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  1. I rebuilt my lab, so I will now have to build up my skills again. I have to write it all down and 're study' what I did. I am going to build a rough draft.
  2. Oh my goodness, it was already being attempted! I just read your link. I absolutely want to do this! It brings tears of joy thinking the ways we can finish this. I will need a partner. Either for help with design concepts, mechanics, or overall guidance. 1. Decide if we stay with the model ideas that were in the above link. 2. Decide title based on what people know of her. 3. Decide how much of the mod will be adventurous, and how much will be direct tribute to the orphans in her name.
  3. Besides, I created a SKYBRARY that has cached pages, and also indexed pages.

    It probably needs an update.  Current version is on nexus/steam.

    I had it on my site but I am moving the site, so I am not updating it at this time.


    TESA forums, classes, are still good places to go for general help. (alot of tutorials of mine

    got broken because of the TESA site move) however, they should still be useful.

    Non youtube help:



    1. RavenMind


      Thank you Ashenfire, very much appreciated! I keep thinking I'd like to participate in the classes on TESA when I have the time. Thanks for your contributions to the tutorials & I'll go check out your Skybrary! (Love the name, BTW!)

  4. Re discovery is grand! Welcome back.
  5. I can't seem to find anyone that can help you. Are you doing these tasks for your own fun? I am asking because I was thinking you could experiment with AREA triggers. If you are doing it for a task for a story line you could also use dialogue.
  6. It doesn't look like you told it WHICH cheese to delete.
  7. Bizaare. I was just ranting and raving in my mind, the type of conversation I want to have, even yell to a crowd of people; how I hate the world and it is upside down. Then I read your post. I guess I will be quiet in my mind for awhile.
  8. I'm glad you got it working. I am confused you would mess with unplugging your connection. My batch file was meant to do do the tedious work and load the CK two times, both in offline mode without messing with the internet connection.
  9. I'm guessing you got it working again? Also, does my script help anyone?
  10. I also updated my tutorial post to reflect the new conditions. Also, I can provide the 3 batch files I use to make this happen and to make it pleasing on the eyes.
  11. For the record, I can still do it, using the latest Steam updates. It also took me 5 tries. Since the original conditions to make my batch operational, were no longer correct. However, I can Go offline with Steam. Exit Steam. Run my batch file. Steam and offline CK will load. (choosing to run kit in offline mode). Run my batch file again. choose to load the second creation kit in offline mode. Voila...2 instances of the kit.
  12. I'll check on it. It has been hit and miss for me. I wrote a batch file that handles this.
  13. That link is empty. Not to mention I don't have an account either. Did you run across any of these people in a forum where you might have had civil communications? It appears to me Tarshana believes you reported her. Not sure why others felt the need to join a side, not just calm a person down or stay out of it. On the bright side, there are very big coffee mugs you can drink from. Civil defense, at your service.
  14. I wish I am not homeless, I would love to help you. I was compelled to give you a cookie just because you are not afraid to 'fly our colors'. I am relieved your family is settling back in, to a stable environment.
  15. I can understand coding from the old days, but the expressions in papyrus just don't reach out to me very easy. Anyways love to chat with you sometime about ideas.