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  1. EA keeping up its grand tradition.
  2. Aren't you guys fans of Dead Space? EA is shuttering its developer, Visceral Studios. They were apparently making some Star Wars game. Supposedly Bioware is also making a Star Wars game. Meeeehhhh.
  3. The huge anime weapons always get me in that game.
  4. Baldur didn't have to kill Ulfric. He chose to, and other than Daric and Maori hasn't suffered any consequences and isn't especially troubled by it. That's why Veleda hates him so much. No opinion on Dark Souls, of course, since I haven't played it.
  5. If something is unclear, that should be fixed so it'd be more helpful if you pointed out exactly what you mean. As for different styles, that's just the nature of group RP. It's not going to flow as well as a single narrative would.
  6. Not sure what part you mean but yes, it should always be clear whose point of view is being represented. I pointed out a couple times with Colonel's stuff where I wasn't sure who was thinking or speaking. I do think it's natural to adapt to the other person in rp. In a large group, it has to be more controlled otherwise it can get out of hand in a hurry. Not easy to manage.
  7. Went to see Bladerunner 2049 this weekend. It was really, really good. I'm almost positive they were using some Easter eggs/ references of Fallout, especially New Vegas. In any case, it was a good homage to the original and an excellent story in its own right with a lot of the classic bleak atmosphere of dystopian noir.
  8. I thought it flowed pretty well. It's an RP, not a novel. All in all I think the RP has gotten a bit too far on the side of people writing their own long posts, so it was nice to be part of a collaborative scene again, even though I wasn't actually collaborating much. Ode to Brund
  9. Just a warning, it's... an unusual shield. lol But good enough that I had Eder use it throughout the whole game.
  10. Yeah it's the smith's quest, not the miller's. Sorry!
  11. Eh, I don't see him as that complex. Just another asshole grasping for power. Ulfric is more interesting.
  12. You guys just haven't experienced the mental cuteness of picturing Danse teaching little Shaun how to be a real man.
  13. Skyrim-Fallout mashup https://twitter.com/nationalpost/status/916697596818751488
  14. There's a nice two hander in the quest for lordship of Gilded Vale. You'll need some party members for that though. One thing I can mention that wasn't obvious to me, later in the game you can upgrade equipment by right clicking (whatever that is for Playstation) and hit the Enchant button. This is nice because there are certain companion items that are very much in their character, and with that they can keep them throughout the game along with boosts from amulets and gloves and the like. It's expensive to enchant, so for some you might want to trade out instead. I would give any items you find that resist Stuck, Paralyzed, Dominated etc. to your priest, because if he gets paralyzed or dominated, you're fu**ed unless you have a scroll, whereas he can free others. Also not obvious to me until I played for a while- when you pick up grimoires from enemies, a wizard can learn spells from them (for gold) but then you can give him back his old grimoire and the spells will be there. There's a cooldown until he can use the new spells so might want to do this before resting.