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  1. I´ve made quite a few simple retextures for FalloutNV which worked fine and this is what I do: use the texture of choice Nifscope and swap the texture...and in game it works fine! Now heres the Oblivion this is not Nifscope everything looks fine but in game it doesn´t show...its like the nif itself is missing!....anyone seeing the problem here?
  2. Cheers Arion...lets see how far I get:-)
  3. Hey there everyone, since I´m getting the hang of modding ( with FalloutNV anyway ) I decided to take a shot at Oblivion:-) many things don´t work like in FNV although Nifscope is Nifscope....but that would be another question...... Anyways what I really want to know, is if its possible to change the races to custome ones or if theres a tutorial ( e.g. change the Imperial Race to a custome race )?
  4. thanx.
  5. Hi there everyone, hows it going....don´t have anything sensible to say at the moment so I´ll have a look around:-)