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  1. Same here. I really wish we knew more about it. CDPR have been pretty hush hush these last few years.
  2. So since the Fallout RP is going to be starting before long, we decided to do something special. Now as Colonel pointed out in the last thread. we haven't done a lot to flesh out some of the smaller factions in and around the Brotherhood city of Wellstone (where part 1 will predominantly take place). This gave Witch the the idea for us to use the polls as a sort of mini "choose your own adventure" -styled game in which we present a scenario involving one of these factions and give everyone choices for how they would prefer to get through that scenario. This will give us the opportunity to play with them a bit as a group, one at a time, and flesh them out together. I thought that sounded like a blast, myself, so let's see how this works out! Scenario 1: The Queendom of Space World Some info on Soace World
  3. Hey Cel! It's great to hear from you! Thanks for sharing these. They're a good deal more extensive than my own notes.
  4. Thanks, Czar! I'm glad you enjoyed it.
  5. Sounds like they're living up to their name.
  6. Happy birthday man!
  7. Still waiting to find out. I think you were right about it being something different though. Like you said, it was probably just an update or something.
  8. I love that picture.
  9. You don't need one if you just want to share some images. You can just use this: and then share the link.
  10. Just upload them to imgur or a similar site and then post the link here. That's what I've been doing lately.
  11. Heh, Balrog and I were just talking about this, actually. I'm glad that the story is going to actually get a conclusion.
  12. No. They've been around long enough to establish an actual currency and not just scripts.
  13. We are going all Fallout 2 on it, actually. The Brotherhood have their own currency. But the Lost Lands parts of the map typically don't acknowledge its value, so they stick to bartering.
  14. Lol Fair enough. All y'all have fun with your kingdoms. I'll just be over here... kingdomless... with nothing but a broken Riften to play with.
  15. If they had thousands of crazy wizards.
  16. Nah. There's no need to delete it. But you can repost it if you want. The OOC thread is on page 8 now, and all the spoiler posts are on 7 and maybe 6. So if you go there, you can avoid them by just not going back to previous pages. Have you read BT's latest post? There is a post about it on page 8, but it's light on spoilers. More just talking about shadow magic in general.
  17. I think this would belong in the OOC thread... I think.
  18. I never touched the highest difficulty in Witcher 2. Never will, either. Souls is literally infamous for being an excessively difficult game. It's true that you can get really good at it and it won't be hard anymore, but you can apply that to pretty much anything in life. Witcher 3 is the same way, except the learning curve is much less steep. A relatively mediocre gamer can learn the tricks and beat Witcher 3 on Deathmarch. But you pretty much have to get good if you intend to conquer Dark Souls. It's far more skill-based, whereas Witcher 3 is all about preparation. Deathmarch does have bullet sponge enemies, but only if you go some place that is way too high a level for you, and your equipment isn't good enough to combat them yet. As long as you stick to quests and areas that are within a couple levels of your own, and you take a little effort to prepare yourself for the fights, you should be able to dispatch most enemies pretty quickly. The only exceptions are the ones who are intentionally hard to kill, because they're usually a big ass monster who is made of rocks or something.
  19. Perma death? Unless they've updated things since I last played, dying on Deathmarch just forces you to reload the same way all the other difficulties do. I hate difficulties that create bullet/sword sponge enemies in relation to your character. Deathmarch doesn't do that, since you're given all the equipment and skills that you need to make yourself really hard to kill and your enemies really easy to kill. The only difference is that, unlike on lower difficulties, they're only easy to kill if you prepare for the fights ahead of time with decorations, potions, and sword oils, and you use the proper signs and weapons to exploit their weaknesses. It never even comes close to being as difficult as Dark Souls.
  20. It's a tie between 'quietly sneak away' and 'bed her and become her favorite pet' since Colonel wanted to change his vote after I made that one an option. Whoever hasn't votes so far could be the tie-breaker, if not we can just choose between those two.
  21. Necromancy is illegal in Morrowind and viewed very unfavorably in Skyrim and Hammerfell. It's legal elsewhere, though. In fact, even when the Mages Guild banned it in Cyrodiil during the Oblivion Crisis, it was still technically legal. There was just no one to learn it from without turning to the disgruntled rogue members who went off and joined Mannimarco's Worm Cult. Black soul gems aren't illegal either, but messing with black souls is dangerous, so it's considered taboo and not widely taught. Shadow magic, however, is in a completely different league. It's not nearly as widely known or utilized because it never achieved widespread teaching. And it's primarily region-locked, never moving far from its roots in High Rock and the Reach (where I believe that some shamans, witches, and especially hagravens utilize forms of it), the same way that the thu'um never really migrated south of Skyrim. It is also much harder to learn and master than necromancy or soul magic, and it's much riskier. Azra Nightwielder is one of the most powerful mortals in Tamrielic history, but his practicing of shadow magic eventually backfired on him in a major way. I think that the few mages who are familiar with what it is tend to avoid its study simply because they don't think any amount of power is worth assuming a risk like that. That, and there aren't a lot of options when it comes to teachers.
  22. I just want it in record that the Nords of Bruma did this too without any magic tree juice. Captain Burd is the man!