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  1. Version 1.0.0


    THIS IS THE SSE VERSION OF THE ORIGINAL MOD Name: Insanity's Sorrow - A Celtic Katana Version: 1.2 Date: 21/04/2012 Category: Weapons Author: InsanitySorrow Source: TES Alliance MESH CONVERSION WORK for Skyrim Special Edition Converter: SA547 (see Nexus permissions page on original mod) Date: 11/26/2016 Version: 1.2SE Tools: NIF Optimizer for SSE ================= Requirements: ================= Skyrim SE 1.0 and up ================= Description: ================= Adds a new Katana into the game, a Celtic Katana. The model and textures are all new, no retexturing here. The Katana's come in 4 colours, Blue grip, Brown grip, Red Grip and Black grip. The leather wrap on the scabbard also has it's colour changed to match. You can aquire the Katana's by crating them, they're setup as steel weapons, though they need more of each material, they're also a little strong than the Blade's katana. Each one can be upgraded too. Dai-Katana and Tanto versions of the Celtic katana are now available. ================= CONVERTER'S NOTES ================= The plugin (.esp) has no compatibility issues with SSE. However, the in-game weapons don't appear at all due to mesh problems, hence all meshes in the original mod were converted to the new SSE format using NIF Optimizer. Further testing after conversion now shows the weapons present in-game. --SA547 ================= Installation ================= 1. Extract the contents of the ZIP folder into your Data folder 2. Make sure the Insanity's Sorrow.esp is checked in the Launcher ================= Un-Installation: ================= 1. Delete the files/folders associated with the mod 2. Uncheck the Insanity's Sorrow.esp is checked in the Launcher ================= Changelog: ================= 11/26/2016 (SA547) - converted all meshes to the new SSE format using NIF Optimizer by Ousinus 21/04/2012 - Added Dai-Katana; Added Tanto; All assets are now packed into a BSA file 17/04/2012 - Intitial Release ================= Contact: ================= InsanitySorrow @ TES Alliance ================= Credits: ================= Thanks to Bethesda for creating Skyrim. ================= Tools Used: ================= Insanity's ReadMe Generator Photoshop CS5 Blender Marmoset Toolbag - For the Render for SSE: NIF Optimizer by Ousinus ================= Licensing/Legal: ================= You may use this as you wish as long as you don't charge money for it and you credit me for any work used. Please DO NOT re-host this file without InsanitySorrow's explicit permission. FOREVER FREE
  2. Sorry if I was away for several months, been mostly at Nexus but working on a few small mods. However, I had to act on IRL priorities, giving me less time to dabble.
  3. Where do I comment your album Skyrm...!

  4. From UCLA: this could've made worldspace making much easier to do.

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    2. sa547


      Yeah, but it's mind-blowing. A few more refinements and it should be the right tool for anyone dealing with terrain.

    3. grond


      Beautiful demo.

      That's an awesome reason to have a sandbox in my home. I don't have cats so there's no danger there. :)

    4. fredlaus


      I would love that sandbox even with cats - I have one visiting me every day.

      We can have a lovely party in the BOX :-)

  5. Apparently the Power Rangers were making use of Dwemeri technology.
  6. Version 1.0


  7. (27 July 2015 - 09:07 PM)Just released a Serana revamp the other day. Intense debating ensues.

  8. If she's a follower, she's a rare one in a sea of clones.
  9. From the album S.A. Gallery of the Skyrim Experience

    Not mine, but someone's put them on this pantheon.
  10. Am I the only one who isn't sold on SSDs?

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    2. Khettienna


      SSDs are magnificent creatures and you should have one. <3

    3. sa547


      Yes, but I'd like to put programs and steam only on the SSD drive and everything else on hard drives. Just for safety reasons.

    4. HeyYou


      Backups are always important. That's why I also have a network storage device. All of my data exists in at least three places. Now, if the house burns down, I am just screwed, but, hey, that's what I have insurance for. :D

  11. Version 2.0


    Old Hroldan Ruins by SA547 This mod attempts to fill out a discrepancy in which the area, according to lore, should have the remains of the old fort and currently serves as a battle monument in which Tiber Septim (as Hjalti) defeated the Reachmen by shouting down its walls and led troops to retake it successfully. This mod also uses special collision boxes with L_NAVCUT for easier NPC navigation, instead of modifying the navmesh wholesale (which is a time-consuming process). Large structures such as the wall and the towers have been given the Full LOD flag so that they should be visible at any distance, and compatible with known LOD-building utilities. Backstory For a very long time, one of the biggest bothersome things I noticed about the game was that, although the NPCs residing in the Old Hroldan Inn talk of a famous battle that took place around the place, and that some history texts say that Tiber Septim, then called Hjalti Early-Beard and later Talos Stormcrown, led an army to retake Hroldan, then considered a vital target to regain the Reach. But he had the Thu'um as his weapon, tearing down walls, blasting away enemies off their feet, and thus won the battle and would later make the only standing structure -- the Inn -- as his temporary headquarters and residence for one night. Looking around, however, there wasn't a sign that Old Hroldan used to be a small town, or any remnants of the battle that catapulted Tiber Septim to the history books, as the only landmarks was an ancient leftover of the Dwemers converted into a Dibellic shrine, and the Inn itself. About the Enhanced Edition The Enhanced Edition includes the following additions: A player home for three, with complete set of crafting equipment, plus a fountain for which to fill up water supplies (if you're using mods such as iNeed) A Redguard vendor selling basic necessities but can also accept stolen goods as payment The ruins are also guarded by either the Markarth guards or Stormcloak sentries, depending on who wins Soljund's Sinkhole in the Civil War. Banners and the stele also reflect who takes over Soljund's; if the Stormcloaks take over the Imperial emblem is torn down and their banner is attached in its place. Plus some little things that you may have to find for yourself around the ruins. CHECKED and CLEANED with TES5Edit 3.11 Do note, however, that unlike the regular edition, all buildings in the Enhanced Edition have the Is Full LOD attribute removed, because for some reason I experienced a glitch in which the structures were completely invisible. I recommend the option to use TES5LODGen or DynDOLOD to generate proper LOD for this mod. Furthermore, the Enhanced Edition of this mod CANNOT be used with bridge mods that also change the navmesh. Compatibility Information May or may not have any clipping or navmesh issues with mods that modify bridges. Not compatible with Shezrie's Old Hroldan Town or any other mod that changes the Old Hroldan exterior. Compatible with Lanterns of Skyrim Installation -- beforehand, please make a hard save inside any interior (including the Old Hroldan Inn itself), then install the mod using any mod manager. Uninstallation -- make a hard save in any interior, and then uninstall this mod. Notice -- this mod is released exclusively for Nexus Mods and TES Alliance. Any alteration or upload to other sites requires my permission beforehand.
  12. For all of its accolades and that CD Projekt must be the best generous studio in years, the only thing that puts me off from trying out The Witcher 3 is the lack of player character creation, because I've been playing females since 2006.

    1. Vouivre


      You can if I remmeber play Ciri which is the female main character in parts.