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  1. What? Our motto isn't REDRUM? Speaking of teaching, are new classes out of reach now, or still feasable?
  2. Welcome.
  3. Hackers Why would it be 'for good'? Redeploy with clean backups. Much more convincing since we were most likely not targeted.
  4. My days were about nurturing computers, 'oh is my baby sick'?. You poor thing! Let me help you!. Now, its like they 'grew up' and learned how to rebel just because they can. Only way to negotiate is to tell the computer EXACTLY how it is going to behave and it will like it.
  5. Negotiiating with computers. When the boot order is out of alignment, one can: 1. Change the bios order to boot from the drive of choice, then run repair or install for the 2nd O.S. to be installed using a 2nd drive. Assuming the O.S recognizes mbr & O.S. 2. If only one drive is in the system, choice 1 is not an option, boot from portable os or 'pre installed environment' PE instead. 3. If that fails, muck with it and keep track of the softwares 'boot order'. Good job!
  6. That was un expected. I'm sorry you are having difficulties. I am not using freebsd, sorry.
  7. I only affected my cell and already deleted the activators (all portions of the racks). If people already place weapons on the weapons rack, and I delete the red weapon rack (left,right,middle) and the white activators that go with them, the ref id to hold a users item is gone.
  8. So far, I don't see any x64 support either. However I don't see why it won't happen at some point.
  9. Further reading shows the REACTOS team shares WINE technology so it can benefit from anything the WINE project does. It might work different but it is still intertwined. Oh well. It is in alpha phase. Plenty of time to perfect.
  10. Its better than using WINE if it is not a virtual / emulation of another product.
  11. I have a dual boot. I will install the real deal soon. LiveCD doesn't operate the same way.
  12. I am thinking about REACT O.S. Somheow it does not use WINE interpretations, maintains all that is UNIX (open source, etc) and can still run windows program and UNIX. Food for thought.
  13. Makes sense about GNOME, that was my friends preference. I used KDE, but that was when Mandrake 10 came out. I used it for 3 months and quit. It just didn't speak to me. There is another one very similar to windows that is not Ubuntu. I will see if I can get that name later on.
  14. I agree dual boot is better. I have 2 drives for alternate boot, myself. I figure most people don't have extra hard drives or the 'will' to do that kind of maintenance. Didn't see Ubuntu as an old distro, but maybe I misunderstood. A bit of the distros are all Devian sourced, anyways. Shouldn't be hard to update, I'm guessing. Guess I'm in trouble. I have been trying to get all projects done. I don't want to switch over to any flaver of Linux, only to have to study it for 6 months. Then to find out (my luck) , dual core/3.2 Ghz 8Gb machine can't handle them anyways! Shy.
  15. I created a mod 3 years ago. It works. I updated it today and deleted weapon racks and replaced them. It is a minor update going from version 1.3 to 1.3b. If people already subscribed to version 1.3 detect this version with Steam launcher, it will most likely update to 1.3b and destroy whatever items they had on the COA weapon racks. They can not save games to avoid this. They have no warning that changes were made. I ALREADY have 3 instances of this mod and I don't want to make a fourth. If I change the mod name,type, it will set my followers, # thumbs up, to ZERO. It will save the users from destroying content but it wont save me grief of starting over. How do I safely update without hurting my project stats and prevent users from destroyed inventory?