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  1. Indeed it would be, if Deeza doesn't reply you can chat about it with me. The best option however would be to head on over to Dark Creations and have a look around, post your questions, and Deeza can always be contacted there.
  2. I believe mannimarco is the first to make himself a liche, not become one. All those other cases (save the aeylids not familair with how they got to where they are,) were created by another power or individual.
  3. I believe you must use blender 2.49 for skyrim models, there is a tutorial on how to get your model into the game here: http://tesalliance.org/forums/index.php?/topic/4634-3d-craftworks-importing-weapons-into-skyrim/
  4. You forgot the download link Great looking follower from the looks of it.
  5. Hey guys, I have a few ideas in my head of scripts that would make modding very interesting. I will stick with only one for now as it is most relevant to what I want to do. In it's most basic form, I want a script that will choose a random cell for a set door (either at the beginning of the game, or when you first activate the door, whichever is more doable), and allow that door to take you to that cell, and only that cell during your current save-game. As an example, lets say a dungeon I make has 5 (for ease of description I will call them Dungeon1, Dungeon2, ect) different versions I have made for replay purposes. When I select the door, the game decides randomly that it choose Dungeon3 for this playthrough. I can go in and out of that door as many times as I want with this save game, but it will only let me go to Dungeon3. However, lets say I start a new game, and go to the same dungeon. This time the game chooses Dungeon1, and it's completely different than dungeon3 as it is it's own cell. I can, again, go in and out of that starting door all I want, but for this specific save game I can only access Dungeon1. This would be my attempt at a "Random Dungeon" Ala Diablo 2. Each time I played Diablo 2 the maps seemed different. (Actually I think those maps are generated and thus a lot more random than what I am proposing however making a generator would be too much hassle I think.) The reason I want to try this is pure replay value. A mods life would extend quite a bit with this feature. I would even love if other modders used this idea.
  6. Didn't know they were in other locations other than the moth cave. Thanks BrettM BTW if anyone has a request (and especially if someone wants to see their free to use resources in game,) let me know and I will see what I can do.
  7. So I am running into a couple problems, but they aren't technical so to speak. The first is simple. I want to spread yellow mountain flower throughout skyrim. Problem is I am not sure what the lore people will think of this. The second is the Unofficial Skyrim Patches. I am now on my third city and I notice something that is a movable static with a fire in it but is fixed in the patch. Problem is I want to re-texture it, and make it static. This shouldn't conflict, however in certain situations it will. I use the patches myself but have friends who won't because it breaks/fixes a few of the things that they want in the game. So the real question is, should I make the patches masters of this file? I know I can use something like wrye bash to do this after I am done and make two versions of this, problem is this may or may not cause conflicts and I wanted to get thoughts on this before deciding.
  8. 2 things: 1) in the video you posted, the one thing you didn't do is check behind the wall, CK likes to put things in weird spots. You can see if the collision plane is there by hitting the "T" button after selecting the render window, which will show where your object is top view. Also, I couldn't tell what you had selected in that video. Maybe it's just the video but normally it shows a colored line around the object you have selected. 2) Not all of your markers appear to be on. Click on View, click on show hide and see if your primitives are shown to view. Could be that it's there but you just can't see it. Primitives have an annoying habit of disappearing on you. Hanaisse the reason he needs a collision plane is because not all pieces support collision RE: pieces that are normally roofs in his specific instance and thus would not normally need it. EDIT: 3rd thing: select your render window, hit F5 and wait for the render window to refresh. Sometimes objects won't show until you do this.
  9. Try these steps out: 1) Save a backup of your ini file (ONLY if you modified it.) Alternatively download the one I have on nexus if all you have is multi master and grass fix. 2) Go to steam, go to tools, right click on creation kit, properties, go to local files tab, hit verify integrity of games cache. 3) Let Steam do its thing. 4) Make sure you have the creation kit set to always update. That alone should fix the problem based on past experience, if not report back and we will see what we can do.
  10. are you attending or just watching?
  11. Are the giant children really getting that riled up?
  12. Square Enix better have something huge up their sleeves with how badly they have been doing lately! (Boy do I miss the Squaresoft days) Thanks for posting this Witty! :cookie4u:
  13. The_Funktasm actually says on the mod description that the textures can be used for retexture of vanilla items. From his front page: As for re-purposing the textures themselves I am a bit hesitant to try that with his beautiful textures. I would like to note that I have experimented putting his textures on many vanilla items for the purpose of adding variety to chests, braziers, and other items and some of them turn out ok but a fair amount of them have extremely arcane UV maps. I will definitely try it out on the vanilla Lantern though, possibly along with jaderoyales textures. If you are worried about the size of the download it's well past the point of being reasonable already I am hoping to keep it under 1.5 gigs for the clutter portion of the mod. Thank you again for the use of your resources by the way And thanks for the reply as well!