choices when I'm able. Still, I don't like to dump it down. Would rather take those points out of Strength if I need them. Since I play on Hardcore mode, the companion boosts from Charisma are more useful to me than a little extra carry weight. Though Charisma the only stat that I generally don't buy an implant for. I prefer the expensive ones that give you slow healing or extra DT instead.
  18. I didn't know that the GoTY edition was backwards compatible. Thought it was only the standard edition that was. Maybe that's your problem. I rebought a digital copy of the standard and all the DLCs on Xbox One as soon as I was able, and it works well for me.
  19. I do think there is a weird sense of honor to him that no other characters really show. One that is hard to sympathize with from our modern POV, but his idea that Hoover Dam's conquest should be swift, honest, and purchased with blood does show a rift between him and members like Vulpes. In fact, he thanks you for stopping the Omertas from gassing the Strip specifically because he would rather win without using such a dirty tactic. Though I guess you could say that the whole Legion has their own sort of fucked up morality. They have their definition of crimes or sins, and they staunchly believe that those things should be punished. The Powder Gangers in Nipton, for instance, betrayed the NCR to the Legion, but that sort of greedy back-stabbing earned them the crosses. Maybe Lanius is like the rest but taken to an even more extreme level. I love his character because he's interesting and one of the most badass people out there. But I don't like the man, himself.
  20. It won't matter all that much, but I went with Guns, Speech, and I think either Repair or Survival. I can't remember and have no real way to check. Knowing me, it was probably Survival. I enjoy that skill.
  21. I tend to as well. My idea for the 'canon' Courier as I play him is an extremely lucky son of a bitch who is very hard to kill, as we see from Benny failing to kill him, the Think Tank accidentally not destroying his brain during the lobotomy like they have every other time, his ability to walk the Divide, etc. It's basically a fact, regardless of your stats, that the Courier is lucky and tough. So I went high on Luck and Endurance for RP reasons, and then played around with the perks and skill allocations to create what felt like the optimal build to suite that. Likewise, there is nothing that says he had to be incredibly smart or physically strong from the get-go. In fact, your brain tells you during OWB that it hates how illogical the Courier has acted in the past by doing things like charging a super mutant with a pen knife and punching a deathclaw in the face. The Courier may become stronger and smarter as they progress, but I don't get the vibe that they're brilliant or super strong or anything. The only stat that I kind of ignore RP for is Charisma. I always focus heavily on Speech and Barter, but I tend to neglect Charimsa because it's a kind of ****ty stat. Even then, I put it at 6 instead of dumping it, because it doesn't feel right to build a smooth talker who has no Charisma.
  22. That's because by the time you meet him, you have already pretty well earned his respect. You're either Caesar's right hand man/woman, or you're the baddest motherfucker the West has to offer and a worthy adversary.
  23. You're welcome. One thing to note is that the Endurance Implant gives you all the benefits of an extra point of Endurance for perks, abilities, and such, but it does not allow you to get an extra implant.
  24. I don't know about that. He is cunning and can speak civilly, but he is waaaay worse than most Legionaries. That's why he and the Burned Man are basically the only two things that they universally fear.
  25. Weird. It still works for me. It's just a link to the audio for when he says that he's gonna nail the Courier to Hoover Dam facing West so he can watch his world die.